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Parish Abbreviations

St Helier (St H) Trinity (T) Grouville (G) St Martin (St Mt) St Mary (St My) St Brelade (St B) St John (St J) St Ouen (St O) St Saviour (St S) St Clement (St C) St Lawrence (St L) St Peter (St P)

1. AB.CCL.1733. Abraham Bertram and Collette Collas m. (St M) 13.5.1674; Grasfort, La Grande Route de Faldouet, now part of Ransome's Garden Centre (St Mt) - see also 50.
2. ABL. MLH.1774. Amice Balleine (of St My) and Marie Le Hardy (of St S) m. (St S) 25.10.1760; The Elms (St My). Note the upside-down heart.
3. ABP.MLR.1757. Abraham Blampied (of St L) and Marie Laurens (of St P) m. 24.1.1724/5; Stamford, Le Pissot (St L) courtesy of Margaret and Peter Ward.
4. Abraham de Carteret Fescvyer Seigneur de St. Ian.1692; farm bell, Vinchelez de Bas (St O).
5. ACB MP on shield background 1679 (date on either side of shield) and ICB added below. Aaron Cabot and Marie Poingdestre (based on her burial (T) 11.8.1710 as 'femme Aaron' - no marriage found.) Aaron bur. (T) 10.3.1715/6 and Jean Cabot fils Aaron bap. (T) 20.8.1660 godparents: Michel Poingdestre & sa mere; on keystone of an arch in roadside flower bed in front of Augrès Farm, La Rue du Moulin de Bas (T). For new discovery at Augrès Farm see 1740.
6. ADC. Abraham de Carteret; La Hougue Boëte (St J).
7. ADC. 1730. Amice de Carteret; Vinchelez de Bas (St O).
8. A( Now missing) DC(entwined) I DG(entwined)1681. Abraham de Carteret jr. and Jeanne de Gruchy; corbel at Les Buttes, La Rue des Buttes (St J) - see also 19 592 593 and 863.
9. ADP.SR.1726. ? and Robin; intact arch inside Le Houllibecq and Sons Paint Store, Robin Place (St H).
10. ADSX.EPD.1772. Abraham de Ste Croix and Elizabeth Poingdestre m. (St H) 23.12.1748; Douceville (formerly Penny Cottage), Fern Valley (St H) - difficult to photograph as covered in climbing plants.
11. ADV.IMGF.1786. Aaron de Veulle and Jeanne Marguerite Godfray m. (St C) 5.6.1765; at the back of Slate House, La Grande Route de St Clement, (St C).
12. ADV.MLNV 1806 Aaron de Veulle and Marguerite Le Neveu m. (St C) 29.4.1795; Beachside, L' Hocq Lane (St C).
13. AF.1688. Sundial from Bel Royal, at Le Tilleul, Rue de Haut (St L).
14. AF.MN.1715, the 'N' is reversed. Aaron Falle of St Saviour and Marie Nicolle of Grouville m. (G) 16.11.1705; on outbuildings at Clairfield, La Rue de la Guilleaumerie (St S).
15. AGB.ECT. 1900. Abraham Gibaut fils Jean and Elizabeth Coutanche fille Henry of St John m. (St L) 19.12.1869; Les Vaux (St L).
16. AGD.IGL.1748. Abraham Godel of St Lawrence m. Jeanne Le Gallais of St John (St J) 2.8.1729; carved on the side of a gable end corbel stone, the main house at La Ville ès Gros (St L) - see also 342 902 and 1269.
17. AGLB.FLR.1920. Alfred Gresley Le Brun fils Jean and Florence Louisa Renouf fille Charles Jean m. (St Mn) 29.12.1897; Beaulieu (T) contributed by Pam Hislop - see also 223 & 1280.
18. AGF (not P); Ivy House, St. Aubin (St B) - see 1006.
19. AH.1707. Hue; corner stone on the northwest side of Les Buttes, La Rue des Buttes (St J) no picture as it is very worn and partially covered by a tree - see also 8 592 593 and 863.
20. ALC.ILC.1743. La Pierre des Trois Milles (St S) - this stone starts with an F and has been moved to 1578.
21. ALF.1675. ? Abraham Le Feuvre and Katherine Huelin m. (St P) 30.11.1642; Lowlands (St P).
22. ALF.ELC.1782. Abraham Le Feuvre dit Filiastre and Elizabeth Le Cour m. (St P) 18.7.1773; Lowlands (St P).
23. ALF.II.1747. Abraham Le Feuvre dit Filiastre (of St P) and Judith Jean (of St O) m. (St H) 30.4.1747; Lowlands (St P).
24. ALG.AAL.1773. Abraham Le Geyt (of St S) m. Anne Alexandre (of St S) (St H) 9.5. 1742. Le Geyt Farm (St S) demolished in the1970s; this lintel is now lost.
25. ALG.IEN.1832. Abraham Le Geyt & Jeanne Esnouf t.d. St Saviour m. (St H) 4.12.1819; Le Geyt Farm (St S) demolished in the1970s - this lintel is now over the fireplace at Milford, Tabor Drive (St B).
26. ALG.RLHQ.1798. Abraham Le Gros of St Lawrence and Rachel Le Hucquet of St Mary m.(St My) 24.7.1786; Meadowside, La Rue Blouin (St My).
27. ALHQ.1846. Abraham Le Hucquet; Fontaine de Gallie Lavoir (St Mt).
28. ALM.1631. ?? La Ronce, Trodez (St O).
29. ALR.1848. Le Riche; Pont ès Oies - now the Old Forge, Rue d'Ebenezer (T).
30. ALR.MGL.1733. PLR. Augustin Le Rossignol, Marguerite Guillet and their son Pierre (bap. (St O) 19.4.1704), neither the stone or this marriage can be found now - this is a drawing by Charles Stevens from Old Jersey Houses Vol. II ©. Brampton Farm (St O).
31. AM.1623. Mallet?; arch keystone over doorway at Les Chasses Farm, La Rue de Guilliaume et d'Anneville (St Mt).
32. AMP.SDM. Greenhill (St P).
33. AMR.1813. Abraham Marett; St. Cyr Lavoir (St J).
34. AMSV.EPMSV.1897. Alfred and Edgar Philippe Messervy, the latter b. 1880 (T) son of Alfred Messervy & Mary de Gruchy - see 35; Le Carrefour (T) - expanded by Pam Hislop.
35.AMSV.MDG.1895. Initials on either side of arch, date on capstone. Alfred Messervy and Mary de Gruchy - see 34 also; arch at Ville à l'Evêque (T) - expanded by Pam Hislop - see also 1071.
36. APF.DLM.EDET.1828. ? Abraham and François de La Mare (or ? artifices pontis, familia de la Mare, eximia diligentia, exigilum tempus); Bouley Bay Pier (T). An alternative picture showing this stone is available at the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive; Architecture Section Catalogue 13a.2.
37. APL.KN. Sir Anthony Poulet and Katherine Norreys; Gorey Castle (St Mt.).
38. AQT. Anquetil; Le Marais (St O).
39. AWPN.MJRR.1887. Augustus William Poignand fils Auguste of St Lawrence and Mary Jane Romeril fille Jean of St Peter m. (St L) 24.2.1869; Clos des Tours, Coin Varin (St P) - now unfortunately covered over.
40. BBN.ILB 1719. Benjamin Binet of Trinity and Jeanne Le Broc of St Ouen m. (T) 20.10.1711; under porch (and partially hidden by plumbing) on north side of Maison du Buisson, La Rue de Dialèment (St S) - see also 663.
41. BIV.EDL.1762. Brelade Janvrin and Elizabeth de Lecq m. (St P) 22.7.1749 (source: Victorian Voices by Joan Stevens); Le Coin (St B) difficult to photograph as under a porch in the shade and partialy obscured by a lamp and ivy. Marriage contributed by Pam Hislop.
42. BLCE.SF.1676 (not BLeF) Each set of initials are inside their own shield background. I think this MIGHT be Benjamin Luce and Susanne Ficquet m. (St H) 21.1.1664/5; The Farm House, Palm Grove (St H).
43. CAB.AG. 1740. Charles Aubin and Anne Gourey m. (St S) 1711; La Tourelle (St Mt).
44. CAB.IF.1778. Clement Aubin fils Clement Aubin Jnr. & Sara Neel (see 846) bap. (G) 15.5.1740 (godparents Clement Aubin Snr. et sa femme, grandparents) and his wife Jeanne Falle of Grouville m. (St Mt) 26.7.1761, Terrabonne, La Rue ès Philippes (G).
45. C. ALX.1820. Charles Alexandre; first storey plaque at Bloomfield (not Beau Pré), La Boucterie, Victoria Village (T).
46. CAMSV.MMDF.1907. Messervy; Clos Durell (T).
47. CAT.1742. Charles Arthur; sundial, La Grange (St My).
48. CB.1588. Colas Baudains; the earliest datestone on the Island, now a doorstep at Le Tallis Farm, Rue de La Maitrerie (St Mt) - see also 180.
49. CB.FD. Charles Bertram fils Elie, Constable of Grouville 1823-1826 (both his father and grandfather served before him) and Frances Dalton m. King's Norton, Worcestershire, England, 19.7.1820 ; Homestead (G) - identified by Pam Hislop.
50. CCL. 1725. Collette Collas who married Abraham Bertram; ABT is actually carved on the top of one of the pillars above this stone. Entrance to Grasfort, La Grande Route de Faldouet, now part of Ransome's Garden Centre (St Mt) - see also 1.
51. CCT.1813. Charles Coutanche; St. Cyr Lavoir (St J).
52. CCT.ILB.1812; Coutanche Farm, Rue Coutanche (T).
53. CDC.MCR.1747. Charles de Carteret (of St J) & Marthe Carey (of Guernsey) m. (St J) 6.8.1744; Le Câtelet (St J) - see also 839.
54. CDSX.MLP.1761. Charles de Ste Croix and Madeleine Elizabeth Lemprière (not Le Porcq) t.d. St Helier m. (St L) 22.1.1750; Bellozanne Priory, Ruelle Vacleuse (St H) - now erased, a blank stone remains.
55. CELC.EN.1699. ? Le Clercq; Carrefour au Clercq (St S) - this is an incorrect description of the stone at 1393.
56a. CGC (entwined hearts) MLBLT.1814; the 4 is reversed.
Charles Gruchy and Marie Larbalestier m. (T) 3.8.1810; from the stables
at Champs Clairs, now demolished. Relocated in the fireplace of the new bungalow built in
1986, Rue des Haies (T).
56b. C.GC (entwined hearts) MLBLT.1826. Charles Gruchy and Marie Larbalestier
m. (T) 3.8.1810; on the west wing of Champs Clairs, Rue des Haies (T) - see also 196.
56c. CGC.1817. Charles Gruchy. Gatepost at the entrance to Champs Clairs, Rue des Haies (T).
56d. CGC 1814. Charles Gruchy. Gatepost to a field (belonging to Champs Clairs) on La Rue Brabant (T) - previously unrecorded.
57. CGLC.1834. C. Gallichan; Bouley Bay Hill lavoir (T).
58. CH.EDP.1749 includes an heraldic emblem within a shield, Charles Hue and Elizabeth Dupré; m. circa 1726 - first child Elizabeth bap.1727. Perry Farm (St My). Extra detail from Pam Hislop. Photograph © James Brannan.
59. CH.MGR.1884. Charles Hemery and Mary Georgina Rundle; Carteret Farm, La Rue du Grouville (G).
60. CHM.JMZ.1828. Clement Hamon Jnr. and Jeanne Malzard t.d. St John m. (St H) 26.1.1826; lintel at Domaine de la Vallette, La Rue de Sorel (St J) - see also 181 and 1663-4.
61. CIG.1803. Clement Ingouville; Priors (formerly Alphington House), Chasse Brunet (St S) - see also below and 378.
62. CIG.FEG.1825. Clement Ingouville of St Saviour and Frances Elizabeth Godfray of St Martin m. (St Mt) 19.05.1808; first storey plaque partially obscured by shutters. Priors (formerly Alphington House), Chasse Brunet (St S) - see also above and 378.
63. CLB.ELG.1769. Notes received from Frank Le Blancq indicate that this stone has been misread. He writes: "First names beginning with 'C' are few and far between in this family, to which I am directly related. I have searched around this date in the Le Coin branch and cannot find a match. However, if the 'C' has been misread for a 'G' then I have a couple who would match". Frank was right - see 1202.
64. CLBTL. MRN.1821, repeated 1835; Charles Le Boutillier of Trinity and Marie Renouf of St Lawrence m. (St L) 13.1.1808. The 1821 stone is now covered by a conservatory (no photograph) and the 1835 one is on the outbuildings at La Chaumine des Lauriers, La Rue du Becquet Vincent (T).
65. CLC.IDC.1678. Clement Le Couteur m. (St J) 28.7.1664 Jeanne De Carteret; oak plaque, Mont à l'Abbé Manor (St H) - contributed by Pam Hislop.
66. CLGL.AMG.1825. Route du Mont Mado (St J). This stone actually begins with a 'G' and has been relocated to 1125.
67. CLM.1808; La Vallette, La Rue des Barracques, Mont Mado (St J) - see The La Valette Page.
68. CLM. EPN. 1796; repeated 1807, 1812 (on gatepost) and 1824. La Vallette, La Rue des Barracques, Mont Mado (St J) - see The La Valette Page.
69. CLM. ESRD.1826; La Vallette (St J) - see The La Valette Page.
70. CLM.R. Clement Le Montais and Rachel, sister of Sir George Carteret m. (St P) 30.10.1636; La Chaumière du Chêne (St P) - picture courtesy of James Brannan.
71. CLP.SCL 1766. Charles Lemprière and Susanne Collas m. (St S) 18.6.1758; lintel at Stirling Castle Farm, Mont Neron (St H) - see also 557.
72. CLQ.1708 and CLQ MGF.1728. Clement Le Quesne and Marie Godfray m. (St L) 12.09.1713; once one property, now split into La Sergine Mauresque (1708) and La Sergine (1728), La Route des Issues (St J) - see also 166.
73. CLS.MJP. 1845. Clement Le Sueur Jnr. m. Marie Jeanne Payn (St S) 30.12.1826; inside the dining room at Redwood Apartments, formerly a hotel, Five Oaks (St S) - see also 731 and 1206.
74. CM.RN. Clement Machon and Rachel Nicolle fille Pierre m. (St Mt) 4.3.1667/8; keystone of a roadside arch at Devon Villa, Faldouet (St Mt).
75. CMC (or G) - neither - it is CMS.ECB.1767. Clement Messervy fils Jean & Elizabeth Cabot t.d. St Martin m. (St Mt) 31.10.1750; wide lintel over the older building at Blanc Pignon, La Rue de la Pallotterie (St Mt) see also 1356.
76. CML. ETZ.1741 and 1746. Charles Mallet m. Elizabeth Touzel (G) 17.12.1719; Home Farm, La Rue de Grouville (G) - see also and 1075.
77. CML.JCT.1817. Charles Mallet fils Charles, fils Charles and Elizabeth Touzel - see 76 - and Jeanne Coutanche of Trinity m. (G) 30.1.1786; Home Farm, La Rue de Grouville (G) - connection from Pam Hislop.
78. CMR.1702. Charles Maret; corbel on roof at rear of La Maison Maret (T).
79. CMR.AM.1755. Charles Maret (fils Charles of Trinity) m. Anne Messervy (fille Daniel fils Daniel of St Helier) (T) 7.6.1742; cistern head at La Maison Maret (T) contributed by Pam Hislop.
80. CMS.1832. Messervy; Douet Fleury lavoir (St Mt).
81. CNC.IPN.1803. Clement Nicolle and Jeanne Pinel m. (St H) 14.2.1790; The Limes, Fern Valley (St H).
82.CP. Winston Pinel provided the photograph, as this is on the home of his direct ancestors. He reports: "the initials CP, carved into a granite block, are attributed to Clement Pinel. He was baptised at St John's Parish Church in 1666, married at St John to Rachel Le Mottey in 1687 and buried in St John in 1738. There are references to the generations before him living at 'Mont Mado' going back to 1590. The granite block is assumed to have been part of an older building and has been incorporated into the existing building in a prominent position". La Vallette, La Rue des Barracques, Mont Mado (St J) - see The La Valette Page for other stones.
83. CP.1846. La Chapelle Méthodiste; Fontaine de Gallie lavoir (St Mt).
84. CPC.1832. Picot; Douet Fleury lavoir (St Mt).
85. CPN.1743. ? Clement Pinel; opposite La Girette (St J).
86. CQN.1835. Charles Quenault who m. Susanne Falle (St S) 22.4.1819; cider crushing stone, Hamlet Farm (St S).
87. CRN. ELCN.1842. Charles Renouf of Trinity and Elizabeth Le Cornu of St Saviour m. (T) 8.12.1827; Dièlament Manor Farm, La Rue de Dièlament (T).
88. CSR. AD.1748. Highfield (T) - this is a misreading of the stone at 1302.
89. DA.1725 (foundation stone), and DA.IA.1741 (on roof line); David Anley (Constable of St John), builder of the main house at Ashley Court, La Rue Militaire (St J) not (G) - see also 989 and 1127-8.
90. DBR.1813. David Barette; St. Cyr lavoir (St J).
91. DBS.EMC.1783 (not 5). Daniel Bisson of St Helier and Esther Marche of St John m. (St J) 18.4.1776; Le Mottais Farm, Le Canibut (St J) - see also 92 and 428.
92. DBS.FDLC.1819. Daniel Bisson - fils Daniel Bisson & Esther Marche bap. (St J)13.8.1776 g/p Jean Marche & Esther Le Mottee s.f. grandpére et grandmere - and Florence de La Cour m. (St J) 8.1.1801; Le Mottais Farm, Le Canibut (St J) - see also 91 and 428.
93. DC.1676. Gable stone, near Maison St. Louis (St H).
94. DDG.MMR.1797. David de Gruchy and Marie Marett m. (St J) 3.12.1788; Whitton Grange, Rue des Issues (St J).
95. DFR.EL.1801. David Fleury and Elizabeth Luce m. (St L) 20.11.1796; Elmdale, Ville Emphrie (St L).
96. DGD. 1724. Denis Guerdain; La Guerdainerie (T).
97. DGD. EMR. Gaudin; La Vignette (St S) - now covered by ivy.
98. DGD. MVM.1810. David Gaudin (of St M) m. Marie Venement (St C) 22.11.1800;
on the back of outbuildings now converted into homes facing north. Beaumaris, formerly Chambaid,
Jambart Lane (St C) see also 110.
99. DGD. SGD.1785. David and Susanne Gaudin; gable end of Oak Cottage in the grounds
of La Vignette, Rue de La Vignette (St S) - identified by Pam Hislop.
100. DHM.MAHM.1862. Daniel Hamon and Mary Ann Hamon; Beauvoir, La Ruelle Vacleuse (St H).
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