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Parish Abbreviations

St Helier (St H) Trinity (T) Grouville (G) St Martin (St Mt) St Mary (St My) St Brelade (St B) St John (St J) St Ouen (St O) St Saviour (St S) St Clement (St C) St Lawrence (St L) St Peter (St P)

Note: m. indicates the marriage date of the couple commemorated.

As these entries have come in after the completion of the original index, so the pages are out of alphabetical order. However, the names have also been added to the Surnames Index.

1000. IA EH 1674 Josué Ahier (Rector of St Lawrence), fils Guyon Ahier & Sara Romeril & Elizabeth Hamptonne, fille Laurens Hamptonne (Lieutenant Bailiff of Jersey) & Sara Hamptonne, m. circa 1654; the restored Colombier at Hamptonne Country Life Museum (St L). Updated by Pam Hislop. Picture moved to Colombiers Page.
1001. C.T. E.M. 1814; Clement Touet (1775-1850) fils Jean Touet & Elizabeth
Nicolle, Sea Captain, Centenier in 1826 and later Constable of St Clement 1836
-39 m. (St C) 5.4.1806 Elizabeth Monami (1784- 1825) fille Jean Monami &
Marguerite Le Clercq; plaque above the front door at The Priory, between The
Priory Inn and the Parish Church (St C). The couple had two daughters named
Elizabeth, the first only lived from1807-08, the second arrived in 1814. Clement
married again (St C) 17.8.1826 to Elizabeth Nicolle and Anne Elizabeth Touet
was born in 1830. There is also a weathered and now illegible plaque in the road
side wall which once read (in French) roughly:"It gives much pleasure to forgive".
It is reputed to have commemorated the ending of a feud between two elderly sisters
who shared the house after Captain Touet's time and who had fallen out as young
women. Maybe it was these two half-sisters? Legend courtesy of Mrs Edna Le
1002. 1760 IMT (heart) EAL; Jean Mattingley of St Martin and Esther Alexandre of St Saviour m. (G) 21.3.1743; above basement access door at La Ferme de la Fontaine, Les Cabots (G).
1003. WS AH 1711. William Snow and Anne Hamon; High Street, St.Aubin (St B). © Ray Le Pivert
1004. 17: IPT ---: 94, a defaced (removal of spouse ?) stone; Jean Piton and (?), Mont du Boulevard, St.Aubin, (St B) opposite the Yacht Club © Ray Le Pivert.
1005. deleted
1006. AGF MSW (no date); Abraham Giffard and Marie Seward m. (St B) 15.7.1685; individually and together on gable stones at Ivy Cottage, St Aubin (St B). Photographic © Ray Le Pivert. Originally catalogued at 18 and 584.
1007. duplicated in error - see 508.
1008. deleted.
1009. removed to 863.
1010. RRR (single heart) ESM 1743. Richard Romeril m. Esther Simon (St J) 14.5.1731; The Cottage, North Lynn Farm, Rue de L'Eglise (St J).
1011. 17 JW (hearts) AIG 94; Jean William m. (St P) 29.3.1781 Anne Ingouville; Wiltshire Place - opposite the Co-op at bottom of Beaumont Hill (St P). 1003-1011 contributed by Ray Le Pivert.
1012. EDH (heart) SN 1734. Elizabeth fille Edouard du Heaume & Susanne Noel bap. (St S) 18.6.1732 - godparents Jean Cook and Elizabeth Poingdestre; ony child recorded in the registers - no marriage found. Originally described as being in the blocked up doorway of derelict house near Chateau Clairval, Maufant (St S) and taken from J.E.P. article by F. de Lisle Bois dated 3.6.1977 - now in the garden wall of La Vielle Guilleaumerie (not derelict anymore!), La Rue Guilleaumerie (St S).
1013. FGD (hearts) EFR 1802; François Gaudin and Elizabeth Fleury t.d. St Peter m. (St S) 11.6.1795; No. 1 Villa Franco, Beaumont (St P).
1014. MG & AEDSC (tower below)1870; Moise Gibaut and Ann Elizabeth de Ste Croix m. (St L) 30.6.1870. This was Moise Gibaut third marriage out of four! The stone he erected for his second wife is at 1538 and incorporates the same heraldic symbol from the Gibaut Crest (illustration from Payne's Armorial of Jersey). Arch at rear of Bel Royal, formerly at Mainland (St L).
1015. 19 B.L.H. (2 hearts) P.A.E. 90 Brian Le Herrissier and Patricia Ann Eve built La S'gonde Solitude, La Fosse L'Ecrivan (St S) in 1990. Lintel above window on right hand side of front door. S'gonde is Jerrais for 2nd.
1016. 18 J.G.L. 45 19 La S'gonde Solitude, La Fosse L'Ecrivan (St S). Lintel above window on left hand side of front door. Modern stone commemorating the reputed builder of the original cottage, La Solitude, Josué Gallie Laurens.
1017. A.E.W. 1884. Alfred Edwin Walton and his wife Caroline (both from Yorkshire) can found in the 1891 Census Index living in St Martin (District 1 - Vingtaine de Rozel). The Boat House, Rozel Harbour (T), so named as Walton built it to serve such a purpose and it was converted to residential accomodation much later.
1018. JRS & JLS 1832 next to Fishermen's Rest, Rozel Harbour (T).
1019. PPC (entwined hearts) EALS 1820. Philippe Perchard m. (St H) 25.9.1815 Elizabeth Anne Le Sueur of St Saviour; La Plage Cottage, Rozel (T).
1020. 19 GPC ALM 95 Gary Paul Carroll & Allison Louise Mahony. Date of restoration of La Vieille Etable, Rue de La Palloterie (St Mt).
1021. removed to 75.
1022.FAM DLS 1823. François Amy and Douce Le Seeleur m. (St H) 23.3.1816; gatepost at La Maison de La Palloterie, Rue de La Palloterie (St Mt) - not in the original position according to the current owners, certainly it is facing the wrong way for the gatepost holes in it.
1023. 18 PBL FGF 12; Philippe (not Pierre) Billot m. (St Mt) 27.3.1793 Françoise Godfray; above front door of Bon Aguil, Rue de La Palloterie (St Mt) - spotted by Pam Hislop.
1024. PBL (entwined hearts) JVT 1822; Philippe Billot and Jeanne Vautier t.d. St Martin m. (St H) 3.9.1820; barn to rear of Bon Aguil, Rue de La Palloterie (St Mt).
1025. LK EC 1957; Louis and Elizabeth Kidd (from 1961 Rate List and early telephone directories) plaster wall at back of the house they named Bon Aguil (formerly La Palloterie), Rue de La Palloterie (St Mt).
1026. moved to 443
1027. removed.
1028. IPC (heart) SGC 1789; lintel partly obscured by guttering therefore no photograph. Jean Picot and Susanne Gruchy t.d. Trinity m. (St J) 19.10.1768 - Ville ès Norman, La Neuve Route (T).
1029. TNM (unfinished) 1770. Thomas Norman; first storey plaque at Ville ès Norman Farm, La Neuve Route (T).
1030. IH1751 - Queensway House, Queen Street (St H).
1031. FCB 1808; Frederic de Chateaubriand. Lintel of main house at Chateaubriand, Faldouet (St M) - identified by Pam Hislop.
1032. CHB (upside down heart) EPL.1751. Clement Hubert and Elizabeth Pallot t.d. St Martin m. (St Mt) 31.1.1732/3. Dower wing of Chateaubriand, Faldouet (St M) - identified by Pam Hislop.
1033. FAVT (two hearts) ILL. 1795, François Averty and Jeanne Le Lievre t.d. St Clement m. (St S) 11.5.1789; La Soulardiere, La Rue de Samarès (St C).
1034. GCB.MST 1830. Jean George Cabot of Trinity and Marie Stark of St Martin m. (St H) 23.4.1814; Beau Pré, Rue des Portirons (St Mt) - moved from 339.
1035. GAH 1785 Gedeon Ahier, unfinished stone at Le Petit Jardin, La Rue St Thomas (St S) identification by Pam Hislop.
1036. deleted.
1037. deleted.
1038. JH.JJN 1843, (note the crooked 4). Josué (Joseph) Hutchings of Shepton Beauchamp, Somerset, England m. (St H) 9.11.1834 Jeanne Journeaux; Paul Mill Cottage, Grands Vaux (St S).
1039. MR. ILVT 1821 window lintel, left hand side of Rock Bay, Green Island (St C), moved from back door in 1992.
1040. GRP AB 1975 Geoffrey Russell Pirouet and Anne Burns who married in 1975 although the house was altered in 1992; window lintel, right hand side of Rock Bay, Green Island (St C).
1041. IPL. MHB 1731. Jean Pallot fils Nicollas & Marie Hubert fille Philippe t.d. St Martin m. (St Mt) 1.5.1706; La Palloterie Farm, Rue de La Palloterie (St Mt).
1042. MNC AE 53 1797; a displaced Nicolle gravestone (probably from Trinity) in the garden wall of Old Farm, Mont au Prêtre (St H). AE 53 = aged 53 and 1797 = date of burial. See also 115 and 540.
1043. removed to 837.
1044. AAJ LAH 1939 Albert Auguste Leon Jeanne & his wife (identified by Jean Arthur); Brookside, Rue de Hucquet (St Mt).
1045. 19 CPB (heart) L DE.G 48 Charles Philippe Billot m. (St Mt) 2.12.1925 Lillian Maud de Gruchy, Holmdale, La Rue de la Ville Brée (St Mt) (see also 638 and 1046).
1046. TBL . S O/C or G? (partly obscured
by extension) boxed in, could be Thomas
Billot fils Edouard m. (St Mt) 2.12.1691 Sara
Germain bur. (St Mt) 3.10.1719 - no issue.
Thomas Billot m. 2 (St Mt) 4.2.1719/20 Elizabeth
fille Philippe Perchard de la Ville Brée - issue. Elizabeth bur.
(St Mt) 8.10.1745 and Thomas bur. (St Mt) 12.2.1757.
Rear of Holmdale (formerly La Gaupette) at floor level,
La Rue de la Ville Brée (St Mt) (see also 638 and 1045).
For those who cannot pick it out the symbol is drawn out
(very badly!) on the left of the text.
1047. NDG 1789 rough stone, upside down in warehouse wall, Payn Street (St H).
1048. PMR (unusually 2 hearts pierced with an arrow) MJ 1834 Philippe Mourant and Marie Jennes, marriage not found but their only child Marie-Ann was bap. (G) 8.9.1833; gatepost at La Ville ès Philippes, La Rue ès Philippes (G).
1049. 16 IS 42 Bank of Wales, Broad Street (St H).
1050. 18.ELS.20 Le Sueur, Fairfield, Rue Durell (T) see also 1051.
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