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Parish Abbreviations

St Helier (St H) Trinity (T) Grouville (G) St Martin (St Mt) St Mary (St My) St Brelade (St B) St John (St J) St Ouen (St O) St Saviour (St S) St Clement (St C) St Lawrence (St L) St Peter (St P)

Note: m. indicates the marriage date of the couple commemorated.

801. PTC.ICB.1748. Philippe Trachy and Jeanne Corbet m. (St My) 14.11.1707 not retrospective despite the gap of 41 years between their marriage and the date on the stone. Philippe and Jeanne were both buried in 1772; Les Jardins, near Six Rues (St My).
802. PTCJRR.1834; Les Jardins, near Six Rues (St My). This is an error , the 'P' is an 'I'- see 494.
803. PTC.MLHQ.1777. Philippe Trachy (1749-1817) grandson of Philippe Trachy (No. 801) m. Marie Le Huquet (St My) 28.9.1775 ; Les Jardins, near Six Rues (St My) - contributed by Marie Trachy
804. PTR.SVT.1830. Philippe Thoreau of St Mary m. (St P) 16.4.1812 Susanne Vautier; October House, Mont des Routeurs (St P).
805. PVB.ERN.1765. Philippe Vibert & Elizabeth Renouf m. (St My) 21.9.1754. On well, Fern Valley, La Rue de Maupertuis (St My).
806. PVB. (upside down entwined hearts) IAT.1746. Philippe Vibert of St Peter & Jeanne Arthur m. (St My) 1.3.1739; Beech Farm, La Rue ès Viberts (St P).
807. PVD.1832. Philippe Vardon; Douet Fleury lavoir (St Mt).
808. PVD.1846. Philippe Vardon; Fontaine de Gallie lavoir (St Mt).
809. PVT.EMDLH.1889. Philip Vautier of St Ouen and Elizabeth M. de la Haye of St Saviour - 1891 Census Index: St Saviour District 5; Folio 36; Page 1. Sion Villas, and Sion Cottage, La Rue St Thomas, Longueville (St S).
810. PVV.MMR.1729. Philippe Vivian and Marie Mourant m. (St S) 24.1.1710/11; St. Mannelier (St S) now converted into separate units as St Mannelier Close (1998).
811. PW.1767. On drinking trough, from Le Marais, now at La Pompe (St My).
812. RAL.1761. Richard Anley; Beau Sejour, La Route de Petit Clos (St H).
813. RB.SBH. (in a shield)1670.
Raulin Benest and Sara Bailhache m. (St L)
3.2.1663; displaced arch capstone, partially
covered by fruit trees, on the outbuildings at
Mon Plaisir, Mont au Meunier (St L).
814. RBD.1711. At Rozel Manor Farm, Rue des Mares (St Mt).
815. RC.IP.1696; old lintel now placed to the right of a window at the back of Coutanche Farm, Rue Coutanche (T).
816. RCT.MMG.1725; first storey plaque at Coutanche Farm, Rue Coutanche (T).
817. RDB.ECN.1742. (not EGN); Le Vivier, La Route de Mont Mado (St J) see also 907 and Le Vivier Page.
818. RDF.1735. Richard du Feu, who m. Elizabeth Gruchy (T) 11.5.1737; barn lintel on northern wing outbuildings at Les Ifs (T) - see also 279 332 647 & 819.
819. RDF.EG.29 Mo.8br.1746. Richard du Feu m. Elizabeth Gruchy (T) 11.5.1737; 1st storey plaque, south side of Les Ifs (T) - difficult to photograph without direct sunlight. See also 279 332 647 818 and Du Feu of Trinity.
820. RDG.IAT. 1723 de Gruchy and Arthur; a displaced lintel on the pool house behind Le Carrefour, Le Rue Mahier (St My) - see also 304.
821. RDM.1726. Richard Dumaresq; on sundial, Le Petit Ponterrin (St S).
822. RET.MLB.1766. Richard Estur m. Marie Labey (St S) 24.11.1762; Rev. Philippe Falle's House (St S) - which was demolished in 1902 (ref: SJB V p. 200 for an old photograph and pp. 209-210 for a history of the house) and the stone was long lost - rediscovered 28.3.2000 in use as a barn lintel at St Clement's Farm, Route de St Clement (St C). See also 682 (which was rediscovered in 1999) and 861.
823. RF.MLF.1791. Richard Falle of Grouville m. (St My) 20.11.1775 Marie Le Feuvre of St Martin. Left hand side of Warrington House, now called Clos des Fleurs, Gorey Village (G) - contributed by Anita Rayson.
824. RHM.1663. Richard Hamon; Les Câteaux (T).
825. RI.R.1608. At Longueville Manor (St S).
826. RJTL, also read as ROSE or NOTE; on sundial, Picket House, Royal Square (St H).
827. RLB. A displaced corbel at Les Colombiers (St My).
828. RLB.1794. On sundial, Maison Charles (St L).
829. RLF.MLF.1734. Rolin Laffoley and Marie Lafolley who had one child (Marguerite) bap. (St P) 12.9.1735 - no marriage found; Mon Sejour, Augerez (St P).
830. RLG.1666. Raulin Langlois, who died in 1675. Large arch capstone at Morel Farm, La Rue de la Fontaine St Martin (St L) - his son's initials on the pedestrian arch capstone at 571 and his grandson's at 1737.
831. RLG.1675. Raulin Langlois; west gable end corbel at La Vielle Demure (formerly the oldest part of Broadfields), Les Chanolles de Six Rues (St L) - see also 392.
832. RLM.MLS.1687. St. Saviour/Trinity boundary stone. This stone begins with a P and its function is incorrectly described - the correct version is now at 1643.
833. removed as incorrect.
834. RRB.MDC.1715 (not 1713). Raulin Robin and Marie de Carteret. Marie believed to have been bapt. (T) 28.12.1671, also married to Nicolas Bailhache. Raulin was a Jurat; square plaque just below the roof line at Ty Anna, High Street, St. Aubin (St B) from Pam Hislop.
835. RVP.CCV.1756. Richard Valpy and Catherine Chevalier m. (T) 11.12.1753; Les Ruettes (St J) identified by Jean Arthur.
836. S-1664. Gable stone, South View (St S).
837. SD.NLG.1624. Originally between Trafalgar Hotel and neighbouring property, Mont Les Vaux, St. Aubin (St B). A picture showing this stone when it was uncovered in 1986 is available at the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive; Architecture Section Catalogue 13 a.3. Labelled as originally at Tenby, Market Hill, St Aubin (St B) but now at Gracelands, Rue de Croiserie (T).
838. SDG. PLB. TLB. MLB. SLB. ELB. ELB. Sara de Gruchy, who m. Pierre Le Breton fils Servais 1640 (T), and her six children, Pierre Jnr., Thomas, Marie, Sara, Elizabeth and Esther; barn at rear of Beechfield House, Beechfield Lane (T). Joan Stevens had assumed that this was the only stone in Jersey where the wife appeared before her husband and listed only five children, missing out Pierre Jnr. (assuming PLB was for Pierre Snr.) - corrected by Margaret Le Breton.
839. SI. ? Saint Jean; at Le Grand Câtelet (St J) depicted as part of the datestone at 53.
840. SLF.SHB.1715. Samuel Le Four fils Jean and Sara Hubert fille Philippe t.d. St Martin m. (St Mt) 10.9.1707. Samuel was the Lectuer (lay reader) of the Parish and all his children were baptised there between 1707 and 1718. Plaque on west wing of Les Chasses, Rue des Chasses (St J), brought from a house presumably somewhere in St Martin!
841. SLG.EFL. Simon Le Grand and Esther Fallu m. (St My) 10.4.1791. Gatepost of field on Mont de l'Ecole (St P) see also 1492.
842. SLM.NLF.1700. One of the rare stones where the wife comes before her husband. Sara Le Maistre and Nicolas Le Feuvre m. (St O) 8.12.1675. La Croute Cottage, Rue de la Croute (St O).
843. SLP.MMG.1715. Simon Lemprière m. Marie Mauger (St My) 6.3.1707/8; displaced lintel in the low roadside wall of the drive leading to Laburnum, La Rue des Buttes (St My).
844. SMR.1813. Simon Marett (not Samuel); St. Cyr lavoir (St J) corrected by Walter Le Quesne.
845. SMR.E.1670. I think this was intended to be read SM ER. Sill from the 16th Century, carved with initials later and turned upside down to be used as a lintel. Now over a window at Haut de Tombette (St My) see also 491.
846. SN. and SN.1751. Sara Neel (wife of Clement Aubin Jnr.) who built this house for her son Clement Aubin; Terrabonne, La Rue ès Philippes (G) - see 44.
847. TAB.ELC.1823. At Mon Plaisir (St My) corrected by Colette Stevens (was listed as ELG) - see also 1200.
848. TAB.ITZ.1778. Thomas Aubin of Grouville and Jeanne Touzel of St Clement m. (St Mt) 4.12.1759, La Ville ès Philippes, La Rue ès Philippes (G).
849. TAH.1832. Thomas Ahier; Douet Fleury lavoir (St Mt).
850. TB.1766. Guerin fecit. On sundial at The Museum (St H).
851. TBG. I (previously omitted) MSV.1809 (not 1909). Thomas Beaugié and Jeanne Messervy m. (St Mt) 12.1.1783; Le Pavillon (St Mt) - see also 506.
852. TC.EV.1670. Thomas Chevallier and Esther Vallepy fille d' Abraham Vallepy m. (St J) 9.10.1656 - marriage from Henry Coutanche; fireplace, Hautmont, La Rue de la Mare des Pres (St J) - see also 665.
853. TCAH.IHC.1820; Thomas Charles Ahier of Trinity and Jeanne Hocquard of St Martin m. (St S) 17.7.1787; Rosedale, Gorey Village (G) - identified by Anita Rayson, with marriage from Pam Hislop.
854. T.CB (entwined hearts) C.E.LV.1908 ( M. removed from second set of initials & date was listed as 1903) Thomas Cabot Jnr. and Clara Elizabeth Le Vesconte m. (T) 27.8.1887. Roadside arch at Le Carrefour, La Rue ès Picots (T) - see also 980 & 981. Marriage from John Cabot.
855. TCB.RCB.1764. Thomas Cabot m. Rachel Cabot (T) 26.9.1742; Champs Rault (now flats), near La Planque, La Verte Rue (T).
856. TCLG.1879. Warehouse near the Grand Hotel, Esplanade (St H) - see also 749 for the rest of the arch.
857. TDG.1683. Thomas de Gruchy who married the daughter of Aaron Benest circa 1682; Corbel at Sous les Bois, La Rue des Bouillons (T).
858. TDG 1743, also at Sous les Bois, does not begin with a T and has been moved to 1644. Third stone from Sous les Bois at 1740
859. TDG.MDF.1765. Thomas de Gruchy and Marie du Feu m. (T) 31.12.1752; Piece Mauger, La Rue du Pièce Mauger (T). Photograph © Walter Le Quesne - see also 1079.
860. TDG.RVB.1728. Rachel Vibert femme Thomas de Gruchy bur. (T) 23.2.1757 - marriage not found; Pièce Mauger, La Rue du Pièce Mauger (T).
861. TF. Thomas Falle, ancestor of the historian Rev. Philippe Falle; on family home near St. Mannelier (St S) - which was demolished in 1902 (ref: SJB V p. 200 for an old photograph and pp. 209-210 for a history of the house) and the stone is long lost. See also 682 (which has been rediscovered) and 822.
862. TFL.MNM.1810. Thomas Filleul and Marie Norman t.d. Grouville m. (St S) 10.5.1800. Vicq Farm, La Rue de la Ville ès Renards (G) - now demolished and replaced by a housing estate of the same name.
863. TFL (entwined hearts) HGB 1834. Thomas Falla Gent. and Dlle. Henriette Gibaut m. (St J) 29.4.1834; west wing of Les Buttes (St J).
864. TGF.1689. Thomas Godfray; Meadow Vale (G).
865. TGM.RLS.1640. Thomas Guillaume and Rachel Le Sueur m. (St S) 11.6.1669; La Boucterie, Victoria Village (St S) - now demolished.
866. TLB.1669, 1671, 1673, and TLB.SPD. Thomas Le Breton and Sara Poingdestre m. (St S) 27.11.1678; the drawing shows the lintel on the front of the old house, which is covered by trellis and used as outbuildings at Beechfield, Beechfield Lane (T) - the initialled and undated stone is on the back of this building. Drawing © Charles Stevens.
867. TLB.EBT.1767 (the 7 is reversed) and 1769. Thomas Labey and Elizabeth Bertram m. (G) 15.2.1748/9. 1767 on outbuilding steps and 1769 at the top of right hand entrance gate of La Fontaine, La Rue des Côtils (G).
868. TLC.MGB.1701. Thomas Le Cras and Marie Gibaut, marriage not found; La Ferme Martel, now Glencoe, La Grande Route de St Laurens (St L) - only the 'M' of Marie Gibaut's initials survives (October 1999).
869. TLG.MB.1606. Thomas Le Goupil dit Guerdain and Marie Benest; Portelet Inn (St B) - which (they think) allows them to boast that the inn was founded in 1606!
870. TLHDY.1792. Thomas Le Hardy, who married Françoise Dumaresq (see below); in a field wall near Le Petit Ponterrin (St S) - see also 1324. Drawing © Charles Stevens.
871. TLHDY.FDMR.1793. Dlle Françoise Dumaresq veuve Thomas Le Hardy Ecr. bur. (St S) 11.10.1808 - marriage not found; in the roadside wall of the site of Maison du Roux, Springfield Road (St H) - see also 1324.
872. TLHQ.EDLM. 1827. Thomas Le Huquet and Elizabeth de la Mare m. (St Mt) 27.11.1808; Le Villot, formerly L'Ecurie, Rue des Côtils (St Mt).
873. TLM.MR.1889. Thomas Le Marinel fils Thomas and Marie Remon fille Helier m. (St J) 9.5.1889; St. Blaise (St J).
874. TLP.ADB.1820. Thomas Lemprière m. (St J) 1.8.1819 Ann Dolbel; Eileenid Villas, Route du Mont Mado (St J) - contributed by Pam Hislop.
875. TLS.1709 with heraldic tulips below - or is it a crab? Lintel at Green Farm, La Route du Mont Mado (St J) - see also 1679.
876. TM. At Faldouet Lodge (St Mt).
877. TM.E.1661.Thomas Mourant m. Elizabeth Ahier (St S) 24.1.1637/8; damaged keystone from a long lost arch at La Ferrière, Princes Tower Road (St S) from Pam Hislop.
878. TMfB.EL.1632. Joan Stevens interpreted the symbols underneath as a chequerboard and a lion and speculated that the small f may indicate 'fils', giving us TM son of B and his wife EL. There are no corresponding matches in the St Saviour Parish records, although there are members of the Mourant family called Timothée and Benjamin recorded around this time. Arch capstone at Maison Pelgué, behind Eden Farm, La Rue des Pigneaux (St S).
879. TM.SAB.1683. Timothée Mourant and Susanne Aubin m. (St S) 25.5.1681; a broken door lintel (the 3 is cut in half) reused as a window lintel on outbuildings being developed at Champ Collin (St S). Drawing © Charles Stevens.
880. TMR.170-. Last number of the date removed when the corbel was shaved off (was a 9), M and R merged. Thomas Morel; on the outbuildings behind Leda House, Le Chemin de Montagnes (St L) - see 882.
881. TMR.1782. Thomas Morel (b. 1745); lintel on north facing wing at La Maison Guingeval, Les Charrieres Mallorey (St L).
882.TMR (entwined hearts) AMR.1841. Thomas Morel and Ann Mourant t.d. St Clement m. (St H) 6.2.1836; front door lintel at Leda House, Le Chemin de Montagnes (St L) - awkward to photograph because of the size of the porch - see 880.
883. TMS.EVP.1751. Thomas Messervy and Elizabeth Valpy m. (St Mt) 22.1.1745; Les Alpes Cottages (St Mt).
884. TMS.MDB.1741. Thomas Messervy and Marie Dolbel; now in the roadside wall of Les Alpes (St Mt) to the left of the gates.
885. TMSV.1832. T. Messervy; Douet Fleury lavoir (St Mt).
886. TP.MN.IP.KAL.1732. Two generations. Thomas Pridaux and Marie Nicolle m. (St J) 7.10.1708; Jean Pridauld (recorded as Priaulx) m. Katherine Alexandre (St B) 7.1.1723/4; Les Grés, Quaisne (St B).
887. TP.SP. Thomas Pipon (Constable 1708-13) & Suzanne Pipon m. (St B) 14.2.1704/5; near Wesley House, St. Aubin's Bulwark's (St B).
888. TPC (star motif) EGLC.1889. Thomas Perchard and Elise Gallichan m. (St H) 1.11.1877; Les Routeurs, Les Routeurs (St S) - marriage from Anne at the Webbe Family - see also 464 (which is directly above it).
.889. TPE or PTE.1737. Cistern head, L'Ancienneté, High Street, St. Aubin (St B).
890. TPN.MLG 1802. Thomas Pinel and Marguerite Le Gros of St Lawrence m. (St H) 13.7.1793. First storey of the west wing, with the date on a lintel above it, half hidden by the roof line. L'Augée Farm, Mont à l'Abbé (St H).
891. TRN.SGD.1883 and TRN.SGD with 1904 above. Thomas Renouf fils Thomas and Suzanne Gaudin fille John m. (St Mt) 1.3.1878;1883 Coach House and 1904 potato barn at Le Câtillon, Rue des Charrieres (St Mt) - see also 136 219 1187 1188 .
892. TSH.1832. T. Sohier; Douet Fleury lavoir (St Mt).
893. W.C.R.A.E.R.1899. William Charles Renouf (merchant) fils Nicolas and Amelia Esther Renouf fille Thomas Philippe of St Martin m. (St S) 31.10.1861; wall of barn at La Ville Brée, La Rue de la Ville Brée (St Mt).
894. WF. William Fortescue; Governor's House, Elizabeth Castle (St H).
895. WGQ.1664. William Jinkins (for Jenkins, who was an Englishman) bur. (St L) 10.5.1689. From the St John's Registers (complete with erratic spelling) we have: "William Ginkins (Anglois) et Janne Romeril de Ste. Laurent" m. (St J) 19.2.1660/1. The stonemason probably carved his initials based on the French pronunciation of Jenkins as Genniquin OJH Vol II p. 106; gable stone inside a cottage at Carrefour Jenkins, the crossroads between Mont au Menier and La Ruette (St L) - now demolished.
896. WK.1700; corbel at L'Espethance, formerly L'Armistice, Rue du Crocquet, St Aubin (St B) corrected by Colette Stevens (thought to be IK for Jean Kastell - confirmed by photographic evidence - close up shot made possible by scaffolding around the property in July 2000).
897. WS.1644. William Snow; Albany House, La Grande Route de St Laurens (St L).
898. WS.MM. William Snow m. M. Mauger 1704; Springland, Millbrook (St L).
899. X.1598. see DL.B and picture at 101. Broken arch keystone at La Chasse, Sion (St J).

Inscriptions in which the opening letters are illegible
900. -AM.MML.1818. Amy and Mallet; Catillon de Bas (G) - see 1183 and The Amy Family of Le Câtillion de Bas. The first letter is a P.
901. 16 ILM- I- (not ILM.1716); Rear door lintel at Chestnut Farm, Quaisne (St B) - see also 383.
902. -MHM.1664. The first letter is an 'I'. ? and Hamon; upside down in the entrance to the eastern outbuildings at Ville ès Gros (St L) - see also 16 342 and 1269.
903. -R. (upside down heart) MN.1740. On step in garden, Chestnut Farm, Quaisne (St B) - see also 383.
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