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Victoria College - An Early Report

An Extract from "A Popular History of Jersey" written by the Reverend Alban E Ragg, published in 1896

The years 1848 and 1849 present no remarkable features other than the death of J. Le Cappelain, the famous water-colour artist, and the founding of La Patrie news-paper; whilst, coming to the year 1850, the chief event evidently was the laying, on May 24th, of the foundation-stone of Victoria College.

Then, coming to the year 1852, we find another Lieutenant-Governor appointed in the person of Major-General James Frederick Love, who was sworn in on April 30th, and whose chief pleasing duty during his term of office was witness, at last, the opening of the, at that time, chief seat of education on the Island) or, in other words, the long-talked-of college, named after Her Gracious Majesty the Queen, the opening of which establishment by the Bailiff Sir Thomas Le Breton, occurred on September 29th that year amidst great pomp and ceremony, and the first principal of it being the Rev. William George Henderson, D.C.L.

For the rest, the year 1852 is chiefly noteworthy for the facts that Victor Hugo came over to settle in Jersey for a time, and that a conspicuous lawsuit was given rise to with the Crown in connection with the celebrated idea known as the " Three Orders in Council.

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