La Section de la langue Jèrriaise

George F. Le Feuvre - George d'la Forge

(29/9/1891 - 27/10/1984)

George Le Feuvre


Read all about it - the life of a true Jèrriais

George d'La Forge The Société Jersiaise have been presented with a doctoral thesis on the life of George d'la Forge, the American-based Jerseyman whose local tales penned in Jèrriais entertained Islanders for many years.

Annette Torode handed over the culmination of eight years' work entitled George d'la Forge, Guardian of the Jersey Norman Heritage, George Francis Le Feuvre, 1891 to 1984 - at a special reception in the Members' Room on Wednesday.

Mrs Torode does not speak Jèrriais, although as a graduate of French and being fluent in that language she does understand it. She has been fascinated by George Le Feuvre's writings since she paid her first visit to the Island in 1965, soon after marrying Jerseyman Ken Torode.

However, it was not until eight years ago that she began her research in earnest, with the help of the Jersey Evening Post.

'When I first came to Jersey in l965 I had just. graduated in French and several people produced George's articles which they thought would have been of interest to me,' Mrs Torode explained. 'I found I could read them and I became totally fascinated. 'I don't speak the language and I don't ever think I will, but I enjoy reading it and have discovered similarities and differences with French.'

Mr Le Feuvre's articles were published in the paper from 1965 until his death, and his tales of a bygone age in pre-First World War Jersey went worldwide through the pages of the Weekly Post. Prior to his association with the JEP, he wrote for the Chronique newspaper.

Mr Le Feuvre was born and grew up in St Ouen but when his parents emigrated to Canada, taking the family with them, he stayed behind, meeting up again with his brothers only on the battlefields of the First World War. After the war he joined his family and they eventually moved to America, where he rose to a high position with the Ford Motor Company.

He never forgot his home or his native language, however, and when he took early retirement in 1946 he returned for a holiday and in later life spent each year living partly in America, partly in the Island and the remainder travelling the world. In all he wrote about 900 articles for the paper and was a regular contributor to the Société Bulletin.

Mrs Torode researched her thesis on regular visits to Jersey and at home in Leeds, where she works as an administrator at the city's university - which houses a collection of books on the Channel Islands left to the university by a Jerseyman, Professor J Le Paturel.

She also met and became friends with people who had known Mr Le Feuvre, including Frank Le Maistre and Edna Clarke-Halifax.

Many hours were spent pouring over old copies of the JEP stored on microfiche in the Library, assisted by her husband, and eight years of effort resulted in the 125,000-word work which now rests with the Société.

Mrs Torode hopes she can obtain funding to publish it for general consumption, and she also intends to continue her studies. 'I'm going to keep the interest going and we're going to keep coming back,' she said.

JEP 28/7/2001



800, and still in business

The man known just as easily on this newspaper as George d'la Forge as by his real name, George Francis Le Feuvre, opened his article last week with the remark: "Well, Sir, the time has come for me to write you my 800th letter."

It's a memorable milestone which deserves recognition. Eight hundred articles, each of about 800 words and delivered regularly from wherever he happens to be (which is usually America, where he has lived for many years) is a remarkable achievement.

One would hardly think, reading his articles, that Mr. Le Feuvre celebrates his 90th birthday this year. The sadness is that few can now understand them. George d'la Forge must have the smallest readership of any writer whose work appears in the JEP, for he writes in his native tongue. Indeed, last week, he recorded that it was only when he went to school at the age of seven that he began to learn English, a state of affairs which was quite common in the country areas in those days.

It is a pity that so few are able to read George d'la Forge, not merely because that is evidence of the near death of Jersey's ancient tongue but also because the articles themselves are readable stuff whose magic is largely lost in the translation.

Time after time, Mr. Le Feuvre goes back to his childhood days, evoking a way of life now quite gone. One can sometimes almost hear him sigh a nostalgic sigh.

They say that as one grows older so the days of one's youth become clearer. If that is the case, Mr. Le Feuvre has a rich and continuing source from which to draw. Along with his other "fans" all of us at the Jersey Evening Post hope his weekly letters will continue for many years and we congratulate him on his eighth centenary.

JEP 13/1/1981



His 900th 'lettre'

THE Jersey heritage's most remarkable guardian, "George d'La Forge", reaches another landmark in his long career today.

The 900th "Lettre du Bouanhomme George", latest in the long-running series in which 91-year-old St Ouennais Mr George Le Feuvre recalls in his native Jersey Norman-French the sights, sounds and customs of the Island as it was at the turn of the century, appears on page 34.

His achievement is all the more notable because he plays his major rôle in preserving the Jersey language and culture from thousands of miles across the Atlantic in the USA, which has been his home since 1922, and from where he ends his latest letter with the traditional toast offered to him by his native lsland on his 90th birthday in 1981 and repeated today. "Bouan pid, bouan'yi, bouanne dent - et l'Paradis a la fin d'vouos jours!"

JEP August 1983



Death of George d'la Forge - the exiled Jerseyman who left his heart in St. Ouen

AN exiled Jerseyman who became one of the foremost guardians of his Island's native language, Mr George Francis Le Feuvre, died in America on Saturday at the age of 93.

Widely known as "George d'La Forge", the nom-de-plume under which he wrote over 900 Jersey Norman-French columns for this newspaper, Mr Le Feuvre was made a Membre d'Honneur of the Societe Jersiaise earlier this year.

His ashes are to be flown home to the Island he loved and interred in St Ouen, where he was born on September 29, 1891, at La Forge, Millais, the family home from which he was to draw many of the memories and anecdotes which later enriched his column, "Eune Lettre du Bouanhomme George", the last of which, by coincidence, was published only on Friday. Although he made several trips back to Jersey, the extent of Mr Le Feuvre's achievement in protecting and promoting the language was all the more remarkable in that his work was carried out thousands of miles away in the USA, where he first lived in 1919 and where he had been a naturalised citizen for over 50 years.

He returned to the Island in 1981, when the celebrations to mark his 90th birthday included being received by the Bailiff, who made a presentation on behalf of the States.

Such accolades were a far cry from the harsh realities of Jersey life at the turn of the century which prompted his blacksmith father, also George, to emigrate to Gaspe in 1901 with his wife, formerly Miss Florence Giffard, and their two younger sons.

The eldest son, George, stayed behind and, after being educated at St Ouen's Wesleyan School and La Moye School, went to work when barely 14 in the offices of Hill Street solicitor Mr William Binet, where he stayed until being appointed Commis Vicomte for the Police and Petty Debts Courts in 1914.

He also acted as secretary to the Constable of St Peter, and served in the West Battalion of the Royal Militia of the Island of Jersey from 1908 until 1915.

The future "George d'la Forge" enlisted in the Royal Field Artillery in 1916 and was posted to the Western Front, where he saw action in the battles of the Somme, Vimy Ridge, Messines Ridge and Cambrai and, in a happy moment among the horrors of the trenches, was reunited with his three brothers, one of whom had joined the British Army from Jersey and two of whom were with the Canadian forces.

He was recommended for a commission and sent back to England, but the Armistice was declared before he could complete his training and he was demobilised in 1919, joining his family in Canada later that year, when he entered the Civil Service in Ottawa.

Mr Le Feuvre was by then already a widower. His wife Marguerite, step-daughter of a French Army captain, had died in an influenza epidemic in 1918, two years after their marriage. Much later, the daughter of the marriage, Reine, joined her father in America.

After three years in the Canadian Civil Service, Mr Le Feuvre went to seek his fortune in the United States and, starting as a labourer, began a successful career with the Great Lakes Engineering Works which ended with his retirement as an executive in 1946. He became a naturalised American in 1933. Although he remained in the USA, and one period of 20 years passed between his visits to his native Island, his enthusiasm for its language, affairs and people remained undimmed and his main activities in retirement were writing in and about Jersey Norman-French and recording Jersey history and its way of life and his early days.

One of the most widely-travelled Jerseyman of his day, he also visited Jersey people in many parts of the world and later established a pattern by which he spent part of the year at his retirement home in Texas, and part at his family's St Ouen home, Le Menage ès Feuvres, Les Landes, which he restored to its original style.

He became probably the most prolific writer of his native, and first language, matched only by the output of its lexicographer, Dr Frank Le Maistre.

A remarkable memory and an intimate knowledge of the Island, coupled with an entertaining style, earned him a faithful readership for "Eune Lettre du Bouanhomme George" the 900th of which appeared in the JEP in August last year.

Some of the columns served as the basis for his two books, the first ever to be published wholly in the Jersey language.

(Note du maître-pêtre: Ches livres n'taient pon les preunmièrs publy'iés en Jèrriais, et i' n'sont pon entchiéthement en Jèrriais nitout! N'criyiz pon chein tch'ous liêsiz dans les gâzettes!)

Jèrri Jadis

They were "Jèrri Jadis" (1973) and "Histouaithes et Gens d'Jèrri" (1976), published by Le Don Balleine and meticulously in keeping with the standard orthography laid down in Dr Le Maistre's monumental Dictionnaire Jersiais-Francais , in the preparation of which Mr Le Feuvre gave enthusiastic support and encouragement.

He also wrote Jersey language versions of many hymns and contributed often to the quarterly bulletin of L'Assembliée d'Jerriais, a society dedicated to the preservation of the language which he helped found as secretary in 1951.

The importance of Mr Le Feuvre's work was recognised outside Jersey by the award in 1974 of the Prix Litteraire du Cotentin.

A High Church Anglican who delighted in church ritual, he took part in a celebratory Mass in St Ouen's Chapel in 1981, when he returned home for his 90th birthday, an anniversary also marked by a dinner given in his honour by Le Don Balleine. That celebration of the life and work of "Maît' George" included a toast to a fit and active man who took up flying an aeroplane at the age of 45 and, at 89, took to the skies in his grandson's glider.

Some 2 ½ years after becoming a nonagenarian, he was one of the few Jerseymen ever to be made a Membre d'Honneur of La Société Jersiaise, which he joined in 1923.

In the course of his long life, he was also a member of the Jersey Green Room Club, the National Trust for Jersey. La Césarée Lodge of the Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons and several other Masonic lodges, chapters and rites in Jersey and the USA.

His love of the Church extended to the delight he took in taking part in a Gregorian Mass sung to the Coutances rite with his great friend, the Abbé Marcel-Lelégard as celebrant in the Abbaye de la Lucerne in Normandy whenever he visited that part of the world.

A memorial service will be held at St Ouen for Mr Le Feuvre, who died at San Antonio, Texas, leaving a daughter, Mrs Reine Voigt, and two grandchildren, Mr Kenneth Voigt and Mrs Carole Bonny who lives in St Lawrence. To them and other members of the family, the Jersey Evening Post, proud to have been so long associated with such a memorable Jerseyman, offers its sympathy .

JERSEY EVENING POST, Monday, October 29, 1984



Another world

He was just 14 months younger than the newspaper whose columns he illuminated for so long with a clear vernacular twinkle and, in more ways than one, George d'la Forge was from another world.

In the purely physical sense, his writing, crammed with childhood souvenirs and simple wisdom, came home to its Jersey roots from the vast, brash world of North America, which he made his home for 65 years.

More importantly by far, it also came from a long-gone, turn-of-the-century world whose values were framed by farm, Church and Militia, and where the good neighbours of a community half the size of today's almost all spoke Jersey's native tongue as fluently as George Le Feuvre, son of a St. Ouen blacksmith, was later to write for us in over 900 Norman-French articles.

The decline of that fully-formed, expressive and unique language in the face of rampant anglicisation is nothing short of a tragedy, but - thanks in large part to the dedication of men like George Le Feuvre and his fellow scholars from the western parishes - it is not yet a disaster. swept almost out of earshot for half a century, it survives against the odds, and there are signs of a revival of interest to encourage those who must now continue the work interrupted by his peaceful death at a venerable age.

It is vital work, for Bouanhomme George's world of hearth and harvest, and the words which he invoked it, are far more than quaintly bucolic irrelevances to anyone who genuinely cares about Jersey's claim to an independent identity.

It is not fanciful to suggest that George d'la Forge gave a voice to the spirit of the land and, in celebrating his fine achievements, it seems fitting to echo the old Jersey toast that wishes "...Et l'Paradis à la fîn d'vos jours."

JEP 30/10/1984



George d'la Forge lives his American dream

During the course of his long and productive life-time, the promise of the "American Dream" has been turned into a reality by Mr. George Le Feuvre, a man perhaps better known in Jersey as George d'la Forge...

Although the language in which he chooses to express himself, and the affection he feels for that language mark him as a true Jerseyman, Mr. Le Feuvre has been a naturalized citizen of the USA since 1933...

In fact, on his retirement in 1946 at the age of 55, he chose to divide his time between his birth-place and his adopted home...

His home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is only one of the interesting addresses which may appear at the head of his letters to the JEP. He often stays with his daughter, who lives in san Antonio, Texas, or one of his surviving brothers, whose homes are in Michigan.

Jeray and the Jersey language - which he insists is not a patois, having been a fully-formed language at the time of William the Conqueror - are central interests in George Le Feuvre's life.

Besides his contributions to the JEP, which have so far numbered well over 700 letters, he has written two books in the only tongue he knew until the age of seven...

Unfortunately, he feels that it is inevitable that both Jersey-Norman French, and the culture in which it is based, are doomed.

One is forced to agree. Fewer families are bothering to pass on the linguistic skills of previous generations to their offspring, and Jersey itself is rapidly gaining a bland identity scarcely distinguishable from any other part of Britain...

JWP 19/6/1980


La langue

It is strange how news travels to distant parts of the world through this newspaper and the Jersey Weekly Post. Reports of the unfortunate death of a member of the JEP tour party in Bangkok last October finally reached George d'la Forge in Trenton, Michigan, and from there he sent his weekly article in Jersey Norman-French that appeared recently.

He wrote: "J'ai r'gret d'vaie qu'eune pèrsonne en viage auve lé tou organîssé par vouot' gâzette eut l'malheu d'êt' prînse malade dans l'Hotel Siam Intercontinental à Bangkok en Thailand, et qu'ou trépâssit là-bas."

One marvels in a small way, South-East Asia, the United States and a sad incident, and all tied together in the JEP through the ancient language of our forefathers.

JWP 6/3/1980


There was another anniversary of a historic incident recently. George d'la Forge, in his column on Saturday, recalled that ten years ago, on July 20, two Americans were the first earthmen to set foot on the moon.

Reading his column, it seemed strange, to say the least, that the Jersey-Norman French of our joint ancestors should have been used to express the writer's ambition to do as Armstrong and Aldrin did in 1969. It was a delightful example of the ancient (and I do not refer to Sire Le Feuvre) and super-modern neatly mixed.

JEP 4/9/1979



Congratulations to 'George'

Prix Littéraire du Cotentin 1974 I wonder how many "Jersey Weekly Post" readers are able to read and understand the regular articles published by its vernacular columnist, Mr. George Francis Le Feuvre ("George d'La Forge"), who has just been honoured for the first full-length book in Jersey Norman-French? The number must be relatively small these days, but the articles are no less valued on this account, if they only serve to remind those numberless "foreigners" living and working in the Island of Jersey's treasured past and its unique possession of a unique language. I feel sure that those who glance at "George's" column - with no little envy, for the incomprehensible words might almost be Greek to their eyes - will join those with the ability to understand and enjoy his words in offering their congratulations on his recent award of Le Prix Littéraire du cotentin for his "Jèrri Jadis", and wish him many more years of successful and pleasurable writing for the columns of this newspaper.

Jersey Weekly Post 28/3/1974



French literary prize for 'George d'La Forge'

"Jersey weekly Post" vernacular columnist Mr. George Francis Le Feuvre ("George d'La Forge") has been awarded Le Prix Littéraire du Cotentin for his "Jèrri Jadis", the first full-length book in Jersey Norman-French.

The decision to award this annual literary prize to a second Jerseyman - Dr. Frank Le Maistre was the first in 1967 - was "à l'unanimité des voix" of the jury, in spite of other nominations.

Much of Mr. Le Feuvre's book, published by the Don Balleine Trust, is based on the weekly articles that he writes for the "Jersey Weekly Post"....

Jersey Weekly Post 21/3/1974



They're just crazy about George d'la Forge

...I noticed, too, there is no more "lettre du bouanhomme George". What happened to him? I used to take pleasure in making out his Jersey Norman-French. I even have office colleagues who are crazy about his column...

Leonard Turcotte, 885 Ontario Ave., Ste-Foy, Québec 10, Canada.
October 19, 1972

(George d'La Forge has resumed his regular contributions to both the "Jersey Evening Post" and the "Jersey Weekly Post". Editor.)

JWP 2/11/1972



George d'La Forge

Dear Sir, - Thank you for the interesting letters from George d'La Forge in the "Weekly Post." Besides helping me keep up my Jersey-French, they enable me to re-live the trip I made four years ago through "Jersey-French eyes."

"Une Jersiaise."
Auckland, N.Z.

Jersey Weekly Post 12/9/1964



A Bibliography of Articles by George Le Feuvre

in the Evening Post to December 1966
and the Jersey Evening Post from January 1967
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14/3(26/2) La Soudardéthie      
22/3(n.d.) À tout seigneur tout honneur!      
25/3(n.d.) La Soudardéthie (Siète)      
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15/6(4/6) À l'entou d'l'âtre      
18/6(11/6) L's habits du temps passé      
23/6(18/6) L's assembliées d'prièthes      
1/7(25/6) Chatcheun à san travas!      
6/7(2/7) L'appétit veint en mangeant!      
13/7(9/7) Crianches entouor un mitheux      
21/7(16/7) I' n'y a pon d'roses sans pitchets!      
2/8(30/7) R'mièdes du temps passé      
16/8(6/8) Acouo des r'mièdes du temps passé      
18/8(13/8) Lé thée d'l'Églyise      
23/8(20/8) Un entèrrement l'temps passé      
3/9(27/8) I' vaut mus donner que d'prandre!      
7/9(3/9) Lé mènage      
14/9(10/9) Robinson Crusoe      
29/9(17/9) I' faut r'garder la brèque dévant la sauter!      
5/10(24/9) Un paisson pondeux      
6/10(1/10) Les mousses      
13/10(8/10) Deux avis valent mus qu'iun!      
24/10(15/10) Les p'tits Faîtchieaux!      
2/11(22/10) Dans sept heuthes!      
9/11(29/10) Ichîn et là!      
17/11(5/11) En viage      
29/11(12/11) En mé      
7/12(19/11) En mé      
9/12(26/11) En mé      
13/12(3/12) D'èrtou à tèrre      
14/12(10/12) Eune fanmeuse pétite âne      
21/12(17/12) Eune fanmeuse pétite âne (Siète)      
31/12(31/12) Souhaits d'Bouanne Année      
1967 14/1(7/1) Les bouannes précautions n'sont pon d'fendues!      
18/1(14/1) Nou n'est janmais trop vièrs pour apprandre!      
6/2(28/1) Félications!      
10/2(4/2) I' n'plieut tch'i' n'vèrse!      
21/2(11/2) Lé Dictionnaithe Jèrriais      
24/2(18/2) Choses et autres      
3/3(25/2) L'Enchorchel'lie      
13/3(4/3) L'Enchorchel'lie (Conclusion)      
21/3(11/3) Tchi temps!      
30/3(18/3) À m'n idée . . .      
6/4(25/3) Méli-mélange!      
11/4(1/4) La gâzette apporte jouaie à l'exilé!      
19/4(8/4) L'temps passé . . .      
25/4(15/4) Dans m'n opinnion . . .      
2/5(22/4) À bas, l'trafi des drogues!      
15/5(n.d.) À m'n idée . . .      
17/5(6/5) Choses et autres . . .      
24/5(13/5) Les Pièrrots      
30/5(27/5) La Forge      
10/6(3/6) D'èrtou en Jèrri!      
14/6(10/6) Rafales du temps passé      
23/6(17/6) Eune pronm'nade dé tchians!      
6/7(1/7) Lé Jèrriais èrrant!      
13/7(8/7) Maladies des p'tchiots      
20/7(15/7) Dans les cathédrales en Angliétèrre . . .      
28/7(22/7) La cathédrale dé Peterborough      
10/8(29/7) Couôteunmes du temps passé      
11/8(5/8) Bertrand du Guesclin      
18/8(12/8) Séthées du temps passé      
24/8(19/8) Nou n'peut mannier marmite sans s'êmitter!      
31/8(26/8) Nou n'est janmais trop vièrs pour apprendre!      
9/9(2/9) Henri VIII et l'Églyise Anglyicanne      
14/9(9/9) Mémouaithes d'aut'fais!      
20/9(16/9) Les crapauds à quat' pattes!      
5/10(23/9) Un jeu d'cartes!      
6/10(30/9) Jeux du temps jadis      
12/10(7/10) En France      
19/10(14/10) En Nouormandie      
26/20(21/10) D'la méd'cinne à bouan marchi!      
2/11(28/10) Historique      
11/11(4/11) D'èrtou en Améthique!      
17/11(11/11) Les lépreux      
24/11(18/11) Les lépreux      
4/12(25/11) I' fait caud, ichîn!      
13/12(2/12) Les changements sont en mode!      
18/12(9/12) Tchiques vièrs mots Jèrriais      
23/12(23/12) À forche d'truncer, Noué veint et s'en va!      
30/12(30/12) La Nouvelle Année      
1968 16/1(6/1) Auprès chu temps-ichîn il en veindra d'autre!      
19/1(13/1) Ch'est la fîn tchi couronne l'oeuvre!      
25/1(20/1) I' n'y'a pon d'sots mêtchièrs!      
3/2(27/1) Les Jèrriais à La Côte      
9/2(3/2) Faut tréjous garder eune pomme pour la sé!      
20/2(10/2) Au motcheux la moqu'sie!      
26/2(17/2) Ès grands maux les grands r'mièdes!      
6/3(24/2) Ch'est la fîn tchi couronne l'oeuvre      
12/3(2/3) Nou n'peut pon enrichi un publyi!      
20/3(9/3) Les nouvelles dé Jérri sont tréjous les beinv'nues!      
3/4(23/3) I' s'en fait d'toutes les sortes, sinon la bouanne!      
6/4(30/3) Des nouvelles dé Jèrri!      
18/4(6/4) Y'a septante ans ...      
24/4(13/4) Les sou sont mal sémés!      
30/4(20/4) Au mais d'avri tout annima change d'habit!      
3/5(27/4) Ch'est l'ventre tchi souôtcheint l'dos!      
13/5(4/5) En mémouaithe des bouans vièrs temps!      
18/5(11/5) L'autorité biblyique dé l'Églyise      
31/5(18/5) I' faut consèrver la Langue Jérriaise!      
4/6(25/5) Tchi vit et tchi vait, dans bein d's êtats s'trouve!      
10/6(1/6) Les Jèrriais à La Côte      
17/6(8/6) Les Jèrriais à La Côte      
22/6(15/6) Les Jèrriais à La Côte      
28/6(22/6) Les Jèrriais à La Côte      
9/7(n.d.) Les Jèrriais à La Côte      
13/7(6/7) Les Jèrriais à La Côte (Siète)      
18/7(13/7) Les Jèrriais à La Côte      
29/7(20/7) Les Jèrriais à La Côte      
3/8(27/7) D'èrtou en Jèrri!      
10/8(3/8) La Nouormandie      
16/8(10/8) I' faut paître là ou'est qu'nou-s-est fitchis!      
28/8(17/8) Lé chein tchi fait d'san mus n'peut pon faithe pus!      
6/9(24/8) Les pids en haut, la tête en bas!      
10/9(31/8) St Martin l'Vyi      
17/9(7/9) Ch'est la mauvaitchi tchi sort!      
5/10(21/9) À l'entou d'l'âtre ..      
11/10(28/9) Eune corvée méthitouaithe!      
18/10(5/10) En Afrique!      
24/10(12/10) En Afrique (Siète)      
31/10(19/10) En Afrique (Siète)      
13/11(2/11) En Afrique (Conclusion)      
28/11(16/11) D'èrtou en Jèrri      
10/12(23/11) D'èrtou en Améthique      
13/12(30/11) À forche d'chèrchi nou trouve!      
17/12(7/12) À l'entou d'l'âtre      
24/12(14/12) Mémouaithes du temps passé      
28/12(20/12) Les complyîments d'la saison      
1969 10/1(28/12) Un viage à La Leune!      
15/1(4/1) La Nouvelle Année      
21/1(11/1) En reunminnant      
23/1(18/1) En faîthant l'tou du monde . . .      
14/2(25/1) En faîthant l'tou du monde . . . (Siète)      
22/2(8/2) Mémouaithes du temps passé      
27/2(15/2) Lé Texas - et la belle `Jersey Lily'      
5/3(22/2) I'faut êt' pétits d'vant qu' êt' grands!      
11/3(1/3) L'respé et la politesse né couôtent rein!      
9/4(29/3) Villais v. Campagnard! (Conclusion)      
15/4(5/4) En mémouaithe d'Eisenhower      
21/4(12/4) La bouanne soupe dé Jèrri!      
28/4(19/4) La multiplicâtion!      
5/5(26/4) Choses et autres . . .      
13/5(3/5) Changement d'pâtuthe!      
19/5(10/5) Nièr et blianc      
30/5(17/5) Ottawa - la belle capitale du Cannada!      
4/6(24/5) D'èrtou en Jèrri      
10/6(31/5) Les vièrs accoints      
21/6(7/6) J'aime bein man siez-mé!      
25/6(14/6) Acouo des mémouaithes du temps jadis!      
2/7(21/6) Les Chapelles Wesleyennes      
7/7(28/6) Choses et autres . . .      
18/7(5/7) Tant pus l'temps va, tant pus il en couôte!      
22/7(12/7) Du Jèrgon juridique!      
29/7(19/7) Lé geon, ses flieurs et ses pitchets!      
4/8(26/7) La vouaix des clioches      
15/8(2/8) Sèr méthite sén indépendance      
19/8(9/8) La Batâle dé Jèrri      
27/8(16/8) Châque pays a san charme      
3/9(23/8) À l'entou d'l'âtre      
17/9(30/8) Lé Mont d'La Ville      
22/9(6/9) All'ous au lanchon?      
30/9(13/9) N'y'a rein d'nouvé souos l'touannement du solé!      
7/10(20/9) La richesse dé nouot' vielle langue      
15/10(27/9) Contes à l'entou d'l'âtre      
22/10(4/10) Acouo des contes à l'entou d'l'âtre      
27/10(11/10) Les pliantes méd'cinnales      
4/11(18/10) Acouo des pliantes méd'cinnales      
8/11(25/10) Tchiques crianches Jèrriaises      
11/11(1/11) À beintôt!      
25/11(15/11) Ottawa      
9/12(22/11) Les distances raccourchent!      
17/12(29/11) Un mêtchi pénibl'ye!      
20/12(6/12) Nou r'tchil'ye chein qu'nou sème!      
29/12(13/12) La couleu d'Jérri      
1970 6/1(20/12) Y'a tchiquesfais d'la minséthe dans la vie!      
12/1(n.d.) La Nouvelle Année      
16/1(3/1) La bouanne `Jersey Weekly Post'!      
22/1(10/1) I' faut couoyer pour duther!      
26/1(17/1) La trantchilité calme l'esprit      
5/2(24/1) Tant pus d'prêsse, tant pus d'abus!      
11/2(31/1) Tchi sèrt lé publyi sèrt un ingrat!      
25/2(7/2) L'êlection pour Députés      
28/2(14/2) Lé r'pos êtèrnel      
5/3(21/2) Eune réchinne Wesleyenne!      
17/3(28/2) Orthographique!      
21/3(7/3) Quand j'allais à l'êcole . . .      
3/4(14/3) Tout s'en va à la d'rivé!      
8/4(21/3) Aux armes, St Ouennais!      
14/4(28/3) Affaithes dé cartchul!      
22/4(4/4) Lé Bulletin d'L'Assembliée      
27/4(11/4) Mémouaithes dé janneche      
2/5(18/4) Un trésor      
7/5(25/4) La doctrin'nie du temps passé      
11/5(2/5) Changement d'pâtuthe!      
19/5(9/5) Faut aver l'nez dans l'mitan d'la fache!      
28/5(16/5) Vaut mus couoyer qu' dêpenser!      
6/6(30/5) D'èrtou en Jèrri!      
10/6(6/6) Historique . . .      
16/6(13/6) R'mièdes de nouos vielles gens      
24/6(20/6) L'advèrsité fait prendre sus sé!      
3/7(27/6) Fameuses êtampes de pids      
8/7(4/7) Des mios d'Jèrri en Améthique      
18/7(11/7) Noms et mênoms du temps jadis      
25/7(18/7) Couôteunmes du temps passé      
3/8(25/7) Rocque Bèr et la bague dé neuches      
8/8(1/8) La vouaix des clioches      
17/8(8/8) Crianches dé nouos vielles gens      
24/8(15/8) Lé Creux du Vis      
29/8(22/8) Acouo des mémouaithes du temps passé      
8/9(29/8) Rocque Bèr      
21/9(5/9) Les femmes!      
28/9(12/9) Les femmes! (Siète)      
6/10(19/9) Les femmes! (Siète)      
31/10(17/10) Un bouan docteu      
6/11(24/10) D'èrtou en Améthique      
12/11(31/10) Lé Tchian du Bouôlay      
20/11(7/11) Ottawa      
27/11(14/11) Libèrté et responsabilité vont d'emsembl'ye!      
2/12(21/11) Supèrstitions du temps jadis      
10/12(28/11) Actions dé Grâces      
16/12(5/12) Un mouoché d'mots      
19/12(12/12) Les Franc-Machons      
24/12(19/12) Noué      
1971 7/1(26/12) Contentement pâsse richesse!      
12/1(2/1) Vouos en r'souv'n'ous?      
26/1(9/1) `Buffalo Bill'      
3/2(16/1) `Buffalo Bill'      
20/3(23/1) En Mexique      
29/3(30/1) En Mexique (Siète)      
7/4(6/2) En Mexique (Conclusion)      
16/4(13/2) Des nouvelles dé Jérri!      
20/4(20/2) L'temps passé      
3/5(27/2) D'èrtou en Floride      
10/5(13/3) La Légende dé La Hougue Bie      
21/5(27/3) À la chance!      
29/5(10/4) Les runs des Robins      
11/6(5/6) D'èrtou en Jèrri!      
17/6(12/6) Les monuments d'Jèrri      
29/6(19/6) Crianches et ditons      
6/7(26/6) Bérisses, brébis et brébions!      
13/7(3/7) L's êvénements du jour      
20/7(10/7) Choses et autres . . .      
27/7(17/7) Historique      
3/8(24/7) Eune langue d'aspi!      
10/8(31/7) Honmage au Duc dé Nouormandie      
4/9(28/8) En Russie      
11/9(4/9) En Russie (Siète)      
29/9(11/9) En Russie (Siète)      
7/10(18/9) En Russie (Siète)      
13/10(25/9) En Russie (Conclusion)      
27/10(16/10) En France      
18/11(6/11) D'èrtou en Améthique      
29/11(20/11) Tchi fait bein èrchait bein      
10/12(27/11) Lé Cri des Tomb'laines      
16/12(4/12) Lé fèrmage      
23/12(11/12) Noué      
1972 5/1(18/12) Lé Jour d'la Fielle de Tchêne      
12/1(25/12) Mémouaithes du temps pâssé      
17/1(1/1) Souhaits d'nouvelle année      
25/1(8/1) Choses et autres . . .      
26/1(15/1) Vieillèche s'atchitte!      
2/2(22/1) `Tut vait à fin      
4/2(29/1) Y'a-t-i' rein d'nouvé?      
16/2(5/2) Lé vèrre dévale!      
22/2(12/2) En Améthique      
29/2(19/2) 'Jersey Lily'      
6/3(26/2) Un tas d'maladie!      
14/3(4/3) En Floride      
20/3(11/3) Les célèbres d'Cart'rêts      
4/4(18/3) À l'âsile      
7/4(25/3) Des nouvelles dé Jèrri      
14/4(1/4) Eune modgie d'cidre!      
20/4(8/4) `Jersey Lily'      
29/4(15/4) L'temps jadis . . .      
10/5(22/4) Faits-divèrs      
17/5(29/4) Des rares mots      
23/5(6/5) Banqueroutes!      
30/5(13/5) Lé Pilote      
2/6(20/5) Mauvaitchi sans profit      
7/6(27/5) Nouot' vielle langue      
17/6(3/6) D'èrtou en Jèrri!      
22/6(10/6) L'Malin Esprit      
28/6(17/6) L'pâssé et l'actualité      
5/7(24/6) Dans la gâzette . . .      
12/7(1/7) Geints, et l'temps pâssé      
21/7(8/7) Historique      
26/7(15/7) Un fricot d'pihangne      
4/8(22/7) L'Églyise dé St Brélade      
12/8(29/7) L'fèrmyi enhanne tréjous!      
18/8(5/8) Lé Contchérant      
25/8(12/8) L'troubl'ye en gângne!      
6/10(3/9) L'Hôpita      
14/10(7/10) Les Êlections      
1/11(14/10) Des mèrvelles dé Jèrri      
3/11(21/10) Acouo des rares mots      
14/11(28/10) G'vêtres et licos      
20/11(4/11) D'èrtou en Améthique      
29/11(11/11) J'allons laver aniet!      
5/12(18/11) Du bouan sens!      
12/12(25/11) L'amour est aveugl'ye!      
16/12(2/12) Historique      
19/12(9/12) Pièrre, fiêset et tondre-bosc      
23/12(23/12) Bouan Noué      
30/12(16/12) Av'ous bouanne mémouaithe?      
1973 5/1(30/12) La nouvelle année      
17/1(6/1) Aut' temps, aut' moeurs      
23/1(13/1) Y'a du chouaix!      
31/1(20/1) Vitesse postale?      
7/2(27/1) L'Armistie!      
15/2(3/2) L'amour est aveugl'ye!      
26/2(10/2) Emancipâtion?      
2/3(17/2) La vie paisibl'ye      
27/3(24/2) En Floride      
2/4(3/3) Gangnants et pèrdants      
6/4(10/3) R'liques du temps jadis      
12/4(17/3) Des godenivelles      
13/4(24/3) I' faut molli d'vitesse!      
18/4(31/3) Rencontre à mié-c'min!      
23/5(5/5) Lé Malin Esprit      
31/5(12/5) Affaithes ecclésiastiques      
2/6(19/5) La gâzette èrveint!      
8/6(26/5) Un doux souv'nin      
14/6(2/6) Acouo des godenivelles      
16/6(9/6) D'èrtou en Jèrri!      
22/6(16/6) Choses et autres      
29/6(23/6) En passant . . .      
10/7(30/6) Touos l's ièrs né vaient pon d'eune sorte!      
23/7(14/7) En Nouormandie      
30/7(21/7) Choses et autres      
6/8(28/7) Pliaques historiques      
13/8(4/8) Tchestchion d'mathiage      
22/8(11/8) À l'Êcole      
29/8(18/8) Tchiques dévinnâles      
5/9(25/8) D'èrtou d'France      
14/9(1/9) La vie n'est pon tout roses!      
24/9(8/9) Ch'est la mèrquéthie tchi sauve!      
1/10(15/9) Tchi changements!      
8/10(22/9) Les r'ligieux d'aut'fais      
15/10(29/9) Comme tchi faithe lé beurre      
24/11(6/10) La salle dé bain      
25/10(13/10) Jèrri jadis      
31/10(20/10) Les changements sont en ordre      
8/11(27/10) Comme tchi faithe lé pain      
14/11(3/11) À l'entou d'l'âtre . . .      
23/11(10/11) D'èrtou en Améthique      
28/11(17/11) Deux têtes valent mus qu' ieune!      
10/12(24/11) Ottawa      
15/12(1/12) La dgèrre des Boèrs      
27/12(8/12) Au r'fliéchi . . .      
31/12(15/12) Noué      
1974 3/1(n.d.) Lé Nouvel An      
10/1(29/12) Grands anmins      
16/1(5/1) Choses et autres      
23/1(12/1) Dans la gâzette      
31/1(19/1) Lé sage sé tait      
7/2(26/1) À l'entou d'l'âtre      
13/2(2/2) L'temps pâssé      
27/2(16/2) Lord Coutanche      
6/3(23/2) Au pid du feu      
11/3(2/3) L'forgeux s'enrichit pon!      
22/3(9/3) Des prix fos!      
28/3(16/3) Lé fidèle anmin d'l'homme      
5/4(23/3) Au temps à v'nin . . .      
11/4(30/3) J'sis consèrvateur!      
18/4(6/4) Au haut d'l'êtchelle      
25/4(13/4) Aut' fais . . .      
2/5(20/4) Actualités      
10/5(27/4) La jouôte      
14/5(4/5) Faut s'accorder à touos sons      
6/6(11/5) En c'min pâssant . . .      
7/6(18/5) Des vièrs mots Jèrriais      
13/6(25/5) Tchi machinn'nie!      
17/6(1/6) À côté d'l'âtre . . .      
18/6(8/6) D'èrtou en Jèrri      
25/6(15/6) Actualités      
1/7(22/6) Châtchun connait siez sé      
9/7(29/6) À tout seigneur tout honneur!      
17/7(6/7) La vie n'est pon tout roses      
24/7(13/7) L's assembliées d'priéthes      
1/8(20/7) Les Russes en Jèrri      
6/8(27/7) Historique      
10/8(3/8) Quand l'cat dort, les souothis jouent      
23/8(10/8) L'Assembliée d'Jérriais      
31/8(17/8) Pus nou-s-a, pus nou veurt      
4/9(24/8) En Nouormandie      
11/9(31/8) Eune mêprinse à corrigi      
19/9(7/9) Les ridgeaux sont bas . . .      
25/9(14/9) Contentement pâsse richesse      
3/10(21/9) Historique      
9/10(28/9) Un sou êpaingni est un sou gângni      
12/10(5/10) La vieillèche      
23/10(12/10) Poule tchi caqu'te dêcouvre san nid      
31/10(19/10) Historique      
11/11(26/10) D'èrtou en Améthique      
20/11(2/11) Pensées en l'air      
28/11(9/11) L'homme propose, mais Dgieu dispose      
4/12(16/11) L'homme propose, mais Dgieu dispose (Siète)      
7/12(23/11) L'homme propose, mais Dgieu dispose (Siète)      
17/12(30/11) L'homme propose, mais Dgieu dispose (Siète)      
24/12(14/12) Bouan Noué!      
1975 10/1(21/12) Dans la gâzette      
17/1(28/12) En Améthique . . .      
23/1(4/1) L'`humour' irlandais      
30/1(11/1) Au pid du feu      
6/2(18/1) Choses et autres      
13/2(25/1) Papa fut naufragi!      
21/2(1/2) Lé chapé      
26/2(8/2) Les sou ont d's ailes, et s'envolent!      
6/3(15/2) À tout seigneur tout honneur      
11/3(22/2) I' n'plieut tch'i' n'vèrse!      
21/3(1/3) Les corvées      
2/4(8/3) Dans la gâzette . . .      
5/4(15/3) Changements sont en mode      
11/4(22/3) Bouan mênage duthe!      
12/4(29/3) Châtchun à tou monte en carrosse!      
23/4(5/4) Chiétheté et disette vont d'ensembl'ye      
23/4(12/4) Nouot' chièthe pétite vaque      
3/5(19/4) Généalogique . . .      
15/5(26/4) Choses et autres      
17/5(3/5) Êlections et appointements      
28/5(10/5) Progrès, pigeons et Avocats      
2/6(17/5) Des farces bouannes      
6/6(24/5) Choses et autres      
13/6(31/5) Au cliai d'la leune!      
19/6(7/6) D'èrtou en Jèrri!      
23/6(14/6) Angélique      
5/7(21/6) En reunminnant . . .      
12/7(5/7) Les bouans s'en vont!      
18/7(28/6) Lé solé lit!      
25/7(n.d.) Chatchun bat d'san marté!      
7/8(26/7) Tant pus d'prêsse tant pus d'abus!      
16/8(2/8) Iliets, iliettes et iliéthes      
22/8(9/8) En Nouormandie      
28/8(10/8) D'èrtou en Jèrri      
11/9(23/8) Choses et autres      
25/9(6/9) Chorchièrs et tchéthauds      
8/10(13/9) La richesse dé nouot' langue      
10/10(20/9) En pâssant . . .      
17/10(4/10) Nou s'accouôteunme â tout      
24/10(11/10) Man Papa Giffard      
31/10(18/10) À la préchaine!      
15/11(25/10) Dans l'Nouvieau Monde      
22/11(1/11) Ottawa      
29/11(8/11) L's êlections      
3/12(15/11) Dans la gâzette . . .      
10/12(22/11) Affaithes ecclésiastiques      
13/12(29/11) En Floride      
19/12(6/12) Tchi nez!      
23/12(13/12) Noué      
1976 7/1(20/12) Dans la gâzette . . .      
16/1(27/12) Tchi pays!      
26/1(3/1) Lé Nouvel An      
30/1(10/1) Un sanm'di l'arlévée      
17/2(17/1) Lé temps s'pâsse!      
20/2(24/1) Changement d'pâtuthe . . .      
21/2(31/1) Mailles et mailloch'chie!      
1/3(7/2) Des nouvelles dé Jèrri!      
13/3(21/2) En Califournie      
23/3(28/2) Choses et autres . .      
2/4(6/3) Des vièrs mots Jèrriais      
6/4(13/3) Dans la gâzette . . .      
13/4(20/3) Le Français-Cannadgien      
24/4(27/3) À m'n idée . . .      
29/4(3/4) La né, boutiques et Avocats!      
7/5(10/4) D'la bourdonn'nie!      
12/5(17/4) Tchi feunmée!      
15/5(24/4) Un êléphant      
26/5(1/5) Changement d'pâtuthe      
3/6(8/5) Deux têtes valent mus qu' ieune!      
7/6(15/5) J'appréche dé Jèrri!      
18/6(22/5) Faits-divèrs      
21/6(29/5) À La Côte      
7/7(5/6) D'èrtou en Jèrri!      
8/7(12/6) Choses et autres . .      
19/7(19/6) À tout seigneur tout honneur      
22/7(26/6) Les vielles fanmil'yes Jèrriaises      
27/7(3/7) Lé temps pâssé      
30/7(10/7) Lé r'miède      
7/8(17/7) Tchi changements!      
14/8(24/7) Filliéthes et crianches      
24/8(31/7) La pêque      
1/9(7/8) Sav'ous l'Jèrriais?      
3/9(14/8) L'ieau du ciel      
14/9(21/8) La nouôrrituthe dé l'âme      
18/9(28/8) Lé j'va      
23/9(4/9) Contentement pâsse richesse      
29/9(11/9) Les motos      
1/10(18/9) Tchi vent!      
19/10(25/9) Historique      
20/10(2/10) Lé trop et l'trop p'tit!      
25/10(9/10) Tchi dêpenses!      
29/11(6/11) En Isreal      
3/12(13/11) D'èrtou en Améthique      
15/12(20/11) Au Cannada      
18/12(27/11) Ottawa      
21/12(4/12) Pouv'-ous ouvrer?      
22/12(18/12) Noué      
31/12(11/12) Répétition      
1977 19/1(21/12) Au pid des montagnes      
25/1(1/1) 1977      
2/2(8/1) Êtes-ous à la mode?      
82(15/1) Aim'ous l'bran?      
16/2(22/1) Tchi beaux portraits!      
24/2(29/1) À m'n idée . . .      
28/2(5/2) Ichîn et là      
2/3(12/2) Cocolîncheux!      
8/3(19/2) Changement d'pâtuthe      
11/3(26/2) Dans la gâzette      
23/3(5/3) Choses et autres . . .      
25/3(12/3) En r'vénant d'l'êcole      
4/4(19/3) Chambres et châtchieux      
9/4(25/3) Dans la gâzette . . .      
25/4(2/4) En garde, Jèrriais!      
4/5(9/4) Corps et beins      
6/5(16/4) Dans la gâzette      
12/5(23/4) Changement de pâtuthe      
17/5(30/4) Vaques et vachièrs      
26/5(7/5) Av'-ous bouanne veue?      
2/6(21/5) L'êducâtion      
10/6(14/5) La couleu d'Jèrri      
16/6(28/5) D'èrtou en Jèrri      
24/6(n.d.) Les Mielles      
2/7(11/6) Haut et bas (Les Mielles)      
5/7(25/6) La fin couronne l'oeuvre      
2/7(11/6) Haut et bas      
16/7(18/6) Haut et bas      
23/7(n.d.) Bouan mênage duthe      
26/7(9/7) La Crouaix      
30/7(16/7) Les Caves dé Champion      
4/8(23/7) Tout bas      
10/8(30/7) Y'a huiptante ans      
31/8(13/8) Jèrri, point d'veue d'Normandie      
9/9(20/8) Les brébis      
13/9(27/8) En reunminnant . .      
8/10(24/9) Les changements sont en mode      
12/10(1/10) Voul'-ous l'êchange?      
20/10(8/10) Les Landes et Les Mintchiers      
28/10(15/10) À bétôt!      
11/11(22/10) D'èrtou en Améthique      
19/11(29/10) Bouan jour, bouanne oeuvre!      
26/11(5/11) Au Cannada      
1/12(12/11) Tchi pataflias!      
12/12(19/11) La démocratie      
16/12(26/11) Du bouan sang!      
28/12(n.d.) I' fait fraid!      
1978 3/1(n.d.) Aim'-ous les pais au fou?      
14/1(24/12) Souv'nins du temps pâssé      
20/1(31/12) Rêsolutions      
25/1(7/1) Tchi tatonn'nie      
8/2(14/1) Vielles nouvelles      
11/2(21/1) Voul'-ous freunmer l's églyises?      
23/2(28/1) Changement d'pâtuthe      
3/3(4/2) La bouaisson tue      
18/3(11/2) Tempêtes, dêpens, consèrvâtion      
23/3(18/2) Nouvelles d'întéthêt      
30/3(25/2) Les soudards      
11/4(n.d.) D'la plyie avèrse      
14/4(18/3) Lé solé r' lît!      
22/4(4/3) Le d'luge      
29/4(25/3) Choses et autres      
8/5(8/4) Vielles nouvelles      
13/5(1/4) Mexico      
13/5(8/4) Vielles nouvelles      
20/5(15/4) Mêprinse d'èrsembliance?      
31/5(22/4) Affaithes ecclésiastiques      
1/6(29/4) Un sou êpaîgni est un sou gâgni      
8/6(6/5) Ermèrques et félicitâtions      
12/6(13/5) Les louanges dé sé-même né valent rein!      
24/6(27/5) J'vouos vèrrai beintôt!      
24/6(3/6) D'èrtou en Jèrri      
30/6(10/6) Tchi changements!      
13/7(17/6) Av'-ous bouan appétit?      
15/7(24/6) Les Jèrrais à La Côte      
28/7(15/7) Affaithes dé fanmil'ye      
5/8(22/7) Un tas d'mêprînses!      
12/8(29/7) À l'entou d'l'âtre      
24/8(5/8) Taupes et crapauds      
2/9(12/8) Choses et autres      
7/9(19/8) Les grèves      
8/9(26/8) Si l's anciens r'vénaient!      
15/9(2/9) La couleu d'Jèrri      
22/9(9/9) La chance      
6/10(16/9) Des d'vinnâles      
19/10(n.d.) Des d'vinnâles      
28/10(30/9) Tchiques vièrs mots      
24/11(4/11) D'èrtou en Améthique      
7/12(18/11) La Milice Rouoyale dé Jèrri      
18/12(25/11) À St Ouen l'temps pâssé      
27/12(2/12) Av'-ous bouan' yi?      
29/12(9/12) Changement d'pâtuthe      
1979 10/1(16/12) Lé Pallion      
20/1(30/12) La Bouanne gâzette dé Jèrri      
2/2(6/1) Rêsolutions d'Nouvel An      
9/2(13/1) Jé m'rapelle . . .      
16/2(20/1) Ch'est la vie!      
21/2(27/1) Les Jèrriais à La Côte      
3/3(3/2) L'êducâtion      
10/3(10/2) Changement d'pâtuthe      
16/3(17/2) Mêfaits et finnances      
22/3(24/2) Choses et autres      
3/4(3/3) Un tas d'corps      
10/4(10/3) Lé gros tambour      
20/4(17/3) Ch'est l'progrès      
2/5(24/3) L'èrnouvé      
10/5(31/3) Heûtheuse rencontre      
17/5(7/4) Les Bulletîns de L'Assembliée      
25/5(14/5) Rêponses ès tchestchions      
25/5(21/4) Tch'est tchi s'pâsse en Jèrri?      
7/6(24/4) Dans la gâzette . . .      
7/6(2/6) La couleu d'Jèrri      
13/6(5/5) La beusse battit l'pouf-pouf      
29/6(12/5) Lé temps      
29/6(19/5) D'èrtou en Jèrri      
20/7(23/6) L'temps jadis      
7/7(9/6) Aut' fais      
20/7(16/6) L'temps pâssé      
20/7(23/6) En reunminnant      
26/7(30/6) Y'a huiptante ans      
26/7(7/7) Av'-ous connu l'crâsset?      
9/8(14/7) Les Bulletîns      
9/8(21/7) La r'ligion      
29/8(28/7) És grands maux les grands r'mièdes      
6/9(11/8) Nouot' langue Jérriaise      
22/9(18/8) L'Bouan vièr temps      
28/9(25/8) Av'-ous d's ahans?      
12/10(1/9) D'èrtou en Améthique      
25/10(8/9) La télévision      
27/10(15/9) Châtchun à san goût      
9/11(22/9) Les naviguants      
16/11(29/9) Lé bien d'autrui      
29/11(6/10) Un bieau pèrrot      
30/11(13/10) Nostalgie      
6/12(20/10) Un tas d'feu      
1/12(27/10) Mémouaithes du temps jadis      
14/12(27/10) Des nouvelles dé Jèrri      
1980 10/1(10/11) Couôteunmes du temps jadis      
18/1(17/11) Lé bouan vièr temps      
18/1(24/11) Lé pâssage du temps      
1/2(1/12) Abus d'privilège      
15/2(15/12) Choses et autres      
22/2(22/12) Dans les chaleurs      
22/2(29/12) En Améthique      
20/3(12/1) Des mémouaithes      
2/4(19/1) Des nouvelles dé Jèrri      
8/4(26/1) Les bottes à cliou      
16/4(2/2) Nouos v'là en Févri      
16/4(9/2) Av'-ous l'esprit présent?      
2/5(16/2) Au Paradis      
2/5(23/2) Lé chent'naithe dé la Batâle      
17/5(5/4) La tâche continnue      
17/5(12/4) Les temps ont changi      
11/6(19/4) Les barbus et l'mathiage      
20/6(26/4) Dans la gâzette . . . .      
20/6(3/5) Lé routchi      
26/6(31/5) Crianches et couôteunmes      
3/7(7/6) D'l'èrtûnfîn      
10/7(14/6) D'èrtou en Jèrri      
19/7(21/6) La machinn'nie en gângne!      
24/7(28/6) J'sis bouan dormeux!      
16/8(5/7) Les femmes      
6/9(12/7) L'bouan vièr temps      
12/9(19/7) L'églyise dé St Georges      
24/9(26/7) Pauvrété n'est pas vice      
2/10(2/8) Y'a bête - et bêtes!      
16/10(9/8) Viy'-ous cliai?      
15/11(25/10) Dans l'Nouvieau Monde      
3/12(1/11) L'bouan vièr temps      
16/12(n.d.) À l'êcole      
19/12(15/11) Êtes-ous orateur?      
1981 2/1(22/11) L'us est clios      
9/1(29/11) Ma jannèche mémorabl'ye      
13/1(13/12) All'-ous crier Noué?      
30/1(20/12) Quand j'y pense . . .      
6/2(27/12) `En reunminnant'      
10/2(10/1) Des nouvelles dé Jèrri      
27/2(17/1) Un vrai trésor      
5/3(24/1) Lé nouvieau docteu      
14/3(31/1) Lé jour d'èrpos      
20/3(7/2) Trais vouaix tragiques!      
28/3(14/2) D'bouâns anmîs sont des trésors      
2/4(28/2) Pouv'-ous aîdgi?      
15/4(4/4) Rêv'-ous la niet?      
22/4(18/4) L'progrès à la lente?      
4/6(25/4) j'allons-t-i' à r'tchulons?      
24/6(2/5) L's Êtats, les routes et Les Mielles      
3/7(9/5) Dans la gàzette      
16/7(16/5) Mémouaithes      
5/8(n.d.) Lé pâssage du temps      
12/8(23/5) Un pas dans la vie      
12/8(30/5) Les crapauds      
21/8(6/6) Avârie et d'l'histouaithe      
28/8(13/6) La violence en gângne!      
28/8(20/6) Dans la Gâzette . . .      
1/9(27/6) Les Jèrriais à La Côte      
18/9(4/7) Êvaluâtion d'êpoques      
23/9(11/7) Êtes'-ous supèrstitieux?      
25/9(18/7) Des Quoac Quocas      
9/10(31/7) Nou n'peut contenter tout l'monde      
16/10(8/8) L'appathence trompe tchequefais!      
30/10(15/8) Vive l'amour!      
5/11(29/8) Mes p'tits jours      
18/11(31/10) J'sis r'connaîssant      
10/12(14/11) Tchiques vielles couôteunmes      
21/12(n.d.) Bouan Noué      
1982 22/1(28/11) Av'-ous des véthues?      
29/1(26/12) L'homme propose, mais Dgieu dispose      
29/1(5/12) Noblièche oblyige      
26/2(9/1) Les rêponses      
4/3(16/1) Eune bouanne êlection!      
10/3(23/1) Lé progrés      
3/4(30/1) L's êlections      
14/4(6/2) Tête-à-tête/1st translation into English (no title)      
16/4(13/2) Hélas!/(no title)      
12/5(10/4) Choses et autres/One thing and another)      
22/5(17/4) À l'înjuthe du temps/At the mercy of the weather      
5/6(24/4) Aux armes, Jèrriais d'race/Jerseymen, to arms!      
11/6(1/5) Obsèrvâtions/Observations      
17/6(8/5) Ch'est aîsi d'crititchi/It's easy to criticize      
22/6(15/5) Dans man temps . . ./In my day      
26/6(22/5) Hièr et aniet/Then and now      
3/7(29/5) Tch'est-che qu' ou-s-en criyiz?/What do you think?      
7/7(5/6) Cantorbéry et Rome/Canterbury and Rome      
10/7(19/6) Le Souper des Vikings/(no title)      
19/7(12/6) Av'-ous l'esprit présent?/Are you paying attention?      
27/7(3/7) Av'-ous 'té milicien?/Were you in the Militia?      
4/8(10/7) All'-ous ès baînis?/Going limpeting?      
11/8(24/7) La fanmeuse Rouayale/The famous Royal      
21/8(31/7) Lé r'vénant/Back from the dead      
8/9(4/9) Les Berrèxes dé la Grève dé Lé/Greve de Lec Barracks      
15/9(n.d.) Des r'mièdes du temps pâssé/Old remedies      
20/9(n.d.) L'ouvrage et l'scandale/Knitting and scandal      
15/10(11/9) Lé crapaud/The crapaud      
12/11(23/10) D'èrtou en Améthique/Back in America      
2/12(30/10) La Blianche Femme/The Woman in White      
10/12(6/11) Au soudard la victouaithe!/To the soldier the victory!      
14/12(13/11) Tchi changements!/What changes!      
17/12(20/11) L'Armée du Salut/The Salvation Army      
20/12(27/11) La vie n'est pon tout roses!/Life is not all roses!      
23/12(4/12) Noué/Christmas      
1983 13/1(18/12) Mémouaithes nostalgique/Nostalgic memories      
21/2(25/12) A Noué l'temps pâssé/Christmas in the past      
4/2(11/12) Des rares mots/Uncommon words      
11/2(1/1) Crianches du temps jadis/Bygone beliefs      
15/2(15/1) Henri VIII et l'Églyise d'Angliétèrre/Henry VIII and the Church of England      
25/2(22/1) J'avais l'ouïe finne!/I had sharp ears!      
4/3(29/1) Crianches et couôteunmes/Beliefs and customs      
12/3(5/2) L'împrévu en gângne!/The unexpected gains ground!      
18/3(n.d.) Des vielles couôteunmes et l'Tchithême/Old customs and Lent      
22/3(12/2) Noblièche oblyige/Noblesse oblige      
25/3(19/2) Autres temps - autres moeurs/Other days - other ways      
29/3(5/3) Eune êpoque mémorabl'ye/Memorable days      
14/4(12/3) Affaithes ecclésiastiques/Church affairs      
21/4(19/3) Av'-ous consulté l'touauthé?/Have you consulted the bull?      
24/4(26/3) À tout seigneur, tout honneur/Honour each man according to his station      
5/5(2/4) Examens et sèrmons/Chapel anniversary services and sermons      
13/5(9/4) Un r'cord du temps jadis/A record of the past      
19/5(16/4) Êtes-ous dé m'n avis?/Do you agree with me      
27/5(23/4) À l'entou d'l'âtre/Around the fire      
3/6(30/4) Des rares mots/Rarely-heard words      
10/6(7/5) Changement d'pâtuthe/Change of scenery      
17/6(14/5) Les Giffards/the Giffards      
24/6(21/5) Adgi, p'tite boutique!/Farewell, little shop!      
30/6(28/5) Les Français changîdrent d'idée!/The French changed their mind!      
7/7(4/6) À tous ceux qui . . ./To all those who . . .      
15/7(11/6) Lé régiment appelé `Les Russes'!/The regiment known as `The Russians'!      
23/7(18/6) Vielles crianches/Old beliefs      
29/7(25/6) Acouo des crianches/More beliefs      
5/8(2/7) Bouâan pid!/Good health!      
10/8(9/7) La fache et l'vîsage/The face and the visage      
20/8(30/7) D'èrtou en Jèrri/Back again in Jersey      
31/8(13/8) La vie d'aut' fais en mé/One-time life at sea      
21/9(27/8) La Visite Rouoyale/The Visite Royale      
5/10(3/9) Lé cat/The cat      
21/10(17/9) La femme/Woman      
9/11(8/10) En Nouormandie/In Normandy      
12/12(26/11) D'èrtou en Améthique/Back again in America      
1984 10/1(24/12) La Sèrvelle dé Noué/Christmas Eve      
14/1(n.d.) La chorchell'lie/Sorcery      
20/1(31/12) L's années et les crianches sé pâssent/The years and beliefs pass by      
24/1(7/1) Dans la gâzette . . ./In the paper . . .      
3/2(n.d.) L's aubes et moulîns/Sails and mills      
7/2(14/1) Les missions/The missions      
17/2(21/1) Av'-ous du fraid?/Have you got a cold?      
24/2(28/1) La femme en gângne!/Women are winning!      
1/3(4/2) Acouo des crianches/More beliefs      
7/3(11/2) Quand eune vielle fil'ye vait eune chance . . . /When a spinster sees a chance . . .      
22/3(18/2) La biche à bord/The goat afloat      
4/4(25/2) Lé travas n'tue pon!/Work doesn't kill!      
13/4(3/3) Deux bieux pèrrots/Two fine parrots      
27/4(31/3) Les Jèrriais à La Côte/Jerseymen at `The Coast'      
4/5(7/4) Des réflexions/Reflections      
18/5(14/4) Tchi nouvelles, aniet?/What news today?      
25/5(21/4) La tchéthue à tchians/The squabblers      
3/7(5/5) Mémouaithes nostalgiques/Nostalgic memories      
17/7(n.d.) Tchi vivra vèrra/Time will tell      
31/8(n.d.) Eune leçon biblyique/A Bible lesson      
26/10(n.d.) Les farceurs/The pranksters      



Bibliography of articles by George Le Feuvre in
Bulletîn d'Quart d'An dé L'Assembliée d'Jèrriais

compiled by Dr. Annette Torode

Vol No Page Title
(1953-1958) 2 12 L'y-a des jannes hommes pouor touos les goûts
6 79 Lé Duc de Nouormandie en Jèrri
8 122 La soupe de Jèrri
11 163 Lé Rouai Jean d'Angliétèrre
13 196 En Jèrri y'a 50 ans
16 257 Edwin John Luce - en mémouaithe
17 264 Histouaithe dé Sèrvelle de Noué
17 277 Francis Vibert Le Feuvre - en mémouaithe
(1959-1965) 28/9 451 Lé jeu du tireli
30 471 Un Jèrriais à La Côte
31/2 487 Lé jeu des barres
33 502 Lé jeu dé saute-mouton
34 523 Lé Coronel William Frederick l'Escaudé
35/6 543 "Oyez! Oyez! La vouaix des anges dans les cieux"
37 560 En Jèrri y'a Souoxante Ans
38 577 Les Êmigrés d'Jèrri, La Mouothue, et La Côte dé Gaspé
39/40 601 1961 - L'Année Cosmique
39/40 607 "La Seule Fondation d'l'Église"
45 665 Y'a Bein des Temps dans La Vie
45 675 "Ta Majesté, O Seigneur Dgieu"
46/7 681 Un Viage en Tèrre Sainte
48/9 703 Un Viage en Tèrre Sainte
50 730 Un Viage en Tèrre Sainte
(1965-1971) 4/5 788 "Bénis sont les Chrêtchiens"
6/7 807 "Marchons, Soudards Chrêtchiens!"
9/10/11 841 L'êrach'chie d'dents y'a septante ans
9/10/11 853 "Sèrviteurs du Bouân Dgieu"
12/3 862 La biche est dans les chours
14/5 890 "Chîn-bas, La tèrre"
16/7 911 "En garde! - En garde pour Jésus!"
18/9 916 Ambassadeur en Nouormandie
18/9 929 "Reste auprès de nous"
22/3 969 "Quand j'èrgarde La Crouaix"
24/5 978 Un viage à la Leune
(1971-1977) 1/2 11 En Jèrri y'a 25 ans
1/2 19 "Lé chein tchi plieuthe tout seu"
5/6 49 "Alléluia! Seigneur Jésu"
9/10 78 Ch'est la mèrquéthie tchi sauve!
9/10 83 "Seigneur, nouot' aîgue dés l'temps jadis"
11/2 91 Aut'fais . . .
13/4 103/7 Lé `Prix Littéraire Normand' (1974) donné à Moussieu George F. Le Feuvre
13/4 110 "O glorieux Anges du Ciel"
17/8 133 John James Le Marquand, Avocat et Sénateu - San décès
19/20 171 Au cliai d'la leune
19/20 178 "Atout jouaie, dans l'temps jadis"
21/2 188 `Histouaithes et Gens d'Jèrri' - par George F. Le Feuvre
21/2 197 Lé Très Révérend Canon Matthew Le Marinel, M.A., 1883-1963
21/2 200 "Tan nom, Jésu, est doux à l'ouie"
23/4 211 D'èrtou en Jèrri
23/4 222 "Èrmèrcions tous l'Bouân Dgieu"
25 232 Quand j'tais janne
25 241 "Oh! Qué ches bieaux Esprits - là r'lisent!"



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