Stones belonging to the Amy Family of

Le Câtillion de Bas, Grouville

632. PAM.ECR.1802. Philippe Amy of Grouville & Esther Carrel of Trinity m. (T) 11.10.1797; on outbuildings.
633. PAM.EMR. Philippe Amy & Elizabeth Mourant m. (G) 23.6.1699; broken lintel on west wing.
633a. PAM.EMR 1772. (Another) Philippe Amy & Elizabeth Mourant; on east wing.
1099. PAM 1826. Philippe Amy; in roadside wall at the entrance.
1181. FAM EAM 1620. François and Elizabeth Amy; keystone of an arch re-used as a plaque on the main (19th Century) house.
1182. PAM EAT 1834; Philippe Amy of Grouville and Elizabeth Anthoine of St Saviour; rare inscription in italics on outbuildings. Identified by Pam Hislop.
1183. PAM MML 1805. Philippe Amy and Marie Mallet m. (St H) 12.5.1804; west wing.
1184. PAM MML 1818. Philippe Amy and Marie Mallet; rear of east wing.

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