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Parish Abbreviations
St Helier (St H) Trinity (T) Grouville (G) St Martin (St Mt) St Mary (St My) St Brelade (St B) St John (St J) St Ouen (St O) St Saviour (St S) St Clement (St C) St Lawrence (St L) St Peter (St P)
As these entries have come in after the completion of the original index, so the pages are out of alphabetical order. However, the names have also been added to the Surnames Index.
1201. RHB AMB 1973. Robert Hamilton Blayney and Ann Mary Blayney. Lintel over extension at La Mare Vineyards (St My).
1202. GLB.ELG.1769. Gédéon Le Blancq (1728-1783) and Elizabeth Le Gerche (1730-1806) m. (St B) 2.5.1754. Le Coin (St O) - moved from 63 where it had been originally listed as beginning with a C. Identified by Frank Le Blancq. Guy Le Blancq (who is directly descended from this couple) adds: The contract for the purchase for this land was dated the 21st of January 1761 between Philippe Le Gresley fils Jean and Gédéon Le Blancq fils Amice for '...une certain clos de terre qu'il est appelle le Clos du Coin ...situe en la Paroisse de St Ouen sur le Fief des Sts Hilleraies'. See also 154 and Official Stones.
1203. B.R. A.H.R. 1976. Bruno and Angela Helen Rioda; on outbuildings at Le Coin (St O).
1204. TMF MDV 1812. Thomas Murphy, a soldier from the British Garrison, built the original house on this site after he married Marie Du Val of St Ouen (St H) 24.4.1807. Spelt phonetically with a French accent Murphy becomes Murfee - hence the MF! Identification by Henry Coutanche. The old house was replaced some years ago. Furze Cottage, Bonne Nuit (St J).
1205. ALG1844, The Barn, Hillside, La Route de Rozel (T). Original 1205 removed to 682.
1206. MAB KMN 1995. Mark Anthony Bailhache and Kay Mary Noel; marriage and construction stone at Le Cagibi, Old Fort Road, Bonne Nuit (St J).
1206. C.LS (entwined hearts) M.J.P 1836. As this stone is not in its original position,
having been placed there by the current owner who is a builder, it could also be from
the house on the site of the old Redwood Hotel (St S) where there is a stone for
Clement Le Sueur Jnr. and Marie Payn m. (St S) 30.12.1826; see 73. Bas des Charrières,
Les Charrières (St O).
1207. PI (or L) 1613 inside a circle. Keystone of a garden arch from an old property near Woodbine Corner (St B), now at Bas des Charrières, Les Charrières (St O) - placed directly below 1206 above.
1208. FP MBJ 1932; Frank Perrée and Marion Bijou Johnston who married in 1932. Fireplace at The Oaks, Route de Beaumont (St P) - see also 306.
1209. JBL MLB 1740. Jean Balleinne of St Peter and Marie Labalestier of Trinity m. (St L) 17.5.1702. The upright of the 'L' is incorporated in the 'M'. Painted over lintel at Sunnyfield Farm, La Grande Route de Ste Pierre (St P).
1210. NLCT (heart) ILB 1731. Nicolas Le Couteur and and Judith Le Bas m. (St B) 8.3.1729/30; Sous L'Eglise, Rue du Presbytère (St P). Cannot be photographed due to an overhanging porch. The house is due to be demolished in 2001/2 as it is too near the Airport.
1211. EBL 1870 and EL. BL Sept. 10. 1876; Elie Ballienne, on outbuildings at La Chasse, Rue du Presbytère (St P).
1212. ED V (or heart) LM F LV 1718. Difficult to interpret (and photograph) as the inscription is very shallow, on outbuildings at La Chasse, Rue du Presbytère (St P).
1213. DIV 1743 Daniel Valphy dit Janvrin with later inscription in centre -
P.D.Q A.M. LC 1938. Philip D. Querée and his wife. No. 3 Andover Lodge,
Petite Rue de L'Eglise (St P) - identification by Roger de Carteret.
1214. IF MES 1788. Jean Falle of St Peter and Marie Elizabeth Slowly (merged 'M' and 'E') of Le Grand Beauregard, Sark; Daisy Farm Cottage, Route de Beaumont (St P). There is also a builder's stone inscribed MF (for Mons. Falle) to the left of this first storey lintel. Their son Jean Falle bap. (St P) 28.4.1784 moved to his mother's property in Sark in 1821 (ref: The Fief of Sark - Ewan and de Carteret - GP 1969).
1215. IF ILB 1745. Jean Falle and Judith Le Brun t.d. St Peter m. (St B) 23.1.1719/20; Daisy Farm, Route de Beaumont (St P).
1216. IF MPC 1757; Jean Fiot and Marie Perchard m. (St S) 25.6.1727; La Retraite, La Rue de la Retraite (St S).
1217. MHT ELB 1819. Matthieu Horton and Elizabeth Le Brocq t.d. St Peter m. (St P) 13.10.1810; La Fosse, behind the Co-Op (St P).
1218. Fr. de Gruchy - Rector, W.S. Pincott and J.B. Michel - Surveillants 1913. Wall plaque marking the extension of the Parish Churchyard, La Petite Route de la Fosse (St P) - picture at Ecclesiastical Stones.
1219. DWP SAA 1969. Donald William Poignand and Shirley Alison Arthur; outbuildings at Clos des Tours, Coin Varin (St P) - see also 39 and 1136.
1220. TVC 1730. Thomas Vincent, inside the porch at La Hauteur Cottages, Rue de la Fontaine (St P) - from Roger de Carteret.
1221. JBS JMT 1813; Jean Bisson
of St Peter and Jeanne Martin of St
Brelade m. (St B) 24.10.1790; but
incorrectly recorded in the St Brelade's
registers as Marie Martin. When their
children were baptised in St Peter,
she is recorded as Jeanne. La Ronde
Cheminée, Avenue de la Reine Elizabeth II (St P).
1222. IDH 1749. Jean Du Heaume; Highview, Rue de l'Elysee (St P).
1223. IDH:ELB 1763. Jean Du Heaume and Esther Le Brocq m. (St P) 24.3.1759; Highview, Rue de l'Elysee (St P).
1224. FL 1774. François Luce; Mon Desir, Beaumont (St P).
1225. ELMT (heart) IP (heart) 1724. Elie Le Montays (Centenier of St Ouen) and Jeanne Payn of St Lawrence m. (St My) 28.11.1722; Les Huriaux Farm, La Grande Route de St Ouen (St O).
1226. P.PR (entwined hearts) M.AM 1909. Philip Perrée and Marie Amy; Bouley Bay Farm, Rue de la Falaise (T).
1227. NG 1619. Heraldic stone at La Chasse, Maufant (St S). Société Jersiaise Photographic Archives Architecture Section Catalogue 13b5.
1228. Duplicate, moved to 665.
1229. FRS JLS 1815. François Roissier of St Clement and Jeanne Le Seelleur of St Martin m. (St C) 7.1.1815; Rocklands, L'Hocq Lane (St C). Older photograph in the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archives Architecture Section Catalogue 13a 26.
1230. deleted.
1231. removed to 321.
1232. removed to 222.
1233. R above H.M. 1727.
This needs to be read left to right and then
anti-clockwise, which gives us H.MR.
Henry Marett fils Jean (1673-1743) bought
the property 23.10.1697 (Land Registry Contract
ref: 26:197).He married Catherine Martel
(1684-1755) (St B)10.3.1724/5. Recently
uncovered fireplace in the right hand side shop
unit at Holborn House, Mont LesVaux, St Aubin
(St B) identified by Marie-Louise Backhurst.
1234. IDB MDB 1684. This has now been matched with 293.
1235. ILB (upside down heart) IDSX 1741.
Jean Le Boutillier of St Peter and Jeanne de
Ste Croix of St Brelade m. (St H) 24.1.1735/6;
Vine Cottage, Sunnyside, Mont Les Vaux,
St Aubin (St B). Again, the upside down heart
does not signify the death of one of the couple.
Jeanne was buried (St B) 21.12.1778 and Jean
(St B) 1.6.1779.
1236. I.P 1784; Spring Vale House, off Mont Les Vaux behind the Railway Walk, St Aubin (St B).
1237. ABT 1819. Amice Bertram, on outbuildings at Le Parcq, La Rue du Parcq (G).
1238. ABT JLG 1822 and 1832; Amice Bertram of Grouville and Jeanne Le Gros of St Martin m. (G) 30.1.1820; lintel on first floor
and one over the roadside garden entrance at Le Parcq, La Rue du
Parcq (G) - see also 1268.
1239. HCT NHM 1837 - the N is reversed. Henry Coutanche and Nancy Hamon; Bechet Farm, La Rue de Bechet (St J).
1240. FP IP 1744. François Pirouet m. Jeanne Pirouet (G) 1.2.1740/41; Farm house next to the Hollows, La Grande Route de Sablons (G).
1241. FML (single heart)SRS 1808. François Mallet and Susanne Roissier; La Rocque Villa, La Grande Route de Sablons (G).
1242. GCS 1987. George C. Skelley; carved into the plaster at rear of La Rocque Villa, La Grande Route de Sablons (G).
1243. M.AT P.J.B 1971.
On garage between Hamptonne
and Les Arches, L'Hocq Lane
(St C).
1244. CF IDQ 1721. Clement Falle and Jeanne
de Quetteville m. (G) 19.3.1699/1700. Directly
below No.1242 above; on garage between
Hamptonne and Les Arches, L'Hocq Lane (St C).
1245. GBB (entwined hearts) SNA 1970. Coutanche Farm, Rue Coutanche (T).
1246. SRGAB CMC 1981. The Press House, Coutanche Farm, Rue Coutanche (T).
1247. CPGLC (entwined hearts) ESHB 1971. Charles Peter Gallichan and Elizabeth Shirley Hathaway Barr
(daughter of 1243); L'Hocquarderie, Rue Coutanche (T) - see also 948 & 949.
1248. HMS CAW 1970. Henry Morton Stanley and Cheryl Ann White; Marriage stone at L'Hocq House, L'Hocq Lane (St C) installed in 1972.
1249. CMR:EG:1731; Charles Marett (Constable of Trinity 1725-31) and Elizabeth Guille of Castel, Guernsey m. (T) 21.1.1710/11, on the front of the house, below the roof line. They were the parents of the Charles Marett at 79 - courtesy of Pam Hislop - see La Maison Maret (T).
1250. IGD MFV 1829. Jean Godeaux m. Marie Fauvel (St.S) 25.4.1810; front of Sycamore House (formerly La Godillerie), La Rue de la Garenne (T) - from Grace Fauvel.
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