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Parishes: St Helier (St H) Trinity (T) Grouville (G) St Martin (St Mt) St Mary (St My) St Brelade (St B) St John (St J) St Ouen (St O) St Saviour (St S) St Clement (St C) St Lawrence (St L) St Peter (St P) | Events: m. (married) bap. (baptised) bur. (buried) | Translations: t.d. (tous deux or both of ...) femme (wife of ...) veuve (widow of...) fils (son of ...) fille (daughter of ...)

1. AB.CCL.1733. Abraham Bertram and Collette Collas m. (St M) 13.5.1674; Grasfort, La Grande Route de Faldouet, now part of Ransome's Garden Centre (St Mt) - see also 50.
2. ABL. MLH.1774. Amice Balleine (of St My) and Marie Le Hardy (of St S) m. (St S) 25.10.1760; The Elms (St My). Note the upside-down heart.
3. ABP.MLR.1757. Abraham Blampied (of St L) and Marie Laurens (of St P) m. 24.1.1724/5; Stamford, Le Pissot (St L) courtesy of Margaret and Peter Ward.
4. Abraham de Carteret Fescvyer Seigneur de St. Ian.1692; farm bell, Vinchelez de Bas (St O).
5. ACB MP on shield background 1679 (date on either side of shield) and ICB added below. Aaron Cabot and Marie Poingdestre (based on her burial (T) 11.8.1710 as 'femme Aaron' - no marriage found.) Aaron bur. (T) 10.3.1715/6 and Jean Cabot fils Aaron bap. (T) 20.8.1660 godparents: Michel Poingdestre & sa mere; on keystone of an arch in roadside flower bed in front of Augrès Farm, La Rue du Moulin de Bas (T).
6. ADC. Abraham de Carteret; La Hougue Boëte (St J).
7. ADC. 1730. Amice de Carteret; Vinchelez de Bas (St O).
8. A( Now missing) DC(entwined) I DG(entwined)1681. Abraham de Carteret jr. and Jeanne de Gruchy; corbel at Les Buttes, La Rue des Buttes (St J) - see also 19 592 593 and 863.
9. ADP.SR.1726. ? and Robin; intact arch inside Le Houllibecq and Sons Paint Store, Robin Place (St H).
10. ADSX.EPD.1772. Abraham de Ste Croix and Elizabeth Poingdestre m. (St H) 23.12.1748; Douceville (formerly Penny Cottage), Fern Valley (St H) - difficult to photograph as covered in climbing plants.
11. ADV.IMGF.1786. Aaron de Veulle and Jeanne Marguerite Godfray m. (St C) 5.6.1765; at the back of Slate House, La Grande Route de St Clement, (St C).
12. ADV.MLNV 1806 Aaron de Veulle and Marguerite Le Neveu m. (St C) 29.4.1795; Beachside, L' Hocq Lane (St C).
13. AF.1688. Sundial from Bel Royal, at Le Tilleul, Rue de Haut (St L).
14. AF.MN.1715, the 'N' is reversed. Aaron Falle of St Saviour and Marie Nicolle of Grouville m. (G) 16.11.1705; on outbuildings at Clairfield, La Rue de la Guilleaumerie (St S).
15. AGB.ECT. 1900. Abraham Gibaut fils Jean and Elizabeth Coutanche fille Henry of St John m. (St L) 19.12.1869; Les Vaux (St L).
16. AGD.IGL.1748. Abraham Godel of St Lawrence m. Jeanne Le Gallais of St John (St J) 2.8.1729; carved on the side of a gable end corbel stone, the main house at La Ville ès Gros (St L) - see also 342 902 and 1269.
17. AGLB.FLR.1920. Alfred Gresley Le Brun fils Jean and Florence Louisa Renouf fille Charles Jean m. (St Mn) 29.12.1897; Beaulieu (T) contributed by Pam Hislop - see also 223 & 1280.
18. AGF (not P); Ivy House, St. Aubin (St B) - see 1006.
19. AH.1707. Hue; corner stone on the northwest side of Les Buttes, La Rue des Buttes (St J) no picture as it is very worn and partially covered by a tree - see also 8 592 593 and 863.
20. ALC.ILC.1743. La Pierre des Trois Milles (St S) - this stone starts with an F and has been moved to 1578.
21. ALF.1675. ? Abraham Le Feuvre and Katherine Huelin m. (St P) 30.11.1642; Lowlands (St P).
22. ALF.ELC.1782. Abraham Le Feuvre dit Filiastre and Elizabeth Le Cour m. (St P) 18.7.1773; Lowlands (St P).
23. ALF.II.1747. Abraham Le Feuvre dit Filiastre (of St P) and Judith Jean (of St O) m. (St H) 30.4.1747; Lowlands (St P).
24. ALG.AAL.1773. Abraham Le Geyt (of St S) m. Anne Alexandre (of St S) (St H) 9.5. 1742. Le Geyt Farm (St S) demolished in the1970s; this lintel is now lost.
25. ALG.IEN.1832. Abraham Le Geyt & Jeanne Esnouf t.d. St Saviour m. (St H) 4.12.1819; Le Geyt Farm (St S) demolished in the1970s - this lintel is now over the fireplace at Milford, Tabor Drive (St B).
26. ALG.RLHQ.1798. Abraham Le Gros of St Lawrence and Rachel Le Hucquet of St Mary m.(St My) 24.7.1786; Meadowside, La Rue Blouin (St My).
27. ALHQ.1846. Abraham Le Hucquet; Fontaine de Gallie Lavoir (St Mt).
28. ALM.1631. ?? La Ronce, Trodez (St O).
29. ALR.1848. Le Riche; Pont ès Oies - now the Old Forge, Rue d'Ebenezer (T).
30. ALR.MGL.1733. PLR. Augustin Le Rossignol, Marguerite Guillet and their son Pierre (bap. (St O) 19.4.1704), neither the stone or this marriage can be found now - this is a drawing by Charles Stevens from Old Jersey Houses Vol. II ©. Brampton Farm (St O).
31. AM.1623. Mallet?; arch keystone over doorway at Les Chasses Farm, La Rue de Guilliaume et d'Anneville (St Mt).
32. AMP.SDM. Greenhill (St P).
33. AMR.1813. Abraham Marett; St. Cyr Lavoir (St J).
34. AMSV.EPMSV.1897. Alfred and Edgar Philippe Messervy, the latter b. 1880 (T) son of Alfred Messervy & Mary de Gruchy - see 35; Le Carrefour (T) - expanded by Pam Hislop.
35. AMSV.MDG.1895. Initials on either side of arch, date on capstone. Alfred Messervy and Mary de Gruchy - see 34 also; arch at Ville à l'Evêque (T) - expanded by Pam Hislop - see also 1071.
36. APF.DLM.EDET.1828. ? Abraham and François de La Mare (or ? artifices pontis, familia de la Mare, eximia diligentia, exigilum tempus); Bouley Bay Pier (T). An alternative picture showing this stone is available at the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive; Architecture Section Catalogue 13a.2.
37. APL.KN. Sir Anthony Poulet and Katherine Norreys; Gorey Castle (St Mt.).
38. AQT. Anquetil; Le Marais (St O).
39. AWPN.MJRR.1887. Augustus William Poignand fils Auguste of St Lawrence and Mary Jane Romeril fille Jean of St Peter m. (St L) 24.2.1869; Clos des Tours, Coin Varin (St P) - now unfortunately covered over.
40. BBN.ILB 1719. Benjamin Binet of Trinity and Jeanne Le Broc of St Ouen m. (T) 20.10.1711; under porch (and partially hidden by plumbing) on north side of Maison du Buisson, La Rue de Dialèment (St S) - see also 663.
41. BIV.EDL.1762. Brelade Janvrin and Elizabeth de Lecq m. (St P) 22.7.1749 (source: Victorian Voices by Joan Stevens); Le Coin (St B) difficult to photograph as under a porch in the shade and partialy obscured by a lamp and ivy. Marriage contributed by Pam Hislop.
42. BLCE.SF.1676 (not BLeF) Each set of initials are inside their own shield background. I think this MIGHT be Benjamin Luce and Susanne Ficquet m. (St H) 21.1.1664/5; The Farm House, Palm Grove (St H).
43. CAB.AG. 1740. Charles Aubin and Anne Gourey m. (St S) 1711; La Tourelle (St Mt).
44. CAB.IF.1778. Clement Aubin fils Clement Aubin Jnr. & Sara Neel (see 846) bap. (G) 15.5.1740 (godparents Clement Aubin Snr. et sa femme, grandparents) and his wife Jeanne Falle of Grouville m. (St Mt) 26.7.1761, Terrabonne, La Rue ès Philippes (G).
45. C. ALX.1820. Charles Alexandre; first storey plaque at Bloomfield (not Beau Pré), La Boucterie, Victoria Village (T).
46. CAMSV.MMDF.1907. Messervy; Clos Durell (T).
47. CAT.1742. Charles Arthur; sundial, La Grange (St My).
48. CB.1588. Colas Baudains; the earliest datestone on the Island, now a doorstep at Le Tallis Farm, Rue de La Maitrerie (St Mt) - see also 180.
49. CB.FD. Charles Bertram fils Elie, Constable of Grouville 1823-1826 (both his father and grandfather served before him) and Frances Dalton m. King's Norton, Worcestershire, England, 19.7.1820 ; Homestead (G) - identified by Pam Hislop.
50. CCL. 1725. Collette Collas who married Abraham Bertram; ABT is actually carved on the top of one of the pillars above this stone. Entrance to Grasfort, La Grande Route de Faldouet, now part of Ransome's Garden Centre (St Mt) - see also 1.
51. CCT.1813. Charles Coutanche; St. Cyr Lavoir (St J).
52. CCT.ILB.1812; Coutanche Farm, Rue Coutanche (T).
53. CDC.MCR.1747. Charles de Carteret (of St J) & Marthe Carey (of Guernsey) m. (St J) 6.8.1744; Le Câtelet (St J) - see also 839.
54. CDSX.MLP.1761. Charles de Ste Croix and Madeleine Elizabeth Lemprière (not Le Porcq) t.d. St Helier m. (St L) 22.1.1750; Bellozanne Priory, Ruelle Vacleuse (St H).
55. CELC.EN.1699. ? Le Clercq; Carrefour au Clercq (St S) - this is an incorrect description of the stone at 1393.
56. CGC.MLBT.1814. Charles Gruchy m. Marie Larbalestier (T) 3.8.1810; repeated 1826 & CGC.1817 (on gatepost); Champs Clairs (T).
57. CGLC.1834. C. Gallichan; Bouley Bay Hill lavoir (T).
58. CH.EDP.1749 includes an heraldic emblem within a shield, Charles Hue and Elizabeth Dupré; m. circa 1726 - first child Elizabeth bap.1727. Perry Farm (St My). Extra detail from Pam Hislop. Photograph © James Brannan.
59. CH.MGR.1884. Charles Hemery and Mary Georgina Rundle; Carteret Farm, La Rue du Grouville (G).
60. CHM.JMZ.1828. Clement Hamon Jnr. and Jeanne Malzard t.d. St John m. (St H) 26.1.1826; lintel at Domaine de la Vallette, La Rue de Sorel (St J) - see also 181 and 1663-4.
61. CIG.1803. Clement Ingouville; Alphington House (now Priors) (St S).
62. CIG.FEG.1825. Clement Ingouville of St Saviour and Frances Elizabeth Godfray of St Martin m. (St Mt) 19.05.1808; Alphington House (now Priors) (St S).
63. CLB.ELG.1769. Notes received from Frank Le Blancq indicate that this stone has been misread. He writes: "First names beginning with 'C' are few and far between in this family, to which I am directly related. I have searched around this date in the Le Coin branch and cannot find a match. However, if the 'C' has been misread for a 'G' then I have a couple who would match". Frank was right - see 1202.
64. CLBTL. MRN.1821, repeated 1835; Charles Le Boutillier of Trinity and Marie Renouf of St Lawrence m. (St L) 13.1.1808; Les Lauriers (T). The 1821 stone is now covered by a conservatory.
65. CLC.IDC.1678. Clement Le Couteur m. (St J) 28.7.1664 Jeanne De Carteret; oak plaque, Mont à l'Abbé Manor (St H) - contributed by Pam Hislop.
66. CLGL.AMG.1825. Route du Mont Mado (St J). This stone actually begins with a 'G' and has been relocated to 1125.
67. CLM.1808; La Vallette, La Rue des Barracques, Mont Mado (St J) - see The La Valette Page.
68. CLM. EPN. 1796; repeated 1807, 1812 (on gatepost) and 1824. La Vallette, La Rue des Barracques, Mont Mado (St J) - see The La Valette Page.
69. CLM. ESRD.1826; La Vallette (St J) - see The La Valette Page.
70. CLM.R. Clement Le Montais and Rachel, sister of Sir George Carteret m. (St P) 30.10.1636; La Chaumière du Chêne (St P) - picture courtesy of James Brannan.
71. CLP.SCL 1766. Charles Lemprière and Susanne Collas m. (St S) 18.6.1758; lintel at Stirling Castle Farm, Mont Neron (St H) - see also 557.
72. CLQ.1708 and CLQ MGF.1728. Clement Le Quesne and Marie Godfray m. (St L) 12.09.1713; once one property, now split into La Sergine Mauresque (1708) and La Sergine (1728), La Route des Issues (St J) - see also 166.
73. CLS.MJP. 1845. Clement Le Sueur Jnr. m. Marie Payn (St S) 30.12.1826; inside the dining room at Redwood Apartments, formerly a hotel, Five Oaks (St S) - see also 731 and 1206.
74. CM.RN. Clement Machon and Rachel Nicolle fille Pierre m. (St Mt) 4.3.1667/8; keystone of a roadside arch at Devon Villa, Faldouet (St Mt).
75. CMC (or G) - neither - it is CMS.ECB.1767. Clement Messervy fils Jean & Elizabeth Cabot t.d. St Martin m. (St Mt) 31.10.1750; wide lintel over the older building at Blanc Pignon, La Rue de la Pallotterie (St Mt) see also 1356.
76. CML. ETZ.1741 and 1746. Charles Mallet m. Elizabeth Touzel (G) 17.12.1719; Home Farm, La Rue de Grouville (G) - see also 77 and 1075.
77. CML.JCT.1817. Charles Mallet fils Charles, fils Charles and Elizabeth Touzel - see 76 - and Jeanne Coutanche of Trinity m. (G) 30.1.1786; Home Farm, La Rue de Grouville (G) - connection from Pam Hislop.
78. CMR.1702. Charles Maret; corbel on roof at rear of La Maison Maret (T).
79. CMR.AM.1755. Charles Maret (fils Charles of Trinity) m. Anne Messervy (fille Daniel fils Daniel of St Helier) (T) 7.6.1742; cistern head at La Maison Maret (T) contributed by Pam Hislop.
80. CMS.1832. Messervy; Douet Fleury lavoir (St Mt).
81. CNC.IPN.1803. Clement Nicolle and Jeanne Pinel m. (St H) 14.2.1790; The Limes, Fern Valley (St H).
82. CP.c.1687. Clement Pinel: La Vallette (St J).
83. CP.1846. La Chapelle Méthodiste; Fontaine de Gallie lavoir (St Mt).
84. CPC.1832. Picot; Douet Fleury lavoir (St Mt).
85. CPN.1743. ? Clement Pinel; opposite La Girette (St J).
86. CQN.1835. Charles Quenault who m. Susanne Falle (St S) 22.4.1819; cider crushing stone, Hamlet Farm (St S).
87. CRN. ELCN.1842. Charles Renouf of Trinity and Elizabeth Le Cornu of St Saviour m. (T) 8.12.1827; Dièlament Manor Farm, La Rue de Dièlament (T).
88. CSR. AD.1748. Highfield (T) - this is a misreading of the stone at 1302.
89. DA.1725 (foundation stone), and DA.IA.1741 (on roof line); David Anley (Constable of St John), builder of the main house at Ashley Court, La Rue Militaire (St J) not (G) - see also 989 and 1127-8.
90. DBR.1813. David Barette; St. Cyr lavoir (St J).
91. DBS.EM.1785. Daniel Bisson (of St H) m. Esther Marche (St J) 18.4.1776; Le Mottais Farm, Le Canibut (St J) - see also 92 and 428.
92. DBS.FDLC.1819. Daniel Bisson m. Florence de La Cour (St J) 8.1.1801; Le Mottais Farm, Le Canibut (St J) - see also 91 and 428.
93. DC.1676. Gable stone, near Maison St. Louis (St H).
94. DDG.MMR.1797. David de Gruchy m. Marie Marett (St J) 3.12.1788; Whitton Grange, Rue des Issues (St J).
95. DFR.EL.1801. David Fleury and Elizabeth Luce m. (St L) 20.11.1796; Elmdale, Ville Emphrie (St L).
96. DGD. 1724. Denis Guerdain; La Guerdainerie (T).
97. DGD. EMR. Gaudin; La Vignette (St S) - now covered by ivy.
98. DGD. MVM.1810. David Gaudin (of St M) m. Marie Venement (St C) 22.11.1800; on the back of outbuildings now converted into homes facing north. Beaumaris, formerly Chambaid, Jambart Lane (St C) see also 110.
99. DGD. SGD.1785. David and Susanne Gaudin; gable end of Oak Cottage in the grounds of La Vignette, Rue de La Vignette (St S) - identified by Pam Hislop.
100. DHM.MAHM.1862. Daniel Hamon and Mary Ann Hamon; Beauvoir, La Ruelle Vacleuse (St H).
101. DL.B. preceded by X. ? 1598. ? Dallain; La Chasse, Sion (St J).
102. DLC. Beechleigh (St P).
103. DLS.1767. Daniel (not David) Le Sueur; No.6 Hue Street (St H). A picture showing this stone in its original position is available at the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive; Architecture Section Catalogue 13 a.22.
104. DLS.PHB.1775. Not a marriage stone, this remembers the merchants Daniel Le Sueur and his business partner Philippe Hubert; Seale House, 9 Seale Street moved from No. 5 Hue Street (St H).
105. Incorrect description - now moved to 1265.
106. Douard Le Sueur. 1749; on beam at No.19 Hue Street (St H).
107. DPL.1706 and DPL.MRS.1728 and 1742; DPL.1706 and DPL.MRS. 1728 (shown) and 1742; Daniel Pellier of Trinity m. Marguerite Richardson of St John (Sark) 29.10. 1715 (from Trinity Parish Register). Mont Pellier (T).
108. DPL.EGF. Daniel Pellier. Mont Pellier (T).
109. DR. EFB.1726. Sundial, Shady Cottage, Augrès (T) - recorded in 1985 but no longer there.
110. DVM.RAM.1754. Daniel Venement m. Rachel Amy (St C) 21.6.1752; lintel above front door at Beaumaris, formerly Chambaid, Jambart Lane (St C) see also 98.
111. E. at Val au Bec (St P).
112. EAM. EBP.1821, and EAM.EBP1832. Elie Amy m. (T) 21.6.1819 Elizabeth Blampied; Peacock Farm, La Rue de la Piece Mauger (T) - contributed by Pam Hislop.
113. EAT.1648. Estienne Anthoine; keystone from Rouen House, now at Longueville (St S).
114. EAT.1675, and EAT.MAB.1675; Estienne Anthoine m. Marthe Aubin, fille feu Daniel (St Mt) 21.8.1664; Les Prés (St Mt).
115. EB.ALF.1712. Elie or Edouard Bisson and Anne Le Feuvre? Old Farm, Mont au Prêtre (St H) - see also 540 and 1042.
116. EB.AM.1812. Elie Bertram m. (St S) 6.7.1780 Anne Mourant. Elie was Constable of Grouville 1795-98, 1805-08, and 1817; Homestead (G) - contributed by Pam Hislop.
117. EBD.1813. Elie Baudains; St. Cyr lavoir (St J).
118. EBD.SBD.1717. Baudains; Beaupré (St J) - see also 142 271 588 and 1256.
119. EBL.ARN.1891. Elie Billot and Anne Renouf m. (St S) 20.3.1884; gatepost from La Porte (St S) - now in field opposite.
120. EBL.EHM.1819. Edouard Billot of St John and Elizabeth Hamon of St Lawrence m. (St H) 16.8.1815; Sunny Corner (St J).
121. EBS. 1742. (?) Bisson; Old Farm, Mont au Prêtre (St H).
122. EBS (reversed) 1884 (reversed). Edouard Bisson; discarded arch capstone (dyslexic stonemason?) in the garden at La Ruette, La Ruette (St L) - see also 640 and 788.
123. EBS.EBD.1615, with 1811 added; St. Lawrence's Rectory (St L).
124. EBT.SET. 1758. Elie Bertram m. Susanne Estur (G) 13.11. 1722; Homestead (G).
125. EC. I.Maret.1646. inscription at ground level to right of front door at La Maison Maret (T).
126. ECB. Lintel, now upside down just below the roof line on the south facade of La Chasse, La Profonde Rue (T) - see also 130 297 305 309.
127. EdAH.EDVG.1842. Edouard Ahier of St John m. Esther Dauvergne of St Ouen (St J) 19.7.1806; London House, Le Mourier (St J).
128. EDG.EDQ.1807. de Gruchy and de Quetteville; La Chasse (St Mt).
129. EDH.BGL.1857 (not RGL) Edouard du Heaume and Betsy Gallienne (not Gallichan) m. (St O) 31.5.1830; Millais Villa (St O) - corrected by Ken Syvret.
130. EDL.EDG.1700. Initials in a shield with date on either side, the 7 is reversed. Edouard de la Lande and Esther de Gruchy m. (T) 10.2.1698; Lintel on the oldest part of the house at La Chasse, La Profonde Rue (T) - see also 126 297 305 309.
131. EDL.MHM.1741. Elie Deslandes and Marie Hamon m. (St B) 26.9.1729; La Courtinerie, Mont Cochon (St L).
132. EDM.1739. Elie Dumersq - at the Museum - see below.
133. EDM.EDC.1741. Elie Dumaresq fils Elie m. (St O) 1.3.1703/4 Elizabeth de Carteret fille Jean; Les Augrès (T) now part of Jersey Zoo - contributed by Pam Hislop. This stone has now become so weathered as to be almost indistinguishable but was drawn by Charles Stevens © for Vol. 1 of 'Old Jersey Houses' (see left from page 117) and a black and white photograph appears in Joan Steven's 'A Short History of Augrès Manor': Published by the Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust. This couple left another (previously unrecorded) stone on the west wing of the building - see 1165.
134. EDQV.1832. de Quetteville; Douet Fleury lavoir (St Mt).
135. EDR.MLG (not C).1835. Elias Doré of St Peter Port (Guernsey) living in St Mary and Mary La Gerche of St Mary m. (St H) 28.3.1832. Valley Farm, Le Mourier (St My).
136. EDQ.MR 1717 (not EDRM.1747). Elie de Quetteville m. Marie Richardson (St Mt) 2.10.1708; Le Catillon, Rue des Charrieres (St Mt) see also 219 891 1187 1188 - correctedby Guy Dixon.
137. EDSC.N. de Ste Croix; Les Ruettes (St J).
138. EDSX.1704. Edouard de Ste Croix who married Anne Langlois in 1704, father of Edouard at 139; lintel above a blocked up doorway at the rear of La Pepiniere, formerly La Vallette, La Ruelle Vacleuse (St H) - his father is at 680.
139. EDSX.KLBL.1759. Edouard de Ste Croix and Katherine Le Boutillier m. (St L) 22.3.1729; La Pepiniere, formerly La Valette, La Ruelle Vacleuse (St H) - this stone disintegrated during development work - see also 680 and above.
140. EDVM?LFLV? 1718. Les Chasses (St P).
141. EELS.1832. Edouard Elie Le Sauteur: Douet Fleury lavoir (St Mt).
142. EF.SLG (inside shield background) no date. At Beaupré (St J) - see also 118 271 588 and 1256.
143. EGD.EGD.1807. Elie and Esther Gaudin m. (St Mt) 1.12.1804; La Chasse (St Mt).
144. EGD.FNC.1753. Elie Gaudin and Françoise Nicolle m. (St S) 14.6.1738, Beauchamp, La Rue des Fontaines (St Mt). Updated by Pam Hislop.
145. EGD.MPC.1771; Le Catillon (St Mt) incorrect description of the stone at 1188.
146. EGLBTL.EPN.1866. Edouard Le Boutillier and Elizabeth Pinel; west facing lintel at the rear of Oakdale, Rue des Buttes (St J).
147. EGLC.IPC.1793. Edouard Gallichan of St Saviour and Jeanne Picot of Trinity m. (St S) 24.5.1780; Les Grès (T).
148. EH with Hamptonne Coat of Arms. Edouard Hamptonne; Manor House Farm, Rue de Bas (St L).
149. EHL(entwined hearts) ALMT 1812 (not 19). Edouard Huelin of St Brelade and Anne Le Montais of St Peter m. (St P) 14.11.1800. Originally thought to be painted on a plaque but, on closer inspection, it is an original - with REBUILT 1968 added. Auburn House, Beaumont (St P).
150. EHM.ALR.1803. Edouard Hamon of St Ouen m. Anne Le Rossignol (St L) 24.1.1771; Little Grove Residential Home and Consulting Rooms (St L).
151. EHM.ELR.1719. Edouard Hamon and Elizabeth Le Rossignol of St Brelade m. (St My) 11.4.1707/8. Painted over lintel on a semi-derelict property at La Valleuse Farm, Rue de la Valleuse (St B).
152. EI.IV.1757. Edouard Journeaux & Jeanne Valphy m. (G) 27.1.1744/5. Gatepost at La Hougue, La Rue de La Hougue Bie (St S).
153. EIN.KBS.1766 - see Les Câteaux page.
154. EJLB.ACLC.1890 and EJLB 1885. Elie Joseph Le Blancq and Augusta Cordelia Le Cerf m. (St S) 15.7.1868; sundial and arch over
outbuildings at Le Coin House, Le Coin (St O) - contributed by Guy Le Blancq who points out that the first must be retrospective as Augusta Cordelia Le Cerf died in 1885 - see also 1170 and 1202.
155. ELB. ? Le Brun; Beechleigh (St P).
156. ELB.1766. Edouard Le Brocq; La Valleuse, Rue de la Valleuse (St B).
157. ELB.EBL 1890. Elie Le Brun and Elizabeth Billot m. (St S) 17.7.1879; Le Pré Cottage, Rue des Raisies (St Mt).
158. ELCN. 1836, and CRN. Elizabeth Le Cornu m. Charles Renouf (T) 8.12.1827 (see also No. 87); south gate, Diélament Manor (T) contributed by Michele Gayler. The Le Brun/Le Cornu families in the district say that this is an error and the stone is for Edmund Le Cornu. It must be said that there is no sign of a CRN stone on the gate.
159. ELCN.EF.1804 (on chimney - not recorded before)1805 (gable end of house - partially obscured by drainpipe) and 1814 (lintel found in the garden and incorporated into a fireplace). Edmund Le Cornu and Elizabeth Falle m. (St S) 14.2.1801; La Guillaumerie Cottage, Rue de La Guillaumerie (St S) - identifications contributed by Michele Gayler.
160. ELE.1588 (perhaps LB); at Rockstone (St Mt).
161. ELeG.1819. Sundial, St. Cyr (St J).
162. ELGL.BLG.1823. Edouard Le Gresley of St Ouen and Betsy Le Grand of St Peter m. (St O) 28.2.1822; above a window, which was formerly the front door at La Maison Blanche, Ville de L'Eglise (St O).
163. ELG.MCP.1745. Edmond Le Gallais m. Marie Chapelle (St L) 21.1.1736/7; Les Ormes, Rue de la Blanche Pierre (St L).
164. ELM.1650. Elie Le Montais; Chaumière du Chene (St P).
165. ELM (heart) MB (heart).1719. The 7 is reversed. Marie Buesnel femme Edouard Le Maistre bur. (St S)1.1.1721. On the front of Oakdale, La Rue de Ponterrin (St S) - see also 1347.
166. ELQ.ALC.1708. Elie Le Quesne and Andrée Le Couteur m. 14.10.1691 (St J) ; La Sergine, La Route des Issues (St J) - see also 72.
167. ELR.1714. Petit Vallon, Ville Bagot (St O).
168. ELR.ERN.1805 and 1816. Edouard Le Rossignol (of St L) and Elizabeth Renaut (of St My) m. 5.11.1776 (St My); Arch keystone over front door and a plaque on outbuildings at Les Arbres (St L).
169. ELRT.NCL 1819. Edouard Le Rougetel & Nancy Elizabeth Hughes Collas m. (St S) 2.1.1803; Rock View, La Rocque (St C) - see also 1590.
170. EM.1636. Corbel at Les Mars, which is now part of the Beausite Hotel, La Rue des Pres (G) .
171. EML.1859. Edouard Mollet of St Martin; large arch capstone on the barns at La Hauteur, La Rue d'Aval (St Mt) - see also 384 and 1644-1646.
172. EM.RF.AF.WLM. ? Faultrat, Le Marchant; fireplace, Handois (St L).
173. EMR.MAB.1678. Etienne Mourant m. Marie Aubin 1647; preceded by HAPDD (? hoc amoris pignus dono dedit); The Farm House, Pigneaux Farm, Princes Tower Road (St S).
174. EMZ.1793. Elizabeth Malzard {b. 1716, m. Richard Dolbel (St J) 16.6.1745}; Le Vivier (St J).
175. EN.1694 and a fleur de lys; Edmond Noel; Summerville, Ville és Nouaux (St Mt).
176. EN.EMP.1760. Noel; at La Retraite (St S) - see also 450 and 922.
177. EN.MDG.1723. Edouard Nicolle m. Marguerite de Gruchy (T) 30.11.1701; Ville à L'Evêque (T).
178. ENC.SLNC.1868. Elie Nicolle and Susanna Louisa Nicolle, first child bap. (T) 10.12.1864; barns behind La Fontaine, Ville à L'Evêque (T) - from Paul Nicolle.
179. ENC. 1803 and ENC.MLB.1811. Elie Nicolle and Marie Labey t.d. Grouville m. (St S) 14.4.1797; Boulivot de Bas (G).
180. EP.ENC.1751. Edouard Payn and Elizabeth Nicolle widow of Henry Touzel m. (St Mt) 1.2.1744/5; door lintel, now inside the conservatory at Le Taillis Farm, La Rue de la Maitrerie (St Mt) - see 48 for the oldest datestone on the Island.
181. EQR 1711 - the last 1 being carved at right angles above the171. Edouard Querée; cottage doorway at Domaine de La Vallette, Rue du Sorel (St J) - see also 60 and 1663-4.
182. EQR.SB.1818. Elie Querée and Susanne Brée t.d. Grouville m. (St H) 26.12.1807. On rear extension at Highfield (T) - see also 1302. This stone was listed by Joan Stevens as being at Boulivot (see below).
183. EQR.SB.1829 (on first storey of dower wing) and EQR.1858 (arch keystone on coach house). EQR.SB.1818. Now at Highfield (T) see above. Elie Querée and Susanne Brée t.d. Grouville m. (St H) 26.12.1807; Boulivot (G). An older picture showing the 1829 stone is available at the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive; Architecture Section Catalogue 13 a. 13. It includes a Royal Exchange firemark, since stolen from the property. Other Boulivot stones at 357-59.
184. ERN.ARN. Edouard Renault; La Sergenté (St My).
185. EST.1812. E. Starck; Les Fontaines (St Mt).
186. EVD.1846. Elie Vardon; Fontaine de Gallie lavoir (St Mt).
187. EVD.MLB.1733. Edouard Vaudin (T) & Marie Le Brun (St S) m. (T) 25.4.1714. On an extension built in 1969 at L'Aiguillon, La Rue Malo (G) - contributed by Trevor Labey.
188. EW.1790. Elie Whitley (b. 1748); salting trough, La Haie Fleurie, La Rue du Villot (St Mt).
189. EW.ELH.1805. Elie Whitley m. Elizabeth Le Hucquet (St Mt) 18.9.1776; La Haie Fleurie, La Rue du Villot (St Mt).
190. FA.NDP.1659. At L'Ancienneté (St My); see NDP.FA.
191. FAM.SDG.1825. François Amy m. Susanne de Gruchy (T) 25.1.1804; Belle Vue, near le Câtel Farm (T).
192. FB.NFV.1839 (not 19). François Bois of Briqueville, Coutances and Nancy Fauvel of Grouville m. (St H) 11.1.1834; lintel, partially covered by wysteria at Alphington House (formerly La Maison du Moulin de Pol) (St S). - see also 327.
193. F (although it now resembles an E)CB IDL 1813. François Corbel of St Lawrence and Jeanne Deslandes of St Helier m. (St L) 28.5.1796; Highview opposite Bu de la Rue, Mont Cochon (St L).
194. FDP.PLG.1673 on shield background. Unusually mother and son, Françoise Du Pré and Philippe Le Gallais. Françoise and Jean Le Gallais m. (St H) 12.10.1653 and Philippe bap. (St H) 18.1.1662/3 godparents Philippe de Carteret Escuyer, Lieut. Bailly en ceste Isle & Madame de la Place s.f.; door lintel, now inside the ground floor of The Mortgage Shop, 31 Broad Street (St H). An alternative picture showing this stone is available at the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive; Architecture Section Catalogue 13 b.4.
195. FDSC.MCL and FDSC.EDSC. 1777. François de Ste Croix m.Mary Collas, and François de Ste Croix m. (St H) 3.2.1776 Elizabeth de Ste Croix; Pied du Côtil House (now Santa Monica Hotel) (St H) see Chris Le Gros' The History of Le Pied du Cotil.
196. FGC.ELB.1774 and 1776 (shown); François Gruchy and Elizabeth Le Bas m. (St H) 5.4.1767; rear of right hand wing at Champs Clairs (T) - see also 56.
197. FHB.ELGL.1743. La Voûte, L'Etacq (St O) - incorrect reading of the stone at 1055.
198. FHL.MRD.1856. François Helleur m. Marie Rondel 1827; gatepost at La Ferme Grandet, La Rue de la Golarde (St L) - see also 259 605.
199. FI.MC.1775. François Jeune m. (St B) 25.6.1775 Marie-Louise Carcaud; Mont des Vaux Cottages (St B).
200. FLB.IDH.1756. François Le Boutillier and Jeanne du Heaume t.d. St Peter m. (St C) 30.2.1751; No.3 Hue Street (St H).
201. FLB.MMG.1847. François Le Brocq of St Peter and Marie Mauger of St Ouen m. (St P) 17.5.1832; Homestead (St P) - see also 1546.
202. FLC.SDM.1677. Each set of initials in a seperate shield. Rev. François Le Couteur fils Jacques and Sara Dumaresq fille Jean m. (St H) 26.1.1657/8; on front door inside a modern porch at La Clochette (formerly Green Farm) La Rue de Bachauderie (St Mt) - see also 697. Contributed by Pam Hislop.
203. FLCT.1760? (date partly covered); listed by Joan Stevens at Montrose, La Rue ès Viberts (St P) but can no longer be found!
204. FLF.EN.1844. François Le Four and Elizabeth Noel; Elsingham Farm, Rue de la Fosse a Grès (St Mt).
205. FLG.AVB.1818. François Langlois of St Lawrence and Anne Vibert of St Peter m. (St H) 16.4.1806; Ville au Veslet Farm, Mont Isaac (St L).
206. FLS.1687. Lintel over a pedestrian arch next to the entrance gateway at Vaucluse, La Ruelle Vaucluse (St H).
207. FMR. ? Mourant; on beam, Hamlet Fm. (St S).
208. FN. At Les Pigneaux (St S) - this stone begins with a 'T' and is pictured at 1649.
209. FPD.JML.1834. François Poingdestre and Jeanne Mallet; Le Vergi, La Rue ès Philippes (G)- formerly listed as 'near Carrefour au Clercq (St S)' and incorrectly dated as 1884.
210. FRM.1694. François Remon m. (St L) 20.7.1690 Jeanne Pinel; overgrown gable end at roof line, to the left of the first storey front door;Ville au Veslet, Mont Isaac (St L) - son at 486.
211. GAH.MAB 1739 Gedeon Ahier & Magdelaine Aubin; Sion Cottage, La Rue St Thomas (St S) - identification by Pam Hislop.
212. GBD.1669. George Badier; on colombier, Colombier Manor (St L) - picture at Colombiers Page.
213. GB.1731. George Bandinel; hidden away in the attic of the barn behind Bagot Manor Farm, Bagot Manor Road (St S) see also 754.
214. GCL.EVP.1799. George Collas of St Saviour and Elizabeth Valpy of Grouville m. (G) 16.9.1797; Les Pigneaux, Princes Tower Road (St S).
215. GJDC.1855. George John de Carteret; Vale Fm. (St P) Roger de Carteret lives there now.
216. GDP.1744. George Dupré; on sundial, Inverness Lodge (St L).
217. GDR.ENC.1875. George Dorey m. (T) 5.3.1859 Esther Nicolle, Le Douet (St J) - contributed by Pam Hislop.
218. GGD.JGD.1812. George Gaudin (fils David) m. (St Mt) Jeanne Gaudin 11.4.1805; first storey west wing of the re-developement at La Maitrerie, La Rue de la Maitrerie (St Mt).
219. GGD & SAH 1824. George Gaudin m. Suzanne Ahier (St Mt) 26.1.1823; lintel, now inside the 1905 potato barn at Le Câtillon, Les Charrieres (St Mt) - see also 136 891 1187 1188.
220. GIG.1788. George Ingouville (1760-1828) who married Marie Amiraux (St H) 12.12.1789; given to the Jersey Museum Service and now in store at La Hougue Bie (St S).
221. GJ.1623. In plaster between beams; Les Ormes (St Mt).
222. GLB.1676 (not 5). George Le Brun; corbel remnant at Claverling, Market Hill, St Aubin (St B).
223. GLB.MLCN.1835 and 1837. George Philippe Le Brun and Marie Le Cornu m. (St S) 13.1.1830; Beaulieu, La Rue de Dièlament (T) contributed by Pam Hislop - see also 17 & 1280.
224. GLBT.1770. Le Boutillier; Elmwood, Trodez (St O).
225. GLC.IDC.1634 (not 1684). George La Cloche and Jeanne de Carteret; displaced corbel end above the first storey windows in the east wing extension at Longueville Manor Hotel (St S).
226. GLHQ.1846. George Le Huquet; Fontaine de Gallie lavoir (St Mt).
227. GLSL.FMSV 1821 (not 1820); George Le Seelleur (1766-c.1828) fils Thomas Le Seeleur & Marie Renouf of Villot (St Mt) m. Françoise Messervy (1778-1822) 2nd wife (St H) 10.4.1813; Le Fleurion (St Mt)
228. GM.1606, IM or IMT 1606, and PHB; gable stones, Rockstone (St Mt).
229. GMG.1565 (retrospective). George Mauger; Maison de Coin (St L).
230. GMR, preceded by Greek letter phi; La Fontaine, Ville à L'Eveque (T).
231. GMSV.EB.1832. George Messervy m. Elizabeth Bree (St Mt) 31.8.1818; Grande Maison, opposite the Lifeboat Station on La Route de St Catherine (St Mt).
232. GNC.SDP.1826. George Nicolle of St Martin (1787-1857) & Susanne du Pont of St Saviour (1797-1875) m. (St H) 6.4.1815; Vieux Menage (St S) - now incorporated into garden step in front of main house. This is one of my current projects - e-mail:
233. GPB. Connétable.1853. George Philip Balleine; St. Brelade's Hospital (St B) - see Official Stones.
234. GPC.1832. G. Picot; Douet Fleury lavoir (St Mt).
235. GPC.ELS.1884. Carved very faintly over what is now a garden door at La Fosse à l'Ecrivain (St S) - see also 1299.
236. GPG.ELT.1811 and 1818. George Pelgue m. (St S) 29.10.1796 Elizabeth Le Tubelin; 1811 is over a side door to the barns (recently converted to accomodation and as yet unnamed) & 1818 is a first storey plaque on the Dower House, Fernside Farm, down a track off La Rue du Moulin (St S).
237. GPLP& (entwined hearts) ACL.1801. George Philippe and Ann Collin fille Jean of St Saviour, two daughters, Anne and Magdelaine were bap. (St S) 1789 & 1791 respectively and Anne femme George Philippe was buried there (aged 57) 24.5.1830. Marriage not yet found. First storey plaque at Waterloo House, Le Chemin des Moulins (St L).
238. GSH.1846. George Sohier; Fontaine de Gallie lavoir (St Mt).
239. GST.ACT.1843.1873. George Skelton m. Anne Coutanche (St My) 2.6.1842; Bois des Ormes (formerly Elmwood) Le Hurel (St My) - see also 1534.
240. HAPDD. see EMR.MAB.
241. HC.IE.1709. Helier Chevalier and Jeanne Esnouf; Highcliff (St J). Burial Mse Jeanne Esnouf veuve de Me Elie Chevallier ent. (St J) 24.7.1765 from Henry Coutanche.
242. HD.Lan.1580. Tombstone of Helier (or Hugh) de Carteret; Handois (St L).
243. HDLH.1891. Hugh de la Haye, creator of the Jersey Royal Potato (in 1880). When his outbuildings were destroyed by fire, his grateful neighbours rallied round and rebuilt them free of charge. This lintel at Bushy Farm, La Ruelle Vacleuse (St H) marked the completion of the project.
244. HDM.1714. Helier Dumaresq; in the roadside gable end wall. The date 1714 and a Dumaresq coat of arms appear on the gates a little further along to the right. The Old Farm (St C).
245. HDM.1720. Helier Dumaresq; ECMdeC.1884 added below for Edouard Charles Malet de Carteret; on sundial, The Old Farm (St C).
246. HFV.AF (not P)1831. Grace Fauvel tells me that the 'P' is an 'F' for Helier Fauvel of St Martin and Anne FALLE of St Saviour m. (St. H) 1.10.1814; Val Feuillu (St S) - confirmed by the replacement picture.
247. HG.RML.PG.1686; (PG to left, HG & RML below the date) Helier Godfray m. (St C) 12.11.1663 Rachel Mylays, with their son Philippe; keystone of arch, originally at The Hollies (St C); now at Mont Pellier (T).
248. HHT.MCL.RHT. 1731. Henry Hamptonne (of St L) and Marguerite Collas (of St My) m. (St L) 7.5.1730, with their son Raulin - bap. (St My) 7.3.1731; Eastfield (St My).
249. HLP, or HLR; at L'Aiguillon (G).
250. HLR.ELB.1751. Helier Le Rossignol of St Ouen and Elizabeth Le Bas of St Brelade m. (St My) 5.3.1745/6; Le Bocage (St B).
251. HM.1620. At The Granite House (St Mt).
252. HM.1664. At La Boiserie (St J).
253. HML.1859. On field pillar, Water Lane (St O).
254. HML.SR.1812. At L'Aiguillon (St Mt).
255. HMR.AVN.1764. Henry Marett, Centenier in St Brelade m. (St B) 6.1.1753 Anne Villeneuve (1732-1811) fille Jean & Elizabeth Vincent (see also 938 for Anne's great grandparents); Brook Farm, Mont Nicolle (St B).
256. HNC.1834. H. Nicolle; on trough, Bouley Bay Hill lavoir (T).
257. HP.1822. Corner stone just below roof line of Haut de Rue (formerly Hillcrest), L'Etacq (St O).
258. HP.EGF.1811. Helier Payn m. Elizabeth Godfray (St Mt) 5.6.1808; lintel by the roadside in a blocked up doorway. Difficult to photograph as permanently in shadow and faintly incised. L'Abri Farm, La Grande Route de Faldouet (St Mt) - see also 1497-8.
259. HPN.EAB.1837 - the N is carved in reverse. Helier Pinel m. Elizabeth Aubert (St C) 13.11.1811; both from St John. At La Ferme Grandet, La Rue de Golarde (St L). There a number of indicators that this stone does not belong to this property. The couple commemorated seem to have no connection with St Lawrence, both were born and buried in St John. They baptised their children there and only left the Parish to marry. Also, it looks like the three in 1837 has been tinkered with so as to resemble an eight. There are two other (genuine) stones on the property - see 198 and 605.
260. I. see also J.
261. IAB.AF. Isaac Aubin and Anne Filleul; Maison de la Hougue Bie (G).
262. IAB SAM.17?5. Jean Aubin m. Susanne Amy (G) 17.3.1735/6; Ferme Howard Davis 1929 above; States Experimental Farm (T).
263. IAL.1626. Anley; Highfield (St P).
264. IAM.MP.1798, and 1803; Jean Amy & Marie Payn; La Hougue Farm (but now several properties), La Rue de Hougue Bie (St S).
265.IAM.RBP.1847. Jean Amy and Rachel Blampied; Dronfield, La Passage (St L).
266. IAMT.1806. Jean Amice Martel m. 16.12.1800 (St L) Madeleine Romeril; La Ferme Martel, now Glencoe, La Grande Route de St Laurens (St L).
267. IAT.1676. ? Arthur; Douet de Rue (St My).
268. IAT.MLVC.1841. Jean Arthur fils Jean fils Jean of St Ouen and Marie Le Vesconte fille Jean fils Philippe of St Lawrence m. (St O) 22.12.1810; La Place (St O).
269.IAT.RLC.1720. Jean Arthur and Rachel Le Couteur m. (St H) 1715; La Pompe (St My)  identified by Jean Arthur.
270. IB.IT.1730. Bertram; cottage at La Rocque (G).
271. IBD.1668. Baudains; Arch capstone at the entrance to Beaupré (St J) - see also 118 142 588 and 1256.
272. IBL (heart) EQR.ILS.1797. Josué Billot m. Elizabeth Querest (T) 15.4.1764 and his son Josué Billot m. Jeanne Le Sueur (T) 9.5.1784; La Billotterie, Rue d'Ebenezer (T).
273. IBM.1790, or 1750. Laurel Lands Farm (St S) - this stone has been misread and moved to 1315.
274. IBN.(upside down entwined hearts) EAT.1757. Jean Binet and Elizabeth Arthur t.d. St Mary m. (St J) 7.11.1750; plaque on the 1st storey at La Fontaine, La Rue ès Viberts (St My) - see also 1515.
275. IBN.SPT.1753. The 'N' is reversed. Jean Benest m. Sara Pithon (St J) 21.11.1723; Le Petit Câtelet (St J) see also 718 792 794
and 1416.
276. IBP.SL.1803. Jean Blampied and Susanne Luce t.d. St Lawrence m. (St L) 5.5.1784; Blampied Farm, Handois (St L). Now derelict and the property of the Jersey New Waterworks Company. Photograph courtesy of James Brannan- more information at his Home Page.
277. IBQ.MAQ.1819 . Jean Becquet (fils Jean) m. Marie Anquetil (St Mt) 19.1.1811; gatepost, Les Quatre Carrefours (St Mt) - see also 1471 for a companion lintel.
278. IC.RB.1688. Jean Collas (fils Jean) m. Rachel Baudayne (fille Nicollas) (St S) 20.7.1679; Arch capstone at La Préférence Cottage (St Mt).
279. ICB.EDF.1781 (not 9). Cabot and du Feu; over the hall fireplace at Les Ifs (T) - see also 332 647 818 & 819 .
280. ICB.M.M:MTG.1823 (cider press barn lintel) and ICB.MMTG.1838 (gatepost - surrounded by hawthorn hedge - ouch!). Jean Cabot fils Jean and Rachel de Gruchy & Marie Marguerite Mattingley m. circa 1818. First child Jean bap. (T) 22.11.1819; La Commune, La Verte Rue (T). identified by Pam Hislop.
281. ICH.ELP.1682. Gouray Lodge (St Mt).
282. ICL.FDM.1776. Jean Collas and Françoise Dumaresq m. (St S) 24.4.1758; Le Mourin (St S) contributed by Pam Hislop.
283. ICM.FB. at La Porte (T).
284. ICR.1788. La Chênaie des Bois (St Mt).
285. ICS.ARB.1716. Fireplace, Le Petit Câtelet, La Route de St Jean (St J); from elsewhere - this stone begins with a P and has been moved to 1668.
286. ICT.EBN.1721; Jean Quotance fils feu Elie Coutance m. Elisyabeth benez de la Trinité (St J) 18.5.1698. Burial (St J) Elizabeth Benest femme de Jean Coutanche fils Helier du Mont Mado 2212.1740 - from Henry Coutanche. Window sill on the west side of Mont Mado Farm, La Route de Mont Mado (St J).
287. ID.1626. Jean Dolbel; roadside arch, Les Carrières, La Grande Route de St Martin (St Mt) - see also 1451-52.
288. IDB.AD.1747. Jean Dolbel of St Helier (1706-1759) fils Estienne Dolbel & Felice Samson m. Anne Dowton of St Helier (1713-1786) fille François Dowton & Anne Le Gros (St My) 25.7.1736 ; La Colomberie (St H) - see also 1088.
289. IDB.ALG.1700. Jaque de Bois m. Anne L'Anglois (St L) 24.3.1699/1700; Rhinefield (formerly Lilac Cottage), Ville Emphrie (St L).
290. IDB.AVT.1739. Jean du Bois m. Anna Vautier (St My) 25.11.1733, also noted in the St Ouen's Marriage Register. St Jean, Rue Militaire (St O).
291. I.DB.E.M.RM.1864 (not 84). Jean Dolbel fils Edouard and Elise Marthe Remon fille Jacques m. (St L) 12.5.1863; large plaque above the arch on the former barns at Fair View, La Verte Rue (St L).
292. IDB.IGN.1805. Jean Dolbel m. Jeanne Gasnier of St Ouen (St J) 10.4.1798; Chestnut Grove, La Route du Mont Mado (St J) - see also 294 513.
293. IDB.MDB.1684. Jean Du Boys m. Marguerite Du Boys (St P) 15.10.1671; formerly at Les Perquages Farm (St P) - now at Wellington House, Sunnyside, Mont Les Vaux, St Aubin (St B). Surrounded by genuine old houses, this is a recreation built in 1985.
294. IDB.TRM.1703, or 1701, 1705; Jean Dolbel and Thomassine Remon m. (St S) 28.1.1698/99; Chestnut Grove, La Route du Mont Mado (St J) - see also 292 513. .
295. IDF.MLGL.1800. Rose Farm, Grouville Village, La Rue à Don (G). Jacques de Faye & Marie Le Gresley m. (St S) 19.8.1787. During the next few years a property on this site was demolished and the old granite used to rebuild the house facing the other way, towards the new road. In 1800 Jacques and Marie moved in. Contributed by Ray Le Pivert.
296. IDG.1679. At Le Câtel (T). Photograph © Walter Le Quesne
297.IDG.1800. The '1' is behind the metal work to the left of the stone. Jean de Gruchy; lintel on the south facade of La Chasse, La Profonde Rue (T) - see also 126 130 305 309.
298. IDG.EDG.1783. Jean de Gruchy fils Jean m. Elizabeth de Gruchy fille Thomas (T) 24.4.1757, La Ville Machon (T).
299. IDG.EET.1796. Jean de Gruchy of St John and Elizabeth Estur of St Mary m. (St L) 11.2.1786; and a stone weight with IDG; The Elms Farm (St My).
300. IDG.ELM.1827. Jean de Gruchy and Esther Le Masurier m. (T) 14.1.1804; La Raulinerie (T) see also 1396.
301. IDG.ILP.1744. at Le Câtel (T) is a misreading of the stone at 302!
302. IDG.ILQ.1744. Jean de Gruchy m. Jeanne Le Quesne (T) 18.11.1730; Le Câtel (T). Photograph © Walter Le Quesne.
303. IDG.MDF.1751. de Gruchy; La Pièce Mauger (T) - this is a misreading of TDG.MDF 1751 see 1079.
304. IDG.MSV.1820. Jean de Gruchy and Marguerite Syvret; Le Carrefour, La Rue Mahier (St My) - see also 820.
305. IDGC. JDGC.1855. Jean and Jeanne de Gruchy; lintel over barns at La Chasse, La Profonde Rue (T) - see also 126
130 297 309.
306. IDL.IAL.1773. Jean Dallain and Judith Alexandre m. (St B) 17.12.1753; The Oaks, Route de Beaumont (St P).
307. IDL.EDL.ADL.1838. At La Fontaine, Ville à l'Eveque (T).
308. IDL.IB. Jean Dallain and Judith de Bosquet/Bauget (not Bauche) m. (St L) 11.10.1699; The Oaks, Route de Beaumont (St P) from Michele Gayler (reference: The Dallain Family of Jersey by Henry Coutanche CIFHJ).
309. IDL.ILG.1778. Jean de la Lande m. Jeanne Le Gros (T) 21.7.1772; lintel over blocked up doorway to the east extension at La Chasse, La Profonde Rue (T) - see also 126 130 297 305.
310. IDLC.1795. Jean de La Cour; Le Marinel (St J).
311. IDLL.EGF.1812. Jean de la Lande of Trinity and Elizabeth Godfray of St Helier m. (St L) 14.11.1803; Rose Farm, Parcq du Cadoret, Ruettes Pinel (St H).
312. IDM.EDC.1739. Jean Dumaresq and Elizabeth de Carteret whose first child was bap. (St My) 1717. Marriage not found as there is a gap in the registers between circa 1705 and 1730; Les Colombiers (St My).
313. IDM.IPR.1824. Jean Dumaresq m. (St C) 8.9.1800 Jeanne Pirouet (both of Grouville); Fauvic Farm, La Rue de Fauvic (St C) - see also 1532.
314. IDN.AF.1771 (retrospective). Jourdain Denize m. Ann Fiott; window lintel at Manoir du Fief ès Neveux, Clos du Fief, Mont Felard (St L).
315. IDN.FLCMN.1581 (retrospective). Jacques Denize m. Françoise Le Cheminant; window lintel at Manoir du Fief ès Neveux Clos du Fief, Mont Felard (St L).
316. IDN.MDSC.1670 (retrospective). Jean Denize m. Marie de Ste. Croix; over the dower wing entrance at Manoir du Fief ès Neveux Clos du Fief, Mont Felard (St L) - permanently in shadow and hard to photograph.
317. IDN.MGB.1825 (retrospective). Jourdain Denize and Marie Gibaut m. (St L) 11.7.1807; Manoir du Fief ès Neveux Clos du Fief, Mont Felard (St L) - permanently in shadow and hard to photograph. All these retrospective stones were cut for John Esnouf Denize, the last member of the family to live here, early in the 20th Century. His own datestone is recorded at 1551.
318. IDP.ELB.1825, & 1832. Jean du Pré m. Elizabeth Le Bas (St P) 31.10.1812; Les Augerez Fm (St P).
319. IDP.F.1645 in a shield. Jean Dupré and Foy Arthur; large arch capstone, now on an extension to the north side of Plaisance (St My).
320. IDP.SR.1675 in a shield. Jean Dupré and Sara Renaut m. circa 1660; another displaced arch keystone, well hidden under trailing plants on outbuildings next to the pigsties at Plaisance (St My).
321. IDSX.MB.1662. The X is tiny and attached to the top right hand side of the S. Jean de Ste Croix and Marie Briard m. (St H) 27.5.1655 (not 1665). Le Trésor, Ville ès Gazeaux (St L). Alternative picture available at Société Jersiaise Photographic Archives, Architecture Section Catalogue 13a 11.
322. IDV.ENM.1815. Jean de Veulle of St Clement m. (St C) 11.11.1792 Elizabeth Norman of Grouville; Les Tours Farm, La Grande Route de Ste Clement (St C).
323. IEAN PAYN, MARIE PAYN. PP.FP.IP.1635 Jean and Marie Payn and their sons (all baptised in Grouville) Jean (23.6.1619), Philippe (3.10.1623) and François (28.2.1625/6) and Payn Coat of Arms; Le Manoir des Prés, La Cache des Prés (G). Drawn by Charles Stevens from Old Jersey Houses Vol I ©. See 1316 & 1317 for modern stones on this property.
324. IEC.1661. Plaque (too clean to be contemporary?) over the front door at the old house at Highcliff (which is now a seperate dwelling called La Maison du Becquet), Les Nouvelles Charrierres (St J) - see also 528.
325. IEC.1699. On stone weight of 101 lbs. at The Museum (St H). This is an incorrect description of the stone at 1323.
326. IEL.1680. From Beauverd Farm , La Rue du Poivre (St J) but no longer visible.
327. IEN.IAH.1753. Jean Esnouf and Jeanne Ahier m. (T) 26 .11.1749; lintel completely covered by wysteria at Alphington House (formerly La Maison du Moulin de Pol) (St S) - see also 192. Identification contributed by Pam Hislop.
328. IF.1646. Jacques Filleul; Fauvic (G).
329. IF.1659. Jean Fautrat; Handois (St L).
330. IF.EF. Jean Fautrat and Elizabeth Fondan; fireplace, Handois (St L).
331. IF.RA.1740, and 1750; Jean Falle and Rachel Ahier m. (St S) 8.6.1735; the stone dated 1740 has no initials attached. Val Feuillu, Rue de la Hambie (St S).
332. IFCB.MAJN. 1852. Jean François Cabot, a grower, (21) fils Jean Cabot de Croiserie (T) m. 10.5.1846 (T) Mary Ann Journeaux (20 1/2) fille Philippe Journeaux of Trinity; gatepost, now cut in half and used as the corbel supports in the main fireplace at Les Ifs (T) see also 279 647 818 & 819.
333. IFR.1846. Jean Ferey; Fontaine de Gallie lavoir (St Mt).
334. IG.1819. Jean Godfray; Les Grandes Rues (St Mt).
335. IG.1678. Gruchy; Crossbow House (T).
336. IG.EAM.1786. Josué Graut m. Elizabeth Amy (St C) 6.3.1774; La Rigondaine (G).
337. IG.EF.1741. Jean Gavey fils Gedeon of St Helier & Elizabeth Falle of St Saviour m. (St H) 27.1.1720; Patier Lodge, Patier Lane (St S).
338. IG.JVP.1834. Jean Grault of St Clement & Jeanne Valpy of St Saviour m. (St C) 13.12.1817; Greenhill, Samares (St C).
339. IGC (two hearts).MST.1830. At Beaupré near Brooklyn (St Mt). The correct description of this stone is at 1034.
340. IGD.1641; Jean Grandin who married Marie du Feu - corbel on main house; Mont Pellier (T).
341. IGD.EGD.1739. Jean Godel of St John m. Esther Godel of St Lawrence (St J) 27.2.1732; Les Chasses Cottage, Rue du Servais (St J). It may also be of interest that this property has behind it a stone reputed to mark the centre of the Island.
342. IGD.IHM.1738. Jean Godel and Judith Hamon t.d. St Lawrence m. (St H) 22.4.1737; Ville ès Gros (St L) - see also 16 902 and 1269.
343. IGD.MRS.1764. Jacques Grandin m. Marie Richardson (T) 21.6.1741; Shady Cottage, Rue Becq, Augrès (T) - photograph courtesy of Georgia Le Maistre ©.
344. IGD.MSV.1761. Jean Grindin and Marguerite Servant m. (St My) 17.12.1752; lintel, now in a fireplace at Maupertuis Farm, La Grande Rue (St My).
345. IGF.EGF.1730. Jean Godfray fils Thomas and Elizabeth Godfray fille Jean m. (St Mt) 19.5.1717; La Hurette, La Rue de la Bergerie (T) - see also 399.
346. IGF.FVP.1735. Jean Godfray and FrançoiseValpy t.d. St Martin m. (T) 26.10.1718; La Fèverie, La Grande Route de Maufant (St S).
347. IGLC.1834. J. Gallichan; on trough, Bouley Bay Hill lavoir (T).
348. IGLC.SGLC.1742. Jacques Gallichan and Susanne Gallichan m. (T) 25.6.1730; Mon Caprice (T).
349. IH.1617. Bailiff Jean Herault; La Palloterrie (St S).
350. IH.1666. Jean Hue (gent.) who m. Demlle Philippine Le Geyt (St H) 17.10.1669; on fireplace at La Porte (St J) but too faint to be photographed. For other stones on this property see 424 681 1197 & 1198. Marriage from Henry Coutanche.
351. IHC.IAL.1786. This stone begins with an 'A' and has been moved to 1369.
352. IHD.1619. Near La Vieille Maison, La Hougue Bie (G).
353. IHL.CLF.1728, with IVB. Jean Huelin m. Catherine Le Feuvre (St L) 29.1.1726/7 and possibly Jean Vibert (who married Rachel Pipon) and acted as godfather to their son Jean Huelin in 1731; Rachel Pipon was godmother. Behind the reception desk at Les Charrières Hotel, Rue des Charrières (St P).
354. IHL.FLB.1623. Jean Huelin and Françoise Le B(?); unfortunately this stone predates the registers. In Room 27, Les Charrières Hotel, Rue des Charrières (St P).
355. IHL.MLB.1827. At Beaumont cross-roads (St P); see 522.
356.IHM.E (not B)HM.1797. Jean Hamon and Elizabeth Hamon m. (St J) 8.3.1772; Le Câtel, La Rue des Landes(St J) not Trinity.
357. IHP.1774. Jean Hooper; corbel on the right of the main house at Le Boulivot (G), now partly covered by guttering. The left corbel contained MGF but is also covered up. Jean Hooper m. (St C) 17.11.1770 Marie Godfray. Photographs from the 1970s courtesy of Rodney Amy © - see also 182 183 1395 and below. This Jean Hooper was a Churchwarden at Grouville - see 1390.
358. IHP.ISS =1803. Jean Hooper (1771-?) eldest son of Jean Hooper & Marie Godfray (see above and below) and Jane Saunders Stephens, on the barns at the rear of Le Boulivot (G) - see also 182 183 1395.
359. IHP.MGF.1785. Jean Hooper 1740-1801 (Constable of Grouville) and Marie Godfray m. (St C) 17.11.1770, at Le Boulivot (G) - see also 182 183 1395.
360. IHQ.BHQ.1830. Jean Hocquard and Betsy Hocquard - married as Elizabeth (T) 16.4.1794; on outbuildings behind Greenfields, Rue du Pont (T) - see also 527 & 563.
361. IIN.1734 with an heraldic emblem thought to be a prawn! Jean Journeaulx; displaced lintel now in a garden arch at The Elms, La Cheve Rue (St My).
362. II (not IIV). Jean Janvrin; L'Ancienneté, High Street, St. Aubin (St B); recurring as JJ 1819 (not IIV.1818) on the harbour jetty.
363. IL.EL.PL.1718. Jean Laurens m. Elizabeth Luce (St L)10.7.1681, with their son Philippe bap. (St L) 27.11.1695; Fernhill, La Grande Route de Mont à l'Abbé (St H). A space was left to put the intials of Philippe's subsequent wife - but it appears he never married.
364. IL. MFL. 1776; Quay Bisson, the Bulwarks, St Aubin (St B) - picture © Ray Le Pivert.
365. Il y a plus de plaisir à pardonner qu'il n'y a à se venger, 1823. Windsor House, Gorey Village (G).
366. ILB. Jeanne Labey, widow of George Collas (1746-76); St. Martin's House (St Mt).
367. ILB.1794. Near Mechanic Lodge (St P).
368. ILB EHQ 1777. Jean Le Boutillier of St John and Esther Hocquard of Trinity m. (St My) 16.6.1769; at Mont Pellier (T). From Le Binaud (T), now demolished.
369. ILB (upside down heart) MLF.1775 plus 'Juin 9' below. Jean Le Brun fils Philippe and Marie Le Feuvre fille Jean m. (St O) 15.12.1769; upside down in the front garden at La Fragoniele, Le Coin (St O) - both this stone and the one at 381 came from the same house that once stood here.
370. ILB.MMR.1737. Jean Le Boutillier & Marie Mourant m. (St S) 26.10.1734; Alphington House (now known as Priors), La Chasse Brunet (St S).
371. I(carved as a J)LB : MRN (not M)1722. Jean Le Bailly and Marguerite Renouf m. (St My) 14.12.1701.Window lintel at Wayside, La Rue des Bouefs (St My).
372. ILBLT (for ILBTL).1834. Jean Le Boutillier; on trough, Bouley Bay Hill lavoir (T).
373. ILBT.AS.1838. Jean Le Breton (1805-1882) fils Jean (No. 374) m. (T) 8.2.1834 Anne Stark (1803-1879); Le Vallon (T) - contributed by Margaret Le Breton.
374. ILBT.BALX.1807. Jean Le Breton (1773-1819) fils Benjamin Snr. & Françoise Cabot m. (T) 30.5.1799 Betthey Alexandre (1781-1843); Le Vallon (T) - contributed by Margaret Le Breton.
375. ILBTL.EDGC. 1814. Jean Le Boutillier m. (T) 22.10.1796 Esther de Gruchy; Le Carrefour, Rue des Haies (T).
376. ILC.EA.1696. Jean Le Couteur m. Esther Arthur 1689; fireplace Le Nord - now L'Auberge du Nord (St J). St John Marriage Jean Le Couteur de St J et Esther Arthur fille de Jean Arthur de Ste Mie 17 Nov 1689 Burials Esther Arthur veuve de feu Mr Jean le Couteur bur St J 13 Jan 1728. (Mr Jean Le Couteur fs Phle bur 31 Jan 1719 might be her husband) - from Henry Coutanche .
377. ILC.EFL.1757. Josué Le Cornu and Elizabeth Filleul m. (St L) 2.2.1734; Clairmont, Mont Cochon (St H) contributed by Pam Hislop.
378. ILC.MGB.1767.Marie Gibaut femme Me. Josué Le Cras bur. (St L) 21.3.1789, marriage not found. On first storey of main house at La Ferme Martel, now Glencoe, La Grande Route de St Laurens (St L).
379. ILC.RDC.1765. Jean Le Cornu m. Rachel de Caen (St O) 30.1.1765; Maison de Portinfer (St O) contributed by Michele Gayler.
380. ILF.MDMR.1808. Jean Le Feuvre and Marie Dumaresq m. (G) 13.10.1801; La Croix (G).
381. ILF(upside down heart) SLB with 1753 (on the left) and May 10 (on the right). Jean Le Feuvre and Susanne Le Brocq t.d. St Ouen m. (St My) 1.3.1746; displaced lintel on the inside of the roadside wall at La Caumine, Le Coin (St O) both this stone and the one at 369 came from the same house that once stood here.
382. ILFL.CBS.1858. Jean Laffoley fils Pierre m. Caroline Bisson fille Jean (St L) 3.1.1858; lintel at the front of Le Tresor, Ville ès Gazeaux (St L).
383. ILG (or C maybe?).1649. Arch capstone on the barns behind Chestnut Farm, Quaisne (St B) - see also 901 & 903.
384. ILG.1662. Displaced window lintel on the barns at La Hauteur, La Rue d'Aval (St Mt) - see also 171 and 1644-1646.
385. ILG.1806. Jean Langlois (b. 1770; Constable 1810-13, 1816-28); Oaklands (St L).
386. ILG.ADC.1833. Josué Le Gros of St Peter and Anne de Carteret of St Lawrence m. (St L) 16.2.1826. Window sill plaque on the side of Belmont, Old Beaumont Hill (St P).
387. ILG.EDSX.1780. Jean Langlois m. Elizabeth de Ste Croix 1766; only EDS 80 now survives on the right hand gatepost, the left hand gatepost is incorporated into outbuildings facing the wrong way. Les Montagnes, Chemin des Montagnes (St L).
388. ILG.ELF.1775; Le Pont (St Mt). This stone begins with a J not an I - and can now be found at 1255.
389. ILG.ERN.1826. Jean Le Gros and Elizabeth Renouf t.d. St Martin m. (St H) 21.4.1822. Lintel at Petit Coin, Rozel (St Mt).
390. ILG.IBT.1720. Jean Le Geyt and Jeanne Bertram m. (St S) 14.5.1718; La Guillaumerie Cottages (St S).
391. ILG.MH.1679. Jacques Le Geyt dit Maret and Marie Hue m. (St H) 1.11.1654; originally listed as Sunningdale, now part of the Uplands Hotel Complex, New St John's Road (St H). Other stones from this building can be found at 1117 & 1118.
392. ILG.RLC.1744 (over the front door) shown, and 1746 (in a garden arch) overgrown. Jean Langlois and Rachel Le Cras t.d. St Lawrence m. (St My) 17.7.1737; La Maison du Mitan (formerly the middle house at Broadfields), Les Chanolles de Six Rues (St L) - see also 831 .
393. ILG.SLG.1727. Josué Le Gros and Sara Langlois m. (St L) 29.1.1717/8; Handois (St L). This stone begins with a 'J' and can be seen at 1087.
394. ILG.SRD.1802.Jean Le Gros & Susanne Rondel m. (St L) 1.5.1799, Le Hurel Farm, La Ruette Pinel (St L) see also 944.
395. ILGL.SBP.1848. Jean Le Gresley and Susanne Blampied; first storey window lintel at rear of Hampton Villa (St L).
396. ILI.1820. Jean Le Jeune who m. Esther Filleul (St C) 11.10.1834 t.d. St Clement; Ivy Stone Farm (St C) - this part of the building has been demolished.
397. ILM.1619. Jean Le Manquais, who m. Anne La Cloche (St Mt) 7.12.1612; Bandinel (St Mt).
398. ILM.1672. Jean Le Maistre; plaque or possibly part of the keystone of an arch now on outbuildings at Milton Farm, La Rue Belin (St Mt) - see also 405 and 799.
399. ILM.1719. La Hurette, La Rue de la Bergerie (T) - see also 345.
400. ILM.1818. Le Marinel; St. Blaise (St J).
401. ILM.EDG.1769. (corrected from Joan Stevens' original EDC). At Les Ormes, Rue de Nord (T). Jean Le Masurier (son of Jean Le Masurier - see 401a.) m. Esther de Gruchy (T) 1.8.1753.
401a. ILM.SHB. 1741. Missed by author as at the back of Les Ormes, Rue de Nord (T). Jean Le Masurier m. Susanne Hubert (T) 12.08.1730.
401b. ILM.IH. 1704. Missed by author as also at the back of Les Ormes, Rue de Nord (T) Jean or Josué Le Masurier m. Jeanne Hue - marriage not found as portions of Trinity and neighbouring St John marriage registers missing for the late 1600s (parents of Jean - see 401a.?).
402. ILM.ELM.1737. Josué Le Masurier m. Elizabeth Le Masurier (T) 11.11.1722; on the north wall at Le Hurel (formerly La Porte), La Rue de Cambrai (T).
403. ILM.ELM. 1748. Jean Le Masurier m. Elizabeth Le Masurier (T) 9.3.1742; above fireplace at Le Hurel (formerly La Porte), La Rue de Cambrai (T).
404. ILM.MBT.1732. Jean Le Moigne of St Martin and Marie Bertram of Grouville m. (G) 19.5.1731. Les Fontaines Farm, La Rue des Fontaines (St Mt) see also 1059.
405. ILM.MLM.1690. Date and initials inside individual shields, a stylised fleur de lys appears between the initials; Le Maistre. Large lintel now in the garden wall at Milton Farm, La Rue Belin (St Mt) - see also 397 and 799.
406. ILMT.ACB.1755. Josué Le Mottais and Anne Cabot m. (St J) 4.10.1753; La Chasse (St J).
407. ILMT.SCL.1713. At Rectory View (St J). This is an incorrect reading of the stone at 1149. The 'I' is a 'T'. House now called Le Genée.
408. ILP.1731. At Roselands (St S).
409. ILP (upside down heart) AD.1706. Capt. Jacques Lemprière m. (St B) 3.1.1692/3 Anne Durell; window lintel on first storey at Maison Le Maistre, Mont Les Vaux, St. Aubin (St B). A picture showing this stone in its original position is available at the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive; Architecture Section Catalogue Architecture Section Catalogue 13 a.19.
410. ILP.ELC.1696. Josué Lemprière (1674-1712) fils Thomas Lemprière & Marguerite Pipon - see also No. 971. Constable of St John 1694-98. Seigneur of Lulague, Escraqueville, Hérupe & Boutevillon. m. 1693 Esther Le Couteur (1675-?) fille Dean Clement Le Couteur ; Maison de St. Jean (St J). Lemprière Coat of Arms above added later. Illustrated in 'Did Your Ancestors Sign the Jersey Oath of Association Roll of 1696?' Published CIFHS 1995 see My Books.
411. ILQ.1610. Oak Farm, La Rue de Sorel (St J). See Walter Le Quesne's 'The Le Quesnes of Jersey' Published CIFHS 1995 - where this stone is referred to as PLQ - now confirmed and removed to 1652.
412. ILQ.APD.1745. Jean Le Quesne & Ann Poingdestre m. (St H) 21.1.1724/5; Mont à l'Abbé House, La Grande Route de Mont à l'Abbé (St H). See Walter Le Quesne's 'The Le Quesnes of Jersey' Published CIFHS 1995.
413.ILQ.ELR.1798. Jean Le Quesne and Elizabeth Laurens m. (St S) 10.1.1780; Mont à l'Abbé House, La Grande Route de Mont à l'Abbé (St H). See Walter Le Quesne's 'The Le Quesnes of Jersey' Published CIFHS 1995.
414. ILR.1776. At Milton Fm. (St Mt).
415. ILR.ELR.1790. Jean Le Riche m. Elizabeth Le Riche (T) 18.1.1767; Hillside, Rozel (T).
416. ILR.EVL.1777. Jean Le Rossignol of St Lawrence m. Elizabeth Valleur of St Helier (St Mt) 24.9.1773; Magnolia Hotel, Bel Royal (St L).
417. ILR.MLB.1692. At L'Ecluse (St My) - alternative reading of this stone at 1408.
418. ILS.1660. Illustrated by Payne, p.17.
419. ILS.1666. Corbel at King's Farm, La Rue du Bocage (St B).
420. ILS.1734. Jean Le Sueur. At the back of Les Petites Issues (formerly Les Issues Farm), La Rue des Courts Champs (St J).
421. ILS.G(not I)LS.MLQ.1726. Gilles Le Sueur fils Philippe of Trinity and Marie Le Quesne fille Helier of St John m. (St J) 25.5.1690. There is no record of a Jean born to this couple - it is possible that the other initials refer to their daughter Jeanne, baptised in 1691. At Les Houguettes (St J). See Walter Le Quesne's 'The Le Quesnes of Jersey' Published CIFHS 1995.
422. ILS.IN.1662 with fleur de lys. Jean Le Sueur and Jeanne Norman m. (T) 1.12.1652; Arch capstone at Les Lauriers, La Rue de la Garenne (T).
423. ILS.MLM.1767; Josué Le Sueur of St John and Marie Le Maistre of Trinity m. (St J) 30.4.1760, their children were baptised in St Helier from 1761-1771. At Lloyds Bank, the Conway Street entrance to cash machine alcove (St H) Note: This is an old photograph from my collection, the stone has vanished since redevelopment in 1997!
424. ILS.REN.1819. Josué Le Sueur m. Rachel Esnouf (St J) 23.12.1795; inside the hallway at La Porte (St J). For other stones on this property see 350 681 1197 & 1198.
425. ILT.FLT.1699. At 15 La Motte Street (St H). Illustrated at Introduction page.
426. ILVC.1846. Jean Le Vesconte; Fontaine de Gallie lavoir (St Mt).
427. IM.1663. ? Maret; La Porte (T).
428. IM.1665 on lintel, and IM on salting trough; Jean Marche, who m. Jeanne le mot Motey 1668; Le Mottais Farm, Le Canibut (St J) - see also 91/92.
429. IM.1671 (in shield). Jean Millais; on gable end now half way up a wall in the outbuildings at Le Tapon, Rue de Tapon (St S).
430. IM.SLS.1656. Jean Messervy and Sara Le Sueur; Linden Hall,
Trinity Hill, (St H) (now at The Museum) - see also 1667.
431. IMC.1834. I. Machon; on trough, Bouley Bay Hill lavoir (T).
432. IMH. Jean Mahaut; Les Arbres (St L).
433. IML.1832. Mollet; Douet Fleury lavoir (St Mt).
434. IML.MCL.1728. Jean Mallet m. Marie Collas, fille Philippe (St Mt) 3.2.1723/4; La Ville Brée, La Rue de la Ville Brée (St Mt).
435. deleted
436. IMR.EDR.1793. Josué Mourant of St Saviour m. Elizabeth de Rue of Grouville (Alderney) 1.11.1779 (from St Saviour's Parish Registers); Oakborne, La Rue de Grouville (G). Elizabeth was a Jersey girl through and through, being the eldest daughter of Mr. Philippe De Rue. She was thus the heir to what is now Oakborne, a property which the De Rues had acquired through the marriage of Sara Amy to Philippe De Rue in the late 17th /early 18th centuries. According to Messervy & Langton, Sara was the principal heir to the Amy family of La Rue (see ABSJ 1938) - from Trevor Labey.
437.IMR.MCB.1732. Josué Marett & Marie Cabot m. (St H) 7.2.1722/3 - issue in Trinity; in garden wall to left of main house. At Mont Pellier (T) from Pam Hislop - see also The Mont Pellier Page.
438. IMR.MF.1755. Jean Mourant m. Marie Falle (St S) 10.1.1720; La Ferrière, Princes Tower Road (St S).
439. IMR.MGD.1755. Jean Marett (?-1763) & Marie Gaudin (?-1771) m. (St S) 9.5.1725. Gatepost, now used as a bench in the back garden of Croix ès Mottes (St S). Originally at entrance to Le Paleron (St S) - a field.
440. IMR.SLG.1826. Jean Mourant m. Susanne Le Gros (St L) 13.4.1805; Middlehall (St L).
441. IMR.SVB.1738. Jean Mourant and Susanne Vibert whose first child was bap. (St My) 1724. Marriage not found as there is a gap in the registers between circa 1705 and 1730; Rectory Farm (now Ladies' Walk) (St My) - see above.
442. IMR.TMR.1698. This stone is no longer in one piece, a fragment - the IMR - is in the fireplace and the rest is nowhere to be found. Oaklands, La Rue de la Frontiere (St My) - see also 1619.
443. IN.EH.1842. Jean Noel of St Martin and Elizabeth Hue of St Saviour m. (St S) 24.6.1789; La Petite Commune 2 (St S).
444. IN.?M.1718. ? Nicolle; Bishopstown (T) - this stone disappeared during renovation work in the 1980s.
445. INC.1834. I. Nicolle; on trough, Bouley Bay Hill lavoir (T).
446. INC.1846. Jean Nicolle; Fontaine de Gallie lavoir (St Mt).
447. INC.ELS.1819. Jean Nicolle and Elizabeth Le Sueur t.d. St John m. (St J) 2.8.1794; First storey plaque at China Quarry Farm, Ville ès Gazeaux (St L) - see also 535.
448. INC.JHP.1863. Jean Nicolle and Jeanne Hooper m. (St B) 17.9.1857; Croix ès Mottes (St S) - marriage from Paul Nicolle.
449. INC.MGB.1747. Jean Nicolle m. Marie Gibaut fille Philippe (St L) 15.4.1741; on the far corner of the roadside barns at Oak Farm, Ville ès Gazeaux (St L).
450. INL.1785. Jean Noel; at La Retraite (St S) see also 176 and 922.
451. INM.EMR.1744. Jean Norman m. Esther Marett (T) 8.4.1744; upside down in roof of the porch at first floor - tricky to photograph! Ville ès Normans (T).
452. INM.EMR.1831. Jean Norman of Trinity m. Elizabeth Marett of St Martin (T) 12.1.1826; Fauvic (St C).
453. IP.1632. Jean Pipon (Constable); L'Aleval (St P).
454. IP.1748. Jean Perrochon; painted plaque on 2nd storey at 16 Hill Street (St H) - also the background image on all pages (drawn by Charles Stevens from Old Jersey Houses Vol. II).
455. IP.EGB.1738. At Les Corvées (St O). This is an incorrect reading of the stone at 1556 (i.e. PI IGB).
456. IP.ILB.1773. Jacques Payn of St Peter and Jeanne Le Brocq of St Ouen m. (St P) 31.7.1763; window sill at Aux Croix au Lion, La Rue de Vieux Presbytere (St P).
457. IP.MAM. Jean Payn and Marie Amy of Grouville m. (St Mt) 27.9.1749; Springvale, La Rue Mathurin (St C) - see also 459.
458. IP.MP.1740. Highfield Lodge, formerly Highfield (St H) VI added to stone below left and NIS added to stone below right. Highfield is now split into a number of properties, all with stones - see 964-965.
459. IP.MVV.1778, 1784, 1790 and 1799, Jean Payn Jnr. of Grouville and Marie Vivian of St Saviour m. (G) 12.10.1775 ; the first stone (over the main entrance to the house) is obscured by wysteria in the summer, 1784 is on the roadside wall and the remaining two are both on the right wing of Springvale, La Rue Mathurin (St C) - see also 457.
460. IPC.1604. Perchard; La Petite Commune 2 (St S).
461. IPC.1773 (not 2). Perchard; only the date now survives at this gatepost on Les Routeurs (St S).
462. IPC.1797. Jean Perchard of Trinity who married Marie Gabourel of St Peter (St P) 11.9.1794; Augrès Manor (T).
463. IPC (entwined hearts) IVP 1817. Jacques Perchard of St Saviour and JeanneValpy of Grouville m. (St S) 19.11.1795; at Oakfield, Bon Air (St S).
464. I.PC.M.G.1692. Perchard; corbel (reproduction?) over the entrace to Les Routeurs, Les Routeurs (St S) - see also 888 which is directly below it.
465. IPC.MLF.1771. Jean Perchard married Marthe Le Feuvre in 1736 at the Huguenot Chapel in Southampton; just below the roof line on the main house at Augrès Manor (T) now part of Jersey Zoo.
466. IPD.ETZ.1817. Jean Poingdestre and Elizabeth Touzel; m. (St H) 15.5.1790, Les Côtils, Rue des Côtils (St H) - see Introduction.
467. IPD.MBT. 1750. Jean Poingdestre and Marthe Bertram (parents of No. 468); gatepost, Vieux Menage (St S) - now lost after being hit by a car!
468. IPD.SDC.1768. Jean Poingdestre (of St Saviour) and Sara de Carteret (of St Martin - widow of Abraham Bertram) m. (St Mt) 22.4.1752 ; Vieux Menage (St S). current project of mine - e-mail
469. IPG.MMR.1754, Jean Pelgué of St Saviour and Marie Mourant m. (G) 22.11.1727 and IPG.MMR. 1805. Jean Pelgué and Marie Mourant m. (St S) 6.7.1791; La Petite Commune (St S).
470. IPL.APC.1797. Jean Pallot m. Anne Picot (St Mt) 20.9.1798; La Chouquetterie (St Mt).
471. IPL.EPC.1821. Jean Pallot and Elizabeth Perchard t.d. St Martin m. (St S) 23.1.1799; La Sergenté (St Mt) in 1978. Now high on the gable wall of the neighbouring property Vue du Pré (1999), La Grande Route de Rozel (St Mt). A picture showing this stone in its original position is available at the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive; Architecture Section Catalogue 13 a.7.
472. IPL.JDR.1860. Jean Pallot fils Jean of Rozel (T) m. Jane Dorey fille Josué of Ville a l'Eveque (T) 19.12.1844; Rozel Fm. (T).
473. IPN.ARR.1814. Jean Pinel m. Anne Romeril of St Lawrence (St J) 29.11.1799; Le Douet (St J).
474. IPP.1790. Opposite Grouville Church - same as 477 below.
475. IPP.EMB.1794. On sundial, Le Bel Royal (St L).
476. IPP.FDLP.1726. Jean Pipon m. (St P) 20.6.1709 Françoise de la Place; La Place Hotel, La Route du Coin (St B) - lost since redevelopment.
477. IPP (entwined hearts) - blank space - 1790 and lintel with ITZ above. Near Central House (G) - see 474 above.
478. IR.1742. At Ville ès Normans (T).
479. IR...17... At Dale Cottage, St Saviour's Road (St H). The stone was used as a corner stone on the boundary wall between Norwood Villa and Westley Lodge, opposite Dale Cottage. It was removed by the builders when Westley Court was built and stored on the site beside the cottage. It was there for some time and we tried to make sure the builders were aware of its importance. It seems to have disappeared some time between the end of the Wesley Court building project and the beginning of the Westley Lodge "restoration". Can't remember who cleaned the stone to find out the full inscription, but it said: IR (two entwined hearts) ECB 1748.
David and I wondered if the stone was from a house called St. Saviour's Hall which was demolished in 1947/8. Contributed by Dave & Pat Dorgan of Dale Cottage.
480. IR.EPQ.1680. Jean Renouf and Elizabeth Picquet m. (St My) 26.11.1662; La Pompe (St My) - photograph courtesy of James Brannan- more information at his Home Page. These initials also appear on a stone dated 1702 at Franc Fief Farm, La Rue du Cônet (St B) see 583.
481.IRCS.SLHQ.1820. Jean Richardson m. Susanne Le Hucquet (St Mt) 10.11.1790; Le Villot (St Mt).
482. IRD.IAM.1727. Jean Rondel fils Jean and Jeanne Amy t.d. Trinity m. (T) 28.8.1720. The old property has been demolished and replaced by three modern houses, the stone is no longer to be found. Le Vert Champ, La Rue de La Vignette (St Mt).
483. IRM.1723 (not found). At Woodlands (St My); note also IMR. 1724 on trough (incorrect) - see 1621-22.
484. IRM.RGD (not ID).1747 Rachel Grandin femme Jean Remon bur. (St My) 4.8.1771 and IRM.EBL (not BL) roughly cut with no date, Jean Remon and Elizabeth Belin m. (St My) 19.2.1692/3. Both at Chestnut Farm, Rue des Buttes (St My) - see also 1434.
485. IRM.IGD.1732. Gateposts, Daisy Farm (St P).
486. IRM.RPD.1739; overgrown lintel above first storey front door, Jean Remon fils François m. Rachel Poingdestre of St John (St L) 15.12.1727; Ville au Veslet, Mont Isaac (St L); father at 210.
487. IRM.SGC (inside a shield)1684. Jacques Remon and Sara Gruchy m. (St L) 12.12.1676; large arch capstone at Badier Farm, Le Chemin des Montages (St L) - when the 1960s render was removed recently many other stones were uncovered here - see 1632-1635.
488. IRN.1813. Jean Renouf; displaced corbel in the garden at Oak Farm, La Rue de Sorel (St J).
489. IRN.ELB.1761. Jean Renouf of St Peter and Esther Le Boutillier of St John m. (St J) 14.6.1735; Highfield (now Clos des Tours), Coin Varin (St P).
490. IRR.JBSSL.1865. Jean Romeril fils Clement m. Jane Betsy Sorsoleil fille François (St L) 26.8.1858; Midlands, La Grande Route de Ste Laurent (St L).
491. IR SA.1670. Damaged and painted in corbel at Haut de Tombette (St My) see also 845.
492. ISM.FLF.1714. Jean Simon and Françoise Le Feuvre; Vale Farm Cottage, now Vale Lodge (St P) - additional information provided by Roger de Carteret.
493. ISR.MCT.1821. Josué Sarre m. Marie Coutanche (St L) 2.6.1810; Maple Grove, Route du Mont Mado (St J) see also 1126.
494. ITC.JRR.1834. Jean Trachy (of St My) & Jeanne Romeril (of St J) m. (St H) 1.8.1807; Les Jardins, near Six Rues (St My) - contributed by Marie Trachy.
495. ITP.CLQ.1721. Tapin; Route du Mont Mado (St J) - incorrect interpretation of the stone at 909 i.e. TP.CLG.
496. IVB.1826. Vibert; at Bas du Marais (St O).
497. IVB.RDH.1717. Vibert and Du Heaume. There are two entries in the St Peter registers that could be this couple. Jean Vibert fils Nicolas and 'fille Philippe du Hiaume' m. 26.2.1686 or Jacques Vibert and 'fille Philippe du Hiaume' m. 30.10.1690. One of these daughters of Philippe Du Heaume was probably called Rachel, although she cannot be found in the baptism registers of St Peter, St Ouen, St Lawrence, St John, St Mary, Trinity or St Helier. At Montrose, La Rue ès Viberts (St P).
498. IVB.KI.1700. ? Vibert and ? Jeune; Les Escaliers, near Frémont (St J) - incorrect interpretation of the stone at 1148. The IVB actually reads NBP.
499. IVC.FLF. Jean Vincent m. Francoise Le Feuvre (St P) 23.6.1756; with LDDD (? the gift of LD) above; Parklands (St P).
500. IVD.MSR.1850. The first letter of this stone is a 'G' not an 'I' - removed to 1140.
501. IVP.SAB.1713. Jean Valpy & Susanne Aubin; plaque on first storey above front door at Neuilly Farm, Rue de Neuilly (St Mt). Although I have been unable to find a marriage for this couple, Jean Valpy & Susanne Aubin acted as godparents to Susanne fille David Aubin and Marie Hue bap. (St S) 15.3.1746.
502. IVS.AEN. 1788. Isaac Voisin m. Anne Esnouf (T) 5.2.1775; Les Mauves (T).
503. IW. John Wadham, who m. Andrie Messervy 1585; Governor's House, Elizabeth Castle (St H).
504. JBC.SLB.1820. Jean Bichard m. Suzanne Le Brocq of St Peter (St L) 5.7.1792; first storey plaque at Seaview, Les Charrieres Mallorey (St L).
505. JBD.1813. Jean Baudains; St. Cyr Lavoir (St J).
506. JBG.EGD.1849. Jean Beaugié and Esther Gaudin t.d. St Martin m. (St H) 9.1.1830; gatepost, Le Pavilon (St Mt) - see also 851.
507. JBN.AMGL.1831. The A was missing and G replaces C. Jean Binet m. Ann Margaret Gaillard (T) 14.6.1829; Highlands, La Boucterie (T) - see also 1305.
508. JBP.MAGLC. Jean Blampied m. Mary Ann Gallichan (St L) 28.2.1854; barns behind Three Oaks Farm, Three Oaks (St L) marriage from James Brannan.
509. JBP.RBP (heart) JBP.ECB.1820. Josué and Rachel Blampied m. (T) 14.1.1787. Josué Blampied, their son, and Elizabeth Cabot m. (T) 7.6.1815; Maison des Croix,
Rue d'Ebenezer (T).
510. JBS.1813. Jean Bisson; St. Cyr Lavoir (St J)
511. JBS.AMRD.1932. John Bisson - b.1893 St
John and Agnes Maud Rondel - b.1896 St Lawrence m. (St J) 21.11.1914; La Sarsonnerie - formerly Don Farm (St J) -
from Tina Quimby-Mitchell - see also 616 and 1370.
512. JCT.1813. Jean Coutanche; St. Cyr Lavoir (St J).
513. JDB.1805. Jean Dolbel; Chestnut Grove, La Route du Mont Mado (St J) - see also 292 294.
514. JDL. JHL. 1891. Jean (fs Jean) Dallain and Jeanne Huelin - the eldest child I have was born circa 1859 (Helena Jane) St John. La Chasse, Sion (St J) from Pam Hislop - see also 670.
515. JDLM.JGF.1823. Jean de la Mare m. Jeanne Godfray (St C) 13.11.1823; Ashton House, opposite St. Clement's Church (St C).
516. JDR.JDF.1882. Josué Dorey fils Josué & Jane Du Feu fille Jean m. (T) 9.6.1861; at the back of the granite and brick cottage at Longfields, opposite the south gate of Dièlament Manor;Rue de Dièlament (T).
517. JDSC.1813. Jean de Ste Croix; St. Cyr Lavoir (St J)
518. JEML.MMTG.1822 (corrected from 1832) main house and 1836 on adjoining barn;
Jean Emily m. Marguerite Mattingley (T) 9.3.1816. Beechfield House, Beechfield Lane (T).
519. JFTZ.LMRCB.1900. John Francis Touzel and Louise Marguerite Renouf Cabot m. circa 1891; Homestead (St L) from Pam Hislop.
520. JG.1870. Josué Graut; arch capstone at La Rigdonaine (G) - now demolished. .
521. JG.MJ.1841. Josué Graut of St Saviour and Marguerite Jeune of Grouville m. (St S) 10.10.1822; La Rigondaine (G) - now demolished.
522. JHL.MLB.1827; Jean Huelin of St Peter and Marie Le Boutillier of St Brelade m. (St P) 27.9.1818. Huge stone on corner house at Beaumont (St P) - identified by Guy Dixon.
523. JHM.AAB.1805; Les Chasses, Coin Hatain (St L). This stone starts with an 'I' and can be seen at 941.
524. JHM.MPN.1840; Les Chasses, Coin Hatain (St L).This stone starts with an 'I' and can be seen at 942.
525. JHM.NGC.1848. Joseph Hamon and Nancy Gruchy m. circa 1843: front of Beau Regard (St J) on second storey - see also 1107.
526. J. Jacobs, Archt. 1854. On newel medallion, St. Martin's House (St Mt).
527. JJDGC.EPL.1890. Jean Josué de Gruchy and Emily Pallot; Greenfields, La Rue du Pont (T) - see also 360 & 563.
528. JLB.1833 (not 1883). Jean Le Brun; La Maison du Becquet (formerly Highcliff), Les Nouvelles Charrierres (St J) - see also 324.
529. JLG.1841. Jean Le Gallais who married Elizabeth Gibaut (St J) 4.7.1844; gatepost, Surville (St H).
530. JLM.ABP.1827. Jean Le Maistre and Anne Blampied m. (St L) 11.6.1792; La Vielle Demeuthe, Bel Royal (St L).
531. ILR MAL 1839; Jean Le Rossignol and his wife Marie (1841 census). South View, Mont Cochon (St L).
532. JML.1832.J. Mollet; Douet Fleury Lavoir (St Mt).
533. JMSV.SLR.1874. John Messervy fils Jean & Anne Marett and Susanne Le Riche; first child thought to be John born circa 1866 - died young; wall of barn at La Ville Brée Farm, La Rue de la Ville Brée (St Mt) from Pam Hislop.
534. JNC.ALG.1869. Jean Nicolle fils Jean Pierre and Anne Le Grand fille Jacques m. (St L) 26.12.1859; formerly the stables for China Quarry Farm - see 447 - now a seperate dwelling named Hunter's Moon, Ville ès Gazeaux (St L).
535. JNC.ELC.1806. Jean Nicolle m. Elizabeth Le Cras (St L) 7.1.1794; Le Passage, Le Passage (St L).
536. JPF.FAP.1835. Jean Philippe Falle and Françoise Asplet t.d. St Martin m. (St H) 24.6.1827; at Waverley Farm (St Mt).
537. JPF.MSW.1885. Jean Philippe Falle and Marie Susanne Whitley t.d. St Martin m. (St Mt) 1859; Waverley Farm (St Mt). Extra details from Pam Hislop.
538. JPRR. AJMR. 1891. John Philip Romeril fils Jean of St Peter and Alice Jane Marett fille Philippe Charles of St Brelade m. circa 1876; Oaklands, Coin
Varin (St P). Extra details from Pam Hislop.
539. JR.AM.1827. James Remon of St Brelade and Anne Marett of St Lawrence m. (St L) 27.5.1824; St. Aubin's Institute, now the Gervaise Le Gros Family Health Centre, Charing Cross (St B).
540. JRN.BRN.1820. Jean and Betthe Renouf m. (T) 8.8.1795; gateposts, Old Farm, Mont au Prêtre (St H) see also 115 & 1042.
541. KLS.FCSA.1699. At La Chasse, Les Chenoles (St J).
542. KQR. At Midlands (St L).
543. LAB.1664. Lucas Aubin; Hamlet Farm (St S).
544. LAN.1580. v. HD.
545. LB.1588. v.ELE.1588.
546. LDDD. v.IVC.FLF.
547. LH.EH.1637. Laurens and Edouard Hamptonne with heraldic shield of three stars with roses below; above the entrance arch at Hamptonne Country Life Museum, Rue de la Patente (St L).
548. LP.BI, or BJ. Lemprière; on stoup at Rozel Manor (St Mt).
549. LR.RR.1660. Louys Rouet and Rachel Rogier m. (St H) 19.4.1654; Mont à l'Abbé Farm, La Grande Route de Mont à l'Abbé (St H).
550. LV. RDLC.IPV.1745. Louis Voisin and Rachel de La Cour m. (St L) 29.9.1725, with their son Jacob Philippe bap. (St L) 10.5.1726; first storey plaque at Albany House, La Grande Route de St Laurent (St L).
551. this was an incorrect description of the trough at 583.
552. MAL.ARN.1760. Matthieu Alexandre and Ann Renouf m. (St B) 9.10.1755; first storey plaque on the front of Franc Fief Farm, La Rue du Cônet (St B).
553. MALX.1790 (not found, may be covered by the front porch) and MALX.SGL.1804. Moise Alexandre m. Susanne Gaillard (St H) 22.4.1796; Chestnut Lea, Mont à l'Abbé (St H). From The Don Militia List of 1815: Moise Alexandre, aged 50, was a Sergeant in the St Lawrence Regiment. His household consisted of three women, two boys and four girls.
554. Maufant 1837. At Maufant Manor (St S).
555. MB.MAH.1763. Michel Bree and Maria Ahier m. (St S) 6.8.1759. Next to the fireplace inside the main hall of the old building at d'Hautrée School, formerly St. Helier Boys' and previously d'Hautrée Farm. Photograph courtesy of the States of Jersey Education Committee.
556. MBt.H. ? Berteau (or this may read MH BT see 562); there is also a corbel stone dated 1699 here which may help date the lintel. Le Menage, Les Petites Rues (St L).
557. MD (star within a circle or a stylized sun maybe?).E.1647. Matthieu Dorey and Elizabeth Roissié; fireplace in the kitchen at Stirling Castle Farm, Mont Neron (St H) - see also 71.
558. MDLG. Marie de la Garde, wife of Philippe Collas (1646-1717); on garden steps, St. Martin's House (St Mt).
559. MG.1618. Michel Guerdain, who m. Marie Stocall 1600; on trough at La Guerdainerie (T).
560. MGB.AP.1762. Moise Gibaut and Ann Payn m. (St L) 24.8.1759; Mainland - now demolished (St L).
561. MGB.APD.1756. Moise Gibaut of St Lawrence and Ann Poingdestre of St John m. (St J) 26.2.1794; Les Prairies (St J)
562. MH. At Le Menage (St L) - see also 556.
563. MH ( letters joined together): E (not I)C.1695. There is an entry in the registers for Elizabeth (no maiden name given) femme Matthieu Hocquard bur. (T) 24.5.1705 but no sign of a corresponding marriage entry; corbel now in the main barn at the back of Greenfields, La Rue du Pont (T) - see also 360 and 527.
564. MIN.1786. ? Journeaux; Halfway House (now The Spinney) (G).
565. ML.1666. Moise Luce; Moss Nook (St H).
566. ML.MM. (both in shields)1666 between them in a square. Moise Luce and Marguerite Messervy m. (St H) 11.12.1661; Moss Nook, West Hill (St H) see also 629 & 630.
567. MLB.1720. Labey; on trough, Home Farm, La Rue de Grouville (G).
568. MLB.MCB.1686. Michel Larbalestier and Marie Cabot m. (T) 9.12.1671; from La Fosse (T) but now on display at the Jersey Museum.
569. MLF.1696. Moyse Laffoley; at Auvergue (St P).
570. MLF 1714 ALC. Michel Le Feuvre and Anne Le Cras m. (St B) 15.6.1701; Fontis, Rue des Sillons (St P) - photograph from Charlie Malet de Carteret.
571. MLG (M and L merged) inside a shield with a fleur de lys. Michel Langlois; pedestrian arch capstone at Morel Farm, La Rue de la Fontaine St Martin (St L) - large arch capstone at 830.
572. MLG.1669. Bushy Farm, La Ruelle Vaucleuse (St H).
573.MLC (not G). 1749. Corbel from Mainland (now demolished) in the front of No. 15 Clos du Val (St L).
574. MLGL.MPD.1756. Mathieu Le Gallais of St Helier m. Marie Poingdestre of St Lawrence (St J) 20.4.1755; Surville (St H).
575. MLP.IC.1749. Michel Lemprière (his initials are merged) and Jeanne Corbet; on farm buildings behind Dièlament Manor, La Rue de Dièlament (T).
576. MLVC.ML.1708 and 1722. The 'L' is merged with the 'M' in both cases. Michel Le Vesconte of St Mary and Marguerite Lael of St Peter m. (St H) 22.8.1702; 1708 below the roof line on the east barn, 1722 on the roadside gable end of Les Buis, La Rue du Rondin (St My).
577. MMLB (not MMB or MMG).1692. Corbel on the east corner of Le Feugerel, La Rue du Feugerel (St J).
578. MPD.1715, with RRN (obscured) nearby. Michel Poingdestre of St John and Rachel Renouf of St Lawrence m. (St L) 17.1.1692/3; on the west outbuildings at China Quarry Farm (St L).
579. MPD 1752. Madeleine Poingdestre (a rare example of a single female on a dated stone) who purchased the property from her sister Anne; at The Animals' Shelter, St Saviour's Road (St H) formerly La Coie Farm. Ref: George Croad's A Jersey Album.
580. MPD.IRN.1732. Michel Poingdestre (of St Helier) m. Jeanne Renouf (of St John) (St J) 13.12.1727; The Olde House, Rue de Friquet, Mont à l'Abbé (St H).
581. MPL. ICB.1683. (the three is reversed). Les Sts. Germains Fm. (St L) see also 737 and 975-76.
582. MR.1707 - Matthieu Renouf of the family at Francfief (see 583), Le Petit Fief, La Rue du Cônet (St B) - deleted accidentally as the photograph makes it look more like 'IR'.
583. MR.AF.1702, 1717 1719 and 17-- (date obscured). Matthieu Renouf and Anne Falle m. (St S) 14.0.1702; 1702 on a stone at ground level on the barns (shown) which also includes IR EPQ see 480 ,1717 carved on the fireplace (shown), 1719 on a trough in the yard and 17-- on a displaced lintel recycled as a barn threshold (with part of the date covered) at Franc Fief Farm, La Rue du Cônet (St B). There is another stone from this house at 552. Observations from James Brannan: it is certainly unusual to find two sets of initials on a datestone! I presume this implies that Mathieu Renouf who married Anne Falle was the son of the Jean Renouf who married Elizabeth Piquet. This certainly ties up with a St Mary baptism I have for Mathieu son of Jean.
584. MSW (not V), Ivy House, St Aubin (St B)- see 1006.
585. NAM.1663. Amy; roadside arch capstone (permanently in deep shadow due to an overhanging tree) at Maison de Bas, Ville au Bas (St L). .
586. NAT.1813. Noé Arthur; St. Cyr Lavoir (St J)
587. NB.Fecit.1765. On sundial, Le Marinel (St J).
588. NBD.MVP.1784. Nicolas Baudains and Marguerite Valpy t.d. St John m. (T) 11.12.1753; Beaupré (St J) - see also 118 142 271 and 1256.
589. NC KLM.1727. Nicolas Chevalier m. Katherine Le Montais (St P) 1.2.1717/8; La Retraite a l'Ouest, Beaumont (St P). In this case the upside down heart does not indicate a death and may just be a stone mason's error. Nicolas was buried in 1735 and Katherine in 1748.
590. NC.L.1619. Nicolas Cabot; La Chasse, Maufant (St S).
591. NDC. ? Nicolas de Carteret; in a shop front to the north of St. John's Church (St J) - now demolished.
592. NDC.1664. The N is reversed. Nicolas de Carteret; corbel at Les Buttes, La Rue des Buttes (St J) - see also 8 19 593 and 863.
593. NDC.1669 inside a shield with tulips and fleur-de-lys on either side. Nicolas de Carteret; fireplace, Les Buttes, La Rue des Buttes (St J) - see above.
594. NDP.FA.1659. du Pré and Arthur? Plaque on the inside of the roadside wall (partially hidden by a shed), L'Ancienneté Dower, Rue des Buttes (St My).
595. NDSX.PL.SGF.MS.30.1739. Nicolas de Ste Croix, Pierre Luce, and Sara Giffard, ? Mars (March) 30 1739; formerly at 15 Hue Street (St H) now in store at La Hougue Bie (St S).
596. NER.EDL.1718 - no location given in Joan Stevens' index!
597. NF.MADM.1751. Mr Nicolas Fiott m. Dlle Anne Dumaresq of St Ouen (St H) 4.3.1746; cistern head from No.7 Pier Road (St H). No longer on the building, stored by the Jersey Museums Service at Augrès (T).
598. NG.SN.16?8. Noé Germain and Susanne Noel fille Julian m. (St Mt) 19.12.1677. Damaged lintel on outbuildings at Rozel Camp Site, Rozel (St Mt).
599. NGF.1688. At Fontaine de Bas, near St. Peter's Church (St P).
600. NGF.1813. N. Giffard; St. Cyr Lavoir (St J).
601. NH.1651. ? Hue; lintel from St. Aubin (St B), now at The Museum.
602. inaccurate cross reference removed.
603. NJBS.ABR.1875. Possibly Nicholas John Bisson m. Ann Briard- aged 34 in both 1871 and 1881 census records! - living at Laurel House, Trinity in 1881 census. Les Ruettes, near La Fontaine (T) from Pam Hislop.
604. NLB.IDC.1731. Nicolas Le Brun fils Nicolas and Judy de Carteret m. (St P) 17.10. 1696; first storey plaque at Beechleigh, Old Beaumont Hill (St P) marriage from Pam Hislop.
605. NLC.MM.1724. Noé Le Cras and Marie Marett; hidden by porch over front door at La Ferme Grandet, La Rue de la Golarde (St L) - see also 198 &259.
606. NLQ.ELF.1768. Nicolas Le Quesne and Elizabeth Le Feuvre; m. 24.7.1751 (St C) Beaufort House, Regent Road (St H) - see Walter Le Quesne's 'The Le Quesnes of Jersey' Pub. CIFHS 1996 - also includes family tree.
607. NLR.EDLP.1715. Nicolas Le Ruez and Elizabeth de la Perrelle - marriage not yet found; on outbuildings at the front of Greystones, La Rue Coentyn (St O) see also 1169.
608. NLR.EGD.1710. Nicolas Le Rossignol and Elizabeth Grandin m. (St B) 21.8.1687; Chateau des Roches, near L'Horizon (St B) - now demolished. .
609. NM.LDCGN.1721. On Ancient House at Plemont, near Leoville (St O) - semi-covered by pergola.
610. NN.1670 and NN.1681. Noel or Nicolle; Le Rué (St Mt).
611. removed.
612. NPC.MMC.1740. Nicolas Perchard and Marie Machon m. (St S) 17.1.1732/3. Les Arches (now part of the Merton Staff Quarters), Don Road, Georgetown (St H).
613. NPL.ILS.1820. Nicolas Pallot and Jeanne Le Sueur t.d. St Saviour m. (St H) 4.9.1819; Les Landes Lodge (St Mt).
614. NPM. Gable stone, at Greenhill (St P).
615. NQR.1676. ? Querrée; at Les Varvots (St L). A picture showing this stone in its original position is available at the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive; Architecture Section Catalogue Architecture Section Catalogue 13 a.5.
616. NR.SDP.1675. Nicolas Richardson and Sara du Parcq; fireplace from Don Farm (St J) which was in the Jersey Kitchen at the Museum for a number of years but has now returned home, although the house has been renamed La Sarsonnerie and the lintel has been broken and is no longer load bearing. It has been put in the kitchen. A picture showing this stone in its original position is available at the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive; Architecture Section Catalogue Architecture Section Catalogue 13 a.6 - see also 511 and 1370. Burial Mse Sara du Parc veuve de feu Mr Nicolas Richardson ent 25 juin 1722 and Grouville marriage Nicolas le Richerson et Sara du Parcq 20 May 1663 - from Henry Coutanche.
617. NRN.1815. Nicolas Renouf; La Gallierie, La Rue de la Chapelle (St Mt) see also 618.
618. NRN.1846. Nicolas Renouf; Fontaine de Gallie lavoir, La Rue de Vaux de L'Eglise (St Mt).
619. NVD.VMH. At Les Mauves (T).
620. PA.EC. or EG.1680. Philippe Amy; Patier (St S) - demolished in the 1980s.
621. PA.MMR.1823. Philippe Amy and Marguerite Moreau whose marriage has not yet been found but whose children were baptised in St Saviour between 1797 and 1799; Patier (St S) - demolished in the 1980s.
622. PA + MSM.1721. Philippe Alexandre and Marthe Sallemon (Salmon) m. (St P) 7.12.1700. Lintel discovered under the render at Homestill, La Rue de la Grande Vingtaine (St P).
623. PAB.ILNV.1770. Philippe Aubin of St Saviour and Judith Le Neveu of St Helier m. (St Mt) 8.8.1762 at Central House (G).
624. PAB.MAH.1733. Philippe Aubin and Marie Ahier m. (G) 25.10.1711; Appledore, Boulivot (G) from Pam Hislop.
625. PAL.1677. Philippe Anley; fireplace, Les Aix (St P).
626. PAL.1718. Philippe Anley; Les Aix (St P).
627. PAL (entwined hearts) ERN.1754 (not 9). Anley and Renouf? Overgrown lintel (no photograph) over the front door at Le Hurel Dower, Trinity Road (T) - see also 1540.
628. PAL.SLM.1689. Philippe Anley m. Susanne Le Maistre (St P) 27.9.1684 but no location given in Joan Steven's Index!
629. PAL.IPN.1823. Philippe Anley & Jeanne Pinel t.d. St Lawrence m. (St L) 28.2.1797; Moss Nook, West Hill (St H) - see also below, plus 565 & 566.
630. PAL.MBN.1832. Philippe Anley m. Marguerite Binet (St H) 5.8.1824; Moss Nook, West Hill (St H).
631. PAM.1732. Philippe Amy, who m. Marie Amy; Câtillon de Haut, La Route du Câtillon (G).
632. PAM.ECR.1802; Câtillon de Bas, La Route du Câtillon (G) - see The Amy Family of Le Câtillion de Bas.
633. PAM.EMR; Câtillon de Bas, La Route du Câtillon (G); repeated 1772 - see The Amy Family of Le Câtillion de Bas.
634. PAT.SLC.1683. Pierre Anthoine and Sara Le Couteur; Maison de Haut (St S).
635. PB.1660. Philippe Balleine Snr.; very faded stone above the lintel and behind a lamp on the front of Greenland, Rue de la Presse (St P) - see also 703.
636. PB.1704. Philippe Balleine fils Philippe; window lintel on the first storey of the east dower wing at Greenland, Rue de la Presse (St P) - see also 703.
637. PBL.1605, or PBD, PBN (stone broken). ? Badier or Benest; La Bruyere Fm. (St L).
638. PBL.DDF.EGF.1822. Actually two stones. Me. Philippe Billot of Ville Brée m. (St Mt) 5.1.1820 Douce du Fresne des Vaux. EGF above is Elizabeth Godfray who m. (St S) 20.3.1793 Philippe Billot of Trinity (either fils Elie or Josué). She was widowed in 1796/7 when her husband was lost at sea, appointed as tutrice to her only son, Philippe bap. (St Mt) 23.3.1796, and rebuilt the house for him soon after he married. Holmdale (formerly La Gaupette), La Rue de la Ville Brée (St Mt). See also 1045 and 1046). Ref: Mary Billot's family papers.
639. PBN.MHQ.1811. Philippe Binet (not Benest) and Molly Hocquard of Trinity m. (St H) 25.6.1808 ; Bel Respiro (St H).
640. PBN.SVT.IBN.175.... Philippe Benest and Sara Vautier m. (St L) 21.9.1735, with their son Jean, bap. (St L) 5.6.1737; stone possibly from Mon Plaisir (St L), found in use as a barn step and now over the main door of the modern east wing at La Ruette, La Ruette (St L) - see also 122 and 788.
641. PBP.ARN.1809. Philippe Blampied and Anne Renouf m. (St P) 12.2.1778; Haut du Mont Farm (formerly Glenrose) (St P).
642. PBP.NJ.1832. Philippe Blampied fils Philippe of St Peter and Nancy Jean fille Philippe of St Ouen; Haut du Mont Farm (formerly Glenrose) (St P) see also 777 and 1516..
643. PBS.ILC.1729. Philippe Bisson m. (St H) 16.8.1712 Jeanne le Cras, both from St Peter; Vale Farm (St P)- an inverted lintel over a window in this 1855 building. This is a part of a property which the de Carterets bought from the Bisson family in 1832 - additional information provided by Roger de Carteret.
644. PBS.MGC.1780 (shown) and 1781. Philippe Bisson of Trinity and Marie Gruchy of St John m. (St J) 20.2.1771; Les Ruettes, Rue Coutanche (T).
645. PBT.RDP.1823. Philippe Bertram and Rachel du Parcq, no marriage or children found but they appear as godparents to Elizabeth Amy fille Edouard Amy and Marie Gallie bap. (St S) 30.10.1814; gatepost, La Chasse, Rue du Sacrement (St S) - see also 1263.
646. PC. Philippe Collas (1668-1748); garden bench, St. Martin's House (St Mt).
647. PCB. Cabot; (not found) Les Ifs (T) see also 279 332 818 & 819.
648. PCB.JBL.1883. Philippe Cabot (Constable of Trinity) and Jeanne Billot; Le Catel Farm (T).
649. PCL.1762 and 1763. Philippe Collas (1740-90); roadside walls at Le Relias de St Martin Guest House (formerly St. Martin's House) opposite the Parish Church (St Mt).
650. P (or R) CL (entwined hearts) RLR.1776; a lintel now used as a front door step at Chandos, High Street, St. Aubin (St B), the left hand side of the date is now covered.
651. PCRD.1671. On apple crusher from Les Grandes Rues (St Mt), at La Chaumière, Millbrook (St L).
652. PD.1597. At Sycamore Cottage, La Rue au Moestre (St B).
653. PDC.1661. de Carteret; St. Ouen's Manor (St O).
654. PDC.1707 and heraldic devices. Philippe de Carteret; on outbuildings behind Le Catelet (St J).
655. PDC.EG.1747. Philippe de Carteret of St John and Elizabeth Guerdain m. (St H) 14.12.1738. At Fliquet Mill, Ruelle Vacleuse (St H).
656. PDC.ILB.1723. Pierre de Caen m. Judith Le Brun (St L) 28.9.1701; Ville au Bas (St L) marriage found by Pam Hislop.
657. PDF.IN.1797. Philippe du Fresne m. (St Mt) 15.2.1766 Jeanne Noel; Cintra, La Vallée de Rozel (St Mt).
658. PdG.1686. In wall at Highlands Lane, near Hotel de France. (St H).
659. PDG.EDG.1800. Philippe and Elizabeth de Gruchy m. (T) 11.2.1798; Pièce Mauger, La Rue du Pièce Mauger (T).
660. PDC (not G).EG.1767 (not 1761). Philippe de Carteret of St John (later a Jurat) and Elizabeth Guerdain m. (St H) 14.12.1738; La Haute Ferme, Mont à l'Abbé (St H) - see also 1522.
661.PDG.ELG.1773. Philippe de Gruchy of Trinity and Elizabeth Le Geyt of St Saviour m. (St S) 23.3.1766; Cowley Farm (St S).
662. PDG. MDG.1822. Philippe de Gruchy m. Marie de Gruchy 1791; Le Câtel, Rozel (St Mt). Photograph © Walter Le Quesne
663. PDG.MHC.1733. Philippe (revision from Pierre - 26 July 1998 by Guy Dixon) de Gruchy m. Marie Hocquart 1719; under porch at the north part of Maison du Buisson, La Rue de Dialèment (St S) - see also 40.
664. PDG (single heart) MMRN.1814. Philippe de Gruchy and Marie Renaut m. (T) 31.1.1799. Ville Machon (T).
665. PDG.(entwined hearts) RMSV.1803. Philippe De Gruchy of Trinity and Rachel Messervy of St John m. (St S) 3.2.1779. Formerly a lintel over the door of the roadside cottage at Hautmont, Rue de la Mare des Pres (St J), now inside on the fireplace. Alternative picture at the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archives Architecture Section Catalogue No. 13a 28 - see also 852.
666. PDGC.AMTG.1833. Pierre (not Philippe) de Gruchy and Anne Mattingley m. (St H) 29.11.1834; La Forge (T) built or redeveloped in anticipation of their marriage.
667. PDGC.MAGF.1872. Philippe de Gruchy (fils Philippe) and Marie Anne Godfray m. (St S) February 1858; La Féverie, La Grande Route de Maufant (St S) from Pam Hislop.
668. PDH.ELB.1826. Philippe du Heaume fils Edouard m. (St O) 27.8.1825 Elizabeth Le Breton veuve Rev. François Ricard; La Robeline (St O).
669. PDL.MBQ (a small q).1714. The 4 is reversed. Pierre Dallain and Marie Bosquet; Pierre Dallain was born in France and he and Marie were probably married there. Highland Cottage (St L) from Michele Gayler (reference: The Dallain Family of Jersey by Henry Coutanche CIFHJ).
670. PDL.MNC.1765 displaced lintel on first storey of barns; PDL.MNC.1772 gatepost (not shown), PDL.MNC.1796 another displaced lintel on first storey of barns. Both lintels came from the original house which was demolished in the 1840s. Pierre Dallain and Marguerite Nicolle m. (St J) 26.5.1765. La Chasse, Sion (St J) - see also 514.
671. PDLCN. (entwined hearts) MALB.1899. Philippe David Le Cornu and Mary Ann Le Brun m.1899; Le Tresor, Ville ès Gazeaux (St L). In 1908 this couple moved to Roslyn (St L). The stone from there, which was here in error, has been moved to 1552.
672. PDLM.1846. Philippe de la Mare; Fontaine de Gallie lavoir (St Mt).
673. PDM.ALM.1765 (not 6). Philippe Dumaresq and Ann Le Maistre m. (St M) 18.6.1724; gatepost at Le Mourin Farm,
La Chasse du Mourin (St S) contributed by Pam Hislop.
674. PDM.EM.1684. Philippe Dumaresq and Elizabeth Messervy m. (St S) 23 .11.1680; carved on the side of a corbel at Le Mourin Farm, La Chasse du Mourin (St S) also contributed by Pam Hislop.
675. PDR.1772. Dorey; La Fontaine, Ville à l'Evêque (T).
676. PDR.EGD.1882. Philip Dorey and Elizabeth Gaudin (1871 Census has her maiden name noted) living Ivy Farm, Trinity in 1881 census; Maison Maret (T) now at La Maison Maret (T).
677. PDSC.1743. Pierre de Ste Croix, who m. Elizabeth Mahaut (St L) 29.1.1743/4; Eden Grove (St L).
678. PDSC.EF.1759. Philippe de Ste Croix fils Abraham m. Elizabeth Fiott (St L) 20.7.1760; La Roussetterie (now part of Hollydale Estate), Le Mont Felard (St L) - see also 1542.
679. PDSX.1683. de Ste Croix; at Eden Grove (St L).
680. PDSX.RA. Philippe de Ste Croix m. (St S) 28.3.1679 Rachel Ahier; now damaged and only showing PDS RA. Gable end at La Pepiniere, formerly La Valette, La Ruelle Vacleuse (St H) - his son and grandson are at 138 & 139 - from Pam Hislop.
681. PEN.1694 other letters erased but were thought by Joan Stevens to be ES (see Old Jersey Houses Vol. One, page 64 for Charles Stevens' drawing of the lintel and pages 198-199 for a history of the house and stones). If the ES has been erased those initials are reputed to be those of a fiancée who died. Pierre Esnouf was childless when he passed away; La Porte (St J). For other stones on this property see 350 424 1197 & 1198.
682. PF.1711. Philippe Falle; Rev. P. Falle's House (St S) - which was demolished in 1902 (ref: SJB V p. 200 for an old photograph and pp. 209-210 for a history of the house) and has turned up again at Furze Cottage, Bonnie Nuit (St J), which was built in the 1930s as a summer retreat for the Bailiff Vernon Venables. For two other lost stones from this house
see 822 861. For more on Furze Cottage go to 1204.
683. PF.1738. Rev. Philippe Falle; two cistern heads, The Old Library, Library Place (St H). Left hand side example pictured.
684. PFDLC.ILL. 1825. Philippe François de la Court and Jeanne Le Lièvre of St Martin m. (St L) 8.3.1820; Ville au Veslet (St L).
685. PFO.1679. Pierre Fiott; Oaklands (St L).
686. PFV.EBD.1715. Philippe Fauvel and Elizabeth Bandinel fille Thomas Bandinel and Judith Lemprière m. (St Mt) 19.4.1697; a picture showing this stone in its original position is available at the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive; Architecture Section Catalogue Architecture Section Catalogue 13 a.27. Holly Bank formerly North Lynn (St Mt). This stone resembles 118 (at St John) closely, except the date appears at the bottom and there are two hearts on top of each other between the initials.
687. PG.1638. At Haut du Rué (St Mt).
688. PG. c.1675. ? Philippe Gourré; Bel Air (St S). 689. PG.SM 1760. Philippe Godfray fils Edmund Godfray & Marie de Quettville and Sara Messervy fille George Messervy & Sara Germain m. St Andrews (Guernsey) 7.9.1750; Anneville, La Rue de Guillaume et d'Anneville, Faldouet (St Mt) - see also 698.
690. PGB.1812. Philippe Gibaut; Mainland (St L) demolished in 1978.
691. PGB.ED.1802. Philippe Gibaut m. Elizabeth Dean of St Brelade (St L) 19.5.1794; Mainland (St L) demolished in 1978. A drawing of the stone can be found on page 60 of Joan Stevens' Old Jersey Houses Vol. 2. Illustration Number 39. A picture showing this stone in its original position is available at the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive; Architecture Section Catalogue Architecture Section Catalogue 13 a.18.
692. PGC.1813. Philippe Gruchy; St. Cyr lavoir (St J)
693. PGC.MBD.1746, and 1756. Philippe Gallichan and Madeleine Beaudets m. (St S) 28.4.1743 (as Marie Baudest). Madeleine's name is recorded correctly on the baptism of her children in St Lawrence; L'Ecurie (formerly the barns at Bon Air), La Rue de La Mare Bellam (St L) - see also 701-702.
694. PGC.MDSX.1760. Philippe Gallichan and Marguerite de Ste Croix t.d. St Lawrence m. (St My) 29.5.1753; Sunnyside, Mont Isaac, Ville au Veslet (St L).
695. PGC (entwined hearts) RH.1799, and PGC (entwined hearts) RHM.1807. Pierre Gruchy and Rachel Hamon t.d. St John m. (St S) 13.2.1779. 1799 at Herupe Farm House and 1807 on the barns (now Herupe Cottage), Les Bouillions (St J).
696. PGD.1832. Gaudin; Douet Fleury lavoir (St Mt).
697. PGD.EAB.1817. Philippe Gaudin m. Elizabeth Aubin 1781; first storey lintel at La Clochette (formerly Green Farm) La Rue de Bachauderie (St Mt) - see also 202.
698. PGF.SM.1754. Philippe Godfray fils Edmond Godfray & Marie de Quetteville s.f. and Sara Messervy fille George Messervy & Sara Germain s.f. m. (St Andrews, Guernsey) 16.9.1750. Also recorded in the St Martin's registers as they were both parishioners; fireplace, Devon Villa, Faldouet (St Mt) - see also 689.
699. PGLC.1807. Gallichan; field wall on the site of Jean Gallichan's house (1849 Godfray Map), now hidden by undergrowth and ivy. La Chouquetterie (St Mt). .
700. PGLC.1813. Pierre Gallichan; Fontaine de Gallie lavoir (St Mt).
701. PGLC.CRM.1788. Philippe Gallichan Jnr. of St Lawrence and Catherine Remon of St John m. (St L) 22.3.1769; was on a cottage in front of Bon (not Bel) Air, La Rue de La Mare Bellam (St L) - now demolished.
702.PGLC.MRD.1810. Philippe Gallichan and Marie Rondel t.d. St Lawrence m. (St P) 16.8.1800; Bon (not Bel) Air, La Rue de La Mare Bellam (St L) - see also 693.
703. PhBL.IV IV (not IVN)EL.1705 (below).Elizabeth Journeaux veuve Philippe Balleine bur. (St P) 24.8.1720; this stone was found on the floor in the barns and placed outside on the patio. Greenland, La Rue de la Presse (St P) - see also 635 636.
704. PH GC.EPN.1836. Philippe Gruchy and Elizabeth Pinel m, (St J) 6.3.1813. Plaque on the cottage behind Le Pont Farm, Rue du Pont (St J)
705. PhLG.1649. Philippe Le Geyt; on stairway, Fernhill (St H).
706. PH.AC.1737. Second storey carved window lintel above Ristorante Italiano, Hill Street (St H).
707. PH.IG.1669. PH and date inside a shield, IG on either side. Displaced arch capstone (possibly from the Esplanade) inside 'Le Petit Train' warehouse, Lewis Street (St H) at floor level and painted over. An alternative picture showing this stone is available at the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive; Architecture Section Catalogue Architecture Section Catalogue 13 a.14.
708. Philip Shoosmith, Le 23e.7bre.1748 (who m. Catherine Bertaut 1780); on beam at 19 Hue Street (St H).
709. Philippe Deslandes. 1749. On beam at 19 Hue Street (St H).
710. PHLDX.ELVdD. de Ste Croix and ? Le Vavasueur dit Durell; Rosedale Farm, Mont Cochon (St H).
711. PHM.EIV.1776. Philippe Hamon and Elizabeth Valphy dit Janvrin m. (St B) January 1776 (rest of date not recorded); Sabots d'Or, High Street, St. Aubin (St B).
712. PHM.EN.1824. Pierre Hamon and Elizabeth Noel t.d. St Helier m. (St H) 1.2.1817; St. Clair, Ruelle St Clair, off Mont Cochon (St L).
713. PHM JNM.1875. Pierre Hamon and Jane Norman; gatepost, rear of St. Clair, Mont Cochon (St L) - no date apparent anymore.
714. PHM.MBP.1693 - see Les Câteaux Page.
715. PHPC.1832. Douet Fleury lavoir (St Mt).
716. PH.RN. E.M.PD.1909. Philippe Renouf fils Thomas and Elizabeth Mary Poingdestre fille John m. (St Mt) 2.1.1892. At Le Rué, Rue de la Rué (St Mt).
717. PHT.1813. Pierre Hotton; St. Cyr lavoir (St J)
718. PJR.LAC.1931. Philippe Josué Romeril and Lily Ada Cotillard; Petit Câtelet (St J) - see also 275 792 and 794.
719. PL.ABP. 1819 Philippe Luce and Anne Blampied; Greenland (St L).
720. PL.MR.1707. Philippe Lael m. Marguerite Remon (St My) 23.1.1697/8; Valley Farm (St My).
721. PLR (not PLA). ILQ.1716 : 1816. Just below roof line on roadside cottage behind Ivy Farm, La Rue de L'Etocquet (St J)
722. PLB.1659. Larbalestier; Holmbury (T).
723. PLB.1671 inside a shield. In the roadside wall on Mont Isaac, at the side of La Fontaine, Ville au Veslet (St L).
724. PLB.1687. Pierre Le Bailly; La Vieille Maison, St. Aubin (St B) later owned by the Villeneuve family from No. 938. .
725. PLB.AG.1665. Philippe Larbalestier & Andrée Gallie; La Fosse (T).
726. PLB .EAT.1776. Philippe Labey Jnr. and Elizabeth Anthoine m. (St S) 13.7.1773; Longueville Farm (St S) - contributed by Trevor Labey.
727. PLB.ERD.1870. Philippe Le Brun of St Lawrence (1815-1889) and Esther Rondel of St John (1813-1885) (who bought the property from Anne Nicolle in 1866); Les Saints Germains Farm (St L) from Tina Quimby-Mitchell. See also 581 737 976 and 988.
728. PLB.SDG. Pierre Le Breton m. Sara de Gruchy 1640; Beechfield (T).
729. PLBLG.MLVC.1824. Philippe Le Boulanger and Marie-Elizabeth Le Vesconte m. (as Boulanger) (St H) 10.10.1812; Roseland (G).
730. PLBTL.DBL.1794; the P and L are combined as are the T and L. Philippe Le Boutillier and Douce Balleine m. (St P) 16.1.1778; first storey plaque at La Sergenté, La Rue de la Fontaine (St P).
731. PLC.1685. Philippe Le Caumais; keystone of an arch built into a wall in the old dining rooms at Redwood Apartments, formerly a hotel, Five Oaks (St S) - see also 73 and 1206.
732. PLC.ELVC.1770. Pierre Le Cras m. Elizabeth Le Vesconte (St My) 12.6.1766; Prospering Farm, La Rue du Maistre (St My) - see also 789 and 1436.
733. PLCD. and PLCD.1662. Philippe Le Couteur, Doyen; St. Martin's Rectory (St Mt).
734. PLCN.EGB.ILCN.1716. Pierre Le Cornu m. Elizabeth Gibaut (St O) 14.5.1686, with their son Jean (d. 1743); Les Landes Farm (St O). Elizabeth died in 1716, the date on the stone and this may be the significance of the upside down heart - contributed by Michele Gayler.
735. PLCN.MDMR.1813 Philippe Le Cornu m. Marie Dumaresq (St L) 21.1.1796. At L'Hermitage (St J) contributed by Michele Gayler.
736. PLCT.MLB.1721. Philippe Le Couteur; marriage not found but a Marguerite Le Brocq veuve Philippe Le Couteur was bur. (St P) 8.6.1762; opposite La Caroline (St P).
737.PL.EP.1699. Philippe Laurens fils Pierre m. (St L) 31.10.1688 Elizabeth Poingdestre; Les Sts. Germains Fm. (St L) see also 581 and 975-76.
738. PLF. At La Citadelle (St L).
739. PLF.1822. Philippe Le Feuvre; La Hougue (St P).
740. PLF.ALB.1837. Philippe Le Feuvre and Anne Le Bas; on the barn at Les Niemes Farm, now a seperate dwelling - La Tranche des Niemes, Rue des Niemes (St P). An example of rare italicised stone carving. A alternative picture showing this stone is available at the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive; Architecture Section Catalogue Architecture Section Catalogue 13 a.12.
741. PLG.1716. Philippe Langlois; Morel Fm. (St L).
742. PLG.1832. On Douet Fleury lavoir (St Mt).
743. PLG.HB.1768 - see Les Câteaux Page.
744. PLG.IIB.1777 - see Les Câteaux Page.
745. deleted as it is the same stone as 704.
746. PLM.IL?.1659. Le Maistre; Fosse à l'Ecrivain (St S).
747. 18 P.L.R. (entwined hearts) M.A.G.96. Le Carrefour, La Rue Gambrette (St J).
748. PLR.RLBTL.1811. incorrect reading of stone at 1107.
749. PLS.1674 inside a shield. (not 1679). IN.CB on either side and another PLS. The 4 is back to front, hence the misreading as a 9. Arch at a warehouse on the Esplanade (St H) near Grand Hotel - see also 856.
750. PLS.1767. ? Le Sueur; from a house in Hue Street (St H) - now demolished. .
751. PLS.AJD.1902. At La Ronde Porte, Maufant (St S).
752. PLV. On Fireplace, Les Augerez Fm. (St P).
753. PM.1734. ? Pierre Mauger; on the front of the well head at La Fontaine St Martin, Ville au Veslet (St L) - see above.
754. PM.MP.1628 with heraldic devices in shields for each family and a fleur-de-lys above the date. Philippe Messervy (Seigneur of Bagot) m. Marie Pipon (St S) August 1616; now in the attic of the barn at the rear of Bagot Manor Farm, Bagot Manor Road (St S) - see also 213. Not much fun getting up there!
755. PMG.1751. Pierre Mauger who m. Elizabeth Marett; Maison du Coin (St L).
756. PMG.SLF.1790. Pierre Mauger fils Pierre fils Pierre m. Susanne Le Feuvre fille Jean fils Jean (St O) 9.2.1789; Maison de la Ruette (St O).
757. PML.MC.1762. Pierre Mallet m. Marie Chepmell (St H) 5.6.1759; look up! 2nd storey wall at front of Hambros, Broad Street, St. Helier (St H).
758. PMR.AIV.1796. Philippe Marett fils Edouard m. (St B) 17.1.1795 Anne Valphy dit Janvrin; La Haule Manor (St B). Photograph contributed by Ray Le Pivert.
759. PMR.RLR.1867. Philippe Mourant m. Rachel Le Riche (St H) 26.3.1831; Haut du Mont au Prêtre (St H) - ancestors of Trevor Martin.
760. PMSV.1833. Philippe Messervy, who m. Elizabeth Le Neveu (St H) 1.12.1827 t.d. St Clement; main house at Hamptonne, L'Hocq Lane (St C).
761. PMSV.ETZ.1786. Philippe Messervy and Elizabeth Touzel; m. (St C) 9.6.1772; overgrown lintel on older roadside house, now partially garaging, at Hamptonne, L'Hocq Lane (St C).
762. PM?T.P&?8.1606. At Rockstone (St Mt).
763. PN.1609. At Le Câtelet (St J).
764. PN.1689 (was1682). Philippe Nicolle; at La Biarderie (T).
765. PN (single heart) MV 1805, front of L'Augillion (G) now partly obscured by a wooden porch.
766.PNC.(unfinished block) 1766. Nicolle; Hérupe, Les Boullions (St J).
767. PNC.LPT.1873. Philippe Nicolle & Louisa Mary Porter; La Biarderie (T).
768. PNC.MBN.1737. Pierre Nicolle m. Marie Binet (T) 11.11.1736; La Hauteur, Rue de la Chenale (T).
769. PNC.MFV.1816. Pierre Nicolle of St Lawrence and Marie Fauvel of St Saviour m. (St S) 11.2.1792; Bu de la Rue, Coin Hâtain (St L).
770. PNC.MLQ.1796. (previously listed as MLG) Philippe Nicolle of Trinity m. (St H) 15.6.1793 Marguerite Le Quesne of St Helier; in wall (above blocked doorway) on La Rue Coutanche near Ville à l'Evêque (T).
771. PNM.MRM.1753. Philippe Norman and Marie Remon; Les Bessieres, Rue de la Ville au Bas (St L).
772. PNM.RNBk.1834. Philippe Norman and Rachel Narcombe Baker of Sark m. there 1833; children baptised in Trinity from 1835 onwards. Ville ès Normans (T).
773. PP.ALS.1834. Philippe Payn of St Martin and Anne Le Sueur of Trinity m. (St H) 17.12.1808; lintel now painted white at Le Huquet House (formerly The Granite House), La Rue du Huquet (St Mt).
774. PP.AMR.1776. Philippe Payn and Anne Marett m. (St L) 3.12.1773; first storey lintel at Le Colombier (St L).
775. PP.EA.1716. Philippe Payn m. Elizabeth Alexandre (G) 8.5.1692; Corbel at La Pelotte, La Rue à Don (G).
776. PP.I.1632. Pierre Pipon m. Judith Effard (St S) 14.5.1623; La Retraite (St S).
777. PPC.SBP.1763. Picot and Blampied, based on the burial of Sarah Blampied femme Philippe Picot (St P) 26.1.1774. No marriage found or issue in St Peter; Haut du Mont Farm (formerly Glenrose) (St P) see also 641/42 and 1516.
778. PPD.1852; Philippe Poingdestre. Plaque on the front of Cherry Tree Cottage, Sandybrook Lane (St L).
779. PPD.ILS.1815. Philippe Poingdestre (of St Saviour) and Jeanne Le Sueur (of St Martin) m. (G) 30.3.1802; Champ Collin (St S).
780. PPL.ED (not L) S.1834. Philippe Pallot and Elizabeth Dorsey had children baptised in St Martin between 1823-1840; La Sergenté, La Grande Route de Rozel (St Mt). An alternative picture of this stone is available at the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive; Architecture Section Catalogue 13 a.7.
781. PR.GM.1?19. At La Rosiere (St J).
782.PRCS.ELS.1846 (was 1816). Philippe Richardson of St Martin and Elizabeth Le Sueur of St Saviour m. (St H) 16.7.1825; roadside wall on Rue des Côtils (St Mt).
783. PRD.1831. Philippe Rondel; Le Petit Câtelet 2 (St J).
784.'s. 1795; 19a's. 1796. Philippe and Jean Rondel; La Guerdainerie (T) - see Ecclesiastical Stones.
785. PRD.ELR.1795, and 1817. Philippe Rondel & Elizabeth Le Riche m. (T) 14.4.1796; La Guerdainerie, La Rue Guerdain (T) - identification by Tina Quimby-Mitchell. Their daughter's stone can be seen at La Valette Page. Other stones on this property at 1146.
786. PRM.1660. Philippe Remon; Broadfields Cottage (St L).
787. PRM.1774. Philippe Remon; Broadfields Cottage (St L).
788. PRMR.ECT.1716. Philippe Rummeril (sic) m. Elizabeth Coutanche (St L) 25.6.1714; overgrown lintel at La Ruette, La Ruette (St L) - see also 122 and 640.
789. PRN.1746 (not 2). At Prospering Farm, La Rue du Maistre (St My) - see also 789 and 1436.
790. PRN.MAM (on lintel of barn); PRN.MAM.1805 (on rear of house, painted over and 2/3rds covered by guttering); PRN.MAM. 1813 (on first storey of barn); PRN.MAM. 1824 (damaged and reused in conservatory). Philippe Renault and Marie Amy t.d. Trinity m. (St S) 24.1.1795; La Ville Machon, La Grande Route de La Côte (T).
791. PRN.MDG.1789. PRN (single heart) MDG.1789. Philippe Renault and Marie de Gruchy m. (T) 27.6.1762; above old front door - partly obscured by rose bush. La Ville Machon, La Grande Route de La Côte (T).
792. PRR.1829. Philippe Romeril; Le Petit Câtelet (St J) - see also 275 718 and 794.
793. PRR.ALF.1791. Philippe Romeril and Anne Le Feuvre m. (St S) 25.1.1785; on the lintel of the roadside cottage at Windsor House (St L) but badly damaged and almost completely illegible.
794. PRR.MMG.1806. Philippe Romeril m. Marie Mauger (St L) 19.1.1772; Le Petit Câtelet (St J) - see also 275 718 and 792.
795. PRV.1740. Philippe Rive, who married Rachel Du Heaume in 1738 (not Marguerite Paris as previously listed) La Maison des Cotils, St. Peter's Valley (St P).
796. PS.1611. Pierre Seale who married Sara Clement (St B) 14.2.1598; two fireplaces, the first in reception and the other in the dining room (with reversed S), Old Court House Hotel, St. Aubin (St B).
797. PS.1668 (letters inside a shield). Pierre Seale who married Marie de Carteret (St B) 26.7.1675; fireplace in the downstairs bar at the Old Court House Hotel, St. Aubin (St B).
798. PS.(single heart) CI.1732. Carved in the centre of a long lintel at the front of Ker Anna House, lane behind The Hollies, La Rue du Crocquet, St. Aubin (St B).
799. PSH. SBD.1712. Philippe Sohier fils Lorans m. Suzanne Badier fille Renault (St Mt) 12.11.1684; lintel on the south facing lower wing of Milton Farm, La Rue Belin (St Mt) - see also 397 and 405.
800. PT.SCT.1743. Philippe Tocque of St Brelade and Susanne Coutanche of St Peter m. (St B) 17.10.1738. At Treoville (St P).
801. PTC.ICB.1748. Philippe Trachy and Jeanne Corbet m. (St My) 14.11.1707 not retrospective despite the gap of 41 years between their marriage and the date on the stone. Philippe and Jeanne were both buried in 1772; Les Jardins, near Six Rues (St My).
802. PTCJRR.1834; Les Jardins, near Six Rues (St My). This is an error , the 'P' is an 'I'- see 494.
803. PTC.MLHQ.1777. Philippe Trachy (1749-1817) grandson of Philippe Trachy (No. 801) m. Marie Le Huquet (St My) 28.9.1775 ; Les Jardins, near Six Rues (St My) - contributed by Marie Trachy
804. PTR.SVT.1830. Philippe Thoreau of St Mary m. (St P) 16.4.1812 Susanne Vautier; October House, Mont des Routeurs (St P).
805. PVB.ERN.1765. Philippe Vibert & Elizabeth Renouf m. (St My) 21.9.1754. On well, Fern Valley (St My).
806. PVB. (upside down entwined hearts) IAT.1746. Philippe Vibert of St Peter & Jeanne Arthur m. (St My) 1.3.1739; Beech Farm, La Rue ès Viberts (St P).
807. PVD.1832. Philippe Vardon; Douet Fleury lavoir (St Mt).
808. PVD.1846. Philippe Vardon; Fontaine de Gallie lavoir (St Mt).
809. PVT.EMDLH.1889. Philip Vautier of St Ouen and Elizabeth M. de la Haye of St Saviour - 1891 Census Index: St Saviour District 5; Folio 36; Page 1. Sion Villas, and Sion Cottage, La Rue St Thomas, Longueville (St S).
810. PVV.MMR.1729. Philippe Vivian and Marie Mourant m. (St S) 24.1.1710/11; St. Mannelier (St S) now converted into separate units as St Mannelier Close (1998).
811. PW.1767. On drinking trough, from Le Marais, now at La Pompe (St My).
812. RAL.1761. Anley; Beau Sejour, opposite Maitland (St H).
813. RB.SBH. (in a shield)1670. Raulin Benest and Sara Bailhache m. (St L) 3.2.1663; displaced arch capstone, partially covered by fruit trees, on the outbuildings at Mon Plaisir, Mont au Meunier (St L).
814. RBD.1711. At Rozel Manor Farm, Rue des Mares (St Mt).
815. RC.IP.1696; old lintel now placed to the right of a window at the back of Coutanche Farm, Rue Coutanche (T).
816. RCT.MMG.1725; first storey plaque at Coutanche Farm, Rue Coutanche (T).
817. RDB.ECN.1742. (not EGN). Richard Dolbel bur. (St J) 28.3.1745 and Elizabeth Coignard his wife bur. (St J) 26.12.1742 - marriage missing from registers. Elizabeth Malzard married their son.Le Vivier, La Route de Mont Mado (St J) see also 907.
818. RDF.1735. Richard du Feu, who m. Elizabeth Gruchy (T) 11.5.1737; barn lintel on northern wing outbuildings at Les Ifs (T) - see also 279 332 647 & 819.
819. RDF.EG.29 Mo.8br.1746. Richard du Feu m. Elizabeth Gruchy (T) 11.5.1737; 1st storey plaque, south side of Les Ifs (T) - difficult to photograph without direct sunlight. See also 279 332 647 818 and Du Feu of Trinity.
820. RDG.IAT. 1723 de Gruchy and Arthur; a displaced lintel on the pool house behind Le Carrefour, Le Rue Mahier (St My) - see also 304.
821. RDM.1726. Richard Dumaresq; on sundial, Le Petit Ponterrin (St S).
822. RET.MLB.1766. Richard Estur m. Marie Labey (St S) 24.11.1762; Rev. Philippe Falle's House (St S) - which was demolished in 1902 (ref: SJB V p. 200 for an old photograph and pp. 209-210 for a history of the house) and the stone was long lost - rediscovered 28.3.2000 in use as a barn lintel at St Clement's Farm, Route de St Clement (St C). See also 682 (which was rediscovered in 1999) and 861.
823. RF.MLF.1791. Richard Falle of Grouville m. (St My) 20.11.1775 Marie Le Feuvre of St Martin. Left hand side of Warrington House, now called Clos des Fleurs, Gorey Village (G) - contributed by Anita Rayson.
824. RHM.1663. Richard Hamon; Les Câteaux (T).
825. RI.R.1608. At Longueville Manor (St S).
826. RJTL, also read as ROSE or NOTE; on sundial, Picket House, Royal Square (St H).
827. RLB. A displaced corbel at Les Colombiers (St My).
828. RLB.1794. On sundial, Maison Charles (St L).
829. RLF.MLF.1734. Rolin Laffoley and Marie Lafolley; Mon Sejour, Augerez (St P).
830. RLG.1666. Richard Langlois; large arch capstone at Morel Farm, La Rue de la Fontaine St Martin (St L) - pedestrian arch capstone at 571.
831. RLG.1675. Raulin Langlois; west gable end corbel at La Vielle Demure (formerly the oldest part of Broadfields), Les Chanolles de Six Rues (St L) - see also 392.
832. RLM.MLS.1687. St. Saviour/Trinity boundary stone. This stone begins with a P and its function is incorrectly described - the correct version is now at 1643.
833. removed as incorrect.
834. RRB.MDC.1715 (not 1713). Raulin Robin and Marie de Carteret. Marie believed to have been bapt. (T) 28.12.1671, also married to Nicolas Bailhache. Raulin was a Jurat; square plaque just below the roof line at Ty Anna, High Street, St. Aubin (St B) from Pam Hislop.
835. RVP.CCV.1756. Richard Valpy and Catherine Chevalier m. (T) 11.12.1753; Les Ruettes (St J) identified by Jean Arthur.
836. S-1664. Gable stone, South View (St S).
837. SD.NLG.1624. Originally between Trafalgar Hotel and neighbouring property, Mont Les Vaux, St. Aubin (St B). A picture showing this stone when it was uncovered in 1986 is available at the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive; Architecture Section Catalogue 13 a.3. Labelled as originally at Tenby, Market Hill, St Aubin (St B) but now at Gracelands, Rue de Croiserie (T).
838. SDG. PLB. TLB. MLB. SLB. ELB. ELB. Sara de Gruchy, who m. Pierre Le Breton fils Servais 1640 (T), and her six children, Pierre Jnr., Thomas, Marie, Sara, Elizabeth and Esther; barn at rear of Beechfield House, Beechfield Lane (T). Joan Stevens had assumed that this was the only stone in Jersey where the wife appeared before her husband and listed only five children, missing out Pierre Jnr. (assuming PLB was for Pierre Snr.) - corrected by Margaret Le Breton.
839. SI. ? Saint Jean; at Le Grand Câtelet (St J) depicted as part of the datestone at 53.
840. SLF.SHB.1715. Plaque on west wing of Les Chasses (St J), brought from elsewhere, possibly Pier Road (St H).
841. SLG.EFL. Simon Le Grand and Esther Fallu m. (St My) 10.4.1791. Gatepost of field on Mont de l'Ecole (St P) see also 1492.
842. SLM.NLF.1700. La Croute Cottage, Rue de la Croute (St O).
843. SLP.MMG.1715. Simon Lemprière m. Marie Mauger (St My) 6.3.1707/8; displaced lintel in the low roadside wall of the drive leading to Laburnum, La Rue des Buttes (St My).
844. SMR.1813. Simon Marett (not Samuel); St. Cyr lavoir (St J) corrected by Walter Le Quesne.
845. SMR.E.1670. I think this was intended to be read SM ER. Sill from the 16th Century, carved with initials later and turned upside down to be used as a lintel. Now over a window at Haut de Tombette (St My) see also 491.
846. SN. and SN.1751. Sara Neel (wife of Clement Aubin Jnr.) who built this house for her son Clement Aubin; Terrabonne, La Rue ès Philippes (G) - see 44.
847. TAB.ELC.1823. At Mon Plaisir (St My) corrected by Colette Stevens (was listed as ELG) - see also 1200.
848. TAB.ITZ.1778. Thomas Aubin of Grouville and Jeanne Touzel of St Clement m. (St Mt) 4.12.1759, La Ville ès Philippes, La Rue ès Philippes (G).
849. TAH.1832. Thomas Ahier; Douet Fleury lavoir (St Mt).
850. TB.1766. Guerin fecit. On sundial at The Museum (St H).
851. TBG. I (previously omitted) MSV.1809 (not 1909). Thomas Beaugié and Jeanne Messervy m. (St Mt) 12.1.1783; Le Pavillon (St Mt) - see also 506.
852.TC.EV.1670. Thomas Chevallier and Esther Vallepy fille d' Abraham Vallepy m. (St J) 9.10.1656 - marriage from Henry Coutanche; fireplace, Hautmont, La Rue de la Mare des Pres (St J) - see also 665.
853. TCAH.IHC.1820; Thomas Charles Ahier of Trinity and Jeanne Hocquard of St Martin m. (St S) 17.7.1787; Rosedale, Gorey Village (G) - identified by Anita Rayson, with marriage from Pam Hislop.
854. T.CB (entwined hearts) C.E.LV.1908 ( M. removed from second set of initials & date was listed as 1903) Thomas Cabot Jnr. and Clara Elizabeth Le Vesconte m. (T) 27.8.1887. Roadside arch at Le Carrefour, La Rue ès Picots (T) - see also 980 & 981. Marriage from John Cabot.
855. TCB.RCB.1764. Thomas Cabot m. Rachel Cabot (T) 26.9.1742; Champs Rault (now flats), near La Planque, La Verte Rue (T).
856. TCLG.1879. Warehouse near the Grand Hotel, Esplanade (St H) - see also 749 for the rest of the arch.
857. TDG.1683. Thomas de Gruchy who married the daughter of Aaron Benest circa 1682; Sous les Bois (T).
858. TDG 1743 does not begin with a T and has been moved to 1644.
859. TDG.MDF.1765. Thomas de Gruchy and Marie du Feu m. (T) 31.12.1752; Piece Mauger, La Rue du Pièce Mauger (T)- see also 1079.
860. TDG.RVB.1728.Thomas de Gruchy and Rachel Vibert; Pièce Mauger, La Rue du Pièce Mauger (T).
861. TF. Thomas Falle, ancestor of the historian Rev. Philippe Falle; on family home near St. Mannelier (St S) - which was demolished in 1902 (ref: SJB V p. 200 for an old photograph and pp. 209-210 for a history of the house) and the stone is long lost. See also 682 (which has been rediscovered) and 822.
862. TFL.MNM.1810. Thomas Filleul and Marie Norman t.d. Grouville m. (St S) 10.5.1800. At Vicq Fm. (G).
863. TFL (entwined hearts) HGB 1834. Thomas Falla Gent. and Dlle. Henriette Gibaut m. (St J) 29.4.1834; west wing of Les Buttes (St J).
864. TGF.1689. Thomas Godfray; Meadow Vale (G).
865. TGM.RLS.1640. Thomas Guillaume m. Rachel Le Sueur (St S) 11.6.1669; La Boucterie (St S).
866. TLB.1669, 1671, 1673, and TLB.SPD. Thomas Le Breton m. Sara Poingdestre (St S) 27.11.1678; Beechfield (T). .
867. TLB.EBT.1767 (the 7 is reversed) and 1769. Thomas Labey and Elizabeth Bertram m. (G) 15.2.1748/9. 1767 on outbuilding steps and 1769 at the top of right hand entrance gate of La Fontaine, La Rue des Côtils (G).
868. TLC.MGB.1701. Thomas Le Cras and Marie Gibaut, marriage not found; La Ferme Martel, now Glencoe, La Grande Route de St Laurens (St L) - only the 'M' of Marie Gibaut's initials survives (October 1999).
869. TLG.MB.1606. Thomas Le Goupil dit Guerdain and Marie Benest; Portelet Inn (St B) - which (they think) allows them to boast that the inn was founded in 1606!
870. TLHDY.1792. Thomas Le Hardy, who m. Françoise Dumaresq 1768; in field wall, Le Petit Ponterrin (St S) - see also 1324.
871. TLHDY.FDMR.1793. Thomas Le Hardy m. Françoise Dumaresq 1768; in the roadside wall of the site of Maison du Roux, Springfield Road (St H) - see also 1324.
872. TLHQ.EDLM. 1827. Thomas Le Huquet and Elizabeth de la Mare m. (St Mt) 27.11.1808; Le Villot, formerly L'Ecurie, Rue des Côtils (St Mt).
873. TLM.MR.1889. Thomas Le Marinel fils Thomas and Marie Remon fille Helier m. (St J) 9.5.1889; St. Blaise (St J).
874. TLP.ADB.1820. Thomas Lemprière m. (St J) 1.8.1819 Ann Dolbel; Eileenid Villas, Route du Mont Mado (St J) - contributed by Pam Hislop.
875. TLS.1709. At Green Farm, La Route du Mont Mado (St J).
876. TM. At Faldouet Lodge (St Mt).
877. TM.E.1661.Thomas Mourant m. Elizabeth Ahier (St S) 24.1.1637/8; damaged keystone from a long lost arch at La Ferrière, Princes Tower Road (St S) from Pam Hislop.
878. TMfB.EL.1632. At Maison Pelgué (St S).
879. TM.SAB.1683. Timothée Mourant and Susanne Aubin m. (St S) 25.5.1681; a broken door lintel (the 3 is cut in half) reused as a window lintel on outbuildings due to be developed at Champ Collin (St S).
880. TMR.170-. Last number of the date removed when the corbel was shaved off (was a 9), M and R merged. Thomas Morel; on the outbuildings behind Leda House, Le Chemin de Montagnes (St L) - see 882.
881. TMR.1782. Thomas Morel (b. 1745); lintel on north facing wing at La Maison Guingeval, Les Charrieres Mallorey (St L).
882.TMR (entwined hearts) AMR.1841. Thomas Morel and Ann Mourant t.d. St Clement m. (St H) 6.2.1836; front door lintel at Leda House, Le Chemin de Montagnes (St L) - awkward to photograph because of the size of the porch - see 880.
883. TMS.EVP.1751. Thomas Messervy and Elizabeth Valpy m. (St Mt) 22.1.1745; Les Alpes Cottages (St Mt).
884. TMS.MDB.1741. Thomas Messervy and Marie Dolbel; now in the roadside wall of Les Alpes (St Mt) to the left of the gates.
885. TMSV.1832. T. Messervy; Douet Fleury lavoir (St Mt).
886. TP.MN.IP.KAL.1732. Two generations. Thomas Pridaux and Marie Nicolle m. (St J) 7.10.1708; Jean Pridauld (recorded as Priaulx) m. Katherine Alexandre (St B) 7.1.1723/4; Les Grés, Quaisne (St B).
887. TP.SP. Thomas Pipon (Constable 1708-13) & Suzanne Pipon m. (St B) 14.2.1704/5; near Wesley House, St. Aubin's Bulwark's (St B).
888. TPC (star motif) EGLC.1889. Thomas Perchard and Elise Gallichan m. (St H) 1.11.1877; Les Routeurs, Les Routeurs (St S) - marriage from Anne at the Webbe Family - see also 464 (which is directly above it).
.889. TPE or PTE.1737. Cistern head, L'Ancienneté, High Street, St. Aubin (St B).
890. TPN.MLG 1802. Thomas Pinel and Marguerite Le Gros of St Lawrence m. (St H) 13.7.1793. First storey of the west wing, with the date on a lintel above it, half hidden by the roof line. L'Augée Farm, Mont à l'Abbé (St H).
891. TRN.SGD.1883 and TRN.SGD with 1904 above. Thomas Renouf fils Thomas and Suzanne Gaudin fille John m. (St Mt) 1.3.1878;1883 Coach House and 1904 potato barn at Le Câtillon, Rue des Charrieres (St Mt) - see also 136 219 1187 1188 .
892. TSH.1832. T. Sohier; Douet Fleury lavoir (St Mt).
893. W.C.R.A.E.R.1899. William Charles Renouf (merchant) fils Nicolas and Amelia Esther Renouf fils Thomas Philippe of St Martin m. (St S) 31.10.1861; wall of barn at La Ville Brée, La Rue de la Ville Brée (St Mt).
894. WF. William Fortescue; Governor's House, Elizabeth Castle (St H).
895. WGQ.1664. William Jenkins (whose son was baptized at St. Lawrence in 1663); inside cottage at Carrefour Jenkins (St L).
896. WK.1700; corbel at L'Espethance, formerly L'Armistice, Rue du Crocquet, St Aubin (St B) corrected by Colette Stevens (thought to be IK for Jean Kastell - confirmed by photographic evidence - close up shot made possible by scaffolding around the property in July 2000).
897. WS.1644. William Snow; Albany House, La Grande Route de St Laurens (St L).
898. WS.MM. William Snow m. M. Mauger 1704; Springland, Millbrook (St L).
899. X.1598. see DL.B 101. Broken arch capstone at La Chasse, Sion (St J).

Inscriptions in which the opening letters are illegible
900. -AM.MML.1818. Amy and Mallet; Catillon de Bas (G) - see 1183 and The Amy Family of Le Câtillion de Bas. The first letter is a P.
901. 16 ILM- I- (not ILM.1716); Rear door lintel at Chestnut Farm, Quaisne (St B) - see also 383.
902. -MHM.1664. The first letter is an 'I'. ? and Hamon; upside down in the entrance to the eastern outbuildings at Ville ès Gros (St L) - see also 16 342 and 1269.
903. -R. (upside down heart) MN.1740. On step in garden, Chestnut Farm, Quaisne (St B) - see also 383.
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