Sonnet on the lamented decease of
A.A. Le Gros, Esq.,
Jurat of the Royal Court of Jersey


Poetry in Jersey


Youngest by birth of thine eldest compeers,
By fate untimely soonest called away!
Thy sun went down, alas! while yet 'twas day,
As grudging thy disparity of years.
Well may thy country say amidst her tears: -
'Was there no prayerful voice of power to say,
And check thereby thy premature decay?
Stand still, thou beam of promise, which now cheers
Once more, mid other rays, our clouded sky.'
Fair Science, too, with all the Muses' train,
Laments her loss that thou art called to die.
All things of good report take up the strain.
Religion lastly speaks with beaming eye: -
'To those who live to Christ, to die is gain.'






Besides his political and social activity, AA Le Gros was well-known as a poet in Jèrriais, French and English. This sonnet was published in contemporary newspapers.

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Poetry in Jersey





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