Owed to Philip Baudains


Poetry in Jersey


Owed to Philip Baudains, Esq.,
On his fourth nomination as
Constable of St. Helier's, Jersey.


He's a proper sort of brick
And to him, the Town will stick,
As Constable, we need no other party;
He's a jolly nobleman,
Who does all the good he can;
So we give him thanks and cheers, true and hearty.

Oh! the work he does get through,
It would puzzle most of you;
Settling cases is a job that ne'er decreases,
I believe he'll never cease,
To be binding in one peace,
Folks who'd like to pull each other all to pieces.

For the Ballot, strong and hot,
He is working like a shot;
And he sees the error now of wasteful dredging;
He is in it for Reform,
And he makes the subject warm,
For those Members, who from Progress keep on edging.

Soon the Statue of OUR QUEEN,
By his efforts will be seen,
Gracing on the green, the Weighbridge Garden airy:
(And it would refresh our sight,
To see PHILIP rise a Knight!
He deserves it: - but, look here! I'd best be chary.)

So Electors! pollward go,
By our voting, plainly show
We appreciate him, in a manner hearty;
He's a proper sort of brick,
And to him the Town will stick.
As Constable, we want no other party.


Chas. Le Sueur
Charing Cross, St. Heliers'
May 30th, 1890

Nouvelle Chronique de Jersey 31/5/1890


Poetry in Jersey





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