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Parish Abbreviations

St Helier (St H) Trinity (T) Grouville (G) St Martin (St Mt) St Mary (St My) St Brelade (St B) St John (St J) St Ouen (St O) St Saviour (St S) St Clement (St C) St Lawrence (St L) St Peter (St P)

Note: m. indicates the marriage date of the couple commemorated.

201. FLB.MMG.1847. François Le Brocq of St Peter and Marie Mauger of St Ouen m. (St P) 17.5.1832; Homestead (St P) - see also 1546.
202. FLC.SDM.1677. Each set of initials in a seperate shield. Rev. François Le Couteur fils Jacques and Sara Dumaresq fille Jean m. (St H) 26.1.1657/8; on front door inside a modern porch at La Clochette (formerly Green Farm) La Rue de Bachauderie (St Mt) - see also 697. Contributed by Pam Hislop.
203. FLCT.1760? (date partly covered); listed by Joan Stevens at Montrose, La Rue ès Viberts (St P) but can no longer be found!
204. FLF.EN.1844. François Le Four and Elizabeth Noel t.d. St Martin m. (St H) 31.12.1809; Elsingham Farm, Rue de la Fosse a Grès (St Mt).
205. FLG.AVB.1818. François Langlois of St Lawrence and Anne Vibert of St Peter m. (St H) 16.4.1806; Ville au Veslet Farm, Mont Isaac (St L).
206. FLS.1687. Lintel over a pedestrian arch next to the entrance gateway at Vaucluse, La Ruelle Vaucluse (St H).
207. FMR. ? Mourant; on beam, Hamlet Fm. (St S).
208. FN. At Les Pigneaux (St S) - this stone begins with a 'T' and is pictured at 1649.
209. FPD.JML.1834. François Poingdestre and Jeanneton Mallet t.d. Grouville m. (St H) 27.12.1828; Le Vergi, La Rue ès Philippes (G)- formerly listed as 'near Carrefour au Clercq (St S)' and incorrectly dated as 1884.
210. FRM.1694. François Remon m. (St L) 20.7.1690 Jeanne Pinel; overgrown gable end at roof line, to the left of the first storey front door;Ville au Veslet, Mont Isaac (St L) - son at 486.
211. GAH.MAB 1739 Gedeon Ahier & Magdelaine Aubin; Sion Cottage, La Rue St Thomas (St S) - identification by Pam Hislop.
212. GBD.1669. George Badier; on colombier, Colombier Manor (St L) - picture at Colombiers Page.
213. GB.1731. George Bandinel; hidden away in the attic of the barn behind Bagot Manor Farm, Bagot Manor Road (St S) see also 754.
214. GCL (entwined hearts) EVP.1799. George Collas of St Saviour and Elizabeth Valpy of Grouville m. (G) 16.9.1797; first storey plaque at Les Pigneaux, Princes Tower Road (St S).
215. GJDC.1855. George John de Carteret; Vale Fm. (St P) Roger de Carteret lives there now.
216. GDP.1744. George Dupré; on sundial, Inverness Lodge (St L).
217. GDR.ENC.1875. George Dorey m. (T) 5.3.1859 Esther Nicolle, Le Douet (St J) - contributed by Pam Hislop.
218. GGD.JGD.1812. George Gaudin (fils David) m. (St Mt) Jeanne Gaudin 11.4.1805; first storey west wing of the re-developement at La Maitrerie, La Rue de la Maitrerie (St Mt).
219. GGD & SAH 1824. George Gaudin m. Suzanne Ahier (St Mt) 26.1.1823; lintel, now inside the 1905 potato barn at Le Câtillon, Les Charrieres (St Mt) - see also 136 891 1187 1188.
220. GIG.1788. George Ingouville (1760-1828) who married Marie Amiraux (St H) 12.12.1789; given to the Jersey Museum Service and now in store at La Hougue Bie (St S).
221. GJ.1623. In plaster between beams; Les Ormes (St Mt).
222. GLB.1676 (not 5). George Le Brun; corbel remnant at Claverling, Market Hill, St Aubin (St B).
223. GLB.MLCN.1835 and 1837. George Philippe Le Brun and Marie Le Cornu m. (St S) 13.1.1830; Beaulieu, La Rue de Dièlament (T) contributed by Pam Hislop - see also 17 & 1280.
224. GLBT.1770. George Le Boutillier; Elmwood, Trodez (St O).
225. GLC.IDC.1684 (not 1634). George La Cloche Seignuer of Longueville and Dlle Jeanne de Carteret of Vinchelez de Haut, St Ouen m. (St O) 5.9.1669; displaced corbel end above the first storey windows in the east wing extension at Longueville Manor Hotel (St S).
226. GLHQ.1846. George Le Huquet; Fontaine de Gallie lavoir (St Mt).
227. GLSL.FMSV 1821 (not 1820); George Le Seelleur (1766-c.1828) fils Thomas Le Seeleur & Marie Renouf of Villot (St Mt) m. Françoise Messervy (1778-1822) 2nd wife (St H) 10.4.1813; Le Fleurion (St Mt)
228. GM.1606 (right) and PH(small Q) not B 1606 (left); gable stones, Rockstone, La Rue de la Vaux de l'Eglise (St Mt) - see also 160 .
229. GMG.1565 (retrospective). George Mauger; Maison de Coin (St L).
230. GMR, preceded by Greek letter phi; La Fontaine, Ville à L'Eveque (T).
231. GMSV.EB.1832. George Messervy m. Elizabeth Bree (St Mt) 31.8.1818; Grande Maison, opposite the Lifeboat Station on La Route de St Catherine (St Mt).
232. GNC.SDP.1826. George Nicolle of St Martin (1787-1857) & Susanne du Pont of St Saviour (1797-1875) m. (St H) 6.4.1815; Vieux Menage (St S) - now incorporated into garden step in front of main house.
233. GPB. Connétable.1853. George Philip Balleine; St. Brelade's Hospital (St B) - see Official Stones.
234. GPC.1832. G. Picot; Douet Fleury lavoir (St Mt).
235. GPC.ELS.1884. Carved very faintly over what is now a garden door at La Fosse à l'Ecrivain (St S) - see also 1299.
236. GPG.ELT.1811 and 1818. George Pelgue m. (St S) 29.10.1796 Elizabeth Le Tubelin; 1811 is over a side door to the barns (recently converted to accomodation and as yet unnamed) & 1818 is a first storey plaque on the Dower House, Fernside Farm, down a track off La Rue du Moulin (St S).
237. GPLP& (entwined hearts) ACL.1801. George Philippe and Ann Collin fille Jean of St Saviour, two daughters, Anne and Magdelaine were bap. (St S) 1789 & 1791 respectively and Anne femme George Philippe was buried there (aged 57) 24.5.1830. Marriage not yet found. First storey plaque at Waterloo House, Le Chemin des Moulins (St L).
238. GSH.1846. George Sohier; Fontaine de Gallie lavoir (St Mt).
239. GST.ACT.1843.1873. George Skelton m. Anne Coutanche (St My) 2.6.1842; Bois des Ormes (formerly Elmwood) Le Hurel (St My) - see also 1534.
240. HAPDD. see EMR.MAB.
241. HC.IE.1709. Helier Chevalier and Jeanne Esnouf; Highcliff (St J). Burial Mse Jeanne Esnouf veuve de Me Elie Chevallier ent. (St J) 24.7.1765 from Henry Coutanche.
242. HD.Lan.1580. Tombstone of Helier (or Hugh) de Carteret; Handois (St L).
243. HDLH.1891. Hugh de la Haye, creator of the Jersey Royal Potato (in 1880). When his outbuildings were destroyed by fire, his grateful neighbours rallied round and rebuilt them free of charge. This lintel at Bushy Farm, La Ruelle Vacleuse (St H) marked the completion of the project.
244. HDM.1714. Helier Dumaresq; in the roadside gable end wall. The date 1714 and a Dumaresq coat of arms appear on the gates a little further along to the right. The Old Farm (St C).
245. HDM.1720. Helier Dumaresq; ECMdeC.1884 added below for Edouard Charles Malet de Carteret; on sundial, The Old Farm (St C).
246. HFV.AF (not P)1831. Grace Fauvel tells me that the 'P' is an 'F' for Helier Fauvel of St Martin and Anne FALLE of St Saviour m. (St. H) 1.10.1814; Val Feuillu (St S) - confirmed by the replacement picture.
247. HG.RML.PG.1686. (PG to left, HG & RML below the date) Helier Godfray m. (St C) 12.11.1663 Rachel Mylays, with their son Philippe; keystone of arch, originally at The Hollies (St C); now at Mont Pellier (T) - see also The Mont Pellier Page.
248. HHT.MCL.RHT. 1731. Henry Hamptonne (of St L) and Marguerite Collas (of St My) m. (St L) 7.5.1730, with their son Raulin - bap. (St My) 7.3.1731; Eastfield (St My).
249. HLP, or HLR; at L'Aiguillon (G).
250. HLR.ELB.1751. Helier Le Rossignol of St Ouen and Elizabeth Le Bas of St Brelade m. (St My) 5.3.1745/6; Le Bocage (St B).
251. HM.1620. At The Granite House (St Mt).
252. HM.1664. At La Boiserie (St J).
253. HML.1859. On field pillar, Water Lane (St O).
254. HML.SR.1812. This may be PML.SR 1817 - the closest match I can find is Philippe Mallet and Susanne Renouf m. (St Mt) 22.2.1816. L'Aiguillon (St Mt).
255. HMR.AVN.1764. Henry Marett, Centenier in St Brelade m. (St B) 6.1.1753 Anne Villeneuve (1732-1811) fille Jean & Elizabeth Vincent (see also 938 for Anne's great grandparents); Brook Farm, Mont Nicolle (St B).
256. HNC.1834. H. Nicolle; on trough, Bouley Bay Hill lavoir (T).
257. HP.1822. Corner stone just below roof line of Haut de Rue (formerly Hillcrest), L'Etacq (St O).
258. HP.EGF.1811. Helier Payn m. Elizabeth Godfray (St Mt) 5.6.1808; lintel by the roadside in a blocked up doorway. Difficult to photograph as permanently in shadow and faintly incised. L'Abri Farm, La Grande Route de Faldouet (St Mt) - see also 1497-8.
259. HPN.EAB.1837 - the N is carved in reverse. Helier Pinel m. Elizabeth Aubert (St C) 13.11.1811; both from St John. At La Ferme Grandet, La Rue de Golarde (St L). There a number of indicators that this stone does not belong to this property. The couple commemorated seem to have no connection with St Lawrence, both were born and buried in St John. They baptised their children there and only left the Parish to marry. Also, it looks like the three in 1837 has been tinkered with so as to resemble an eight. There are two other (genuine) stones on the property - see 198 and 605.
260. I. see also J.
261. IAB.AF. Isaac Aubin and Anne Filleul; Maison de la Hougue Bie (G).
262. IAB SAM.17?5. Jean Aubin m. Susanne Amy (G) 17.3.1735/6; Ferme Howard Davis 1929 above; States Experimental Farm (T).
263. IAL.1626. Anley; Highfield (St P).
264. IAM.MP.1798, and 1803; Jean Amy & Marie Payn t.d. Grouville m. (G) 30.1.1793; children baptised in Grouville 1793-1803 and in St Saviour 1804-1813; La Hougue Farm (but now several properties), La Rue de Hougue Bie (St S).
265.IAM.RBP.1847. Jean Amy and Rachel Blampied t.d. St Lawrence m. (St H) 20.5.1838; Dronfield, La Passage (St L).
266. IAMT.1806.
Jean Amice Martel m. 16.12.1800
(St L) Madeleine Romeril; La
Ferme Martel, now Glencoe,
La Grande Route de St Laurens
(St L).
267. IAT.1676. ? Arthur; Douet de Rue (St My).
268. IAT.MLVC.1841. Jean Arthur fils Jean fils Jean of St Ouen and Marie Le Vesconte fille Jean fils Philippe of St Lawrence m. (St O) 22.12.1810; La Place (St O).
269.IAT.RLC.1720. Jean Arthur and Rachel Le Couteur m. (St H) 1715; La Pompe (St My)  identified by Jean Arthur.
270. IB.IT.1730. Bertram; cottage at La Rocque (G).
271. IBD.1668. Baudains; Arch capstone at the entrance to Beaupré (St J) - see also 118 142 588 and 1256.
272. IBL (heart) EQR.ILS.1797. Josué Billot m. Elizabeth Querest (T) 15.4.1764 and his son Josué Billot m. Jeanne Le Sueur (T) 9.5.1784; La Billotterie, Rue d'Ebenezer (T).
273. IBM.1790, or 1750. Laurel Lands Farm (St S) - this stone has been misread and moved to 1315.
274. IBN.(upside down entwined hearts) EAT.1757. Jean Binet and Elizabeth Arthur t.d. St Mary m. (St J) 7.11.1750; plaque on the 1st storey at La Fontaine, La Rue ès Viberts (St My) - see also 1515.
275. IBN.SPT.1753. The 'N' is reversed. Jean Benest m. Sara Pithon (St J) 21.11.1723; Le Petit Câtelet (St J) see also 718 792 794
and 1416.
276. IBP.SL.1803. Jean Blampied and Susanne Luce t.d. St Lawrence m. (St L) 5.5.1784; Blampied Farm, Handois (St L). Now derelict and the property of the Jersey New Waterworks Company. Photograph courtesy of James Brannan- more information at his Home Page.
277. IBQ.MAQ.1819 . Jean Becquet (fils Jean) m. Marie Anquetil (St Mt) 19.1.1811; gatepost, Les Quatre Carrefours (St Mt) - see also 1471 for a companion lintel.
278. IC.RB.1688. Jean Collas (fils Jean) m. Rachel Baudayne (fille Nicollas) (St S) 20.7.1679; Arch keystone at La Préférence Cottage (St Mt).
279. ICB.EDF.1781 (not 9). Jean Cabot and Elizabeth du Feu t.d. Trinity m. (St S) 10.9.1769; over the hall fireplace at Les Ifs (T) - see also 332 647 818 & 819 .
280. ICB.M.M:MTG.1823 (cider press barn lintel) and ICB.MMTG.1838 (gatepost - surrounded by hawthorn hedge - ouch!). Jean Cabot fils Jean and Rachel de Gruchy & Marie Marguerite Mattingley m. circa 1818. First child Jean bap. (T) 22.11.1819; La Commune, La Verte Rue (T). identified by Pam Hislop.
281. ICH.ELP.1682. Gouray Lodge (St Mt).
282. ICL.FDM.1776. Jean Collas and Françoise Dumaresq m. (St S) 24.4.1758; Le Mourin (St S) contributed by Pam Hislop.
283. ICM.FB. at La Porte (T).
284. ICR.1788. La Chênaie des Bois (St Mt).
285. ICS.ARB.1716. Fireplace, Le Petit Câtelet, La Route de St Jean (St J); from elsewhere - this stone begins with a P and has been moved to 1668.
286. ICT.EBN.1721; Jean Quotance fils feu Elie Coutance m. Elisyabeth benez de la Trinité (St J) 18.5.1698. Burial (St J) Elizabeth Benest femme de Jean Coutanche fils Helier du Mont Mado 2212.1740 - from Henry Coutanche. Window sill on the west side of Mont Mado Farm, La Route de Mont Mado (St J).
287. ID.1626. Jean Dolbel; roadside arch, Les Carrières, La Grande Route de St Martin (St Mt) - see also 1451-52.
288. IDB.AD.1747. Jean Dolbel of St Helier (1706-1759) fils Estienne Dolbel & Felice Samson m. Anne Dowton of St Helier (1713-1786) fille François Dowton & Anne Le Gros (St My) 25.7.1736 ; La Colomberie (St H) - see also 1088.
289. IDB.ALG.1700. Jaque de Bois m. Anne L'Anglois (St L) 24.3.1699/1700; Rhinefield (formerly Lilac Cottage), Ville Emphrie (St L).
290. IDB.AVT.1739. Jean du Bois m. Anna Vautier (St My) 25.11.1733, also noted in the St Ouen's Marriage Register. St Jean, Rue Militaire (St O).
291. I.DB.E.M.RM.1864 (not 84). Jean Dolbel fils Edouard and Elise Marthe Remon fille Jacques m. (St L) 12.5.1863; large plaque above the arch on the former barns at Fair View, La Verte Rue (St L).
292. IDB.IGN.1805. Jean Dolbel m. Jeanne Gasnier of St Ouen (St J) 10.4.1798; Chestnut Grove, La Route du Mont Mado (St J) - see also 294 513.
293. IDB.MDB.1684. Jean Du Boys m. Marguerite Du Boys (St P) 15.10.1671; formerly at Les Perquages Farm (St P) - now at Wellington House, Sunnyside, Mont Les Vaux, St Aubin (St B). Surrounded by genuine old houses, this is a recreation built in 1985.
294. IDB.TRM.1703, or 1701, 1705; Jean Dolbel and Thomassine Remon m. (St S) 28.1.1698/99; Chestnut Grove, La Route du Mont Mado (St J) - see also 292 513. Drawing © Charles Stevens.
295. IDF.MLGL.1800. Rose Farm, Grouville Village, La Rue à Don (G). Jacques de Faye & Marie Le Gresley m. (St S) 19.8.1787. During the next few years a property on this site was demolished and the old granite used to rebuild the house facing the other way, towards the new road. In 1800 Jacques and Marie moved in. Contributed by Ray Le Pivert.
296. IDG.1679. At Le Câtel (T). Photograph © Walter Le Quesne
297.IDG.1800. The '1' is behind the metal work to the left of the stone. Jean de Gruchy; lintel on the south facade of La Chasse, La Profonde Rue (T) - see also 126 130 305 309.
298. IDG.EDG.1783. Jean de Gruchy fils Jean m. Elizabeth de Gruchy fille Thomas (T) 24.4.1757, La Ville Machon (T) - new picture at La Ville Machon Page.
299. IDG.EET.1796. Jean de Gruchy of St John and Elizabeth Estur of St Mary m. (St L) 11.2.1786; and a stone weight with IDG; The Elms Farm (St My).
300. IDG.ELM.1827. Jean de Gruchy and Esther Le Masurier m. (T) 14.1.1804; La Raulinerie (T) see also 1396.
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