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Parish Abbreviations

St Helier (St H) Trinity (T) Grouville (G) St Martin (St Mt) St Mary (St My) St Brelade (St B) St John (St J) St Ouen (St O) St Saviour (St S) St Clement (St C) St Lawrence (St L) St Peter (St P)

Note: m. indicates the marriage date of the couple commemorated.

501. IVP.SAB.1713. Jean Valpy & Susanne Aubin; plaque on first storey above front door at Neuilly Farm, Rue de Neuilly (St Mt). Although I have been unable to find a marriage for this couple, Jean Valpy & Susanne Aubin acted as godparents to Susanne fille David Aubin and Marie Hue bap. (St S) 15.3.1746.
502. IVS.AEN. 1788. Isaac Voisin and Anne Esnouf m. (T) 5.2.1775; Les Mauves (T).
503. IW. John Wadham, who married Andrie Messervy 1585; Governor's House, Elizabeth Castle (St H).
504. JBC.SLB.1820. Jean Bichard and Suzanne Le Brocq of St Peter m. (St L) 5.7.1792; first storey plaque at Seaview, Les Charrieres Mallorey (St L).
505. JBD.1813. Jean Baudains; St. Cyr Lavoir (St J).
506. JBG.EGD.1849. Jean Beaugié and Esther Gaudin t.d. St Martin m. (St H) 9.1.1830; gatepost, Le Pavilon (St Mt) - see also 851.
507. JBN.AMGL.1831. The A was missing and G replaces C. Jean Binet and Ann Margaret Gaillard m. (T) 14.6.1829; Highlands, La Boucterie (T) - see also 1305.
508. JBP.MAGLC. Jean Blampied and Mary Ann Gallichan m. (St L) 28.2.1854; barns behind Three Oaks Farm, Three Oaks (St L) marriage from James Brannan.
509. JBP.RBP (heart) JBP.ECB.1820. Josué and Rachel Blampied m. (T) 14.1.1787. Josué Blampied, their son, and Elizabeth Cabot m. (T) 7.6.1815; Maison des Croix, Rue d'Ebenezer (T).
510. JBS.1813. Jean Bisson; St. Cyr Lavoir (St J)
511. JBS.AMRD.1932. John Bisson - b.1893 St John and Agnes Maud Rondel - b.1896 St Lawrence m. (St J) 21.11.1914; La Sarsonnerie - formerly Don Farm (St J) - from Tina Quimby-Mitchell - see also 616 and 1370.
512. JCT.1813. Jean Coutanche; St. Cyr Lavoir (St J).
513. JDB.1805. Jean Dolbel; Chestnut Grove, La Route du Mont Mado (St J) - see also 292 294.
514. JDL (star) JHL. 1891. Jean (fs Jean) Dallain and Jeanne Huelin - the eldest child I have was born circa 1859 (Helena Jane) St John. La Chasse, Sion (St J) from Pam Hislop - see also 670.
515. JDLM.JGF.1823. Jean de la Mare and Jeanne Godfray m. (St C) 13.11.1823; Ashton House, opposite St. Clement's Church (St C).
516. JDR.JDF.1882. Josué Dorey fils Josué
& Jane Du Feu fille Jean m. (T) 9.6.1861; at
the back of the granite and brick cottage at
Longfields, opposite the south gate of Dièlament
Manor;Rue de Dièlament (T).
517. JDSC.1813. Jean de Ste Croix; St. Cyr Lavoir (St J)
518. JEML.MMTG.1822 (corrected from 1832) main house and 1836 on adjoining barn; Jean Emily and Marguerite Mattingley m. (T) 9.3.1816. Beechfield House, Beechfield Lane (T).
519. JFTZ.LMRCB.1900. John Francis Touzel and Louise Marguerite Renouf Cabot m. circa 1891; Homestead (St L) from Pam Hislop.
520. JG.1870. Josué Graut; arch capstone at La Rigdonaine (G) - now demolished. Drawing © Charles Stevens.
521. JG.MJ.1841. Josué Graut of St Saviour and Marguerite Jeune of Grouville m. (St S) 10.10.1822; La Rigondaine (G) - now demolished.
522. JHL.MLB.1827; Jean Huelin of St Peter and Marie Le Boutillier of St Brelade m. (St P) 27.9.1818. Huge stone on corner house at Beaumont (St P) - identified by Guy Dixon.
523. JHM.AAB.1805; Les Chasses, Coin Hatain (St L). This stone starts with an 'I' and can be seen at 941.
524. JHM.MPN.1840; Les Chasses, Coin Hatain (St L).This stone starts with an 'I' and can be seen at 942.
525. JHM.NGC.1848. Joseph Hamon and Nancy Gruchy m. circa 1843: front of Beau Regard (St J) on second storey - see also 1107.
526. J. Jacobs, Archt. 1854. On newel medallion, St. Martin's House (St Mt).
527. JJDGC.EPL.1890. Jean Josué de Gruchy and Emily Pallot; Greenfields, La Rue du Pont (T) - see also 360 & 563.
528. JLB.1833 (not 1883). Jean Le Brun; La Maison du Becquet (formerly Highcliff), Les Nouvelles Charrierres (St J) - see also 324.
529. JLG.1841. Jean Le Gallais who married Elizabeth Gibaut (St J) 4.7.1844; gatepost, Surville (St H).
530. JLM.ABP.1827. Jean Le Maistre and Anne Blampied m. (St L) 11.6.1792; La Vielle Demeuthe, Bel Royal (St L).
531. ILR MAL 1839; Jean Le Rossignol and his wife Marie (1841 census). South View, Mont Cochon (St L).
532. JML.1832.J. Mollet; Douet Fleury Lavoir (St Mt).
533. JMSV.SLR.1874. John Messervy (fils Jean Messervy & Anne Marett) and Susanne Le Riche; first child thought to be John born circa 1866 - died young; wall of barn at La Ville Brée Farm, La Rue de la Ville Brée (St Mt) from Pam Hislop.
534. JNC.ALG.1869. Jean Nicolle fils Jean Pierre and Anne Le Grand fille Jacques m. (St L) 26.12.1859; formerly the stables for China Quarry Farm - see 447 - now a seperate dwelling named Hunter's Moon, Ville ès Gazeaux (St L).
535. JNC.ELC.1806. Jean Nicolle and Elizabeth Le Cras m. (St L) 7.1.1794; Le Passage, Le Passage (St L).
536. JPF.FAP.1835. Jean Philippe Falle and Françoise Asplet t.d. St Martin m. (St H) 24.6.1827; at Waverley Farm (St Mt).
537. JPF.MSW.1885. Jean Philippe Falle and Marie Susanne Whitley t.d. St Martin m. (St Mt) 1859; Waverley Farm (St Mt). Extra details from Pam Hislop.
538. JPRR. AJMR. 1891. John Philip Romeril fils Jean of St Peter and Alice Jane Marett fille Philippe Charles of St Brelade m. circa 1876; Oaklands, Coin
Varin (St P). Extra details from Pam Hislop.
539. JR.AM.1827. James Remon of St Brelade and Anne Marett of St Lawrence m. (St L) 27.5.1824; St. Aubin's Institute, now the Gervaise Le Gros Family Health Centre, Charing Cross (St B).
540. JRN.BRN.1820. Jean and Betthe Renouf m. (T) 8.8.1795; gateposts, Old Farm, Mont au Prêtre (St H) see also 115 & 1042.
541. KLS.FCSA.1699. At La Chasse, Les Chenoles (St J).
542. KQR. At Midlands (St L).
543. LAB.1664. 'Lucas Aubin et sa femme' appear as godparents to Julian Bray fils Julian bap. (St S) 05.08.1666 and Richard Fauvel fils Richard bap. (St S) 17.09.1671; Hamlet Farm, Rue de la Hambie (St S).
544. LAN.1580 - see HD.
545. deleted.
546. LDDD - see IVC.FLF.
547. LH.EH.1637. Laurens and Edouard Hamptonne with heraldic shield of three stars with roses below; above the entrance arch at Hamptonne Country Life Museum, Rue de la Patente (St L).
548. LP.BI, or BJ. Lemprière; on stoup at Rozel Manor (St Mt).
549. LR.RR.1660. Louys Rouet and Rachel Rogier m. (St H) 19.4.1654; Mont à l'Abbé Farm, La Grande Route de Mont à l'Abbé (St H).
550. LV. RDLC.IPV.1745. Louis Voisin and Rachel de La Cour m. (St L) 29.9.1725, with their son Jacob Philippe bap. (St L) 10.5.1726; first storey plaque at Albany House, La Grande Route de St Laurent (St L).
551. this was an incorrect description of the trough at 583.
552. MAL.ARN.1760. Matthieu Alexandre and Ann Renouf m. (St B) 9.10.1755; first storey plaque on the front of Franc Fief Farm, La Rue du Cônet (St B).
553. MALX.1790 (not found, may be covered by the front porch) and MALX.SGL.1804. Moise Alexandre and Susanne Gaillard m. (St H) 22.4.1796; Chestnut Lea, Mont à l'Abbé (St H). From The Don Militia List of 1815: Moise Alexandre, aged 50, was a Sergeant in the St Lawrence Regiment. His household consisted of three women, two boys and four girls.
554. Maufant 1837. At Maufant Manor (St S).
555. MB.MAH.1763. Michel Bree and Maria Ahier m. (St S) 6.8.1759. Next to the fireplace inside the main hall of the old building at d'Hautrée School, formerly St. Helier Boys' and previously d'Hautrée Farm. Photograph courtesy of the States of Jersey Education Committee.
556. MBt.H. ? Berteau (or this may read MH BT see 562); there is also a corbel stone dated 1699 here which may help date the lintel. Le Menage, Les Petites Rues (St L).
557. MD (star within a circle or a stylized sun maybe?).E.1647. Matthieu Dorey and Elizabeth Roissié; fireplace in the kitchen at Stirling Castle Farm, Mont Neron (St H) - see also 71.
558. MDLG. Marie de la Garde, wife of Philippe Collas (1646-1717); on garden steps, St. Martin's House (St Mt).
559. MG.1618. Michel Guerdain, who m. Marie Stocall 1600; on trough at La Guerdainerie (T).
560. MGB.AP.1762. Moise Gibaut and Ann Payn m. (St L) 24.8.1759; Mainland - now demolished (St L).
561. MGB.APD.1756. Moise Gibaut of St Lawrence and Ann Poingdestre of St John m. (St J) 26.2.1794; Les Prairies (St J)
562. MH. At Le Menage (St L) - see also 556.
563. MH ( letters joined together): E (not I)C.1695. There is an entry in the registers for Elizabeth (no maiden name given - could be a Cabot?) femme Matthieu Hocquard bur. (T) 24.5.1705 but no sign of a corresponding marriage entry; corbel now in the main barn at the back of Greenfields, La Rue du Pont (T) - see also 360 and 527.
564. MIN.1786. ? Journeaux; Halfway House (now The Spinney) (G).
565. ML.1666. Moise Luce; Moss Nook (St H).
566. ML.MM. (both in shields)1666 between them in a square. Moise Luce and Marguerite Messervy m. (St H) 11.12.1661; Moss Nook, West Hill (St H) see also 629 & 630.
567. MLB.1720. Labey; on trough, Home Farm, La Rue de Grouville (G).
568. MLB.MCB.1686. Michel Larbalestier and Marie Cabot m. (T) 9.12.1671; from La Fosse (T) but now on display at the Jersey Museum.
569. MLF.1696. Moyse Laffoley; at Auvergue (St P).
570. MLF 1714 ALC. Michel Le Feuvre and Anne Le Cras m. (St B) 15.6.1701; Fontis, Rue des Sillons (St P) - photograph from Charlie Malet de Carteret.
571. MLG (M and L merged) inside a shield with a fleur de lys. Mattieu Langlois fils Raulin; pedestrian arch capstone at Morel Farm, La Rue de la Fontaine St Martin (St L) - Raulin's initials are on the large arch capstone at 830. Philippe Langlois, fils Mattieu, has initials recorded at 1737.
572. MLG.1669. Bushy Farm, La Ruelle Vaucleuse (St H).
573.MLC (not G). 1749. Corbel from Mainland (now demolished) in the front of No. 15 Clos du Val (St L).
574. MLGL.MPD.1756. Mathieu Le Gallais of St Helier and Marie Poingdestre of St Lawrence m. (St J) 20.4.1755; Surville (St H).
575. MLP.IC.1749. Michel Lemprière (his initials are merged) and Jeanne Corbet; on farm buildings behind Dièlament Manor, La Rue de Dièlament (T).
576. MLVC.ML.1708 and 1722. The 'L' is merged with the 'M' in both cases. Michel Le Vesconte of St Mary and Marguerite Lael of St Peter m. (St H) 22.8.1702; 1708 below the roof line on the east barn, 1722 on the roadside gable end of Les Buis, La Rue du Rondin (St My).
577. MMLB (not MMB or MMG).1692. Corbel on the east corner of Le Feugerel, La Rue du Feugerel (St J).
578. MPD.1715, with RRN (obscured) nearby. Michel Poingdestre of St John and Rachel Renouf of St Lawrence m. (St L) 17.1.1692/3; on the west outbuildings at China Quarry Farm (St L).
579. MPD 1752. Madeleine Poingdestre (a rare example of a single female on a dated stone) who purchased the property from her sister Anne; at The Animals' Shelter, St Saviour's Road (St H) formerly La Coie Farm. Ref: George Croad's A Jersey Album.
580. MPD.IRN.1732. Michel Poingdestre of St Helier and Jeanne Renouf of St John m. (St J) 13.12.1727; The Olde House, Rue de Friquet, Mont à l'Abbé (St H).
581. MPL. ICB.1683. (the three is reversed). Les Sts. Germains Fm. (St L) see also 737 and 975-76.
582. MR.1707 - Matthieu Renouf of the family at Francfief (see 583), Le Petit Fief, La Rue du Cônet (St B) - deleted accidentally as the photograph makes it look more like 'IR'.
583. MR.AF.1702, 1717 1719 and 17-- (date obscured). Matthieu Renouf and Anne Falle m. (St S) 14.10.1702; 1702 on a stone at ground level on the barns (shown) which also includes IR EPQ see 480 ,1717 carved on the fireplace (shown), 1719 on a trough in the yard and 17-- on a displaced lintel recycled as a barn threshold (with part of the date covered) at Franc Fief Farm, La Rue du Cônet (St B). There is another stone from this house at 552. Observations from James Brannan: it is certainly unusual to find two sets of initials on a datestone! I presume this implies that Mathieu Renouf who married Anne Falle was the son of the Jean Renouf who married Elizabeth Piquet. This certainly ties up with a St Mary baptism I have for Mathieu son of Jean.
584. MSW (not V), Ivy House, St Aubin (St B)- see 1006.
585.NAM.1663. Amy; roadside arch capstone at Maison de Bas, Ville au Bas (St L). Another stone, behind this one, is recorded at 1724.
586. NAT.1813. Noé Arthur; St. Cyr Lavoir (St J)
587. NB.Fecit.1765. On sundial, Le Marinel (St J).
588. NBD.MVP.1784. Nicolas Baudains and Marguerite Valpy t.d. St John m. (T) 11.12.1753; Beaupré (St J) - see also 118 142 271 and 1256.
589. NC KLM.1727. Nicolas Chevalier m. Katherine Le Montais (St P) 1.2.1717/8; La Retraite a l'Ouest, Beaumont (St P). In this case the upside down heart does not indicate a death and may just be a stone mason's error. Nicolas was buried in 1735 and Katherine in 1748.
590. NC.L.1619. Nicolas Cabot; La Chasse, Maufant (St S).
591. NDC. ? Nicolas de Carteret; in a shop front to the north of St. John's Church (St J) - now demolished.
592. NDC.1664. The N is reversed. Nicolas de Carteret; corbel at Les Buttes, La Rue des Buttes (St J) - see also 8 19 593 and 863.
593. NDC.1669 inside a shield with tulips and fleur-de-lys on either side. Nicolas de Carteret; fireplace, Les Buttes, La Rue des Buttes (St J) - see above.
594. NDP.FA.1659. du Pré and Arthur? Plaque on the inside of the roadside wall (partially hidden by a shed), L'Ancienneté Dower, Rue des Buttes (St My).
595. NDSX.PL.SGF.MS.30.1739. Nicolas de Ste Croix, Pierre Luce, and Sara Giffard, ? Mars (March) 30 1739; formerly at 15 Hue Street (St H) now in store at La Hougue Bie (St S).
596. NER.EDL.1718 - no location given in Joan Stevens' index!
597. NF.MADM.1751. Mr Nicolas Fiott m. Dlle Anne Dumaresq of St Ouen (St H) 4.3.1746; cistern head from No.7 Pier Road (St H). No longer on the building, stored by the Jersey Museums Service at Augrès (T).
598. NG.SN.16?8. Noé Germain and Susanne Noel fille Julian m. (St Mt) 19.12.1677. Damaged lintel on outbuildings at Rozel Camp Site, Rozel (St Mt).
599.NGF.1688. At Fontaine de Bas, near St. Peter's Church . Now called Treetops, La Rue des Fosses (St P).
600. NGF.1813. N. Giffard; St. Cyr Lavoir (St J)
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