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Please note: the original Arranged by Surname index has now been removed as it is out of date.

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Parish Abbreviations

St Helier (St H) Trinity (T) Grouville (G) St Martin (St Mt) St Mary (St My) St Brelade (St B) St John (St J) St Ouen (St O) St Saviour (St S) St Clement (St C) St Lawrence (St L) St Peter (St P)

Note: m. indicates the marriage date of the couple commemorated.

As these entries have come in after the completion of the original index, so the pages are out of alphabetical order. However, the names have also been added to the Surnames Index.

1101.CLS ELS 1832. Charles and Elizabeth
Le Sueur m. (T) 29.11.1828; on either side
of the entrance gates at Brookhall, Rue de D'Empierre (T).
1102. DCVL.RNL.1815. Daniel Chevallier and Rachel Noel m. (St H) 18.6.1792; left of east wing outbuildings at Castle View Farm, Rue du Becquet Vincent (T). Their son Daniel married Elizabeth, the daughter of Philippe Le Cornu & Elizabeth Esnouf (1104) - pictures moved - see The Castle View Page.
1103. DCVL.JPN. 1843. Daniel Chevallier son of Daniel Chevallier and Elizabeth Le Cornu (therefore grandson of both 1102 and 1104) and Jane Pinel m. (St H) 7.5.1840; right of east wing outbuildings at Castle View Farm, Rue du Becquet Vincent (T) - pictures moved - see The Castle View Page.
1104. P.LCN E.EN 1813. Philippe Le Cornu and Elizabeth Esnouf m. (St S) 28.8.1787; second storey of main house at Castle View Farm, Rue du Becquet Vincent (T) - pictures moved - see The Castle View Page.
1105. IHM MNC 1739; Jean Hamon of St John and Marie Nicolle of Trinity m. (T) 18.12.1728; rear of Beau Regard, Haute Croix (St J) - see also 525.
1106. CF 1922. Charles Fossey moved here from St Clement. Arch capstone over the barns at Lyndale, La Rue du Grand Jardin (T) - see also 1608-1610.
1107. PRN RLBTL 1811. Philippe Renouf & Rachel Le Boutillier m. (T) 23.11.1797; 1 Beauverd Cottages, La Rue des Canons (T).
1108. PGC SCV 1819, Philippe Gruchy and Sara Marie Chevallier m. (T) 3.5.1817; Maison de Bas, Rue de D'Empierre (T).
1109. IN. MLQ 1817. Jean Neel of Trinity and Marguerite Le Quesne of St Helier m. (T) 12.3.1814; gatepost at disused entrance to Beau Desert, Rue de la Garenne (T).
1110. TMR. MAL. 1822; Thomas Mourant and Mary Ann Luce m. (St H) 6.4.1816; Sion Lodge, Sion (St J).
1111. IBR. JCM. 1857; John Barrette (a seaman) fils Philippe (a labourer) of St John and Jane Cormier fils François (an agent) of St Lawrence m. (St H) 7.1.1843. Their son John Cormier Barrett was b. (St L) 3.11.1845. Mother and son appear in the 1851 Census Index at St John District 6; Folio 548; Page 14. Noirmont View, Sion (St J) - over window at rear of house, painted over.
1112. PMB.LVD. 1984; (Sir) Philip Martin Bailhache and Linda Le Vavasuer dit Durell m. (St H) 2.6.1984. L'Anquetinerie (G).
1113. NCBC 1714; Britannia House, Rue de la Mare des Près (St J).
1114. PLM MBCV 1803. Philippe Le Masurier (of Trinity) and Marie Bechervaise (of St Mary) m. (St My) 16.12.1790; Rosehill, Rue de la Mare des Près (St J).
1115. PRB. NDB 1845. Pierre Robert m. Nancy Dolbel fille Jean Dolbel & Ann Cristin of 907 (St J) 10.12.1843; Le Nid - replacing the original house demolished circa 1963 - Bonne Nuit Bay (St J) - courtesy of Jill Coleman.
1116. ILG 1658 with MH (not picked out in black) below - Jacques Le Geyt dit Maret and Marie Hue m. (St H) 1.11.1654; corbel on roadside gable end at Uplands Farm, part of Uplands Hotel Complex, New St John's Road (St H) - see also 391 & 1117.
1117. CSM IBG 1984. Clement Stewart Mallet and Irene Barbara Guiton. Date of reconstruction of Uplands Farm, part of Uplands Hotel Complex, New St John's Road (St H) - see also 391 & 1116.
1118. ICB 1691. Cabot; old lintel on modern extension at The Barnhouse, Midland Farm, La Grande Route de St Jean (T).
1119. DAB. EPC 1821. David Aubert of St John and Elizabeth Picot of Trinity m. (St J) 16.7.1794; lintel at Canada Cottage, La Rue de Servias (St J).
1120. JGC. BLG 1821. Jean Gruchy of St John m. Betsy Le Gros of St Mary (St J) 24.4.1806; gatepost at Canada Cottage, La Rue de Servias (St J) - recovered from the garden at Sion Cottage, Sion, La Grande Route de Ste. Jean (St J).
1121. MRR AE32 1809. Gravestone (AE32 means aged 32) mounted on the roadside wall by entrance to Ladies Walk, La Rue de L'Eglise (St My).
1122. JRCS. ERCS 1822. Jean Richardson fils Clement & Elizabeth Richardson fille Philippe m. (St Mt) 8.3.1819; Falaise House, opposite the Priory, La Grande Rue (St My).
1123. NAT 1708 SDP. Nicolas Arthur & Sara Du Pré; Falaise Farm, La Rue du Camp Durell (St My) - roadside lintel.
1124. NAT BHM 1832. Nicolas Arthur fils Jean of St Mary and Elizabeth (Betsy) Hamon fille Jean fils Samuel of St Ouen m. (St O) 28.9.1818; Falaise Farm, La Rue du Camp Durell (St My) - lintel over door within courtyard. This couple, along with Mary Page (their domestic) and John Help, drowned while vraicing (St My) 7.4.1837.
1125. GLGL.AMG.1825; George Le Gresley of St John and Anne Mauger of St Lawrence m. (St H) 25.4.1818; Mont Mado Cottages, Route du Mont Mado (St J). This stone begins with a 'G' not a 'C' and has been relocated from 66.
1126. IM 1666, gable end at Maple Grove, Route du Mont Mado (St J) see also 493.
1127. PD LE B. LE C. FMR 1953 and Le Cornu Coat of Arms; Philip David Le Brun Le Cornu and Florence Mary Rondel. Carved by Frank Gautier and erected by their son Philip David Le Cornu - see 989. Ashley Court, La Rue Militaire (St J).
1128. TA 1718 MM. Thomas Anley (Constable of St Helier) and Marguerite Mauger (their daughter Elizabeth m. 1725 Richard Valpy and they were named as godparents in 1730 ) - from Pam Hislop. Door lintel, now above a window at Ashley Court, La Rue Militaire (St J). Door lintel, now above a window. Found in the late 1980s under 19th century render on the older house at Ashley Court, La Rue Militaire (St J) - stones erected by Thomas Anley's descendants on the main house are at 89.
1129. G.R. (entwined hearts) M.M.C.L.1975. Rear of Le Vivier, La Route de Mont Mado (St J) - see Le Vivier Page.
1130. Ph. Le Moignan A. Eliza Godel 1897. Pam Hislop reports that Philip LE MOIGNAN died 30 June 1941, Alice Eliza GODEL widow of Philip LE MOIGNAN died 18 January 1949 Source: St Peter's Church Burial Register - Cardiff House, Coin Varin (St P).
1131. DHC (entwined hearts) JPP 1967. (Dr.) David Hocquard Crill and Joan Phyllis Porter m. (St C) 23.2.1946; Rocqueberg Farm, Samares Lane (St C).
1132. J.E.RN S.E.LS 1855; John Elie Renouf (grower) fils Jean and Sophie Esther Le Sueur fille François m. (St S) 21.12.1843. Plaque on first storey between Westward and La Petite Grange, Endesley Court, La Rue du Tapon (St S), formerly outbuildings now developed into a small estate.
1133. MGR (entwined hearts) 1992 KAB, Morris Graham Roscouet and Katherine Anne Basford, date of construction of La Valette, Ruelle Vacleuse (St H) - this new house bears the name of the older property next door, which is now know as La Pepiniere - see 138/139.
1134. deleted.
1135. PMG 1749 and PMG (heart) ILB 1754; Philippe Mauger of St Brelade m. Jeanne Le Brocq of St Peter (St B) 25.6.1753. Lintel over front door and lintel over garden entrance of La Vielle Demeure (formerly Vine Farm) Le Dredillet (St P).
1136. DWP 1981. Donald William Poignand; arch capstone over garage, repeated at back of Clos des Tours, Coin Varin (St P) - see also 39.
1137. RJC ADN 1998. Richard John Cadoret and Alison Doreen Noel; Wuthering Heights, Victoria Village (T).
1138. IRM 1822. Jean Remon, Ville au Veslet, Mont Isaac (St L) - see also 486.
1139. IRS 173? - last number buried. Lintel, now used as a gatepost in a field next to Le Coin Farm, Mont du Coin (St P).
1140. GVD.MSR.1850. The first letter of this stone is a 'G' not an 'I' - removed from 500. George Vaudin of Sark and Marie Sarre of St John - marriage not yet found but first child born in St John in 1849. At La Saline Cottage, Les Cliquards, Rue de l'Eglise (St J). Pam Hislop reports that this family moved to Vale, Guernsey around 1855 where the rest of their children were born. George was recorded as a quarryman in the 1851 and 1881 censuses.
1141. JTL JLW 1956. John Taylor and Jane Leapingwell m. (St H) 13.10.1951; founders of the architectural firm Taylor- Leapingwell. Date of extension and renovation of La Saline Cottage, Les Cliquards, Rue de l'Eglise (St J).
1142. GN (entwined hearts) AAB 1842. Identified by Chris Blackstone in St Martin, Jersey: The Story of an Island Parish (Phillimore 1999) as George Noel and Ann Aubin m. (St Mt) 8.4.1826; now inside the house, over what used to be the back door. Rozel Hamlet (St Mt).
1143. removed to 925.
1144. TLB 1708; lintel on main house. Greenhill, Route de Franc Fief (St B).
1145. TLB : ET 1763; lintel on extension at Greenhill, Route de Franc Fief (St B).
1146. removed as duplicated.
1147. NBP. EMR 1728. Nicolas Blampied and Elizabeth Marett m.(St J) 21.4.1725; lintel at Frémont House, La Rue de Frémont (St J) - identified by Pam Hislop. The oldest part of this house also incorporates a corbel dated 1618.
1148. NBP KL (not I) 1700. Nicolas Blampied. and
Katherine Luce m. (St J) 7.4.1689. Gable end on the
road side of Les Ecaliers, La Rue de Frémont (St J).Note
the 7 is reversed and the 'N' is partly formed out of the back
of the 'B' - identified by Pam Hislop.
1149. TLMT SCL1713. The 'L' is incorporated in the left hand upright of the 'M'; Thomas Le Montais or Le Mottée and Susanne Collas; Le Genée, Rue des Landes (St J).
1150. SB (cross, or other symbol, not I) PP 1705 IV; a rare stone where the wife is carved before the husband. The significance of the IV is as of yet undecided but they may be Roman numericals for 5 - another St Peter stone, not far from here, has two of them - see 703. Sarah Balleinne and Pierre Pipon m. (St P) 3.12.1662; Les Petits Niemes, Rue des Niemes (St P).
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