La Société Jersiaise



Some small stories - Tchiques p'tites histouaithes


Russia and Jersey

"A return to Moscow, please."

In the days of the railway in Jersey, not only was it possible to buy a ticket to Paris (Snow Hill - Gorey then ferry to France and train to Paris) but one could also book a journey further afield.

Major Rybot, a leading figure in La Société Jersiaise for many years, booked a trip to Moscow from St. Helier in the early C20th.

While travelling in Russia, he sent a postcard from Omsk to Jersey with the following message: "No place for hedgin' and ditchin'".


Russia and Jersey

Rasputin's assassin and the Jersey cow

Prince Felix Yusupov, assassin of Rasputin and fabulously eccentric figure (1887-1967), visited Jersey and was so struck by the beauty of Jersey cows that he reportedly bought one and took it to England, where he kept it as a pet.




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