Art & Photographic History Section

La Section d'l'Histouaithe d'l'Art et d'la Photographie


La Société Jersiaise

Art & Photographic History Section

La Section d'l'Histouaithe d'l'Art et d'la Photographie



Members are invited to research pictures, photos and other materials relating to the history of art and photography with a Jersey connection. Topics touched on by the Section have included: statues in Jersey, gargoyles, stained glass windows, portraits of Lillie Langtry, care of old photographs, pub signs and commercial art, murals, portraits of family and local figures, early photographers, decorative arts, and gravestones. The history of art and photography in Jersey is a little-researched field, so any information anyone digs up, whether through casual interest or serious research, contributes greatly to our knowledge of the visual aspect of the Island's heritage.



The Prince's Tower
The Prince's Tower
The historic monument that the Société Jersiaise demolished. Vandalism or sacrifice?



Jean Philippe "Turnkey" Giffard
Lé tombé d'Mlle Combois
Sculptor, prison warder, maker of figureheads

"Turnkey" Giffard and the Devil
Les Caves dé Champion - Troglodyte Caves
Jean Philippe "Turnkey" Giffard
Lé Creux du Vis - Devil's Hole
La Prison de Jersey



Poème Lyrique: Sir John Everett Millais, Baronet, Membre émérite de l'Académie Royale.
Le 8 Juin 1892: Le jour de naissance - la fête de Sir John Everett Millais, Baronnet - le peintre par excellence.
In Memoriam of Sir John Everett Millais Baronet, President of the Royal Academy
Millais: references



Bishop Jeune by Sohier
Henry W. Sohier
Henry William Sohier: poem



Edmond Bliampid - Edmund Blampied



Three leopards
Les trais léopards
Variations in the iconography of the Jersey arms: a photographic essay
Iconography of the Jersey Leopards - History Section lecture



Les Statues en Jèrri
Statues and Monuments in Jersey: a historical and pictorial overview



La Repasseuse
La Repasseuse
J.L. David's Neo-Classical picture in St. Helier Parish Hall



Fishermen's Chapel
Fishermen's Chapel
Mediaeval wall paintings in St. Brelade



Railings in Jersey
Railings in Jersey
Gates and railings - fancy ironwork in urban settings and rainbow colours



Les Vibert photographiés
Born in 1781 - photographed in 1864



Le Daguerréotype
First demonstration in Jersey?



Notes and Cuttings
Miscellaneous material



Ouless family
References for PJ Ouless, WW Ouless and CP Ouless



Frank S. Dobbs



Political and social satire



Lillie Langtry - The Jersey Lily
The Jersey Lily
The funerary monument of Jersey's homegrown courtesan



Glass Church
Glass Church, Lalique
Glass interior by Lalique - an Art Deco masterpiece