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Parish Abbreviations

St Helier (St H) Trinity (T) Grouville (G) St Martin (St Mt) St Mary (St My) St Brelade (St B) St John (St J) St Ouen (St O) St Saviour (St S) St Clement (St C) St Lawrence (St L) St Peter (St P)

Note: m. indicates the marriage date of the couple commemorated.

601. NH.1651. ? Hue; lintel from St. Aubin (St B), now at The Museum.
602. inaccurate cross reference removed.
603. NJBS.ABR.1875. Possibly Nicholas John Bisson and Ann Briard- aged 34 in both 1871 and 1881 census records! - living at Laurel House, Trinity in 1881 census. Les Ruettes, Rue de La Fontaine (T) from Pam Hislop.
604. NLB.IDC.1731. Nicolas Le Brun fils Nicolas and Judy de Carteret m. (St P) 17.10. 1696; first storey plaque at Beechleigh, Old Beaumont Hill (St P) marriage from Pam Hislop.
605. NLC.MM.1724. Dlle. Marie Marett femme Noé Le Cras bur. (St L) 13.3.1760 - no marriage found; hidden by porch over front door at La Ferme Grandet, La Rue de la Golarde (St L) - see also 198 & 259.
606. NLQ.ELF.1768. Nicolas Le Quesne and Elizabeth Le Feuvre m. (St C) 24.7.1751; Beaufort House, Regent Road (St H) - see Walter Le Quesne's 'The Le Quesnes of Jersey' Pub. CIFHS 1996 - also includes family tree.
607. NLR.EDLP.1715. Nicolas Le Ruez and Elizabeth de la Perrelle - marriage not yet found; on outbuildings at the front of Greystones, La Rue Coentyn (St O) see also 1169.
608. NLR.EGD.1710. Nicolas Le Rossignol and Elizabeth Grandin m. (St B) 21.8.1687; Chateau des Roches, near L'Horizon (St B) - now demolished. Drawing © Charles Stevens.
609. NM.LDCGN.1721. On Ancient House at Plemont, near Leoville (St O) - semi-covered by pergola.
610. NN.1670 ( the Ns are reversed) but now obscured by ivy - on the rear wall of La Rué (which backs on to this property) and NN.1681 (lost); Le Rué Farm, Rue de la Fontaine (St Mt).
611. removed.
612. NPC.MMC.1740. Nicolas Perchard and Marie Machon m. (St S) 17.1.1732/3. Les Arches (now part of the Merton Staff Quarters), Don Road, Georgetown (St H).
613. NPL.ILS.1820. Nicolas Pallot and Jeanne Le Sueur t.d. St Saviour m. (St H) 4.9.1819; Les Landes Lodge (St Mt).
614. NPM. Gable stone, at Greenhill (St P).
615. NQR.1676. ? Querrée; at Les Varvots (St L). A picture showing this stone in its original position is available at the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive; Architecture Section Catalogue Architecture Section Catalogue 13 a.5.
616. NR.SDP.1675. Nicolas Richardson and Sara du Parcq; fireplace from Don Farm (St J) which was in the Jersey Kitchen at the Museum for a number of years but has now returned home, although the house has been renamed La Sarsonnerie and the lintel has been broken and is no longer load bearing. It has been put in the kitchen. A picture showing this stone in its original position is available at the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive; Architecture Section Catalogue Architecture Section Catalogue 13 a.6 - see also 511 and 1370. Burial Mse Sara du Parc veuve de feu Mr Nicolas Richardson ent 25 juin 1722 and Grouville marriage Nicolas le Richerson et Sara du Parcq 20 May 1663 - from Henry Coutanche.
617. NRN.1815. Nicolas Renouf; La Gallierie, La Rue de la Chapelle (St Mt) see also 618.
618. NRN.1846. Nicolas Renouf; Fontaine de Gallie lavoir, La Rue de Vaux de L'Eglise (St Mt).
619. NVD.VMH. At Les Mauves (T).
620. PA.EC. or EG.1680. Philippe Amy; Patier (St S) - demolished in the 1980s.
621. PA.MMR.1823. Philippe Amy fils Philippe (St S) m. Town Church (St Peter Port) 19.2.1795 Marguerite Marie Moreau fille Jean of St PP; Patier (St S) - demolished in the 1980s.
622. PA + MSM.1721. Philippe Alexandre and Marthe Sallemon (Salmon) m. (St P) 7.12.1700. Lintel discovered under the render at Homestill, La Rue de la Grande Vingtaine (St P).
623. PAB.ILNV.1770. Philippe Aubin of St Saviour and Judith Le Neveu of St Helier m. (St Mt) 8.8.1762 at Central House (G).
624. PAB.MAH.1733. Philippe Aubin and Marie Ahier m. (G) 25.10.1711; Appledore, Boulivot (G) from Pam Hislop.
625. PAL.1677. Philippe Anley; fireplace, Les Aix (St P).
626. PAL.1718. Philippe Anley; Les Aix (St P).
627. PAL (entwined hearts) ERN.1754 (not 9). Anley and Renouf? Lintel over the front door at Le Hurel Dower, Trinity Road (T) - see also 1540.
628. PAL.SLM.1689. Philippe Anley and Susanne Le Maistre m. (St P) 27.9.1684 but no location given in Joan Steven's Index!
629. PAL.IPN.1823. Philippe Anley & Jeanne Pinel t.d. St Lawrence m. (St L) 28.2.1797; Moss Nook, West Hill (St H) - see also below, plus 565 & 566.
630. PAL.MBN.1832. Philippe Anley and Marguerite Binet m. (St H) 5.8.1824; Moss Nook, West Hill (St H).
631. PAM.1732. Philippe Amy, who m. Marie Amy; Câtillon de Haut, La Route du Câtillon (G).
632. PAM.ECR.1802; Câtillon de Bas, La Route du Câtillon (G) - see The Amy Family of Le Câtillion de Bas.
633. PAM.EMR; Câtillon de Bas, La Route du Câtillon (G); repeated 1772 - see The Amy Family of Le Câtillion de Bas.
634. PAT.SLC.1683. 'Sara Le Cousteur v(eu)ve P(ier)re Anthoine' appears as godmother to her grandson P(ier)re Anthoine fils Pierre bap. (St S) 17.01.1712, arch keystone (and shoulder stones) formerly in the garden at Maison de Haut, La Rue de la Retraite and now awaiting erection at Clos des Abres next door (St S) - see also 1688.
635. PB.1660. Philippe Balleine Snr.; very faded stone above the lintel and behind a lamp on the front of Greenland, Rue de la Presse (St P) - see also 703.
636. PB.1704. Philippe Balleine fils Philippe; window lintel on the first storey of the east dower wing at Greenland, Rue de la Presse (St P) - see also 703.
637. PBL.1605, or PBD, PBN (stone broken). ? Badier or Benest; La Bruyere Fm. (St L).
638. PBL.DDF.EGF.1822. Actually two stones. Me. Philippe Billot of Ville Brée m. (St Mt) 5.1.1820 Douce du Fresne des Vaux. EGF above is Elizabeth Godfray who m. (St S) 20.3.1793 Philippe Billot of Trinity (either fils Elie or Josué). She was widowed in 1796/7 when her husband was lost at sea, appointed as tutrice to her only son, Philippe bap. (St Mt) 23.3.1796, and rebuilt the house for him soon after he married. Holmdale (formerly La Gaupette), La Rue de la Ville Brée (St Mt). See also 1045 and 1046). Ref: Mary Billot's family papers.
639. PBN.MHQ.1811 - the ones are carved as Js. Philippe Binet (not Benest) and Molly Hocquard of Trinity m. (St H) 25.6.1808; La Renaissance, Bel Respiro, Trinity Hill (St H).
640. PBN.SVT.IBN.175.... Philippe Benest and Sara Vautier m. (St L) 21.9.1735, with their son Jean, bap. (St L) 5.6.1737; stone possibly from Mon Plaisir (St L), found in use as a barn step and now over the main door of the modern east wing at La Ruette, La Ruette (St L) - see also 122 and 788.
641. PBP.ARN.1809. Philippe Blampied and Anne Renouf m. (St P) 12.2.1778; Haut du Mont Farm (formerly Glenrose) (St P).
642. PBP.NJ.1832. Philippe Blampied fils Philippe of St Peter and Nancy Jean fille Philippe of St Ouen; Haut du Mont Farm (formerly Glenrose) (St P) see also 777 and 1516..
643. PBS.ILC.1729.Philippe Bisson and Jeanne le Cras t.d. St Peter m. (St H) 16.8.1712 Vale Farm (St P) - an inverted lintel over a window in this 1855 building. This is a part of a property which the de Carterets bought from the Bisson family in 1832 - additional information provided by Roger de Carteret.
644. PBS.MGC.1780 (shown) and 1781. Philippe Bisson of Trinity and Marie Gruchy of St John m. (St J) 20.2.1771; Les Ruettes, Rue Coutanche (T).
645. PBT.RDP.1823. Philippe Bertram and Rachel du Parcq, no marriage or children found but they appear as godparents to Elizabeth Amy fille Edouard Amy and Marie Gallie bap. (St S) 30.10.1814; gatepost, La Chasse, Rue du Sacrement (St S) - see also 1263.
646. PC. Philippe Collas (1668-1748); garden bench, St. Martin's House (St Mt).
647. PCB. Cabot; (not found) Les Ifs (T) see also 279 332 818 & 819.
648. PCB.JBL.1883. Philippe Cabot (Constable of Trinity) and Jeanne Billot; Le Catel Farm (T).
649. PCL.1762 and 1763. Philippe Collas (1740-90); roadside walls at Le Relias de St Martin Guest House (formerly St. Martin's House) opposite the Parish Church (St Mt).
650.P (or R) CL (entwined hearts) RLR.1776; a lintel now used as a front door step at Chandos, High Street, St. Aubin (St B), the left hand side of the date is now covered.
651. PCRD.1671. On apple crusher from Les Grandes Rues (St Mt), at La Chaumière, Millbrook (St L).
652. PD.1597. At Sycamore Cottage, La Rue au Moestre (St B).
653. PDC.1661. de Carteret; St. Ouen's Manor (St O).
654. PDC.1707 and heraldic devices. Philippe de Carteret; on outbuildings behind Le Catelet (St J).
655. PDC.EG.1747. Philippe de Carteret of St John and Elizabeth Guerdain m. (St H) 14.12.1738. At Fliquet Mill, Ruelle Vacleuse (St H).
656. PDC.ILB.1723. Pierre de Caen m. Judith Le Brun (St L) 28.9.1701; Ville au Bas (St L) marriage found by Pam Hislop.
657. PDF.IN.1797. Philippe du Fresne m. (St Mt) 15.2.1766 Jeanne Noel; Cintra, La Vallée de Rozel (St Mt).
658. PdG.1686. In wall at Highlands Lane, near Hotel de France. (St H).
659. PDG.EDG.1800. Philippe and Elizabeth de Gruchy m. (T) 11.2.1798; Pièce Mauger, La Rue du Pièce Mauger (T).
660. PDC (not G).EG.1767 (not 1761). Philippe de Carteret of St John (later a Jurat) and Elizabeth Guerdain m. (St H) 14.12.1738; La Haute Ferme, Mont à l'Abbé (St H) - see also 1522.
661.PDG.ELG.1773. Philippe de Gruchy of Trinity and Elizabeth Le Geyt of St Saviour m. (St S) 23.3.1766; Cowley Farm (St S).
662. PDG. MDG.1822. Philippe de Gruchy m. Marie de Gruchy 1791; Le Câtel, Rozel (St Mt). Photograph © Walter Le Quesne
663. PDG.MHC.1733. Philippe (revision from Pierre - 26 July 1998 by Guy Dixon) de Gruchy m. Marie Hocquart 1719; under porch at the north part of Maison du Buisson, La Rue de Dialèment (St S) - see also 40.
664. PDG.MMRN.1814; Ville Machon (T) - new picture at La Ville Machon Page.
665. PDG.(entwined hearts) RMSV.1803. Philippe De Gruchy of Trinity and Rachel Messervy of St John m. (St S) 3.2.1779. Formerly a lintel over the door of the roadside cottage at Hautmont, Rue de la Mare des Pres (St J), now inside on the fireplace. Alternative picture at the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archives Architecture Section Catalogue No. 13a 28 - see also 852.
666. PDGC.AMTG.1833. Pierre (not Philippe) de Gruchy and Anne Mattingley m. (St H) 29.11.1834; La Forge (T) built or redeveloped in anticipation of their marriage.
667. PDGC.MAGF.1872. Philippe de Gruchy (fils Philippe) and Marie Anne Godfray m. (St S) February 1858; La Féverie, La Grande Route de Maufant (St S) from Pam Hislop.
668. PDH.ELB.1826. Philippe du Heaume fils Edouard m. (St O) 27.8.1825 Elizabeth Le Breton veuve Rev. François Ricard; La Robeline (St O).
669. PDL.MBQ (a small q).1714. The 4 is reversed. Pierre Dallain and Marie Bosquet; Pierre Dallain was born in France and he and Marie were probably married there. Highland Cottage (St L) from Michele Gayler (reference: The Dallain Family of Jersey by Henry Coutanche CIFHJ).
670. a. PDL (single heart) MNC.1765 displaced lintel on first storey of barns, b. PDL.MNC.1772 gatepost, c. PDL (single heart) MNC.1796 another displaced lintel on first storey of barns. Both lintels came from the original house which was demolished in the 1840s; Pierre Dallain and Marguerite Nicolle m. (St J) 26.5.1765. La Chasse, Sion (St J) - see also 101 and 514.
671. PDLCN. (entwined hearts) MALB.1899. Philippe David Le Cornu and Mary Ann Le Brun m.1899; Le Tresor, Ville ès Gazeaux (St L). In 1908 this couple moved to Roslyn (St L). The stone from there, which was here in error, has been moved to 1552.
672. PDLM.1846. Philippe de la Mare; Fontaine de Gallie lavoir (St Mt).
673. PDM.ALM.1765 (not 6). Philippe Dumaresq and Ann Le Maistre m. (St M) 18.6.1724;
gatepost at Le Mourin Farm, La Chasse du Mourin (St S) contributed by Pam Hislop.
674. PDM.EM.1684. Philippe Dumaresq and Elizabeth Messervy m. (St S) 23 .11.1680; carved on the
side of a corbel at Le Mourin Farm, La Chasse du Mourin (St S) also contributed by Pam Hislop.
675. PDR.1772. Dorey; La Fontaine, Ville à l'Evêque (T).
676. PDR.EGD.1882. Philip Dorey and Elizabeth Gaudin (1871 Census has her maiden name noted) living Ivy Farm, Trinity in 1881 census; Maison Maret (T) now at La Maison Maret (T).
677. PDSC.1743. Pierre de Ste Croix, who married Elizabeth Mahaut (St L) 29.1.1743/4; Eden Grove (St L).
678. PDSC.EF.1759. Philippe de Ste Croix fils Abraham m. Elizabeth Fiott (St L) 20.7.1760; La Roussetterie (now part of Hollydale Estate), Le Mont Felard (St L) - see also 1542.
679. PDSX.1683. de Ste Croix; at Eden Grove (St L).
680. PDSX.RA. Philippe de Ste Croix m. (St S) 28.3.1679 Rachel Ahier; now damaged and only showing PDS RA. Gable end at La Pepiniere, formerly La Valette, La Ruelle Vacleuse (St H) - his son and grandson are at 138 & 139 - from Pam Hislop.
681. PEN.1694 other letters erased but
were thought by Joan Stevens to be ES
(see Old Jersey Houses Vol. One, page
64 for Charles Stevens' drawing of the
lintel and pages 198-199 for a history
of the house and stones). If the ES has
been erased those initials are reputed to
be those of a fiancée who died. Pierre
Esnouf was childless when he passed
away; La Porte (St J). For other stones on this property see 350 424 1197 & 1198.
682. PF.1711. Philippe Falle; Rev. P. Falle's House (St S) - which was demolished in 1902 (ref: SJB V p. 200 for an old photograph and pp. 209-210 for a history of the house) and has turned up again at Furze Cottage, Bonnie Nuit (St J), which was built in the 1930s as a summer retreat for the Bailiff Vernon Venables. For two other lost stones from this house
see 822 861. For more on Furze Cottage go to 1204.
683. PF.1738. Rev. Philippe Falle; two cistern heads, The Old Library, Library Place (St H). Left hand side example pictured.
684. PFDLC.ILL. 1825. Philippe François de la Court and Jeanne Le Lièvre of St Martin m. (St L) 8.3.1820; Ville au Veslet (St L).
685. PFO.1679. Pierre Fiott; Oaklands (St L).
686. PFV.EBD.1715. Philippe Fauvel and Elizabeth Bandinel fille Thomas Bandinel and Judith Lemprière m. (St Mt) 19.4.1697. High up on the north facing first storey of the east wing of Holly Bank House, which has completely replaced the old farm at North Lynn, La Rue des Huriaux (St Mt). This stone resembles 118 (at St John) closely, except the date appears at the bottom and there are two hearts on top of each other between the initials. A picture showing this stone in its original position is available at the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive; Architecture Section Catalogue Architecture Section Catalogue 13 a.27.
687.PG.1637 repeated 1638. Arch capstones, 1637 over a carriage arch by the roadside and 1638 on a doorway in the courtyard in the middle of the building. Haut du Rué, La Rue de Rué (St Mt).
688. PG. c.1675. ? Philippe Gourré; Bel Air (St S).
689. PG.SM 1760. Philippe Godfray
fils Edmund Godfray & Marie de Quettville and
Sara Messervy fille George Messervy & Sara
Germain m. St Andrews (Guernsey) 7.9.1750;
Anneville, La Rue de Guillaume et d'Anneville,
Faldouet (St Mt) - see also 698.
690. PGB.1812. Philippe Gibaut; Mainland (St L) demolished in 1978.
691. PGB.ED.1802. Philippe Gibaut and Elizabeth Dean of St Brelade m. (St L) 19.5.1794; Mainland (St L) demolished in 1978. A drawing of the stone can be found on page 60 of Joan Stevens' Old Jersey Houses Vol. 2. Illustration Number 39. A picture showing this stone in its original position is available at the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive; Architecture Section Catalogue Architecture Section Catalogue 13 a.18.
692. PGC.1813. Philippe Gruchy; St. Cyr lavoir (St J)
693. PGC.MBD.1746, and 1756. Philippe Gallichan and Madeleine Beaudets m. (St S) 28.4.1743 (as Marie Baudest). Madeleine's name is recorded correctly on the baptism of her children in St Lawrence; L'Ecurie (formerly the barns at Bon Air), La Rue de La Mare Bellam (St L) - see also 701-702.
694. PGC.MDSX.1760. Philippe Gallichan and Marguerite de Ste Croix t.d. St Lawrence m. (St My) 29.5.1753; Sunnyside, Mont Isaac, Ville au Veslet (St L).
695. PGC (entwined hearts) RH.1799, and PGC (entwined hearts) RHM.1807. Pierre Gruchy and Rachel Hamon t.d. St John m. (St S) 13.2.1779. 1799 at Herupe Farm House and 1807 on the barns (now Herupe Cottage), Les Bouillions (St J).
696. PGD.1832. Gaudin; Douet Fleury lavoir (St Mt).
697. PGD.EAB.1817. Philippe Gaudin m. Elizabeth Aubin 1781; first storey lintel at La Clochette (formerly Green Farm) La Rue de Bachauderie (St Mt) - see also 202.
698. PGF.SM.1754. Philippe Godfray fils Edmond Godfray & Marie de Quetteville s.f. and Sara Messervy fille George Messervy & Sara Germain s.f. m. (St Andrews, Guernsey) 16.9.1750. Also recorded in the St Martin's registers as they were both parishioners; fireplace, Devon Villa, Faldouet (St Mt) - see also 689.
699. PGLC.1807. Gallichan; field wall on the site of Jean Gallichan's house (1849 Godfray Map), now hidden by undergrowth and ivy. La Chouquetterie (St Mt). Drawing © Charles Stevens.
700. PGLC.1813. Pierre Gallichan; Fontaine de Gallie lavoir (St Mt).
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