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Please note: the original Arranged by Surname index has now been removed as it is out of date.

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Parish Abbreviations

St Helier (St H) Trinity (T) Grouville (G) St Martin (St Mt) St Mary (St My) St Brelade (St B) St John (St J) St Ouen (St O) St Saviour (St S) St Clement (St C) St Lawrence (St L) St Peter (St P)

Note: m. indicates the marriage date of the couple commemorated.

As all the entries from 904 have come in after the completion of the original index, the pages are out of alphabetical order, but the names have also been added to the Surnames Index.

904. CRN.RLG. 1699. Clement Renouf & Rebecca Le Gros m. 13.7.1670 (St L) La Preference (St My).
905. CRN.RLG. 1707. See above. Both contributed by James Brannan.
906. Accidental duplication - now removed to 118.
907. JDB.ACT.1826; Le Vivier, Route de Mont Mado (St J) - see also 817 and Le Vivier Page.
908. JLBL.MDR.1823; Josué Le Bailly and Magdelaine (Le Vavasseur dit) Durell m. (St H) 5.9.1807; inside Thesaurus Bookshop, Burrard St (St H) - originally over the door to the cottage at the back of the shop in James Street. This couple were the grandparents of Henri Jean Le Bailly who emigrated to New Zealand. Glenys Lawrence is researching this family.
909. TP.CLG.1721; Quarryside Cottages, Route de Mont Mado (St J).
910. deleted
911. 18 NDF ESLR 52 - see Les Noyer Page.
912. 18 NDF MRPC 99 - see Les Noyer Page.
913. NDF 1754 VLR - see Les Noyer Page.
914. IGB (heart) MDP 1767 Jean Gibaut & Marie
Du Pré t.d. St Lawrence m. (St H) 11.10.1747: Avranches Farm,
Ruette d'Avranches (St L) - submitted by Susanne Le Feuvre
and identified by Pam Hislop.
915. CBP.RHM 1819 Charles Blampied m. (T) 17.10.1808 Rachel Hamon, Meadow Farm, La Vielle Charriere (T) contributed by Ray Le Pivert.
916. DBP.RJ 1834 Denis Blampied m. (T) 6.9.1826 Rachel Jenne (Jeune), Bas de Terrine, Rue de L'Epine (T) contributed by Ray Le Pivert.
917. IL 1785. Plaque, surrounded by render, first storey of the west side of Le Vallet, Le Mont de Gouray (St Mt) contributed by Chris Blackstone.
918. MCLB & EEDG 1885 in plaster and now painted over. Moses Charles Le Brun (1849-1887) m. Buckland Wesleyan Chapel, Portsea Island (Portsmouth) 26.4.1880 Esther Elizabeth de Gruchy (1859-1915) Waldeck House, Mont Cochon (St H).
919. IML (heart) SF 1715. Joseph Mollet and Sara Falle; 16 Sand Street (St H) - from Guy Dixon.
920. I.MC : N.ML 1831. La Cave des Vins, Sand Street (St H).
921. TB ES 1753. Lintel now used as a step at rear of No. 5 David Place (St H).
922. INL MRBT 1810. Jean Noel of St Saviour and Marie Rachel Bertram of Grouville m.
(St S) 2.6.1809; Retreat Farm, La Rue de la Vieux Menage (St S) - see also 176 and 450.
923. NN & EST 1840. Nicolas Noel m. Elizabeth Steel (St Mt) 4.6.1827; Gibraltar House, junction of Le Mont des Ormes and Le Grand Cotil (St Mt).
924. TLH ERN 1839. Thomas Le Huquet and Elizabeth Renouf m. (St Mt) 3.5.1807; gatepost at Bel Val Farm, Flicquet (St Mt).
925. T.LSL& S.LSL 1820. Thomas and Susanne Le Seelleur t.d. St Martin m. (St S) 5.2.1799; roadside wall at Haye Hogard, Rue des Côtils (St Mt).
926. PAB. RLG 1759 Philippe Aubin of St Saviour & Rachel Le Gallais of St Helier m. (St B) 10.3.1756; displaced lintel now on the front of La Grotta Take-Away, Cheapside (St H).
927. P.IV, L.P.,} Survs. 1796. Savile Street (St H) boundary of sacred ground around All Saints Church (founded 1834),
formerly a graveyard. Surveillants were Churchwardens - see Introduction Page under Ecclesiastical Stones.
928. deleted.
929. IPN MLB 1804 Jean Pinel and Marie Le Brun m. (St L) 21.1.1804;
gatepost at Le Coin, Mont Cochon (St L) - contributed by Henry Coutanche and
updated by Pam Hislop.
930. CRD ELM 1839; Clement Rondel of St Lawrence & Elizabeth Le Masurier of Trinity m. (T) 19.7.1832 , gatepost at Ville ès Gros, Mont Cochon (St L) - Tina Quimby-Mitchell found this marriage.
931. PGB RLB 1694 on shield background, Bulwarks Cottage, Mont du Boulevard, St Aubin (St B).
932. Restd. 1910 MIB; Maud Irene Brouard. Bulwarks House, Mont du Boulevard, St Aubin (St B) - identification from Guy Dixon.
933. IM IB: 1704 Ambleve, St Aubin's Harbour (St B).
934. R.R. E.B.T. 1847. Robert Randall (1811-1898) and Eleanor B. Tinkman. Arch capstone on roadside wall of Randall's Brewery, Clare Street (St H) commemorating the purchase of what was then the Clare Street Brewery from Mr. J.B. Quick in 1847.
935. IGF 1823 probably Jean Godfray; Hillview, La Grande Route de Ste. Clement (St C). Photo by Chris Balleinne.
936. BRS JGV 1797; Bernabé Roissier fils Jean of Grouville (1737-1812) m. (T) 22.2.1764 Jeanne Gavey of St Clement (?-1811). Had issue in St Clement from 1765-1776 and both are buried there. Not the original house on the site, of which one wall and a fireplace survives in the back garden. The property was an inheritance which Bernabé sold to Clement Godfray fils Helier for 408 Livres on June 25 1808. Ref: Public Registry Book 106 Folio 21 - described as being on the Fief de la Franche Aumone (G) adjoining land owned by Jean Brée fils Helier and bordered on the south by the public road. St Aidens, La Grande Route des Sablons (G).
937. T&HR 1883; Sea-View, Mont Bingham (St H); in plaster on panels either side of house name, highlighted in different colour from walls.
938. IV: MS 1728; Jean Villeneuve (1669-1750) fils Gédeon of Orleans, Huguenot refugee naturalised Royal Court 4.3.1698/9 m. (St B) 21.1.1692/3 Marie Saint (?-1746) fille Pierre of St Lô; fireplace at Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club, St Aubin (St B). Salvaged from the beach by St Aubin's Fort in 1980, split in half across the top, where it had laid since the cottage it belonged to (now the R.C.I.Y.C. car park) had been demolished by the Germans during the Occupation.
939. J.R. Connétable 1835 and 1836; Jacques Remon, Constable of St Brelade. 1835 Junction of Mont de la Rocque and La Rue du Crocquet (High Street), St Aubin and 1836 opposite the War Memorial in St Brelade's Bay (St B) - pictures of both at Official Stones.
940. IHM MPN 1840 Jean Hamon m. Marie Pinel (St L) 30.5.1811; gatepost at Les Chasses, Rue de Ste. Jean, Mont Cochon (St L).
941.IHM AAB 1805 Jean Hamon and Ann Aubert t.d. St Lawrence m. (St S) 1.11.1783; lintel at Les Chasses, Rue de Ste. Jean, Mont Cochon (St L).
942. HGCT SDS 1989 Henry George Coutanche m. Sheila Diane Stuart, Registrar's Office (St H) 1989; Les Chasses, Rue de Ste. Jean, Mont Cochon (St L) - 940-942 contributed by Henry Coutanche.
943. T FP ELB AD1911 on arch at Norfolk Lodge, Queens Road (St H).
944. CTD (entwined hearts) CSO 1986 Carey Twiston-Davies & Claire Susan Orchard m. 1986, extension joining the main house and barns at Le Hurel Farm, La Ruette Pinel (St L) - see also No. 394.
945. CLB EMR 1747 at the rear of Le Douettin, La Rue d'Aval (St Mt).
946. removed.
947. removed.
948. IBS EHC 1772 Jean Bisson & Esther Hocquard m. (T) 12.7.1757; La Hocquarderie, La Rue Coutanche (T).
949. CGLC EFLHQ 1899. Charles Gallichan and Esther Florence Le Huquet; La Hocquarderie, La Rue Coutanche (T). See also 1245.
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