Acrostics for the Times


Poetry in Jersey


Voters hasten to the poll next week,
Obtain full honours for those who seek
To represent your interests in the States,
Elect “The Three” without debate.

For they are men of Progress up-to-date.
Oppose them not, for they have served ye well,
Return them - let them bear away the bell.

Chief among the Three there stands a man
Great in council and for progress in the van.

Return him on the highest rung of Poll,
Enable him to reach that splendid goal.
Ne'er do men reject old wine for new,
Or choose the wrong when they can choose the true
Unto him be highest honours given,
For Truth and Right he has nobly striven.


Doctor beloved for many a kindly act,
Unsparing of his time, gifted with seventh sense tact,
Renowned for Science and for healing art,
Ennobled with a gifted mind and heart,
True friend of the poor and fosterer of good.

A name to conjure in our little State.
Unto him may kindly hands of fate
Bestow the laurels due for public good.
In thousands may the “placets” come to Poll
Near C.G.R. his name on victory's roll.


Earnest champion of the people's good,
Blest with speech that can be understood.

Receive the honours due to fearless speech,
Endowed with gifts that strive to reach
Nigh Westaway's and parallel the same.
Onward thy motto - Progress thy aim,
United with the chosen Two let all see
Freedom hand in hand with “The People's Three.”


Vote for C.G. Renouf, Duret Aubin, E.B. Renouf




Poetry in Jersey





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