Lines written on board ship, Sep. 1892


Poetry in Jersey


Fair Caesarea, loveliest of thy sister isles,
Whose verdant brows are wreathed with sunny smiles,
Thou waft'st a welcome 'cross the angry main
To those who greet thy smiling shores again;
Thy rock-ground coast, begirt by azure seas,
Thy flow'ry land, be-kissed by balmiest breeze,
Thine ever verdant slopes, thy baylets snugly placed
Behind each headland, thou art truly graced
By loveliness sublime, by Art and Nature dowered;
I greet thee, Native Land! I who by mankind soured,
Return once more to revel in thy joy,
To view each spot I kenned when but a boy.


April 1896




Poetry in Jersey





La Société Jersiaise

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