Parish Abbreviations

St Peter Port (St PP) St Saviours (St Sv) St Sampsons (St S) Castel (C)
Vale (V) St Andrews (St A) Torteval (T) St Peter in the Wood (St P) St Martins (St M) Forest (F)

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Apart from private property, there are a few plaques around the Island marking Parish boundaries, road improvements and official buildings which contain names. They appear in date order.
Barriere de La Ville, Smith Street (St PP)
Fort George including the Royal Cypher of George II (St PP) 1812.
The Market (St PP) 1822.
Boundary Stone at La Ramée 1891. Constables of St Peter Port: John Carre and J.A. de Garis. Constables of St Sampson: Stephen J. Martel and William Stranger. Reference 1891 Census Index.
Abreuvoirs in Castel. Link to the Société Guernsiaise site about Abreuvoirs - places for cattle to drink, over 140 granite ones were built between about 1870 and 1920. Those built by the parishes sometimes display a date and the names of the officials responsible.
The Old Fire Station, Upland Road (St PP) 1909. Osmond Priaulx and William D. Murdock. Reference 1891 Census Index.
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