Parish Abbreviations

St Peter Port (St PP) St Saviours (St Sv) St Sampsons (St S) Castel (C)
Vale (V) St Andrews (St A) Torteval (T) St Peter in the Wood (St P) St Martins (St M) Forest (F)

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All lintels unless otherwise indicated:
LDB 1814 at Les Prés, Les Reveaux (St P) Dobrée.
MAL 1611 ILP with shield background keystone of arch at Le Manoir (St P).
MCL 1777 on arch at Le Marais Farm (V) Michel Collas.
MDS 1777. Matthew de Sausmarez, Sausmarez Manor (St M).
MDM 1799 Le Hurel (V) ruined when surveyed by John McCormack in 1980s - Michel Domaille.
MMH (no date) arch at Maison Bordeaux (V) - pictured.
MPV 1812 on barn at Les Grandes Mielles Lane (V) probably Pedvin.
M v C 1896, carved on wooden porch at Wayside (St A) opposite the German Underground Hospital.
NAL MDF 1810. La Hougue, Le Coudre (St P).
NAR PALR.RLM 1783 Le Marais (C). This was a Le Messurier house and, by descent, Laine. The last surviving Miss Laine died just before the war. It was inherited by the Naftels from Les Lohiers, St. Saviour's who sold it in the late 1970s to Advocate Palmer. There is another (19 century) inscription on the keystone of the arch in the stable block commemorating its building by the Le Messurier family. Mark Norman reports: I checked this one on a recent visit home. It should read NALR PALR.RLM 1788. NALR is preceded by a scroll and NALR and PALR are separated by the same motif (which I now think may be a stylised fleur de lys) that occurs at La Ruette, St,. Saviour (which also has a scroll but also a heart) and Le Grand Douit St. Saviour.
NDD:RP(?) 1785 Facade at Castel Rectory (C).
NDG 1581 keystone of arch at St George (C).
NDG 1732 Les Rouvets (St Sv) Nicolas de Garis (?).
N(reversed)DMP MBD NDMP PCB 1782. La Ruette, La Grande Rue (St Sv) has been reinterpreted by Mark Norman and now appears beginning with an 'A' - new version at Datestones A-H.
NFL 1744. Nicolas Falla; above the front door at La Moye House (V). The layers of render over the original granite can be seen by the depth of the inset.
NLH 1732. Somerset House, Les Prevosts (St Sv).
This datestone was created for Nicolas Lihou when
the front of the house was restored in 1732. Nicolas
married Jehanette La Loe. It is thought that the upturned
heart signified a death in the family, possibly Jehanette.
I do not have a date for her death to confirm this. (At
the first opportunity I will see if this story can be confirmed
in the Parish Registers). Alexandre Talbourdet (resident in
1939) was responsible for naming the property Somerset House.
It was previously known as Les Prevosts. The property is
recorded in the Livres des Perchages of Fief St. Michel, showing the succession of Lihous and Ozanne who owned the house before 1939, back as far as 1616. The list - prepared by the States of Guernsey Island Archives Service - can be found at Livres des Perchages: Guernsey. Contributed by Judith Gensch. An observation from Angela Radford follows: "Yes a Nicolas Lihou did marry Jehanette La Loe but in the sixteenth century, this Nicolas died in 1588. I can't immediately see which Nicolas Lihou it might be though. There were so many."
NM 1602 (not 1692). Nicolas Moulin. Upstairs window at Le Ponchez Farm (C) - contributed by Angela Radford - corrected and identified by Peter Guilbert.
NMD 1715 Balderstone, Cornu Road (St M) Nicolas Maindonal (?).
NMT TLLC (not G) 1731. Nicolas Martin and T. Le Lacheur (?) La Ruette (F)*.
NNT 1720, No. 3, Route de St André (St A) .
NNT MLP 1740 barn at Les Islets (St P) Nicolas Naftel.
NRN EDG 1759 La Monnaie (St A) - identified as Nicolas fils James Renouf and Elizabeth le Petit b. 30 1 1726 married Elizabeth de Garis (St PP) 23. 11 1749. They had three children all baptized at St Andrews; Nicolas bap. 31 8 1750, Jean bap. 11 10 1754 and Thomas bap. 17 7 1756. Thomas married Marguerite Naftel in 1783 and are my ancestors - from Jacky Renouf in New Zealand. Originally contributed by Angela Radford.
NT 1698 Les Mouilpieds (F) above JRB ELPV.
NT 1782 Les Mouilpieds (F) barn.
NT 1789. Les Blanches, Jerbourg (St M).
PAL.X Longue Rue (St Sv) Peter Alexandre - contributed by Angela Radford.
PB 1616 fireplace at Les Catillon de Bas (St P).
PBH:ABH 1751 fireplace at Les Reveaux (St P) Pierre & (?) Brehaut
PDF 1737. Le Bourg de Bas (F).
PDR 1752. Rainwater head La Frégate Hotel and Restaurant (St PP) formerly Beauregard. Pierre Dobrée fils Elizée - see also ED 1720 & ED 1721.
PGN.1725. Pierre Guignan. La Maison Guignan, Rue de L'Eglise (St M) - identification contributed by Bud Guignion.
PG . MCB 1730. La Fosse Equerre (St A). Hearts at each end and one in middle above (see left). This house has been a popular stopping place for tourists on guided tours who were then shown a "fine example of a marriage stone". For some time the guides have thought the M stood for married! Of course it is the Christian name of the wife!!
PH 1737 with a rough tree between the intials and the date. A stone in the shed floor at Belle Vue, Ville ès Pies (V) - contributed by John E. Plevin of South Australia who saw it in 1991.
P. le R. Les Tilleuls (C) Pierre Le Roy (1600-1675) Castel Schoolmaster and Diarist.
PLG 1773. Barn now garage at Les Osmonds Farm (St PP).
PLH:1764 Les Issues (St Sv). The property belonged to Pierre Lihou from 1764 and it is thought he was preparing the house for his marriage to Marie Gavet (St. Sv) 1.4.1765. Contributed by Judith Gensch.
PLLC 1746 Pierre Le Lacheur. La Contrée de L'Eglise (St A).
PLM 1774 La Bigoterie (St PP).
PLP 1610 La Falliase (St M) from La Villette (St M) destroyed by fire.
1720 PLSV Les Blicqs (St A).
PMCI 1724. Centuries, Hubits de Bas (St M).
PMG 1709 Les Martins Farm, Les Martins (F) Pierre Mauger - see also ICLJS 1984.*
PMG.I.1724. Roadside wall of Meadow View, Les Hubits de Haut (St Mn)
PML 1787 Le Retour au Nord - part of a long inscription. Pierre Mollet- contributed by Angela Radford.
PMT (not G) 1819 Les Martins, Les Martins (F) Pierre Martin.
PNT:SLP:1700. Les Prevosts (St Sv) Pierre Naftel & Susanne Le Prevost.
POG 1870. Ogier, high on the face of the west gable end, below the chimney at The Wheel House, Grande Rue (V).
PP 1763. Les Ozouets (St PP).
P.PR S.LF 1746; plaque on first storey of 19 Mansell Street, now the offices of Sarnia Estate Agency Ltd (St PP).
PRB 1713 La Croute, Les Martins (F).
PRG.IAD. 1744 Le Chêne Cottage (F).
RBS. 1797 La Houguette, Plienheaume Lane (V).
R.-H.R. 1873. Robert-Henry Randall. Randalls Brewery, St Julian's Avenue (SPP)*.
RLP 1620:TML:NM On arch at Ménage du Moulin (C).
SDLR. MALX 1805 Samuel de la Rue fils Samuel m. (St Sv) 16.11.1776 Marie Alexandre; in the garden of Jabulani, Richmond (St Sv) previously on the house next door, demolished by the Germans during the Occupation - contributed by Mr. A. Lané.
SHC heart MFL 1792. Samuel Hocquart and Marie Falla married in 1766; Les Vardes Farm, La Route du Port Grat (St S) - contributed by Mark Hocart. S.L.N. Les Mainguys (V) Samuel Laine.
S TLM 1707 keystone of arch on barn at La Maison d'Aval (St P) Le Messurier.
TBT:ELP:1786 Roseville, La Ramée (St PP).
TCH:1786. Folk Museum (C).
T:DMP&M:BD1810 Les Varioufs (St M) Thomas de Moulpieds .
TD SUPr. 1764 (formerly TV SVP) east side of the Slaughterhouse (St PP).
TE Coat of Arms? ML 1774 The Old Grande Maison, Grande Maison Rd (St S)*.
TGL 1787 Le Bordage, off La Ramée (St PP).
TLT 1600 on shield La Pompe (St M).
TMT 1706 Les Pages Farm, Les Pages (F).
William Henry 1723 on rainwater head at 9 Berthelot St. (St PP)
WLM 1840 wrought iron water pump at Bosqville, Bosq Lane (St PP) - William Le Masurier (m. Sarah Giffard and had issue) from Patricia Rodriquez, a descendant in Victoria, Australia.
WLM.MDLM 1748 Helier Le Mesurier & Marie de la Mare. La Neuve Volante, Frie au Four (St Sv).
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