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Man chièr Moussieu.... - Dear Sir....

You may want to env'yer eune lettre (send a letter) or env'yer un fax (send a fax) en Jèrriais - or at least be able to top and tail your mail with a phrase or two.

As usual things depend on whether you're writing to un moussieu (a gentleman) or eune danme (a lady). To un moussieu you'll use man chièr (my dear), and to eune danme use ma chiéthe (my dear). Add lé nom (the name) next: for example, Man chièr Billé (Dear Bill) or Ma chiéthe Cat'linne (Dear Cathy).

Bein seu (of course), you may be writing more formally, in which case you'll want to use lé nom d'fanmil'ye (surname). So you'll write Man chièr Mess Lé Tchêne (Dear Mr. Le Quesne) or Man chièr Mess Rom'thi (Dear Mr. Romeril) - it's perfectly polite in Jèrriais to call a man a Mess!

The female equivalent of Mess is Missis, pronounced exactly as Mrs. in English. So address a lady as, for example, Ma chiéthe Missis Vaûtchi (Dear Mrs. Vautier) or Ma chiéthe Missis Lé Masûthi (Dear Mrs. Le Masurier).

“Dear Madam” should be written as Ma chiéthe Madanme, and “Dear Sir” is Man chièr Moussieu. “Dear Sirs”, should you require it, will be Mes chièrs Mêssieux.

In writing to la Salle Pârouaîssiale (the Parish Hall) you may need Man chièr Moussieu l'Connêtabl'ye (Dear Constable).

To end vot' lettre (your letter) stylishly en Jèrriais, you can use phrases like Sîncéthement (sincerely - no need for “yours”), Tout à vous or Bein à vous (yours truly - formal) or Bein à té (yours truly - informal). Tréjous à té (ever yours) is another informal sign-off.

Pouor des e-mails (as for e-mails) simply À la préchaine (till next time) or À bétot (goodbye) or À bi (bye) - or even AB for la textéthie (text messages) - are more user-friendly. The trend nowadays is certainly towards simplicity and informality and we are a long way from some of the flowery salutations used in letters over a century ago, such as: Criyiz-mé, Moussieu, vot' humbl'ye sèrviteu... (believe me, Sir, your humble servant...) or Jé d'meuthe tréjous vot' grand anmîn... (I remain ever your great friend...) or even Jé sis, Moussieu, auve tout l'respé qué j'vos dais, vot' obéissant sèrviteu... (I am, Sir, with all the respect I owe you, your obedient servant...).

Just add vot' sîngnatuthe (your signature) and such a letter might even impress vot' gérant d'banque (your bank manager)!



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