Datestones at Mont Pellier

La Rue de Mont Pellier, Trinity

107. DPL.1706 and DPL.MRS. 1728 (shown) and 1742; Daniel Pellier
of Trinity m. Marguerite Richardson of St John (Sark) 29.10. 1715 (from Trinity
Parish Register).
108. DPL.EGF. Daniel Pellier.
247. HG.RML.PG.1686. (PG to left, HG & RML below the date) Helier Godfray
m. (St C) 12.11.1663 Rachel Mylays, with their son Philippe; keystone of arch,
originally at The Hollies (St C).
340. IGD.1641. Jean Grandin who married Marie du Feu - corbel on main house.
437.IMR.MCB.1732. Josué Marett & Marie Cabot m. (St H) 7.2.1722/3 - issue in Trinity; in garden wall to left of main house - from Pam Hislop.
368. ILB EHQ 1777. Jean Le Boutillier of St John and Esther Hocquard of Trinity m. (St My) 16.6.1769 - from Le Binaud (T), now demolished.

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