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1864 poem about a prize-giving by Jean Sullivan

An early report of the school from 1895

Information on the early Old Victorian Mecham family, and how they went to Austrialia

Mention of Victoria College in the "Almanach de la Chronique de Jersey" 1905-1910

An open letter from Victoria College, Jersey, circa 1916, from A.J. Robinson, Science Teacher

A brochure for parents, Victoria College Prep, 1965

A Story of the Sea by Reg Nicholle

The Computer Studies Group begins in 1972

A Day in the Life of the Gardien of Victoria College, Mr. Poingdestre

Victoria honoured again as Her Majesty visits college

Queen’s awards from the Queen herself, memories to treasure

Boarding at Victoria College

Renovating the stonework at Victoria College

List of Headmasters (with photographs of some)

List of Assistant Masters

History 1852-1928

Activities 1852-1928.