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Parishes: St Helier (St H) Trinity (T) Grouville (G) St Martin (St Mt) St Mary (St My) St Brelade (St B) St John (St J) St Ouen (St O) St Saviour (St S) St Clement (St C) St Lawrence (St L) St Peter (St P) | Events: m. (married) bap. (baptised) bur. (buried) | Translations: t.d. (tous deux or both of ...) femme (wife of ...) veuve (widow of...) fils (son of ...) fille (daughter of ...)

These are stones that remain unidentified or marriages that have not yet been located. Can you help? e-mail:
97. DGD. EMR. Gaudin; La Vignette (St S).
109. DR. EFB.1726. Sundial, Shady Cottage, Augrès (T).
115. EB.ALF.1712. ? Bisson; Old Farm, Mont au Prêtre (St H).
123. EBS.EBD.1615, with 1811 added; St. Lawrence's Rectory (St L).
128. EDG.EDQ.1807. de Gruchy; La Chasse (St Mt).
176. EN.EMP.1760. At La Retraite (St S).
304. IDG.MSV.1820. Jean de Gruchy and Marguerite Syvret; Le Carrefour (St My).
307. IDL.EDL.ADL.1838. At La Fontaine, Ville à l'Eveque (T).
364. IL. MFL. 1776; Quay Bisson, the Bulwarks, St Aubin (St B).
405. ILM.MLM.1690. Le Maistre; Milton Fm. (St Mt).
417. ILR or Q.MLB.1692. At L'Ecluse (St My).
442. IMR.TMR.1698. At Oaklands (St My).
475. IPP.EMB.1794. On sundial, Le Bel Royal (St L).
485. IRM.IGD.1732. Gateposts, Daisy Fm. (St P).
601. NH.1651. ? Hue; lintel from St. Aubin (St B), now at The Museum.
609. NM.LDCGN.1721. On Ancient House at Plemont, near Leoville (St O).
619. NVD.VMH. At Les Mauves (T).
650. PCL.RLR.1776. ? Collas; at Chandos, St. Aubin (St B).
707. PH.IG.1669. At Junction of Kensington Place and Lewis Street (St H).
710. PHLDX.ELVdD. de Ste Croix and ? Le Vavasueur dit Durell; Rosedale (St H).
721. PLR (not PLA). ILQ.1716 : 1816. Just below roof line on roadside cottage behind Ivy Farm, La Rue de L'Etocquet (St J)
747.18 P.L.R. (entwined hearts) M.A.G.96. Le Carrefour, La Rue Gambrette (St J).
798. PS.CI.1732. On cottage behind The Hollies, St. Aubin (St B).
837. SD.NLG.1624. Originally between Trafalgar Hotel and neighbouring property, Mont Les Vaux, St. Aubin (St B). Labelled as originally at Tenby, Market Hill, St Aubin (St B) but now at Gracelands, Rue de Croiserie (T).
847. TAB.ELC.1825. At Mon Plaisir (St My) corrected by Colette Stevens (was listed as ELG).
878. TMfB.EL.1632. At Maison Pelgué (St S).
898. WS.MM. William Snow m. M. Mauger 1704; Springland, Millbrook (St L).
We now go beyond Joan Stevens' index to new stones as of yet unidentified....
909. TP.CLG.1721; Quarryside Cottages, Route de Mont Mado (St J).
920. I.MC : N.ML 1831. La Cave des Vins, Sand Street (St H).
921. TB ES 1753. Lintel now used as a step at rear of No. 5 David Place (St H).
927. P.IV, L.P.,} Survs. 1796. Savile Street (St H) boundary of sacred ground around All Saints Church (founded 1834), formerly a graveyard. Surveillants were Churchwardens.
931. PGB RLB 1694 on shield background, Bulwarks Cottage, Mont du Boulevard, St Aubin (St B).
933. IM IB: 1704 Ambleve, St Aubin's Harbour (St B).
937. T&HR 1883; Sea-View, Mont Bingham (St H); in plaster on panels either side of house name, highlighted in different colour from walls.
945. CLB EMR1747 at the rear of Le Douettin, La Rue d'Aval (St Mt).
1004. 17: IPT ---: 94, a defaced (removal of spouse ?) stone; Jean Piton (?), Mont du Boulevard, St.Aubin, (St B) opposite the Yacht Club.
1018. JRS & JLS 1832 next to Fishermen's Rest, Rozel Harbour (T).
1030. IH1751 - Queensway House, Queen Street (St H).
1039. MR. ILVT 1821 window lintel, left hand side of Rock Bay, Green Island (St C).
1049. IS 1642 Bank of Wales, Broad Street (St H).
1050. ELS.1820 Le Sueur, Fairfield, Rue Durell (T) .
1051. ILS.ILQ 1741 Le Sueur & Le Quesne, Fairfield Dower, Rue Durell (T).
1060. EDC 1829; gatepost at Roseland, La Petite Rue d'Elysee (St P).
1061. ILB EHB 1802; gatepost at La Vielle Maison, Rue d'Elysee (St P).
1062. IF (left gate) and IGF (inside shields) 16 ?6 or 166 ? (right gate); gateposts found buried in the garden of Milford Farm, Bon Air Lane (St S) and re-erected at the new entrance. A large hole drilled in the middle of the right gatepost partly obscures the date.
1073. PLB ELM 1849, La Chasse Farm, St PetersValley (St P).
1083. RCW VLA 1976 on garage at The Old School House, Leoville (St O).
1092. IMR EM 1726; rear wall of La Rigondaine, La Rigondaine (G).
1096. GMC 1874 arch capstone on outbuildings at St Claire House, Mont Cochon (St L).
1113. NCBC 1714; Britannia House, Rue de la Mare des Près (St J).
1129. G.R. (entwined hearts) M.M.C.L.1975. Rear of Le Vivier, La Route de Mont Mado (St J).
1144. TLB 1708; lintel on main house. Greenhill, Route de Franc Fief (St B).
1145. TLB : ET 1763; lintel on extension at Greenhill, Route de Franc Fief (St B).
1205. ALG1844, The Barn, Hillside, La Route de Rozel (T).
1236. I.P 1784; Spring Vale House, off Mont Les Vaux behind the Railway Walk, St Aubin (St B).
1243. M.AT P.J.B 1971. On garage between Hamptonne and Les Arches, L'Hocq Lane (St C).
1252. A.LBD: (single heart) 1805. Norman House, La Grande Route des Sablons (G).
1256. JEL (entwined hearts) AH 1938; Beaupré (St J).
1258. IAL (single heart) IPD.1773. Anley and Poingdestre; over back door at Haut du Mont, La Rue de la Hauteur, Mont au Pretré (St H).
1259. P.C. MR : A.J.RN 1897. Mourant and Renouf; lintel on east extension at Haut du Mont, La Rue de la Hauteur, Mont au Pretré (St H).
1264. JLR MBN 1832; lintel, Beauvoir, La Rue des Alleurs (T).
1286. IMR EGC no date; La Chasse, Princes Tower Road (St S).
1289. VFM 1935; monogram between 3 & 4 Clos du Hooper, La Rue du Trot (St Mt).
1291. TS M (or H) C; right gable end corbel stone, Le Pichanon (St Mt).
1295. IN MLC 1735; Noel. La Poudretterie, part of a hamlet off La Rue des Pelles (St Mt).
1298. J.AB & A.QR 1888; in plaster over front door at Fairfield Farm, Rue des Pigneaux (St S).
1301. ILB MC 1716. Stonewall Farm (T).
1312. MLF.MCB 1708. Le Feuvre and Cabot; door lintel reused above a window at Rockmount, Rue de Boulay (T).
1321. JGCF EBL 1929, arch capstone now in the low roadside wall at L'Abri, in front of Hodges Nurseries, La Grande Route de la Côte (St C).
1322. ILCN (single heart) unfinished section 1797. First storey plaque at Les Arches, Les Charrieres des Nicolle (St L).
1323. ILG 1695; carved in reverse as 16ILG95 with 101 below. On a stone weight of 101 lbs at Hamptonne Country Life Museum, Rue de la Patente (St L).
1328. GLP 1826. Lintel above an arch containing a watering trough by the roadside at The Priory, La Ruelle Vaucleuse (St H).
1343. JLGB (entwined hearts) AMM 1936; Gibaut and Mallet. Lintel marking the conversion of outbuildings into dwellings in the courtyard at Beau Vallon, La Mont de la Rosière (St S).
1350. PDR 1717; Dorey. Corbel - now in garden wall at Bras de Fer (T).
1375. PLC IHQ 1804 - lintel above a north facing and blocked in doorway and PLC IHQ 1822 (shown); lintel on south facing side of La Vignette (T).
1377. CHQ:MNM 1831. On outbuildings at Saints Germain, La Rue des Saints Germains (St L).
1379. RMJ JM 1968. Plaque on extension to Perry Farm, La Rue des Saints Germains (St J).
1380. RVD BVD (heart) 1986; on pool house at Perry Farm, La Rue des Saints Germains (St J).
1401. GCLQ. AHI. IMAP. D (heart) PL.RAM. ARA. MDDM ON. PM 1781. PM PI. IPM. IPM. PML. Mallet pedigree on west chimney at Houguemont, La Rue d'Aval (G).1413. ILQ MLB 1692. L'Ecluse, Le Chemin des Hougues (St My).
1420. PLF 1828, Les Niemes Lodge (St P).
1422. GLB CLB 1838. Plaque over archway at St Clement's Farm, Route de St Clement (St C)
1425. MDC 1670. Corbel stone replaced facing east after the house burnt down. Le Menage Farm, Les Petites Rues (St L).
1429. CJP DCL 1978, on extension at Ville au Veslet (St L) .
1430. MK DEW 1954. Lintel at Brooklands, Le Mont Sorsoliel (St L).
1435. SPT.1762.TBN.MLB; the 'N' is reversed. Window lintel at Les Landes Farm (St J).
1437. PLF 1924 on a stone placed between carriage and pedestrian arches on La Rue du Maistre (St My).
1453. AP 1813; first storey plaque at Beauvelande (St Mt)
1454. MMR 18. Probably the female side of a datestone broken in half and used as building material in the road side end of the barns at Faldouet Farm, Rue du Ministre (St Mt).
1458. P.L.M.S.R. 1895. On the barns at Sterling Farm (St Mt).
1461. IL.RML.M 1686, found buried when the house was built and incorporated into the garden wall at Le Moulinet, La Vielle Charriere (T).
1462. SPR. ILG. MRN. 1708. Lintel under the porch at No. 4 Oak Farm Cottages, Mont de L'Ecole (St P).
1464. PR GS 1764. Arch capstone at La Blanche Pierre, Rue de la Blanche Pierre (T).
1469. PL (single heart) EB - no date. Luce and Bisson maybe? Cottage window lintel on outbuildings at La Moye Manor (St B).
1478. RLH CER 1965. Moonbeam Cottage, Old Road (G).
1485. C. T. HL. A.D. 1879, carved in concrete at the rear of the east wing extension at Le Vallon, Le Chemin de Bruleries (St B).
1496. GGC 1875/6. Arch capstone now in the garden at L'Abri Farm, La Grande Route de Faldouet (St Mt).
1509. IGP SA 1703, window lintel on the west wing of Le Bouillion, Rue des Landes (St P).
1520. --M (single heart) ABD --15. Remains of a broken lintel reused as window surround; Belle au Vents, La Route de St Jean (St L).
1524. ID? (left) ILB (right). Faintly inscribed on the gateposts at Dunedin Farm, La Rue des Bilieres (St L).
1525. A.PM.1736 E.F; first storey plaque at Le Douet, La Rue des Chasses (St J).
1526. IS 1661. Carved on a window lintel at Le Nord Farm (St My).
1528. WLB 1716 EGF. Displaced lintel on the gable end of an unnamed house at the top of La Rue du Rondin (St My).
1530. PPD MGF 1707 MDPMP; Les Charrières (St My).
1534. NLC 1704. Back door lintel, now enclosed within a toilet extension at Bois des Ormes (formerly Elmwood) Le Hurel (St My) .
1536. ILG 1798. On outbuildings at Highfield House, La Rue ès Viberts (St My)
1543. PBN 1862. Carved on a much older window lintel at Les Varvots (St L).
1548. JB 1853. Roadside arch capstone at Les Ruettes Farm, Les Ruettes (St S).
1553. MSJ 1960. Cistern head put up during reconstruction after a fire at Le Hurel Farm, La Route de la Trinité (T).
1558. PCH 1689; initials inside a shield with heraldic emblem (two acorns?) date on either side. Right at the back of the States properties at Halcyon House, West Hill (St H).
1559. PLM 1789. Le Maistre?; window lintel at The Barn, (behind Mayfield), La Rue des Chatagniers (St J).
1560. RMHL (entwined hearts) MJL 1960. North door lintel on west wing of Chestnut Grove, La Rue des Chatagniers (St J).
1567. PAE 1684 and 1691; respectively window and door lintels at Le Pre Farm Cottage, Rue de Jambart (St C), the latter has a square stone above it which is a circle quartered and seems to contain X S in the bottom two quarters.
1576. SLMV (no date). Over a first storey loading door in the barns at La Rosiere, Rue de la Falaise (T).
1580. DG (entwined) : RB 1711. Used as a garden step at Chestnut Farm, Rue des Buttes (St My).
1581. Nic 1830; carved at the back of one of the pigsties at Chestnut Farm, Rue des Buttes (St My).
1589.WBP DMJ 1955. Le! Havre, La Grande Route des Sablons (G).
1591. JRD JRD 1973. Arch capstone at Les Alpes Cottages (St Mt).
1595. ACC (entwined hearts) MMG 1992. Gable end of La Maison de La Hambie, Rue de la Hambie (St S).
1596. CH CL 1728. Rear lintel on derelict house now used as a farm store, next door to Vers Les Monts, Rue de la Presse (St P).
1600. GG (single heart) KM 1722, No. 2 La Chasse (St H).
1611. JLC (entwined hearts) RLC 1808. Lintel (from elsewhere) used in a fireplace at L'Hermitage, La Rue du Pont (St J).
1616. PLBR 1821. Gateposts at Loge du Tisserand, Chemin d'Olivet (T).
1617. NT (entwined hearts) JS 1991. Behind Vimy Cottage, La Longue Rue (St L).
1625. ACB OMM 1989. Herupe Cottage (formerly the barns at Herupe Farm), Les Boullions (St J) .
1635. PH CV. Modern lintel on the east wing of Badier Farm, Chemin des Montages (St L).
1640. ELG ILG 1748. Painted over lintel above the middle first storey window of the outbuildings at La Rocher, Le Mont Du Rocher (St L).
1641. PG (damaged F) (entwined hearts) I - (damaged) 1822. Spring Farm, La Rue de La Vignette (St S).
1659. HLR (enwined hearts) MAB 1817. First storey plaque at Boulivot House, Boulivot (G).
1663. PCHD (entwined hearts) DFAM 1972. lintel over new entrance to Domaine de la Valette, Rue de Sorel (St J).
1664. GBR 1772. Fireplace inside the cottage at Domaine de la Valette, Rue de Sorel (St J).
1668. PCS.ARB.1716. Fireplace, Le Petit Câtelet, La Route de St Jean (St J); a door lintel from elsewhere.
1682. - - D SLH (no date). Partial stone (broken on the left) buried by the roadside at Roselands, Rue de la Croix Besnard (St S) thought to have come from the Le Gallais Furniture Repository, Hilgrove Street (St H) after a fire destroyed the original building.
1683. TBT + AL + 1719. Lintel under the wooden porch at L'Etage, Sandybrook (St L) and hard to photograph as it is in deep shadow - found by Jean Arthur.
1689. FGL PLM SVL 1804. Small stone on the bakehouse at La Maison de Portier, Rue de la Garenne (T).
1692. PPC (single heart) EAB 1811. On a weighing stone in the front garden of La Ville Mars, Oaklands Lane (St H).
1693. ILF (single heart) PAL 1770. Plaque to the right of the door to the converted outbuildings at Old Quarry House, Oaklands Lane (St H).
1694. V.L.W. (entwined hearts) D.B.G. 1974. Window lintel on the west side of the converted outbuildings at Old Quarry House, Oaklands Lane (St H).
1696. C.A.M. (entwined hearts) D.W.R. 2000. Arch keystone at Les Haies, La Rue des Haies (T).
1701. RD - on two sides (no date). Some kind of marker stone in the garden wall of Butt and Ben, La Rue des Platons (T).
1702. IPC (single heart) MLP 1767. The Perchards were living here on the Godfray Map of 1849; Valley Farm, La Vallée de Rozel (St Mt).
1703. LGB 1971; on the south side of Les Dirouilles, a bungalow on La Rue des Boullions(T).
1709. ID 1679. There is a diamond carved between the letters. East gable end corbel on a deserted and overgrown building next to Brook Cottage, Vallée des Vaux (T).
1710. MLB 1745. M and L combined. Old Mill Farm, Vallée des Vaux (T).
1718. JE LB 1888. Carved on the inside of the gateposts at La Sergente, La Pulente (St B).
1720. EFO 1684. Orange ? Displaced corbel stone in the garden wall along the footpath behind No. 12, Clos des Sables (St B).
1722. EVS 1918. Voisin? Arch keystones in two bridges over a stream that runs through the garden at The Grove (St L).

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