Datestones at Coutanche Farm TRINITY

<- Coutanche Farm, La Rue Coutanche (T).
52. CCT.ILB.1812.
Charles Coutanche of Trinity
and Jeanne Le Bas of St Peter
m. (St S) 21.11.1783. Above roadside window behind hedge
to right of picture.
815. RC.IP.1696.
Renaud Coutanche and Jeanne Pinel;
m. (T) 22.1.1665/66
old lintel now placed
to the right of a window
at the back of the main house.
Renaud Coutanche
m. Marie Mauger
(T) 8.2.1704; first
storey plaque in front
of house.
1245. GBB (entwined hearts) SNA 1970. George Bisson Barr and Shirley Norma Assinder; first storey plaque in front of house commemorating their purchase of Coutanche Farm.
1246. SRGAB CMC 1981. Simon Robert George
Assinder Barr and Cheryl Margaret Cowan married
in 1981. The Press House, adjoining Coutanche Farm.

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