Poetry in Jersey


A free English translation from the French of John Sullivan, Esq., of the Isle of Jersey, who was invited, and who presented it to Her Majesty, who graciously accepted it

(Dedicated to Sir John Morris and to the Inhabitants of Wolverhampton)

Spirit of Gladness welcome this day !
Shed on us sunshine and joy from above,
Guard our Victoria - sweet sister, stay,
View our hommage, devotion, and love.
Hear our song - not in vain have we tried
To brighten her sadness, and comfort impart ;
She sees how her people on every side,
Still honour her Albert, - name dear to our heart.

O! Sweet is the sight, this ardour and zeal,
The standard of loyalty planted on high ;
A joy universal glad faces reveal,
Deep voices are ringing their cheers to the sky :
Albert - great Prince, may your spirit be near,
The spirit that ever for liberty stood,
While on this day we inaugurate here
A lasting memento to Albert the Good.

O moment so solemn! O happiest morn!
For one breathless instant all eyes turn to view,
This silent creation, this statue new-born,
Recalling our Albert's lost presence anew:
Rejoice, favour'd people, rejoice that to-day,
Your true English voices may loudly proclaim
That this loving tribute in honour you pay
To one whose whole life was a life without blame :

Thus in our joy, our sorrow, our pride,
Raise we this monument, Albert to thee :
Carve we his name, who thus early has died
Father of England's great Kings that shall be.
Dear to Victoria, sacred afar,
Down on her path will his light ever shine,
Shedding around like a clear guiding star
On Queen and on people a radiance divine!



Margaret E. Tupper
John Sullivan




Poetry in Jersey





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