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One of the features of Jèrriais literature – especially in the C20th – has been the use of anglicisms. Partly this reflects the survival of Jèrriais as a minority language in an increasingly English-speaking society, partly it notes the introduction of new technology, and often it is simply for literary effect, much literature in Jèrriais being satirical or lighthearted.

Centuries of contact with English have left their mark on the vocabulary of Jèrriais, however some surprising anglicisms may be found in even a casual survey of newspapers.

Here is an unsystematic selection of evident anglicisms - other than ones to be found in the Dictionnaire - culled from newspaper articles.

bénguélo bungalow Cs 23/10/1920
bisnesse business Cs 20/6/1936
bolter to bolt Cs 5/2/1927
breeder to breed Cs 16/7/1921
capsizer capsize Cs 13/2/1919
clobber ensembl'ye to club together Cs 25/1/1919
dêhoutchi to unhook C 30/5/1914
digger to dig Cs 28/8/1920
exploder to explode Cs 28/8/1926
fitter to fit Cs 11/2/1928
fleuriche flourish Cs 12/11/1927
fleurichi to flourish, wave Cs 5/8/1922
gambleur gambler Cs 30/7/1921
grêtinne grating C 17/10/1908
kidnapper to kidnap Cs 13/10/1917
plumper to plump (election) Cs 28/8/1926
pozzlé puzzled Cs 1/11/1919 13/9/1919
rattler to rattle Cs 29/10/1927
screwer to screw Cs 7/8/1920
settler to settle Cs 26/11/1928
shiné shiny C 2/8/1913
sicyârrer secure C 8/5/1915
smoggler to smuggle (not duty evasion) Cs 13/10/1917
smôtchi to smoke C 3/8/1912
spotter to spot Cs 16/7/1921
staff staff Cs 11/1/1919
steameur steamer Cs 29/12/1928
stoffer to stuff MN 14/10/1916
stoker to stoke Cs 28/8/1920
tackler to tackle Cs 22/12/1928
tchaffer to chaff Cs 24/12/1921
tchette chat C 9/5/1914
tramouais tram, tramway C 16/8/1913
truster to trust Cs 16/7/1921
waiteur waiter Cs 25/6/1927
watcher to watch out (for) Cs 21/10/1922
winder to wind Cs 28/8/1920
beiciquell bicycle C 19/7/1893
ouâquinnestique walking stick C 19/7/1893


C = Chronique de Jersey
Cs = Chroniques de Jersey
MN = Morning News



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La Section de la langue Jèrriaise
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