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Parish Abbreviations: St Helier (St H) Trinity (T) Grouville (G) St Martin (St Mt) St Mary (St My) St Brelade (St B) St John (St J) St Ouen (St O) St Saviour (St S) St Clement (St C) St Lawrence (St L) St Peter (St P).
1401. GCLQ. AHI. IMAP. D (heart) PL.RAM. ARA. MDDM ON. PM 1781. PM PI. IPM. IPM. PML. Mallet pedigree on west chimney at Houguemont, La Rue d'Aval (G).
1402. GVP above IVP 1761. Jean Valpy. Both first storey plaques at Whitehall, La Hougue (G).
1403. IVP 1766. Jean Valpy. Lintel over blocked up doorway on the north wall of the outbuildings at Whitehall, La Hougue (G).
1404. CLBT:JALX:1808. Charles Le Breton and Jeanne Alexandre t.d. St Saviour m. (St S) 1.8.1778. 1st storey plaque on Oak Farm (undergoing development) Rue à la Dame, Five Oaks (St S).
1405. CLBT.JRV. 1829. Charles Le Breton fils Charles and Jeanne Rive of St Peter m. (St P) 23.12.1827. Lintel on the barns behind Oak Farm, Rue à la Dame, Five Oaks (St S).
1406. FDQ KM (no date) inside a shield. François de Quetteville and Katherine Machon fille feu (late) Abraham t.d. Faldouet m. (St Mt) 10.11.1667; lintel now under the conservatory at Meanskirk (formerly Haut des Charrieres), Rue des Charrieres (St Mt).
1407. J.W.M (entwined hearts) L.B.B 1921. John William Messervy fils Jean and Lydia Bettina Billot fille Charles t.d. St Martin m. (St Mt) 1.2.1905; plaque on outbuildings at Chateaubriand (St Mt) - see also 1031 1032.
1408.RP (upside down heart) SAL 1732. The S is reversed. Richard Payn and Susanne Alexandre t.d. Grouville m. (G) 4.12.1731; lintel in garden gate at La Francheville, La Rue de la Francheville (G).
1409. TP (entwined hearts) MNM 1802. Jurat Thomas Payn of Grouville and Marie Norman of St Saviour m. (St S) 28.2.1801; good quality lintel relocated to the eastern barns at La Francheville, La Rue de la Francheville (G).
1410. HM (entwined hearts) AS 1944. Marriage stone for Hamish Mitchell of Scotland and Ann Shettle of East Anglia m. Little Bealings (Suffolk) 1944. Lintel at the front entrance to the house created in 1969 at La Francheville, La Rue de la Francheville (G).
1411. HM (entwined hearts) AS 1969. Hamish Mitchell and Ann Shettle; roadside arch capstone above the new driveway entrance at La Francheville, La Rue de la Francheville (G).
1412. DM LML with a swan between them. Plaque above 1999 extension to Le Hurel (St J).
1413. ILQ MLB 1692. L'Ecluse, Le Chemin des Hougues (St My).
1414. JQR: MGM :1739. Jean Querée fils
William of St John and Marie Germain fille Noé of St Martin m. (St J) 6.5.1739; Le Catelet, Rue d'Enfer (St J).
1415. ALM 1798. Amice Le Moignard; in garden wall at Le Petit Mourier
(St J).
1416. PJR (entwined hearts) DJB 1965. The date is inside the hearts. Philip Josué Romeril and Daphne Joy Bichard. Fireplace at Catelet (St J) - see also 275 718 792 794.
1417. ESL (upside down entwined hearts) STQ 1822. Elie Slous and Susanne Tocque, marriage not found but children baptised in St Peter from 1801; Havalet Farm, Rue des Vignes (St P).
1418. PHL. MLB 1728. Philippe Huelin and Marie Le Brocq, marriage not found but only child, Marie, bap. (St P) 14.11.1725; Ismialia, Rue de la Pointe (St P).
1419. RH (entwined hearts) LM 1983. Roger Harris and
Lesley Morris and the year they bought the house, on fireplace at Les Niemes Lodge (St P).
1420. PLF 1828, Les Niemes Lodge (St P).
1421. P.A A.R.LC 1901. Philippe Aubin fils Philippe of Trinity (Deputy for Trinity) and Alice Rachel Le Cerf fille Philip Arthur Le Cerf and Elizabeth Vibert of St Ouen m. (T) 14.12.1893. Arch keystone at La Dependance, Leoville (St O) - identified by Michael Vautier.
1422. GLB CLB 1838. Plaque over archway at St Clement's Farm, Route de St Clement (St C) - see also 822.
1423. ILRT AAM 1810. Jean Le Rougetel of St Clement and Anne Amy of St Saviour m. (St H) 15.7.1810; first storey plaque at Les Tours, Route de St Clement (St C).
1424. MDP 1705. Two stones that may once have been one (?) - possibly with a third piece now missing - in the south wall of Les Tours Villa, Route de St Clement (St C).
1425. MDC 1670. Corbel stone replaced facing east after the house burnt down. Le Menage
Farm, Les Petites Rues (St L).
1426. TPC JPC 1990. Terry Crouch and Jackie Collins, lintel erected to date the extension at
Le Menage, Les Petites Rues (St L).
1427. MT GB 1960. Mabel Thompson and Dr. Philip Graham Benlif. Plaque erected to mark the reconstruction of Les Jardins, Rue de l'Eglise (St L).
1428. IMG RRM 1728. Rachel Remon femme Jean Mauger bur. (St L) 31.1.1729; displaced cornerstone at rear of Les Jardins, Rue de l'Eglise (St L).
1429. CJP DCL 1978, on extension at Ville au Veslet (St L) - see also 684.
1430. MK DEW 1954. Lintel at Brooklands, Le Mont Sorsoliel (St L).
1431. PDGC MGL 1839. Philippe de Gruchy of Trinity and Marie Gallichan of St Saviour m. (St H) 2.3.1814. Les Vaux, Rozel (T).
1432. ABP SMT 1739. Amice Blampied and Susanne Mattingley t.d. Grouville m. (St B) 1.7.1738;
now high up on the front wall of Septième Ciel, but probably from Cabot Farm next door, a much older building on La Rue à Don (G).
1433. JV SSB 1841. Jean Clement Vicq fils Clement Vicq and Julie Brohier bap. (G) 12.11.1815 and Susanne
Sebire fille Pierre Sebire and Marguerite Mauger bap. (St H) 3.5.1809 m. (G) 20.12.1835; Les Ruettes, Rue du Coin (G). Census References: 1841 (G) District 3; Page 7 and
1851 (G) District 1; Folio 168: Page 9.
1434. S.LMQ J.F.PA 1848. Samuel Le Marquand of St Peter m. (St B) 20.12.1838 Jane Françoise
Priaulx of St Brelade - 1851 Census reference; St Mary District 2: Folio 26: Page 14. Barn lintel at Chestnut Farm (St My) see also 484.
1435. SPT.1762.TBN.MLB; the 'N' is reversed. Window lintel at Les Landes Farm (St J).
1436. SGL 1820. Samuel Gallie - in residence on the Godfray Map of 1849; gatepost at Prospering Farm,
La Rue du Maistre (St My)- see also 732 789.
1437. PLF 1924 on a stone placed between carriage and pedestrian arches on La Rue du Maistre (St My).
1438. MBN EQR 1744. Michel Binet and Elizabeth Querée m. (T) 1.3.1737; over front door at Les Cotils Farm, La Verte Rue (T).
1439. MBN (entwined hearts) SHB 1817. Michel Binet of Trinity and Susanne Hubert of St Saviour m. (St H) 18.6.1796; on buildings adjoining the main house at Les Cotils Farm, La Verte Rue (T).
1440. TBN (star) C.LG 1884. Thomas Binet and his wife Caroline Le Gros t.d. Trinity m. circa 1857 (but not found in Jersey) - 1871 Census reference Trinity District 4 Folio 37 Page 6; on barns behind Les Cotils Farm, La Verte Rue (T).
1441. C.W. BP (single heart) S.L LBTL 1885. Charles William Blampied fils Richard of Trinity and Sophia Laura Le Boutillier fille Jean of St Brelade m. (St B) 17.12.1867. 1871 Census reference Trinity District 1; Folio 11; Page 18. Barn lintel at rear of Les Avenues (T).
1442. IBP (single heart) 1796. First story plaque with C:RD on seperate stone to the left of the west window. Catherine Rondel femme Richard Blampied m. (T) 26.4.1763 and her son Jean bap. (T) 15.2.1771 and bur. (T) 14.8.1797. Les Avenues (T).
1443. IGD 1702. La Maison du Pressoir, La Commune, LaVerte Rue (T).
1444. NCB 1673. Nicolas Cabot. Barns at La Commune, La Verte Rue (T) - see also 280.
1445. PNC (entwined hearts) EDL 1801. Philippe Nicolle and Elizabeth Deslandes t.d. Trinity m. (T) 4.12.1788; Le Pont Farm, Rue du Pont (T).
1446. PLM (single heart) ELM 1797. Philippe and Elizabeth Le Masurier m. (T) 30.4.1788; lintel at La Lande Farm, Rue des Landes (T).
1447. PLM (entwined hearts) ILBR 1817. Philippe Le Masurier and Jeanneton Lesbirel, marriage not yet found but children baptised in Trinity after 1817. First storey plaque, directly above the porch at 1446. La Lande Farm, Rue des Landes (T).
1448. ASV (entwined hearts) blank space for a spouse1831. Aaron Syvret; Jubilee Cottages, L'Etacq (St O)
1449. PLVC (single heart) ELR 1777. Philippe Le Vesconte fils Philippe fils Pierre and Elizabeth Le Ruez fille Jean m. (St O) 22.5.1756, uncovered from beneath the render in 1977. Le Vesconte Cottage, La Fosse au Bois, Vinchelez (St O).
1450. IBL: DLB: 1753 with a fleur-de-lys to the left and an arrow? to the right. Jacques Balleine and Douce Le Brocq t.d. St Peter m. (St P) 24.4.1751. Displaced lintel at Uplands (St P).
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