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Parish Abbreviations

St Helier (St H) Trinity (T) Grouville (G) St Martin (St Mt) St Mary (St My) St Brelade (St B) St John (St J) St Ouen (St O) St Saviour (St S) St Clement (St C) St Lawrence (St L) St Peter (St P)

Jersey has a variety of milestones scattered around the Island, ranging from elaborate to simple, from informative to commemorative. All share one common function, to indicate the number of miles to the base of the statue in the Royal Square in St Helier.
1 mile marker on Bagatelle Road (St Saviour )
1 mile marker on Queens Road (St Helier).
H1: Grande Route de Ste Aubin (St Helier).
2 mile marker at the Jersey Milk Marketing Board, Five Oaks (St Saviour).
S1 Bagot Road (St Saviour)
St. C 2 and 3 both on St Clement's Inner Road.
ST L 3 Grande Route de Ste Laurens, ST L 2: Mont Felard and L2 at the foot of Rue de Haut, near Mont Felard (St L).
P3. Beaumont Village (St P).
B3: La Route de Haule (St B).
B4: La Route du Coin (St Brelade).
P4. Old Beaumont Hill (St P)
G3: La Rue à Don and G4 Les Hoummets, Gorey Village (Grouville)
3 and 4 mile markers on La Grande Route de Ste Jean (St J).
4 & 5: Two stones carved by the same stonemason. The first is in St Peter's Valley and the second on La Rue de la Vallée, on the St Mary/St Peter border.
5: La Route des Issues (St John).
5: At the bottom of Les Charrières du Boulay, Bouley Bay (St John) - rather eroded. From Geraint Jennings.
7: Greve de Lecq (St My) and B7 at the top of La Mont de Pulente (St B).

St Ouen
The junction of Route de Vinchelez and La Route de Marais. John Le Masurier was the director of the States of Jersey Roads Committee.

St Brelade
Exclusive to this page:
At the bottom of Mont Les Vaux,
St Aubin. A multi-function stone
erected in 1865 when the Route de
St Brelade was opened. It serves as
a milestone (see base) giving a
reading of 4 miles to the Royal Square.
It names the road and those responsible
for it's construction - St Brelade Constable
Joshua Brayn (who was born in St Helier
and by the time of the 1871 census was
living in St Saviour - see 1548!) and the
contractor F. Luce.
It gives directions to St Aubin, Beaumont
and St Helier on one side and the Parish
Churches of St Brelade, St Peter and St
Ouen on the other.
Photograph by Geraint Jennings.

All three of these stones were erected in 1838 when the the parishioners of
Trinity (after many appeals) finally gained good roads to replace the muddy
tracks that linked up with General Don's Military roads, which had been built between 1806 and 1815.
1. La Rue es Picots (T) near the Bouley Bay turn off
TGLC - Thomas Gallichan
JPC - Jean Perchard
JDR - Jean Dorey
GLB - George Larbalestier
and two other names (there were three Roads Committee members) now under the tarmac
4 miles to Royal Square, St Helier
Thomas Gallichan was Constable of Trinity from 1833 to 1839 with a second term from
1849 to 1852 and an Ecrivan of the Royal Court. He married (T) 17.12.1831 Fanny, the
daughter and heiress of his predecessor as Constable, Philippe Le Maistre. They lived at
the Le Maistre property Brasdefer, Augrés (T).
Jean Perchard was a Trinity Centenier, as was Jean Dorey, who was also a member of the Comité des Chemins, along with George Larbalestier.
2. Rozel Road (T)
Rozel Road
GB - George Binet (?)
P Le M - Philippe Le Masurier a member of the Comité des Chemins.
JTA - Jean Thomas Ahier Rector of Trinity
GB - George Binet (?)
TG - Thomas Gruchy (?)
FG - François Gruchy (?)
5 miles to Royal Square, St Helier.
3. Rozel Harbour (T)
TGLC - Thomas Gallichan
GLB - George Larbalestier (as No. 1)
JDR - Jean Dorey (as No. 1)
PLM - Philippe Le Masurier (as No. 2) Comité des Chemins
PDG - Philippe de Gruchy Vingtenier de la Croiserie (T) and Inspecteur des Chemins for Rozel
POM - Pierre Auguste Omont - the Contractor
6 miles to Royal Square, St Helier.
Identifications by Alex Glendinning and Michael Vautier. Photographs © Alex Glendinning.

Trinity Parish Officials from the 1838 edition of the Chronique de Jersey

Thomas Gallichan, gent., sermenté le 12 Novembre 1836.
M. Jean Perchard, le 18 Novembre 1836.
M. Jean Dorey, le 22 Juillet 1837.
MM. Jean Du Fresne, pour le vingtaine de Rozel.
Josué Le Masurier, f. Ph., de la Ville à l'Evêque.
Philippe Tourgis, des Augrès.
Jean De Caen, du Rondin.
Ph. De Gruchy, de la Croiserie.
Officiers du Connétable
MM. Jean Daniel Cabot, François Alexandre,
Jean Le Sueur, jun., Matthieu Le Gallais
Ph. De Gruchy, Thomas De Gruchy,
Jean De Gruchy, Jas. Le Vavasseur dit Durell,
Chs. De La Haye, Philippe Gruchy, jun.,
Philippe Godfray,jnr., Philippe Renouf, jun.
Messrs. François-Charles Ahier, jun., et Ph. Nicolle f. J.
Procurers du bien public
MM. Jean Le Gros et Nicolas Le Quesne
Membres du Comité des Chemins
MM. G. Larbalestier, Ph. Le Masurier et Jean Dorey
Vingtenier Militaire - M. Jean-Daniel Cabot
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