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Russian flag over Fort Regent

But it was upside down!

Russia and Jersey

Fort Regent was raided during the night - and a Russian flag hoisted on His Excellency's special flagpost. But the raiders made a mistake. The red flag with the yellow hammer and sickle was flown upside down.

It was first noticed by relief signalman Sam Houghton, when he arrived for duty just before 6.30 this morning. It was not there when the Union Jack was lowered last night.

At 11 o'clock the flag was still flapping at the top of the 60 foot flagpost, which is to the south of the main post. Harbour Works employees were unable to get it down as it had been hoisted in such a way that it could not be lowered from the ground. The halliards had been cut and jammed in the flagpost puley.

It was clearly a case for a ladder. But the one brought to the spot was some ten feet short of the top of the flagpost. However 31-year-old Alf Canivet monkey-climbed the rest of the way and successfully brought it down.

The flag - a 2 ft. by 6 ft. piece of material - has been granted political asylum at the Fort.

How did the raiders get into Fort Regent? "Well the locks were changed only last night but they could have climbed over the main gate," said Mr. Houghton.

Evening Post 15/8/1959




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