The Queen's Statue


Poetry in Jersey


God bless our sea-girt isle,
On this event we smile -
Joyous and free.
Let each with strength proclaim,
Good Queen Victoria's name,
And England's mighty fame -
Across the sea.

God bless our happy isle,
Prosper our native soil -
For evermore.
By this unique Statue,
We pledge our love anew,
For Queen and country too -
From shore to shore.

In this good work we see,
A people's fealty -
Firm and serene.
Long may this isle so free,
Set in the silv'ry sea,
Display its loyalty
For England's Queen.

God bless the people all,
This day they will recall
With heartfelt glee.
Long may Victoria reign,
O'er England's land and main,
And this fair isle maintain
Its loyalty.


Wednesday, Sept. 3, 1890


Queen Victoria, Jersey



Poetry in Jersey





La Société Jersiaise

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