Poems in English from Jersey Newspapers


Poetry in Jersey

Even the French language newspapers used to publish poetry in English from time to time. In fact the French-language newspapers tended to publish more poetry and literature than the English-language newspapers.

The poems published in English tend to concentrate less on topical comment than poems in French or Jèrriais, although elegies on the death of prominent figures occur regularly. These may be of particular interest to researchers into family history.


Poetry in Jersey

1917 ep 2/1/1917
A Christian Gentleman (Frank H. Humby) ep 14/6/1916
A coronation blessing NC 25/6/1902
A glimpse of the past (written to Victor Hugo) nc 30/5/1885
A Jersey Tradition The Jerseyman 21/12/1912
A Local Alphabet The Jerseyman 13/5/1911
A son's tribute (Frank H. Humby) ep 4/9/1916
A thought - born when the late storm sunk a ship off Corbière Lighthouse! C 18/2/1885
A Threnody The Jerseyman 14/12/1912
A wreath of verse in memory of Mr W Landick JEP 3/7/1972
agricultural clubs St. Peter St. Ouen St.Mary C 27/5/1857
An Adieu to Jersey C 9/5/1896
Answer to a Red Cross Letter jep 21/12/1979
Ascension Day (Frank H. Humby) ep 1/6/1916
Baudains C 10/6/1893
Beauty and Peace (Bonne Nuit) (Frank H. Humby) ep 7/9/1916
Caesarean Rifle call for 1863 Jersey Independent 14/2/1863
Colonists National Anthem C 3/2/1906
Destiny NC 3/5/1916
February (Frank H. Humby) ep 19/2/1917
Fifty Years of fearless ruling (James Boielle) C 2/7/1887
From La Corbière C 27/12/1884
Glass-House Education The Jerseyman 18/11/1911
(Hard) Lines on a Horse? ep 14/12/1916
How many share Rollo's view? mn 17/9/1948
In Memoriam AA Le Gros C 8/12/1877
In Memoriam H Marett Godfray NC 20/1/1892
In memoriam Leopold C 19/4/1884
In memoriam Philip de Faye C 13/9/1884
In memoriam RP Marett C 15/11/1884
In Memoriam Stafford Henry, 1st Earl of Iddesleigh (PJ Le Geyt) nc 29/1/1887
In quest of the mermaid The Jerseyman 9/9/1911
Indian poem jep 22/6/1967
Jersey Beautiful C 5/8/1899
Jersey men, wake C 15/6/1864
Jersey C 10/1/1885
Jersey NC 26/2/1902
Jersey nc 27/5/1885
Jersey NC 6/2/1915
Jersey, Isle of Destiny ep 1/4/1963
Jesus Lives! (Frank H. Humby) ep 25/4/1916
La bannière sur le char de la victoire! (trans. by Martin F. Tupper) NC 23/5/1866
Lay of the Isle (about Victoria visit) ep 26/4/1916
Le Centenier C 3/2/1869
Le château de la vieille Caesarée Jersey Week by Week 23/3/1907
Lines by Pen and Ink Jersey Independent 23/2/1856
Lines on the death of a first-born son (CB) NC 20/8/1904
Lines written on board ship, Sep. 1892 NC 2/5/1896
Louisa Journeaux (CLF) nc 19/6/1886
Louisa Journeaux (CLF) nc 29/5/1886
Millbrook C 3/10/1877
Musings on the Prince's Tower Jersey Independent 20/6/1863
“No Jerseyman need apply” The Jerseyman 27/1/1912
Ode to the Power Station EP 15/4/1965
On the West Park Sands, Jersey ep 22/10/1915
Our Island Home ep 5/1/1915
Our Island Home NC 25/2/1914
Our Island Home NC 25/2/1914
Portelet fontaine Jersey Independent 20/9/1856
Princess Stéphanie C 24/9/1887
Raymond and Irene A Tale in Verse (CH Syvret) nc 30/4/1887
Reaction JEP 8/8/1967
Red Cross Steamer jep 14/12/1979
Reminiscences (Hermitage) Jersey Independent 28/6/1856
Rev. Philip Alfred Lefèvre MA NC 3/4/1889
Sad and alone C 25/5/1864
Sad and alone C 25/5/1864
Should our Senators wear togas? mn 23/7/1948
Sonnet on the lamented decease of AA Le Gros NC 8/12/1877
Sons of Jersey ep 25/12/1915
Spirits of the Night ep 2/11/1916
St. Clement's Bay at Sunset C 28/2/1885
St. Mark's Day (Frank H. Humby) ep 27/4/1916
St. Stephen's Day (Frank H. Humby) ep 26/12/1916
The "Brighton" NC 2/2/1887
The "Sweet Secret" (poem about cow) C 14/6/1884
The Angels' Song (Frank H. Humby) ep 23/12/1916
The butcher boy's farewell to his bike NC 29/3/1905
The Comforter (Frank H. Humby) ep 12/6/1916
The Corbiere Beacon NC 5/4/1916
The Cuckoo NC 19/4/1916
The Dying Poet (CLS) NC 8/10/1892
The Dying Year (Frank H. Humby) ep 28/12/1916
The Jersey Parliament Boys C 25/4/1906
The last Rose of Jersey Gazette de Jersey 20/11/1830
The Milk Question NC 30/1/1907
The poor folks at home ep 19/11/1915
The Queen's Choice C 14/10/1882
The Rose! (JS) C 11/6/1887
The Sailor's Lay (Rule Britannia, with Peirson ref) NC 29/3/1893
The St. Martinais' New Song (CB) NC 24/12/1904
The Tetrad ep 29/6/1916
This scum of our beautiful island C 18/6/1864
To His grace the Bishop of Peterborough NC 13/7/1864
To Sir Philip (CB) NC 2/7/1902
To the memory of the late Revd. A. Le Sueur, rector of Grouville nc 4/7/1885
True Jerseymen C 25/6/1864
True Nobility (AALG) C 1/3/1864
Victoria the Good (PJ Le Geyt) nc 25/5/1887
Vive Baudains NC 2/8/1912
wartime poems JEP 11/10/1977
William Prynne and the Governor MN 24/10/1911

Poetry in Jersey


JS = Jean Sullivan

AALG = AA Le Gros

CB = Clement Buesnel


C = Chronique de Jersey

NC = Nouvelle Chronique de Jersey

Cs = Chroniques de Jersey

EP = Evening Post

JEP = Jersey Evening Post




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