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Parish Abbreviations: St Helier (St H) Trinity (T) Grouville (G) St Martin (St Mt) St Mary (St My) St Brelade (St B) St John (St J) St Ouen (St O) St Saviour (St S) St Clement (St C) St Lawrence (St L) St Peter (St P).
Not all colombiers have dated stones on them but are fascinating buildings in their own right. A prerogative of seigneurs, they were for keeping pigeons in. Other land owners and farmers would not want them anyway as these birds were pests, decimating nearby crops for food. One might feel sorry for anyone trying to grow corn near Dièlament as the seigneur had one thousand slots in his colombier!
<- Colombier Manor (St L).
212. GBD.1669. George Badier; Colombier Manor (St L).
<-The Colombier at Dièlament (T) - outside and inside.
1000. IA EH 1674
Josué Ahier (Rector
of St Lawrence), fils
Guyon Ahier & Sara
Romeril & Elizabeth
Hamptonne, fille
Laurens Hamptonne
(Lieutenant Bailiff of
Jersey) & Sara
Hamptonne, m. circa 1654;
the restored Colombier at
Hamptonne Country Life
Museum (St L). Updated by Pam Hislop.
<- The square Colombier at Hamptonne.
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