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Parish Abbreviations

St Helier (St H) Trinity (T) Grouville (G) St Martin (St Mt) St Mary (St My) St Brelade (St B) St John (St J) St Ouen (St O) St Saviour (St S) St Clement (St C) St Lawrence (St L) St Peter (St P)

Note: m. indicates the marriage date of the couple commemorated.

As these entries have come in after the completion of the original index, so the pages are out of alphabetical order. However, the names have also been added to the Surnames Index.

1151. JL.PP Survs. 1831; Churchwardens' stone in the wall of St Lawrence Parish Churchyard.
1152. E.DN J.MG. Survs.1862. Churchwardens' stone in the wall of St Lawrence Parish Churchyard.
1153. J.MG F.G. D Survs 1863; Churchwardens' stone in the wall of St Lawrence Parish Churchyard.
1154. J.GB P.GLC Survs. 1864; Churchwardens' stone in the wall of St Lawrence Parish Churchyard.
1155. P.VT. P.S.MG. SURVs 1887; Churchwardens' stone in the wall of St Lawrence Parish Churchyard.
1156. J.P.PR: E.VB SURVs 1899; Churchwardens' stone in the wall of St Lawrence Parish Churchyard.
N.B. pictures and identifications from 1151-1156 moved to Ecclesiastical Stones.
1157. INM MMS 1803. James Norman of St Saviour & Marie Messervy of Grouville m. (St S) 1.7.1772; first storey of main house at Le Vielle Davisonniere, La Route de La Hougue Bie (St S).
1158. INM 1811; James Norman - window lintel on dower wing at Le Vielle Davisonniere, La Route de La Hougue Bie (St S).
1159. INM EGD 1819; James Norman of St Saviour and Esther Gaudin of St Martin m. (St H) 20.7.1811- roadside garden entrance at Le Vielle Davisonniere, La Route de La Hougue Bie (St S) - marriage found by Pam Hislop.
1160. P.F.F.O L.M.C. 1912; Philippe François Frémont Ozouf and Louise Mary Corbin m. St Thomas' R.C. Church (St H) 26.11.1881. Lintel in outbuildings to mark the purchase of Le Tapon, La Rue du Tapon (St S), where the Ozoufs had previously been tenants.
1161. P.F.F.O L.M.C. 1928, the Ozouf empire grows! Lintel in outbuildings to mark the purchase of Highstead, La Rue du Tapon (St S).
1162. P.F.O. & F.E.O. 1993. Philip Francis Ozouf and his brother Francis Edward Ozouf (grandsons of the above couple). No. 5 Endesley Court, La Rue du Tapon (St S). Erected to mark the completion of the development of this small estate between the two Ozouf farms.
1163. N.DF A.LR 1870. Lintel over the door to the left hand side wing of Les Noyers, Jersey Zoo (T) - see Les Noyer Page.
1164. NDF EHC. 1796. Old lintel incorporated in the wall of the right hand side wing - see Les Noyer Page.
1165. EDM.EDC.1732. Elie Dumaresq fils
Elie (see below) m. (St O) 1.3.1703/4 Elizabeth de
Carteret fille Jean; Les Augrès (T) now part of Jersey
Zoo - contributed by Pam Hislop. This couple
left another stone on an arch at Les Augrès - see 133.
The arms of Payn (three trefoils in a shield) appear
above for Elie's grandmother Jeanne Payn (m. Elie
Dumaresq fils Abraham).
1166. EDM. FSDC 1682. Elie Dumaresq
fils Elie and Françoise de Carteret m. 1680,
above a fireplace at Les Augrès (T) now part
of Jersey Zoo. 1682 was when their son Elie
(see 1165) was born. The 'DM' of Dumaresq
has now been lost and this is the only instance
I have seen so far of syllabic spelling of a
Christian name - 'FS' for Françoise. Identifications
from Joan Steven's 'A Short History of Augrès
Manor': Published by the Jersey Wildlife Preservation
1167. G.LSL R. LSL 1745. George & Rachel Le Seeleur m. (St S) 15.5.1734; Les Landes, Mont des Landes (St Mt). Marriage from Pam Hislop.
1168. PHM 1819. Hamon; recycled lintel at Ville Emphrie, La Ville Emphrie (St L).
1169.J.R.LMT 1892. John Ricard Le Montais; arch capstone at Greystones, La Rue Coentyn (St O) - see also 607.
1170. EJLB.ACLC. LE COIN 1911. Elie Joseph Le Blancq and Augusta Cordelia Le Cerf m. (St S) 15.7.1868; four gateposts at Le Coin, Le Coin (St O) - contributed by Guy Le Blancq who points out that this must be retrospective as Augusta Cordelia Le Cerf died in 1885 - see also 154 and 1202.
1171. CLM 1822; field gatepost on La Grande Route de St Ouen, between the garage and the Parish Hall (see far left).
1172. ER (heart) ILP 1760, the L and P are combined. Mons Edouard Ricard fils François of St Ouen (H.M. Receiver-General) and Jeanne Lemprière of Trinity m. (St S) 23.1.1736/7; on arch stones at Le Marais (St O) - from George Croad's book 'A Jersey Album'.
1173. ER (entwined hearts carved upside down) ILP 1741, this stone has been discarded as it contains errors and was placed upside down below a window. As with the above, the L and P are combined but have been misformed as a B, at Le Marais (St O) - from George Croad's book 'A Jersey Album'.
1174. TDLH. ERN. 1796; Thomas de la Haye and Esther Renouf m. (St Mt) 2.4.1760; centre of first storey at La Grange, Rue de la Godillierie (T).
1175. J.LS.GLC. A.J.P.1920. John Le Sueur Gallichan of Trinity and Anna Jane Priaulx of St Ouen; outbuildings at Le Hurel, Trinity Road (T). Five generations of John Le Sueur Gallichans have now lived here!
1176. EGD EGD 1811; Elie and Elizabeth Gaudin m. (St S) 17.3.1793; St Agathé, La Grande Rue de la Côte, Archirondel (St Mt).
1177. PBN JLB 1830. Philippe Benest and Jenny Le Bas m. (St B) 23.6.1825; about one foot from ground level to the left of the door from conservatory to house at La Haule House Residential Home, Rue de L'Isle (St B) - from Frank Le Blancq.
1178. INC IPL 1770. Jean Nicolle & Jeanne Pallot t.d. St Martin m. (St C) 6.2.1765; lintel cut too small and never used, leaning against steps of derelict wing at Le Côtil (St Mt).
1179. INC MLT 1821. Jean Nicolle of St Martin and Marie Le Tub(e)lin of St Helier m. (St H) 14.3.1807; painted over lintel at Le Côtil (St Mt).
1180. P.BN. I.N. SVL (Surveillants) 1848; on the Poor Box to the right of the main entrance to Trinity Parish Churchyard (T) - moved to Ecclesiastical Stones.
1181. FAM EAM 1620; Le Câtillion de Bas (G).
1182. PAM EAT 1834; Philippe Amy of Grouville and Elizabeth Anthoine of St Saviour; Le Câtillion de Bas (G) - from Pam Hislop.
1183. PAM MML 1805. Philippe Amy and Marie Mallet m. (St H) 12.5.1804; Le Câtillion de Bas (G).
1184. PAM MML 1818; Le Câtillion de Bas (G) - see The Amy Family of Le Câtillion de Bas for photographs of 1181-1184.
1185. removed to 368.
1186. PGB 1807; Philippe Gibaut of Mainland (St L). In the wall at the Bel Royal end of La Rue de Haut, bordering Le Clos du Val (St L).
1187. EDQ (heart) MPC 1771. Elie de Quetteville and Marthe Perchard m. (St Mt) 19.5.1756. Lintel at the rear of Le Câtillon, Rue des Charrieres (St Mt) - see also 136 891 and 1188.
1188. JGD (entwined hearts) MAP
1834. Jean Gaudin of St Martin and Marie
Asplet of Grouville m. (St H) 12.2.1829. Lintel
on the front of Le Câtillon, Rue des Charrieres (St Mt) - see also 136 891 and 1187. Formerly incorrectly described at 145.
1189. IR 1743; Judith Ricard, who purchased the property in 1742. Manor Farm, Route du Manoir (St P).
1190. GFB dGC 1916; Guy Fortescue Burrell de Gruchy; Noirmont Manor, Belcroute Hill (St B) marks the conversion of a tackle room in the outbuildings to a store for an electricity generator of his own design.
1191. PPP 1644 wife's name erased; on shield background. Pipon; at Noirmont Manor, Belcroute Hill (St B).
1192. ALG (heart) EAH 1718 Abraham Le Geyt and Elizabeth Ahier m. (St S) 17.3.1716. Le Geyt Farm (St S) demolished in the1970s - 1187 to 1192 contributed by Guy Dixon.
1193. LMR 1730 with three fleur-de-lys; Laurens Marett who m. Ann de La Perrelle (St J) 18.12.1736;
reused lintel on south side first
storey at Les Ormes, La Rue
de la Chesnaie (St J).
1194. IBD; Jean Baudains
(?) west side at first storey
of Les Ormes, La Rue de la
Chesnaie (St J).
1195. MYT (entwined hearts) MVN 1997; Marc Yates and Michaela Van Neste - over kitchen door of Les Ormes, La Rue de la Chesnaie (St J).
1196. The most modern stone of the collection and also a favorite. J (acorn) A (acorn) C (acorn) E (rose) 1999; Marc Yates' children (acorns for
boys and a rose for a girl) on a garden lintel at Les Ormes, La Rue de la Chesnaie (St J).
1197.JRA (entwined hearts) LSA 1963; James Ronald Allan and Lesley Stephen Alexander Thomson (commemorated under her married name), front porch at La Porte (St J) which was restored that year.
1198. TLS AMB 1991; (Senator) Terence Le Sueur and Angela Marjorie Bennett m. (St H) 22.8.1968, present owners of La Porte (St J) - on extension at rear. For older stones on this property see above and 350 424 681.
1199. T.MG (entwined hearts) MA.DCT 1904. Thomas John Mauger ( a stone dresser) fils Thomas Jean Mauger of St Lawrence (a seaman) and Mary Anne de Carteret (a dressmaker) fille Philippe of St John (a fisherman) m. (St H) 20.4.1899; Greystones (St My).
1200. TAB EDC (no date) second storey of Mon Plaisir (St My) - see also 847.
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