Sons of Jersey


Poetry in Jersey


(Tune - “The March of the Men of Harlech.”)

Sons of Jersey, up! awaken!
Ways of ease be now forsaken!
Duty's rugged path be taken!
In this hour of fate!
Brave ancestors - none were braver!
Point the way, O do not waver,
Worthy prove of such high favour.
Come! no longer wait!
Freedom's cause is bleeding,
Dauntless and sore needing.
Now in the balance hangs the right!
And for your help is pleading.
Deadly conflict fiercely rages!
Lawless war the foeman wages!
Never such on hist'ry's pages! -
Sons of Freedom, fight!

Not to gain some new possession!
But to stay the Huns' aggression,
Save the weak from dire oppression,
Sound the call to-day!
'Mid the shock of battle's thunder!
Shall the cause of Truth go under?
Mercy's ranks be cut asunder
In the gory fray?
Sons of Jersey! - Never!
Ties of home now sever,
And to your arm may strength increase,
God bless your high endeavour!
Thus your homes and isle defending,
Heart and hand to Justice lending,
Ye shall speed this grim war's ending!
Honour crowned with Peace!


Philippe de Jersey
December 17th, 1915




Poetry in Jersey





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