Poetry in Jersey

Poésie en Jèrri - Poésie à Jersey

On these pages: historic poetry in English, French, Dgèrnésiais and Norman - by Jersey writers or pertaining to Jersey - and indexes of Channel Island poems in newspapers. Hundreds of poems in Jèrriais are to be found on Les Pages Jèrriaises

These poems have usually been collected for historical or biographical interest rather than literary merit, and have been roughly categorised by topic.

Ici on présente des oeuvres poétiques en anglais, en français, en langue guernesiaise et en langue normande au sujet de Jersey ou bien composées par des écrivains jersiais.

Quant aux poèmes en langue jersiaise, on en trouvera des centaines aux Pages Jèrriaises.

People - Places - Events - Royalty - Others
Gens - Lieux - Événements - Couronne - Divers


People - Gens:


Places - Lieux:


Events - Événements:


Royalty - Couronne:


Others - Divers:


Poetry in Jersey

The first - and most famous - Jersey poet is Wace, who tends to be regarded as the fount of Jersey literature even though he did not write in Jersey, as far as is known. Short biographical notes on some other writers can also be found on the Pages Jèrriaises.

Victor Hugo wrote poetry in Jersey during his exile, and Alfred, Lord Tennyson was a regular visitor to his brother, also a poet, who resided in Jersey.


Poetry in Jersey


Finding poetry published in Jersey in the past can be difficult as much of it was published irregularly in newspapers and almanacs.

Here are some partial indexes of poetry in different languages published in Channel Island publications. There is no claim that these are comprehensive, but should aid anyone researching the subject. Much of the poetry is topical, so it may be of use to those engaged in historical research. Jersey newspapers and almanacs may be consulted at the Lord Coutanche Library.



Poetry in Jersey


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