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Parish Abbreviations: St Helier (St H) Trinity (T) Grouville (G) St Martin (St Mt) St Mary (St My) St Brelade (St B) St John (St J) St Ouen (St O) St Saviour (St S) St Clement (St C) St Lawrence (St L) St Peter (St P).
1251. AN SBD 1738. Abraham Nicolle of Grouville and Susanne Baudains of St Saviour m. (G) 30.8.1710; plaque on Radier House, Le Chemin du Radier (G).
1252. A.LBD: (single heart) 1805. Norman House, La Grande Route des Sablons (G).
1253. C.E.BT. 1886. East extension, built by C.E. Bertram at Norman House, La Grande Route des Sablons (G).
1254. BP.RP (inside a shield) 1682 with two hearts below. Bernabey Pirouet and Rachel Pipon m. (G) 4.2.1673/4.Lintel stone, now a garden step at Norman House, La Grande Route des Sablons (G).
1255. JLG ELF 1775. Jean Le Gros of Trinity and Elizabeth Le Feuvre of St Martin m. (St Mt) 3.12.1771; first storey lintel; Le Pont, Rue des Cabarettes (St Mt) - previously incorrectly recorded at 388 with an I as the first letter.
1256. JEL (entwined hearts) AH 1938; Beaupré (St J) see also 118 142 271 and 588.
1257. - - MPD (heart) 72; Poingdestre of Mont au Pretré (?). Partial lintel over garden entrance in track leading to Fairvale Lodge, La Route du Petit Clos, Mont au Pretré (St H).
1258. IAL (single heart) IPD.1773. Anley and Poingdestre; over back door at Haut du Mont, La Rue de la Hauteur, Mont au Pretré (St H) found during restoration in 1990 embedded upside down in the wall and rendered over - see also below plus 759 and 1676-1677.
1259. P.C. MR : A.J.RN 1897. Philip Chevalier Mourant, property owner, living in St.Helier, born St.Saviour, son of Philippe Mourant, property owner & Louise Le Gallais and Anne Jane Reynolds living in St.Saviour, born St.Peter, daughter of Thomas Joseph Reynolds, gardener and Jane Vibert m. (St S) 6.4.1897; lintel on east extension at Haut du Mont, La Rue de la Hauteur, Mont au Pretré (St H) - see 759 and 1676-1677 and above. Corrected by Jack Worrall: Researcher Société Jersiaise.
1260. CFLS (entwined hearts) DSD 1990. Field House, La Route du Petit Clos, Mont au Pretré (St H).
1261. PBVN (entwined hearts) JW 1989. La Chaumière, Rue de la Hauteur (T).
1262. EDC 1684; de Carteret Corbel at rear of Mont-à-l'Abbé Manor (St H).
1263. PBT.RDP.1822. Philippe Bertram and Rachel du Parcq, no marriage or children found but they appear as godparents to Elizabeth Amy fille Edouard Amy and Marie Gallie bap. (St S) 30.10.1814; lintel at La Chasse, Rue du Sacrement (St S) - see also 645.
1264. JLR MBN 1832; lintel, Beauvoir, La Rue des Alleurs (T).
1265. Correction formerly at 105. PMAM. MLCN.1792. Philippe Monamy and Marie Le Cornu (St S) 2.5.1784. La Fontenelle, Samarès Lane (St C). Michele Gayler was right - the 'D ' was a 'P'.
1266. P.D.GC E.J.RN 1889; in the 1891 census as Philip Gallichan of Trinity and his wife Elizabeth (Renouf) of St Helier - middle names not recorded. The Meadows, Ivystill
Lane (St S).
1267. IA inside a shield with MF and EB inside rectangles on each side (probably carved later), keystone and 1676 carved on the voussoirs; Jean Ahier who married Elizabeth Le Breton (St S) 17.7.1674. Arch at Bien Venue, Bon Air Lane (St S). Identified by Pam Hislop.
1268. IN(?)T SLB 1763; faintly carved on a displaced lintel, now above a window on the 1935 extension built at the back of Le Parcq, La Rue du Parcq (G) - see also 1237-38.
1269. ZHR (entwined hearts) DD 1990. Zena Hamon Rondel and David Drieu. The only instance where a wife's name comes before her husband - appropriate for the liberated 1990s! The new house at Ville ès Gros (St L) - see also 16 342 and 902 for the older stones.
1270. JFL 1814. Filleul; in the south corner at the front of Gramerye, Rue Samares (St C).
1271. removed as duplicated at 193.
1272. FLB & MJBC 1874. Francis Le Brocq (30) of St Mary and Mary J. Le Brocq (38) of St Peter. 1871 Census Index St Lawrence District 5; Folio 126; Page 1. The Barn, Le Coin Court, Mont Cochon (St L) originally outbuildings at Le Coin.
1273. IPN 1784. Jean Pinel; west side of the house, first storey, at the end of the lane leading to Le Coin Farm, Mont Cochon (St L).
1274. now moved to 531.
1275. ARD 1797; Abraham Rondel. Door lintel, partly hidden by a porch built in the 1980s to protect the property from flooding, at the cottage behind La Chasserie, Mont Cochon (St L). Picture before the porch at Société Jersiaise Photographic Archives Architecture Section Catalogue 13a 21.
1276. MLB (entwined hearts) ELG 1801; Mathieu Le Boeuf and Esther Le Gallais m. (St H) 11.12.1794; found during the demolition of older parts of the Pomme D'Or between 1979 and 1981 and now placed in reception. The Pomme D'Or Hotel, Esplanade (St H).
1277. ILC EP 1757; Jean Le Couteur of St Martin fils Rev. François Le Couteur and Elizabeth Payn of Grouville m. (St Mt) 7.1.1741/2 and had issue in St Saviour between 1742 and 1752 (the first two of which were baptised in St Mary but also recorded in St Saviour) - Gatepost at La Pierre des Trois Milles, Maufant (St S) - see also 1578.
1278. E(not I)F (single heart) E(not I)RS 1788. Edouard Falle of St Saviour and Elizabeth Roissier of Grouville m. (St Mt) 6.4.1755; from La Chasse (which has been developed into a number of units) and now over the entrance to No. 2 La Chasse Close, La Rue de La Guilleaumerie (St S).
1279. ILEB AER 1997. Le Brun; La Brunerie, La Rue de La Guilleaumerie (St S).
1280. JCLB (entwined hearts) BRAC 1986. John Cabot Le Brun and Betty Rosemary A'Court. Outbuildings at Beaulieu, La Rue de Dièlament (T) - see also 17 & 223.
1281. ERLB SLC 1965; Edward Renouf Le Brun - son of the Le Brun at 17 and father of the Le Bruns at 1280 and 1282 - and Sybil Lizzie Cabot; Petit Beaulieu, La Rue de Dièlament (T)
1282. JRNR DSLB 1997. John Richard Nicollo Reed and Doreen Sybil Le Brun. Both stones are on the extension to Petit Beaulieu, La Rue de Dièlament (T) and were put up in 1997. The first to commemorate the construction of the property and the second to mark the extension.
1283. CLQ (entwined hearts) JGLC (1)819. The lintel is broken on the left hand side and the '1' no longer appears. Charles Le Quesne and Jeanne Gallichan m. (T) 412.1799; on outbuildings at Broadfields, La Rue de Boulées (T).
1284. DDP KY Le C 1987 LMP JDP. David Dennis Pallot and Karen
Yvonne Le Cornic, who married in 1987, and their children Louise and
Jack; above front door on first floor of La Vielle Forge, Dièlament Farm,
Rue de Dièlament (T).
1285. Built by LE Le C 1993. Lawrence E. Le Cornic, father of Karen
above, who reconstructed this house in 1993 from the remains of the
Dièlament Farm Forge. Stone below roof line at front of La Vielle
Forge, Dièlament Farm, Rue de Dièlament (T).
1286. IMR EGC
plus dated window; La
Chasse, Princes Tower
Road (St S).
1287. PN JN 1821. Philippe and Jeanne Noel of St Martin m. (St S) 22.12.1787; first storey lintel at Les Mares, Rue des Mares (St Mt).
1288. IML 1645. Jean Mallet; gable end corbel stone - reused in a fireplace built in the 1960s at Les Mares, Rue des Mares (St Mt).
1289. VFM 1935; monogram between 3 & 4 Clos du
Hooper, La Rue du Trot (St Mt).
1290. LML 1698; Laurens Mallet; left gable end corbel stone, Le Pichanon (St Mt).
1291. TS M (or H) C; right gable end corbel stone, Le Pichanon (St Mt).
1292. T.BD E.LSL 1870. Thomas Badier and Elizabeth Le Seelleur - first child, Thomas, bap. (St Mt) 8.10.1865. Elizabeth was buried (St Mt) 6.6.1929 as 'widow Thomas'; Maison La Rue (formerly La Rué Cottage), Rue de Rué (St Mt).
1293. DH JH 1994. David Hawkshaw and Jacqueline Hawkshaw (née Weepers); on extension at Maison La Rue (formerly La Rué Cottage), Rue de Rué (St Mt).
1294. TCB ELH 1793. Thomas Cabot and Elizabeth Le Hucquet t.d. St Martin m. (St S) 30.7.1783; Cottage Farm, La Rue des Pelles (St Mt).
1295. IN MLC 1735; Noel. La Poudretterie, part of a hamlet off La Rue des Pelles (St Mt).
1296. ERB1814; Edward Robison (aged 51), a Major in the Jersey Militia, lived in the Vingtaine de l'Eglise (St Mt) in 1815 - see Don's Militia List - which is the right area. His ancestors were French refugees and the spellingof their name - Robichon - had become partly anglicised by then. Displaced (and cracked) lintel in modern outbuildings in the car park at the Royal Hotel on La Grande Route de Faldouet (St Mt) - right next door to Roselea, a house with two similar initalled stones - see 1076 & 1077. Pity I didn't notice it before!
1297. IM: 1835; over back door at La Ferrière, Princes Tower Road (St S).
1298. J.AB & A.QR 1888; in plaster over
front door at Fairfield Farm, Rue des Pigneaux
(St S).
1299. FHW EIW 1991, Senator Frank HarrisonWalker and his wife Elaine Iris Walker née Harrison; date of porch extension at Fosse à l'Ecrivan (St S).
1300. IC.ADC 1698; James Corbet and Ann de Carteret had one child, Francoisse, baptised in St Saviour in 1701. Lintel over stables at the back of Beau Desert (St S).

Notes: m. indicates the marriage date of the couple commemorated. As these entries have come in after the completion of the original index, so the pages are out of alphabetical order. However, the names have also been added to the Surnames Index. Please use solely for private research. Links to this site should lead to Jersey Datestones: Introduction page only. © Alex Glendinning.

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