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Parish Abbreviations
St Helier (St H) Trinity (T) Grouville (G) St Martin (St Mt) St Mary (St My) St Brelade (St B) St John (St J) St Ouen (St O) St Saviour (St S) St Clement (St C) St Lawrence (St L) St Peter (St P)
Parish Hall (T) - courtesy of Geraint Jennings.
Kempt (1834) and Lewis's (1835) Towers, fortifications along the Five Mile Road (St O). Lieut.-Colonel G. G. Lewis was the Commanding Officer of the Royal Engineers, whose survey of the island's fortifications in 1831 lead the Defence Committee to order the building of a series of forts. The last of them was the Victoria Tower, on National Trust land overlooking Anne Port Bay (St Mt). VIR 1837. Victoria 1st Regina.
Trafalgar Terrace, New St Johns Road (St H).
Mary Street 1820, Georgetown (St S).
Carved granite road sign discovered during the redevelopement of the property on the corner of Cheapside and Kensington Place (St H), formerly covered by a shop's awning.
Carved granite road signs on the corner of Don Road and Elizabeth Street (St S).
Harvey Memorial
To noble heroism
Normandy lost by collision in Channel in a fog
H.B. Harvey -Commander
J. Ockleford -Chief Mate
R. Cocks | C. Marsham -Engineers
P. Richardson -Carpenter
J. Coleman | H. Hoskins | J. Wadmore -Seamen
A. Clement -Boy
J. Allen | G. Cadick | J. Head | W. Stairs | H. Waller -Firemen
G. Rolp | W. Rolp -Trimmers
Giving up boats to passengers stood by their sinking ship and sank with her at early morn March 17.1870
Erected by the Foresters of Jersey.
Geraint Jenning's Jersey Statues includes pictures of the Harvey Memorial.
233. GPB. Connétable.1853. George Philip Balleine, the Constable of St Brelade in 1853; St. Brelade's Hospital (St B).
961. 1881 St Jean. Ph. Neel. Connétable. Trinité A. Messervy Connétable. Parish Boundary Stone on Rue des Haies. Philippe Neel was Constable of St John from 1870- 1873 and 1876-79.This stone must have been commissioned during his tenure of office but erected later! Alfred Messervy fils Clement of Ville à l'Evêque (T) was Constable of Trinity from 1877 to 1884, when he was elected as a Jurat of the Royal Court.
Exclusive to this page 1898 Le Coin. Wellhead at the top of Le Coin (St O). H.P. D'Auvergne Ecr. Connétable. P.E. Le Feuvre, F. Le Feuvre, E.J. Le Blancq. Membres du Comité des Chemins (Members of the Roads Committee). Elie Joseph Le Blancq also has datestones at two houses at Le Coin - see 154 1170 and 1202.
Exclusive to this page: two plaques on the old St Helier Fire station, which became the St Helier Community Centre in 1999 and for years in between was used by the Green Room Club. It is in the car park between Nelson Street and James Street. 1921 J.E. Pinel Constable, Elias Pequin Falle and John William Huelin Procureurs du Bien Public (Parish Accountants). The second plaque mirrors the format of the first and commemorates Robert Le Brocq, the Constable and the two Procureurs du Bien Public Eddie Buesnel and Advocate (now Senator) Christopher Lakeman. Photographs by Geraint Jennings.
Pont Marquet (St B) in translation: "Parish of St Brelade. This recreational park was given for the children of the Parish by Mrs Eleanor Neste Stapleton in memory of her husband ." John Hamon Chevalier; Constable. Stanley James Le Boutillier and John Peter Allez; Procureurs du Bien Public. October 1964. Photograph by Geraint Jennings.
1971 stone at Ville des Marettes (St O). J.P. Pirouet; Constable, E.G. Vautier and H.J. Le Brocq; Procureurs du Bien Public. A.C. Querée; Deputy with E.J. Syvret and F.A. Le Maistre. Photograph by Geraint Jennings.
Theodore (not Thomas) Le Gallais and Jack Roche, Constables, at St Saviour's Parish Hall (St S). Photographs by Geraint Jennings.
St John's Parish Hall (St J) Wilfred J. Tomes - Constable in 1976. Photograph by Geraint Jennings.
St Peter's Parish Hall Winter P. Le Marquand - Constable in 1968 and Mac Pollard in 1998.
There is another large stone across the front of the building with the date 1841 on the left and 1901 on the right. The respective Constables for these dates are commemorated are were Ph. Le Feuvre (19th Century) and E.J. Le Marquand (20th Century). Photographs by Geraint Jennings.
V St. N. Vingtaine St Nicolas; on south side of Le Perquage, the footpath that leads from Sandybrook to La Route de la Haule, on the edge of Goose Green Marsh (St P).
Trinity/St Saviour Parish Boundary stone opposite La Frontiere, La Rue de la Boucterie.1888 Trinite: J. Norman (Jean) Connétable and St Sauveur: T. Le Gallais (Thoedore - not Thomas) Connétable.
St Helier/St Saviour Parish Boundary stone where Mont Millais meets Bagatelle Road. 1889 St Helier P. Baudains (Philippe) Connétable and St Sauveur: T. Le Gallais - Theodore (not Thomas) Connétable.
St Peter/St Mary Parish Boundary stone on La Route de Ste Marie. 1896 St Pierre F. Le Brocq (François) Connétable and St Marie J. Le C. Arthur (Jean Le Couteur) Connétable.
Grouville/St Clement Parish Boundary Stone on La Grande Route de la Côte. 1896 Grouville C.J. Pepin Connétable and St Clement E. L. Mourant Connétable. Photograph to follow.
St Helier/St Lawrence Parish Boundary Stone on the seawall, Victoria Avenue. 1901 St Helier P. (Philippe) Baudains Connétable and St Laurens E. (Edouard) Voisin Connétable.
STE (last two letters merged) M 1806 St L (not shown). St Mary/St Lawrence Parish Boundary stone on La Rue Verte (opposite Les Jardins), now almost buried in the tarmac.
Philippe Hacquoil (Constable of St Ouen) remembered on a 1915 fountain head at Greve de Lecq.
Commemorating the donation of a field on La Route de la Trinité, near Augrès Garage (T).

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