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'Warmest feelings' from Russia


Russia and Jersey

On the 55th anniversary, 'warmest feelings' from Russia

Writing from Tomsk, Feodor (Bill) Burry, who was saved by Islanders during the Occupation when he escaped from a slaveworkers' camp, speaks of his enduring gratitude to the people of Jersey

On the eve of the 55th Anniversary of the Liberation, I would like one more time to express my warmest feelings and deep gratitude to the people of Jersey for all they have done for me during my life.

They saved me by hiding me from the Germans after my escape from slaveworkers' camp. They returned to me a good reputation in the Soviet Union by inviting me to the World Congress of World War II veterans and resistance participants in Moscow in 1965; before that I was among many former prisoners of war considered and treated with suspicion and mistrust here.

They were keeping in touch with me by writing letters and sending souvenirs. I can mention such friends of mine as Mr and Mrs René Le Mottée, Louisa Gould, Stuart Williams, Dorothy Huelin, René Franoux, Michael Froud, Roy Mourant, Norman Le Brocq and many others who helped me over this difficult period.

There was Oscar (later doctor) Le Breuilly, Bernard Brée and there were others who found me these safe homes and helped me in so many ways to sustain morale at a difficult time, like Mrs Gould's sister and brother-in-law, Arthur Forster, and her brother, Harold Le Druillenec, and Augusta Metcalfe. Many people will know that dear Mrs Gould, who treated me like a son, was later arrested, deported to Germany and died in the gas chamber at Ravensbruck. And especially Bob Le Sueur who was always most attentive to me and even once visited me in Siberia for a few days. Unfortunately some of them have passed away already.

Last but not least I am very much grateful for being able to attend the celebration in 1995 at Jersey Island, thanks to the invitation from the States of Jersey and from the Occupation and Liberation Committee; a journey made possible because of the generosity of British Airways. All my thoughts are with the people of Jersey on the 55th anniversary of the Liberation.

A friend of mine, Professor F Tarassenko, who accompanied me to Jersey in 1995, also sends his gratitude and greetings.

JEP 8/5/2000



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