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Poetry in Jersey


Viewing the sea, as far as the eye can reach,
White foaming billows in succession surge
And roll, in furious confusion to the beach,
Chas'd by the raging tempest, they immerge.

Tumbling in thundering roar, to rise again
In huge white crested mountains, to be dash'd
In a thousand snow-white cascades on the main,
By the proud rocks, contending unabash'd.

E'er appearing and disappearing to view,
Amidst the fiercest conflict of the deep,
Streaming o'er the foam, yet their pride renew,
And 'gainst the raving billows, their hold keep.

Oh! Ye contending powere os wind and sea;
Conflicting strong, what sight offer to view!
Frothy, greenish monsters, leaping with fury
O'er and against a gallant ship and crew.

Toss'd on every side, by such fiendish monsters,
Driven frantic by the raging tempest.
Alas! the gallant ship all o'er shivers,
Scaring all on board, who see their final rest.

One more toss, alas! soon determines her fate.
Her mast breaks, and convulsive, down she sinks
With her noble crew, 'Tis too late! Yes too late!
All hope has fled, which to humanity clings.

Oh! treacherous sea, no spot on thy surface
Marks the watery graves of thy victims,
Whose loss fair humanity weeps. The place,
E'er vacant, no consolation brings.

May kind hearts, aided by Him who can alone
Silence the storm, restore peace to thy hearts.
Oh! may the loss of those who are first gone home
Be substituted by conforts from all parts.

Saturday, Dec. 20, 1884




Poetry in Jersey





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