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St Helier (St H) Trinity (T) Grouville (G) St Martin (St Mt) St Mary (St My) St Brelade (St B) St John (St J) St Ouen (St O) St Saviour (St S) St Clement (St C) St Lawrence (St L) St Peter (St P)

Note: m. indicates the marriage date of the couple commemorated.

As all the entries from 904 have come in after the completion of the original index, the pages are out of alphabetical order, but the names have also been added to the Surnames Index.

950. PHB PAG 1963 Peter Henry Bisson m. Castel, Guernsey 31.10.1963 Patricia Anne Guille, chimney at Poplar House (the modern property), La Route Orange (St B) - contributed by Estelle Egglishaw (née Bisson).
951. IBS CLBTL 1868 Jean Bisson & Charlotte Le Boutillier, in Tea Room Garden at Poplars, La Route Orange (St B) - this house has been in the Bisson family since 27.5.1690 and the present owner still has the original parchment deeds of this date. contributed by Peter Henry Bisson and Estelle Egglishaw (née Bisson) - see also 984-986 below.
952. IBP ICB 1762
Jean Blampied (of St Mary)
m. (St My) 9.1.1753 Jeanne Cabot
of St Brelade; rear of La Garenne
Cottage, La Rue du Bocage (St P) - contributed by Mike Dodd.
953. FDLM JEAH or M(?) 1819 to be confirmed. de la Mare & (?) on stable at Le Coin, Rue du Coin (G).
954. IVD 1782 on the wall of Hérupe Farm, Le Chemin de Hérupe (St J).
955. IVD 1793, once a gatepost, now part of raised
flower bed border in front garden of Hérupe Farm,
Le Chemin de Hérupe (St J).
956.18 IGLC O MBP 69; Jean Gallichan & Marie Blampied, lintel over front door (now at rear of house) at Hérupe Farm, Le Chemin de Hérupe (St J).
957. JGLC (entwined hearts) SLS left gatepost & 1878 right gatepost; Jean Gallichan fils Jean (No. 956) & Sophie Le Sueur (of Le Hurel Farm, Trinity) at rear of Hérupe Farm, Le Chemin de Hérupe (St J).
958. 19 J. LP : S.L. GLC. 05; Josué Lemprière & Sophia Laura Gallichan (fille Jean No. 957) extension to side of Hérupe Farm, Le Chemin
de Hérupe (St J) - 954 to 958 contributed by Eileen Simmonds.
959. DL (entwined hearts) CJD 1996 The Lindens, Rue des Haies (St J).
960.19 DAH (entwined hearts) DMG 69 Mon Plaisir, Rue des Haies (St J).
St Jean.
Ph. Neel.
A. Messervy
Parish Boundary Stone on Rue des Haies.
Philippe Neel was Constable of St John in
1881. Alfred Messervy fils Clement of
Ville à l'Evêque (T) was Constable of
Trinity from 1877 to 1884, when he was
elected as a Jurat of the Royal Court.
962. CGC 1802; Charles Gruchy, Les Prairies Cottage, Rue des Haies (T).
963. CG O EG O (?)
G 1734, Gruchy (?)
La Cremerie,
Rue des Haies (T).
964. CGC 1817. Gatepost at Champs Clairs, Rue des Haies (T).
965. IP MP 1744 roadside wall of Highfield, La Pouquelaye (St H) - a large property now divided up - see also 458 for a photograph of the lintel at Highfield Lodge.
966. IP MP 1744 Highfield Place, La Pouquelaye, behind main building (St H).
967. ILG 1757 on barn at Handois Manor (St L).
968. Milestone at Rozel (T).
4 miles to Royal Square, St Helier
TGLC was Thomas Gallichan; Constable of Trinity from 1833 to 1839 with a second term from 1849 to 1852 and an Ecrivan of the Royal Court. He married (T) 17.12.1831 Fanny the daughter and heiress of his predecessor as Constable, Philippe Le Maistre. They lived at the Le Maistre property Brasdefer, Augrés (T). JPC and JDR were Centeniers and GLB a member of the Trinity Roads Committee (Le Comité des Chemins).
969. Milestone at Rozel Bay (T).
6 miles to Royal Square, St Helier.
TGLC: Thomas Gallichan
as in No. 968.
POM: Pierre Auguste Omont
a member of the Trinity Roads Committee.
970. IPC (entwined hearts) SCB 1829 Sion Cottage, Sion (St J).
971.1626 TLP Thomas Lemprière fils Michel Lemprière Seigneur of Diélament, m. Rachel Sarre, sole heiress of Edouard Sarre Seigneur of Boutevillon and owner of Maison St Jean, in 1594 - grandparents of No. 410. Thomas was Seigneur of Augrès, Constable of St John (1597-1612) and a Jurat (1617-1645). Now upside down in wall to right of old front door at Maison St Jean (St J).
972.19 RB (entwined hearts) NB 77 Russell Bell and his wife. Arch to rear of Maison St Jean (St J); crowned by a medieval head found in the garden.
973. FK. DM (entwined hearts) MT. LG 1830. The 'K' of Frederick and the 'T' of Margaret are smaller than the other letters and raised; surnames yet to be identified. Presently in store at Hamptonne (St L) - a gift to the Jersey Museums Service. From an unidentified property in St Mary.
974.J. LG 1841 Gatepost, Ruette Pinel, just past Surville Cemetary (St J).
975.PLB (entwined hearts) ERD 1870 Philippe Le Brun & Esther Rondel (who bought the property from Anne Nicolle below in 1866); front of Les Sts. Germains Fm. (St L) see also 581 737 976 and 988.
976.ANC 1807 barn at rear of Les Sts. Germains Fm. (St L) may commemorate Anne Nicolle - b. 28.10.1800 & bap. (St L) 13.11.1800 - only child of Henry Nicolle & Anne Le Feuvre m. (St L) 10.1.1799. 975-76 courtesy of Graeme Le Brun and identified by Henry Coutanche.
977.Milestone at Rozel (T).
The top has been damaged,
rendering the number of miles
illegible, it was 5.
I Le W
Rozel Road
P Le M
978.18 Jn. Picot (left gatepost) Mayfield 81 (right gatepost) John Picot commemorating alterations made in
1881 to Mayfield (?), La Rue de la Petite Falaise (T).
979.ACB MP on shield background 1679 (date on either side of shield) and ICB added below. Cabot; on keystone of an arch in roadside flower bed in front of Augrès Farm, La Rue du Moulin de Bas (T).
980.18 T.CB (entwined hearts) E.BP 77 Cabot & Blampied; side entrance to Le Carrefour , La Rue de Boulay (T) see also 854 and 981.
981.18 T.CB (entwined hearts) EDGC 88 Cabot & de Gruchy; lintel at Le Carrefour , La Rue ès Picots (T) see also 854 and 980.
982.DBP (heart) MFL 1734 No. 2 Howard Davis Farm, La Rue Asplet (T) which is actually around the back of Parkfields, part of the States Experimental Farm (T).
983.18 JAB (entwined hearts) ENC 40 Aubin and Nicolle; Parkfields, part of the States Experimental Farm complex (T).
984.IBS 1879 Jean Bisson, La Boutique, Poplars, La Route Orange (St B) - contributed by Peter Henry Bisson see also 951.
985.AJBS SHL (no date) Alfred John Bisson (1844-1926) & Sophie Huelin; cart shed at Poplars, La Route Orange (St B) - contributed by Peter Henry Bisson - see also 951.
986.AJBS (no date) Alfred John Bisson (as above) in Tea Room Garden at Poplars, La Route Orange (St B) - contributed by Peter Henry Bisson - see also 951.
987.18 EVB (heart) NLF 60, Vibert & Le Feuvre; Eastleigh, L'Etacq (St O).
988.HNC RLC (no date) Henry Nicolle & Rachel Le Cras of St Lawrence m. (St J) 17.11.1765; upside down in the wall at rear of Les Sts. Germains Fm. (St L) see also 581 737 975 & 976.
989.19 PDLC (entwined hearts) MLB 77; carved on millstone fixed to outside wall of Ashley Court, La Rue Militaire (St J).
990.1881-1905 curved across top, 1941 below, then P.LC (entwined hearts) J.S.P. on one line and 1931 below; well head near junction of Queens Road and La Pouquelaye (St H).
991.M.J.V. N.K.d.l.H. single heart and 1995 below; Michael John Vautier and Nancy Katherine de la Haye, extension and garage at Milestone Cottage, Rozel Harbour (T). Their front wall contains the Milestone at No. 969 (hence the name).
992.IMR 1740; Jean Marett. Gatepost in field wall at Le Clos Manqais, La Rue du Tapon (St S) - opposite wall contains a rougher version IMR with no date.

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