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Parish Abbreviations

St Helier (St H) Trinity (T) Grouville (G) St Martin (St Mt) St Mary (St My) St Brelade (St B) St John (St J) St Ouen (St O) St Saviour (St S) St Clement (St C) St Lawrence (St L) St Peter (St P)

On the wall of the Parish Hall Car Park (St My).1910 Philip Luce Connétable.
On the road to Corbière (St B). 1928 James Horman Le Boutillier. Connétable 1925-1928.
Route des Genets 1926 James Horman Le Boutillier. Connétable 1925-1928 (St B).
St Brelade: Josué Alexandre Connétable 1908. Top of Mont Sohier (St B), directions to 'L'Eglise de Ste Brelade' on the left side and to Corbière on the right.
Route Orange. Jean Orange Connétable 1822 (St B).
1940 Route du Val de la Mare. John Du Val Connétable, bottom of Jubilee Hill (St P).
Paroisse de St Pierre 1938. Route de Beaumont. J Du Val Connétable; F E Luce, W. Simon, ER Egré: Membres de Comité. St Peter's Village (St P).
Thomas Renouf de Gruchy (of Surville Farm) Connétable. At the foot of Mont de la Garenne (St Mt).
At the foot of Rue des Landes (St Mt). Charles Philip Billot; Constable of St Martin with the Rector Reginald Le Sueur M.A.; John William Messervy, Philip Ahier and Albert Le Couteur of the Roads Committee. There is a small stone below this one for Charles A. Copp, the contractor, who was also Vingtainier de L' Eglise.
939. J.R. Connétable 1835 and 1836. Jacques Remon, the Constable of St Brelade. 1835 stone is at the Junction of Mont de la Rocque and La Rue du Crocquet (also known as the High Street), St Aubin and 1836 opposite the War Memorial on the southern edge of the Cemetery in St Brelade's Bay.
La Haule (St B). Len Downer; Constable. J.F. Le Boutillier and J.F. Poingnand; Procureurs du Bien Public 1984. Photograph by Geraint Jennings.
Enlargissement de Grande Route Paroisse de St Laurens 1924. H.J. (Helier J.) Langlois Connétable
John Wesley Baudains Connétable de St Laurens 1932-1962, Plaque on Mont Felard, between La Ruette à la Pierre and Le Clos des Pauvres (St L).
Route de Vinchelez (St O). François Le Boutillier the Constable, and his Roads Committee: JF Vibert, James Philip Hamon and Philip Francis Hamon.
Mount Bingham (St H) 1929. Connétable: J.T. (John Thomas) Ferguson. Procureurs du Bien Public: E.J (Edward John) Gallichan and J.F. (John Filleul) Vautier.
Comité des Chemins: F.G. Gallichan, G.T. (George Thomas) Day and F. (Frederick) Gale.
At the foot of Mont Cochon, First Tower (St H). I like this stone as the mason clearly had a sense of humour. It stands opposite the original site of Le Brun's Bakery and is
loaf shaped! Or is it just a coincidence? Another smaller, unmarked loaf shaped stone is set just above it.

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