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Russian Liberation Army


Russia and Jersey

The Russian slave-workers were not the only Russians to visit Jersey during the years of the German Occupation (1940-1945). There was also for a time the presence of some troops from the ROA (people remember seeing the Cyrillic letters of the abbreviation: POA).

The Russian Liberation Army (Russkaya Osvoboditel'naya Armiya) was a body of Russian soldiers led by General Vlasov, a Soviet General who had been taken prisoner by the Germans and subsequently turned against the regime he had previously served. The ROA operated under the Germans, ostensibly fighting against Bolshevism in Russia.

The ROA reportedly undertook guard duty along the coast from Sorel to Archirondel, being assigned to fatigue duties elsewhere in the Island (this ties in with reported Russian graffiti at Bouley).

The Resistance attempted to produce leaflets in Russian to undermine morale and fuel dissent among the ranks - as had been done in German for the troops and Spanish for slave workers - but these efforts were undermined by the absence of a Cyrillic typewriter to produce the cyclostyle stencils which were then current in offices.

The ROA in Jersey also reportedly had an Orthodox priest, at least temporarily.




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