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Parish Abbreviations

St Helier (St H) Trinity (T) Grouville (G) St Martin (St Mt) St Mary (St My) St Brelade (St B) St John (St J) St Ouen (St O) St Saviour (St S) St Clement (St C) St Lawrence (St L) St Peter (St P)


Other initials were recorded on lavoirs - spring fed communal washing
places. Often developed or restored by local men who were heads of
families in the Parish, or who had the right to use the lavoir, and left their
initials on a commerative piece of granite.
This is the Fontaine de Gallie Lavoir
on La Rue de Vaux de L'Eglise (St Mt).
PVD Philippe Vardon
NRN Nicolas Renouf - see also Datestone No. 617
ALHQ Abraham Le Hucquet
INC Jean Nicolle
IFR Jean Ferey
GSH George Sohier
PDLM Philippe de la Mare
ILVC Jean Le Vesconte
GLHQ George Le Hucquet
EVD Elie Vardon
CP La Chapelle Méthodiste
Identifications by Joan Stevens
Photographs © Alex Glendinning

The Lavoir de St Cyr can be found next door to St Cyr itself, below the road level at La Rue des Chenoles (St J).
There is a limestone plaque in the granite wall which records that a restoration that took place in 1813. It reads: "Noms des Personnes qui dessous qui ont droit au douet et qui l'ont fait réédifié dans l'Année 1813".
All these people were near neighbours with rights to use the lavoir .
D.RR. David Romeril of St Cyr
P.GC. Pierre Gruchy of Hérupe Farm
D.BS. Daniel Bisson of La Fougère and Rondin Farm
J.CT. Jean Coutache
S. MR. Simon Marett
J.BS. Jean Bisson
A.MR Abraham Marett
E.BD. Elie Baudains
N.GF. N. Giffard
E.MR. Edouard Marett
N. AT. Noé Arthur
J.DSC. Jean de Ste. Croix
C.CT. Charles Coutanche
P.GLC. Pierre Gallichan
J.BD. Jean Baudains
J.BS. Jean Bisson
P.HT. Pierre Hotton
P.GC. Pierre Gruchy
Identifications by C.A.R. du Feu
Photographs © Alex Glendinning
More about St Cyr

The Douet Fleury Lavoir is on private land on the edge of the field Clos de la Lavardiere, Les Vallées (St Mt) just behind Le Fleurion. The inscriptions are dated 1832 and appear on two stones placed either side of the steps.
PLG - Philippe Le Gros
PGD - Philippe Gaudin
CPC - C. Picot - may be G. for George Picot
TMSV - Thomas Messervy
IML - Jean Mollet
PHPC - unidentified - may be Philippe Perchard (?)
below waterline
Right (as shown):
EELS - Edouard Elie Le Sauteur (see below)
TAH - Thomas Ahier who married Rachel Vardon (St Mt) 15.1.1829
EDQV - Elie de Quetteville
PVD - Philippe Vardon
CMSV - Charles Messervy
GPC - George Picot
below waterline
TSH - Thomas Sohier
Identifications by Joan Stevens, expanded by Alex Glendinning - Photograph © Alex Glendinning
A message from Tony LeSauteur dated November 15th 1999:
Douet Fleury Lavoir
EELS 1832 would be Edouard Elie Le Sauteur, Centenier of St.Martin, born 1792, married to Jeanne Sohier. They lived on Rue Faldouët in the Vingtaine du Fief de la Reine.
A message from John Vardon dated March 12th1999:
1. Fontaine de Gallie
I believe the Phillipe Vardon referred to is a son of Louis who was a Huguenot refugee from France. Phillipe was born 1788/79 in St Trinity but by 1815 was living in St Martin. He married Rachel Cabot on 1 Feb 1812. In 1841 he was a shipbuilder, in 1851 a landed proprieter and a farmer in 1861 - all referenced in the census.
Elie Vardon is more difficult to identify. Or could it be Elias? The best 'fit' I can get is Elie, (1804 - aft 1871) who lived at Ville de L'Eglise in the mid 1800s. He married Anne Pallot in about 1828. The above Phillipe was his uncle. He is my first cousin four times removed!
2. Douet Fleury Lavoir
The Phillipe Vardon mentioned here could be the brother of the above Elie. He married Jeanne De Gruchy in 1795. Rachel Vardon who married Thomas Ahier was the first daughter of Phillipe referneced in 1. above.
My family tree consists of about 300 Vardons most originating from Jersey (or France if you count the original two brothers Louis and Nicolas) and all related to Harry (Henry) Vardon the golfer.

The Bouley Bay Hill Lavoir is between the first and
second sharp bends on Charrières de Bouley (T). The
stream (covered by a well-head) runs into a trough and
the granite paved lavoir bed is now almost dried out.
The inscriptions are on the trough and are dated 1834.
CGLC - Charles Gallichan
INC - Jean Nicolle
IMC - Jean Machon
Right (as shown below):
HNC - Henry Nicolle
IGLC - Jean Gallichan
ILBLT (in error for ILBTL) - Jean Le Boutillier
Identifications by Joan Stevens
Photographs © Alex Glendinning

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