Datestones at Le Vivier,

La Route de Mont Mado, St John

Le Vivier © Alex Glendinning/courtesy of Colin Harris- 23.9.1999

174. EMZ.1793. Elizabeth Malzard {b. 1716, m. Richard Dolbel (St J) 16.6.1745} listed in 1984 - not found 1999.
A plaque on the first floor between the two far left hand side windows.
817. RDB.ECN.1742. (not EGN) Richard Dolbel bur. (St J) 28.3.1745 and Elizabeth Coignard his wife bur. (St J) 26.12.1742 - marriage missing from registers. Elizabeth Malzard married their son.
Over the window on the ground floor on the far right hand side of the house. This wing is new (approximately 15 years ago).
907. JDB.ACT.1826 Jean Dolbel (great grandson of Richard Dolbel and Elizabeth Coignard) and Anne Cristin m. (St J) 23.12.1819. There is a stone belonging to their daughter Nancy and her husband Pierre Robert at Le Nid, Bonne Nuit (St J) see 1115.
1129. G.R. (entwined hearts) M.M.C.L. 1975. Rear of the extension to the left of the above picture.

Jill Coleman (of Malvern Wells, Worcestershire) and Rosalind (of New Zealand) count Jean Dolbel and Ann Cristin as ancestors.

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