Russians in Jersey in The Times 1799

Russians in Jersey in The Times 1800

Les États de Jersey et les Russes en 1800

Memories of Russians in Jersey

Les Russes en Jèrri

Lé régiment appelé 'Les Russes'!

Daniel Dumaresq

Richard Henly

A.J. Rousseau

Mrs. John Vibert

Prince Peter Kropotkin

Alexander Petrovsky

Anna Renouf

Leon Trotsky

Russians in Jersey during the German Occupation 1940-1945

Russian Liberation Army

Russian Slaves

'Warmest feelings' from Russia

Russian flag over Fort Regent

Harold Le Druillenec en Russie

Deputy Norman Le Brocq

Jersey Norman-French in the Kremlin

La Russie

Un viage en Russie

George d'la Forge en Russie 1

George d'la Forge en Russie 2

George d'la Forge en Russie 3

George d'la Forge en Russie 4

George d'la Forge en Russie 5

George d'la Forge pâle d'la Russie

Impressions of Leningrad

Some small stories - Tchiques p'tites histouaithes

Russia and Jersey


Some lesser-known aspects of Jersey history are the occasional links between Russia and Jersey. Personal contacts, trade and military necessity have, from time to time, brought our histories together.

The presence of Russians in the population of slave-workers brought to Jersey by the occupying forces during the German Occupation is perhaps more widely known than the Russian troops stationed in the Channel Islands at the end of the 18th century, or the visits made by Russian anarchist philosopher, Peter Kropotkin.

But besides the influential and the important, there are also personal testimonies of visits and contacts that are added here from time to time. All further material gratefully received.


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