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List of Headmasters

List of Assistant Masters

An early report of the school from 1895

For a short history by E.C. Cooper from 1852-1928, click here.

For a short history by J.S. Rowley from 1929-1956, click here

Some Information on the Old Victorians after whom the Houses were renamed in 1919:
William Bruce
Major R.W. Sartorius
Captain E.H. Sartorius

Victoria College School - General Information

It was opened in 1852 to commemorate Queen Victoria's visit to Jersey. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were the first signatures entered into the visitors' book and the current monarch is still 'visitor' today. The college, through the Head Master, is a member of the Headmasters Conference and caters for 650 boys in the senior school and 260 in Prep.
The College is in three 'schools': Junior, Middle and Senior. The Junior School consists of two years - Years 7 and 8. The Middle School consists of years 9, 10, and 11. The Senior School is made up of the Lower and Upper Sixth forms. When boys enter the Middle School they are put into a House. Boys stay in their house until they leave the school. The College is divided into four Houses (named after four former pupils, and created in their present format in 1919) - Braithwaite (green), Bruce (blue), Dunlop (yellow) and Sartorius (red) .
In 2002, they are joined by a fifth house, Diarmid.


The College has a Latin hymn or "carmen":

Carmen Caesariense

Olim hoc collegium
Priscus rex dotavit
Multis annis postea
Reginae benignitas
Ubi stat locavit
Reginae Victoriae
Floreat Collegium!
Litteris nos erudit
Doctrina carentes
Moribus ingenuis
Corporisque viribus
Instruit languentes
Reginae Victoriae
Floreat Collegium!
Numquam desit copia
Hac e disciplina
Qui Deo ac patriae
Diligenter serviant
Opera divina!
Reginae Victoriae
Floreat Collegium!
(This was composed in 1914.)

Long ago an ancient King
Endowed this College
Many years afterwards
The kindness of a Queen
Placed it where it stands
May the College of Queen
Victoria flourish
In letters it educates us
Who lack learning
It instructs us as we
With innate habits
And strength of body
May the College of Queen
Victoria flourish
Never may there be lacking
A supply from this seat of learning
Who will serve God
And their country diligently
With Godís help
May the College of Queen
Victoria flourish