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Parish Abbreviations

St Helier (St H) Trinity (T) Grouville (G) St Martin (St Mt) St Mary (St My) St Brelade (St B) St John (St J) St Ouen (St O) St Saviour (St S) St Clement (St C) St Lawrence (St L) St Peter (St P)

101. DL + B preceded by X. 1598 above, all inside a shield. Arch keystone, possibly Dallain, like the other stones at La Chasse, Sion (St J) - see 514 670 and 899 - a cross reference entry for this stone under X.
102. DLC. Beechleigh (St P).
103. DLS.1767. Daniel (not David) Le Sueur; No.6 Hue Street (St H). A picture showing this stone in its original position is available at the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive; Architecture Section Catalogue 13 a.22.
104. DLS.PHB.1775. Not a marriage stone, this remembers the merchants Daniel Le Sueur and his business partner Philippe Hubert; Seale House, 9 Seale Street moved from No. 5 Hue Street (St H).
105. Incorrect description - now moved to 1265.
106. Douard Le Sueur. 1749; on beam at No.19 Hue Street (St H).
107. DPL.1706 and DPL.MRS.1728 and 1742; Mont Pellier (T) - see The Mont Pellier Page.
108. DPL.EGF. Mont Pellier (T) - see The Mont Pellier Page.
109. DR. EFB.1726. Sundial, Shady Cottage, Augrès (T) - recorded in 1985 but no longer there.
110. DVM.RAM.1754. Daniel Venement and Rachel Amy m. (St C) 21.6.1752; lintel above front door at Beaumaris, formerly Chambaid, Jambart Lane (St C) see also 98.
111. E. at Val au Bec (St P).
112. EAM (entwined hearts) EBP 1827. Elie Amy and Elizabeth Blampied m. (T) 21.6.1819; first storey plaque on the main house at Peacock Farm (now La Jardin Mure), divided into two properties, La Rue de la Piece Mauger (T) - identification by Pam Hislop.
112a. EAM (entwined hearts) EBP 1832 (not EAM 1832). Elie Amy and Elizabeth Blampied m. (T) 21.6.1819; lintel on the east wing of Peacock Farm - now La Crespiniere, La Rue de la Piece Mauger (T) - identification by Pam Hislop.
113. EAT.1648. Estienne Anthoine; keystone from Rouen House, now at Longueville (St S).
114. EAT.1675 (damaged corbel - no picture), and EAT.MAB.1675 (lintel); Estienne Anthoine and Marthe Aubin, fille feu Daniel m. (St Mt) 21.8.1664; both on the old house, now used as outbuildings, at Les Prés (St Mt). Drawing © Charles Stevens.
115. EB.ALF.1712. Elie or Edouard Bisson and Anne Le Feuvre? Old Farm, Mont au Prêtre (St H) - see also 540 and 1042.
116. EB.AM.1812. Elie Bertram and Anne Mourant m. (St S) 6.7.1780. Elie was Constable of Grouville 1795-98, 1805-08, and 1817; Homestead (G) - contributed by Pam Hislop.
117. EBD.1813. Elie Baudains; St. Cyr lavoir (St J).
118. EBD.SBD.1717. Baudains; Beaupré (St J) - see also 142 271 588 and 1256.
119. EBL.ARN.1891. Elie Billot and Anne Renouf m. (St S) 20.3.1884; gatepost from La Porte (St S) - now in field opposite.
120. EBL (entwined hearts) EHM.1819. Edouard Billot of St John and Elizabeth Hamon of St Lawrence m. (St H) 16.8.1815; Sunny Corner (St J).
121. EBS. 1742. (?) Bisson; Old Farm, Mont au Prêtre (St H).
122. EBS (reversed) 1884 (reversed). Edouard Bisson; discarded arch capstone (dyslexic stonemason?) in the garden at La Ruette, La Ruette (St L) - see also 640 and 788.
123. EBS.EBD.1615, with 1811 added; St. Lawrence's Rectory (St L).
124. EBT.SET. 1758. Elie Bertram and Susanne Estur m. (G) 13.11. 1722; Homestead (G).
125. EC. I.Maret.1646. inscription at ground level to right of front door at La Maison Maret (T).
126. ECB. Lintel, now upside down just below the roof line on the south facade of La Chasse, La Profonde Rue (T) - see also 130 297 305 309.
127. EdAH.EDVG.1842. Edouard Ahier of St John and Esther Dauvergne of St Ouen m. (St J) 19.7.1806; London House, Le Mourier (St J).
128. EDG.EDQ.1807. de Gruchy and de Quetteville; La Chasse (St Mt).
129. EDH.BGL.1857 (not RGL) Edouard du Heaume and Betsy Gallienne (not Gallichan) m. (St O) 31.5.1830; Millais Villa (St O) - corrected by Ken Syvret.
130. EDL.EDG.1700. Initials in a shield with date on either side, the 7 is reversed. Edouard de la Lande and Esther de Gruchy m. (T) 10.2.1698; Lintel on the oldest part of the house at La Chasse, La Profonde Rue (T) - see also 126 297 305 309.
131. EDL.MHM.1741. Elie Deslandes and Marie Hamon m. (St B) 26.9.1729; La Courtinerie, Mont Cochon (St L).
132. EDM.1739. Elie Dumersq - at the Museum - see below.
133. EDM.EDC.1741. Elie Dumaresq fils Elie and Elizabeth de Carteret fille Jean m. (St O) 1.3.1703/4; Les Augrès (T) now part of Jersey Zoo - contributed by Pam Hislop. This stone has now become so weathered as to be almost indistinguishable but was drawn by Charles Stevens © for Vol. 1 of 'Old Jersey Houses' (see left from page 117) and a black and white photograph appears in Joan Steven's 'A Short History of Augrès Manor': Published by the Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust. This couple left another (previously unrecorded) stone on the west wing of the building - see 1165.
134. EDQV.1832. de Quetteville; Douet Fleury lavoir (St Mt).
135. EDR.MLG (not C).1835. Elias Doré of St Peter Port (Guernsey) living in St Mary and Mary La Gerche of St Mary m. (St H) 28.3.1832. Valley Farm, Le Mourier (St My).
136. EDQ.MR 1717 (not EDRM.1747). Elie de Quetteville m. Marie Richardson (St Mt) 2.10.1708; Le Catillon, Rue des Charrieres (St Mt) see also 219 891 1187 1188 - corrected by Guy Dixon.
137. EDSC.N. de Ste Croix; Les Ruettes (St J).
138. EDSX.1704. Edouard de Ste Croix who married Anne Langlois in 1704, father of Edouard at 139; lintel above a blocked up doorway at the rear of La Pepiniere, formerly La Vallette, La Ruelle Vacleuse (St H) - his father is at 680.
139. EDSX.KLBL.1759. Edouard de Ste Croix and Katherine Le Boutillier m. (St L) 22.3.1729; La Pepiniere, formerly La Valette, La Ruelle Vacleuse (St H) - this stone disintegrated during development work - see also 680 and above.
140. EDVM?LFLV? 1718. Les Chasses (St P).
141. EELS.1832. Edouard Elie Le Sauteur: Douet Fleury lavoir (St Mt).
142. EF.SLG (inside shield background) no date. At Beaupré (St J) - see also 118 271 588 and 1256.
143. EGD.EGD.1807. Elie and Esther Gaudin m. (St Mt) 1.12.1804; La Chasse (St Mt).
144. EGD.FNC.1753. Elie Gaudin and Françoise Nicolle m. (St S) 14.6.1738, Beauchamp, La Rue des Fontaines (St Mt). Updated by Pam Hislop.
145. EGD.MPC.1771; Le Catillon (St Mt) incorrect description of the stone at 1188.
146. EGLBTL.EPN.1866. Edouard Le Boutillier and Elizabeth Pinel; west facing lintel at the rear of Oakdale, Rue des Buttes (St J).
147. EGLC.IPC.1793. Edouard Gallichan of St Saviour and Jeanne Picot of Trinity m. (St S) 24.5.1780; Les Grès (T).
148. EH with Hamptonne Coat of Arms. Edouard Hamptonne; Manor House Farm, Rue de Bas (St L).
149. EHL(entwined hearts) ALMT 1812 (not 19). Edouard Huelin of St Brelade and Anne Le Montais of St Peter m. (St P) 14.11.1800. Originally thought to be painted on a plaque but, on closer inspection, it is an original - with REBUILT 1968 added. Auburn House, Beaumont (St P).
150. EHM.ALR.1803. Edouard Hamon of St Ouen m. Anne Le Rossignol (St L) 24.1.1771; Little Grove Residential Home and Consulting Rooms (St L).
151. EHM.ELR.1719. Edouard Hamon and Elizabeth Le Rossignol of St Brelade m. (St My) 11.4.1707/8. Painted over lintel on a semi-derelict property at La Valleuse Farm, Rue de la Valleuse (St B).
152. EI.IV.1757. Edouard Journeaux and Jeanne Valphy m. (G) 27.1.1744/5. Gatepost at La Hougue, La Rue de La Hougue Bie (St S).
153. EIN.KBS.1766 - see Les Câteaux page.
154. EJLB.ACLC.1890 and EJLB 1885. Elie Joseph Le Blancq and Augusta Cordelia Le Cerf m. (St S) 15.7.1868; sundial and arch over
outbuildings at Le Coin House, Le Coin (St O) - contributed by Guy Le Blancq who points out that the first must be retrospective as Augusta Cordelia Le Cerf died in 1885 - see also 1170 and 1202.
155. ELB. ? Le Brun; Beechleigh (St P).
156. ELB.1766. Edouard Le Brocq; La Valleuse, Rue de la Valleuse (St B).
157. ELB.EBL 1890. Elie Le Brun and Elizabeth Billot m. (St S) 17.7.1879; Le Pré Cottage, Rue des Raisies (St Mt).
158. ELCN. 1836, and CRN. Elizabeth Le Cornu m. Charles Renouf (T) 8.12.1827 (see also No. 87); south gate, Diélament Manor (T) contributed by Michele Gayler. The Le Brun/Le Cornu families in the district say that this is an error and the stone is for Edmund Le Cornu. It must be said that there is no sign of a CRN stone on the gate.
159. ELCN.EF.1804 (on chimney - not recorded before)1805 (gable end of house - partially obscured by drainpipe) and 1814 (lintel found in the garden and incorporated into a fireplace). Edmund Le Cornu and Elizabeth Falle m. (St S) 14.2.1801; La Guillaumerie Cottage, Rue de La Guillaumerie (St S) - identifications contributed by Michele Gayler.
160. ELB.1588 (date first - with a gap between 15 and 88). Almost illegible small plaque above the ground floor west window at Rockstone, La Rue de la Vaux de l'Eglise (St Mt) - see also 228.
161. ELeG.1819. Sundial, St. Cyr (St J).
162. ELGL.BLG.1823. Edouard Le Gresley of St Ouen and Betsy Le Grand of St Peter m. (St O) 28.2.1822; above a window, which was formerly the front door at La Maison Blanche, Ville de L'Eglise (St O).
163. ELG.MCP.1745. Edmond Le Gallais and Marie Chapelle m. (St L) 21.1.1736/7; Les Ormes, Rue de la Blanche Pierre (St L).
164. ELM.1650. Elie Le Montais; Chaumière du Chene (St P).
165. ELM (heart) MB (heart).1719. The 7 is reversed. Edouard Le Maistre and Marie Buesnel m. (St S) 25.09.1686. On the front of Oakdale, La Rue de Ponterrin (St S) see also 1347. Marriage courtesy of Anne Webbe.
166. ELQ.ALC.1708. Elie Le Quesne and Andrée Le Couteur m. 14.10.1691 (St J) ; La Sergine, La Route des Issues (St J) - see also 72.
167. ELR.1714. Edouard Le Ruez. Burial found of Jean fils Edo. Le Ruez de Ville Bagot (St O) 21.2.1712; Petit Vallon, Ville Bagot (St O).
168. ELR.ERN.1805 and 1816. Edouard Le Rossignol of St Lawrence and Elizabeth Renaut of St Mary m. (St My) 5.11.1776 ; Arch keystone over front door and a plaque on outbuildings at Les Arbres (St L).
169. ELRT.NCL 1819. Edouard Le Rougetel and Nancy Elizabeth Hughes Collas m. (St S) 2.1.1803; Rock View, La Rocque (St C) - see also 1590.
170. EM.1636. Corbel at Les Mars, which is now part of the Beausite Hotel, La Rue des Pres (G) .
171. EML.1859. Edouard Mollet of St Martin; large arch capstone on the barns at La Hauteur, La Rue d'Aval (St Mt) - see also 384 and 1644-1646.
172. EM.RF.AF.WLM. ? Faultrat, Le Marchant; fireplace, Handois (St L).
173. EMR.MAB.1678. Etienne Mourant and Marie Aubin m. circa1647; preceded by HAPDD (? hoc amoris pignus dono dedit); The Farm House, Pigneaux Farm, Princes Tower Road (St S).
174. EMZ.1793. Elizabeth Malzard {b. 1716, m. Richard Dolbel (St J) 16.6.1745}; Le Vivier (St J) see Le Vivier Page.
175. EN.1694 and a fleur de lys; Edmond Noel; Summerville, Ville és Nouaux (St Mt).
176. EN.EMP.1760. Noel; at La Retraite (St S) - see also 450 and 922.
177. EN.MDG.1723. Edouard Nicolle and Marguerite de Gruchy m.(T) 30.11.1701; Ville à L'Evêque (T).
178. ENC.SLNC.1868. Elie Nicolle and Susanna Louisa Nicolle, first child bap. (T) 10.12.1864; barns behind La Fontaine, Ville à L'Evêque (T) - from Paul Nicolle.
179. ENC. 1803 and ENC.MLB.1811. Elie Nicolle and Marie Labey t.d. Grouville m. (St S) 14.4.1797; Boulivot de Bas (G).
180. EP.ENC.1751. Edouard Payn and Elizabeth Nicolle widow of Henry Touzel m. (St Mt) 1.2.1744/5; door lintel, now inside the conservatory at Le Taillis Farm, La Rue de la Maitrerie (St Mt) - see 48 for the oldest datestone on the Island.
181. EQR 1711 - the last 1 being carved at right angles above the171. Edouard Querée; cottage doorway at Domaine de La Vallette, Rue du Sorel (St J) - see also 60 and 1663-4.
182. EQR.SB.1818. Elie Querée and Susanne Brée t.d. Grouville m. (St H) 26.12.1807. On rear extension at Highfield (T) - see also 1302. This stone was listed by Joan Stevens as being at Boulivot (see below).
183. EQR.SB.1829 (on first storey of dower wing) and EQR.1858 (arch keystone on coach house). EQR.SB.1818.
Now at Highfield (T) see above. Elie Querée and Susanne Brée t.d. Grouville m. (St H) 26.12.1807; Boulivot (G).
An older picture showing the 1829 stone is available at the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive;
Architecture Section Catalogue 13 a. 13. It includes a Royal Exchange firemark, since stolen from the property. Other Boulivot stones at 357-59.
monochrome picture © Rodney Amy.
184. ERN.ARN. Edouard Renault; La Sergenté (St My).
185. EST.1812. E. Starck; Les Fontaines (St Mt).
186. EVD.1846. Elie Vardon;
Fontaine de Gallie lavoir (St Mt).
187. EVD.MLB.1733. Edouard Vaudin of Trinity and Marie Le Brun of St Saviour m. (T) 25.4.1714. On an extension built in 1969 at L'Aiguillon, La Rue Malo
(G) - contributed by Trevor Labey.
188. EW.1790. Elie Whitley (b. 1748); salting trough, La Haie Fleurie, La Rue du Villot (St Mt).
189. EW.ELH.1805. Elie Whitley and Elizabeth Le Hucquet m. (St Mt) 18.9.1776; La Haie Fleurie, La Rue du Villot (St Mt).
190. FA.NDP.1659. At L'Ancienneté (St My); see NDP.FA.
191. FAM.SDG.1825. François Amy and Susanne de Gruchy m. (T) 25.1.1804; Belle Vue, near le Câtel Farm (T).
192. FB.NFV.1839 (not 19). François Bois of Briqueville, Coutances and Nancy Fauvel of Grouville m. (St H) 11.1.1834; lintel, partially covered by wysteria at Alphington House (formerly La Maison du Moulin de Pol) (St S). - see also 327.
193. F (although it now resembles an E)CB IDL 1813. François Corbel of St Lawrence and Jeanne Deslandes of St Helier m. (St L) 28.5.1796; Highview opposite Bu de la Rue, Mont Cochon (St L).
194. FDP.PLG.1673 on shield background. Unusually mother and son, Françoise Du Pré and Philippe Le Gallais. Françoise and Jean Le Gallais m. (St H) 12.10.1653 and Philippe bap. (St H) 18.1.1662/3 godparents Philippe de Carteret Escuyer, Lieut. Bailly en ceste Isle & Madame de la Place s.f.; door lintel, now inside the ground floor of The Mortgage Shop, 31 Broad Street (St H). An alternative picture showing this stone is available at the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive; Architecture Section Catalogue 13 b.4.
195. FDSC.MCL and FDSC.EDSC. 1777. François de Ste Croix and Marie Collas, with François de Ste Croix and Elizabeth de Ste Croix m. (St H) 3.2.1776; Pied du Côtil House (now Santa Monica Hotel) (St H) see Chris Le Gros' The History of Le Pied du Cotil.
196a. FG (single heart) ELB.1774 François Gruchy and Elizabeth Le Bas m. (St H)
5.4.1767; rear of the east wing of Champs Clairs, Rue des Haies (T).
196b. FGC (single heart) ELB.1776; François Gruchy and Elizabeth Le Bas m. (St H)
5.4.1767; window lintel on the front of the east wing at Champs Clairs (T) - see also 56.
197. FHB.ELGL.1743. La Voûte, L'Etacq (St O) - incorrect reading of the stone at 1055.
198. FHL.MRD.1856. Me. François Helleur of St Lawrence and Manon Rondel of St Mary m. (St H) 4.3.1827 (she is listed as Marie in the subsequent baptisms of children in St Lawrence); gatepost at La Ferme Grandet, La Rue de la Golarde (St L) - see also 259 605.
199. FI.MC.1775. François Jeune and Marie-Louise Carcaud m. (St B) 25.6.1775; Mont des Vaux Cottages (St B).
200. FLB.IDH.1756. François Le Boutillier and Jeanne du Heaume t.d. St Peter m. (St C) 30.2.1751; No.3 Hue Street (St H).
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