Parish Abbreviations

St Peter Port (St PP) St Saviours (St Sv) St Sampsons (St S) Castel (C)
Vale (V) St Andrews (St A) Torteval (T) St Peter in the Wood (St P) St Martins (St M) Forest (F)

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All lintels unless otherwise indicated:

(Heart) ADMR MBD (scroll) ADMR RCB 1782. This stone records the refronting of La Ruette (St Sv) in 1782. The intitials stand for Abraham Dumaresq (1717 - 1787) and his wife Marie Blondel (*** - 1792) and their son Abraham Jnr (1760 - 1830) and his wife Rachel Corbin (*** - 1806). They were married in 1783 so the stone does not commemorate this event. This datestone also includes a symbol between the top set of initials which might well be a family / merchant type of mark and which is also found on the stone at Le Grand Douit (see EDMR IDMR 1778). La Ruette is recorded as a Dumaresq house in the earliest Livre de Perchage of 1616 and remained in the family until 1834. From Mark Norman.
AL 1659 La Villiaze (F) - contributed by Angela Radford.
ALN 1735 on arch at back of Les Hougues (V) Abraham Laine.
ALN 1799 Pleinhaume, Pleinhaume Lane (V) another Abraham Laine*.
BD 1732 De Bertrands, La Fosse (St M) De Bertrand - contributed by Angela Radford.
B & F 1870. Given it's location in the harbour at St Sampson, this will have been a commercial enterprise. So far searches of Guernsey Almanacs dated 1870 and 1873 have not yielded up a name for them. Quayside House, (St S).*
1614 CAL keystone of arch at La Carrière (F).
CM 1769 on rainwater head at Woodlands (C) - contributed by Angela Radford.
C.MG 1882. Recovered stone on outbuildings constructed in the last 25 years behind Le Douit Farm, La Rue de l'Eglise (St Mt) - see also DTD and GTD*.
C.P.L. & W.N.B. 1850 Les Rosiers, Camp du Moulin (St M) - contributed by Angela Radford.*
14 CT 1806. Home Farm, La Ramée (St PP)*.
CWA 1837; Rosina, La Rue du Mont Marché (F)*.
DDB 1745 on wing at Les Effards (C) probably De Beauvoir .
DDB ANNO DM 1647 and Arms of De Beauvoir and Carey families at Vrangue Manor (St PP) Daniel de Beauvoir.
DDM EDM 1769 La Terre Norgoits (St Sv) Daniel & Esther Domaille - contributed by Angela Radford. The record is correct but it does not record Daniel and Esther Domaille but Daniel Dumaresq (1732 - 1807?) and his wife Elizabeth De La Mare. In the Livre de Perchage this was a Le Messurier house until 1718 and Daniel Dumresq was owner by 1754. After 1808 it passed by descent to the Mansell Simon family of Le Cache, St. Saviour through the female line. From Mark Norman.
DDMP-M- 1789 Adjoining the Old Farmhouse, La Fosse (St M) Daniel de Moulpied - contributed by Angela Radford.
DDP RN La Fosse (St M) Daniel Desperques (?) - contributed by Angela Radford.
DLR 1775 (De la Rue?) Les Fontenelles Farm (F) barn.
DMDN 1811. Daniel(?) Maindonal; La Rue de Candie (St A)*. Identification from Mark Norman.
DMG 1835. Plaque above front door lintel at Homestead, Le Bouet (St PP)*.
DMH 1792. La Bailotterie (V) Daniel Mahy.
DMP 1842. Coin de Nocq, Saltpans (St S).
DNT : MNT 1747. 3 Back Street (St PP).
DW ERN 1782 1 Salter St. (St PP).
DTD 1777. Recovered stone on outbuildings constructed in the last 25 years behind Le Douit Farm, La Rue de l'Eglise (St Mt) - see also CMG and GTD*.
DTR 1822. On lintel under front porch at Rozel, Kings Mills (C)*
ED 1720. Elizée Dobrée. La Frégate Hotel and Restaurant (St PP). Jean Dobrée (1597-1665) bought this land from Marguerite Nicolle on 16.11.1636. He built the first house, known as Beauregard. His descendants included Elizée Dobrée (1663-1727) m. (C) 13.2.1689 Elizabeth Henry, and their son Elizée Dobrée (1698-1729) m. (St PP) 3.6.1719 Elizabeth Careye. It is most likely that Elizée Jnr. was responsible for the dated stone and the rainwater head below - see also ED 1721 and PDR 1752.
ED 1721. Elizée Dobrée, rainwater head La Frégate (St PP) - see also ED 1720 and PDR 1752.
EDMR IDMR. 1778 Le Grand Douit (St Sv).This stone records Elizee Dumaresq (1743 - 1798) and his wife Jacquinne Dumaresq (presumably also a cousin). Until 1718 the Livre de Perchage lists this as a De Garis house. By 1854 it had returned to this family's ownership following the emigration to the USA of the last Dumaresq owner although the last recorded Dumaresq lived there until the 1870s. The datestone here also includes the same family logo/ merchant's mark seen at La Ruette. It is not connected to the Dumaresq coat of arms. From Mark Norman.
EGB: Recteur. NRB & NQT Curateurs 1805. Etienne Gibert, Nicolas Robert and Nicolas Quertier. Drainhead at St Andrew's Parish Church (St A).
EM 1721. Right hand side of entrance to yard of Brennan Langlois, The Bordage (St PP); above a window, now painted over.
EM 1721. La Boisselee, Saints Road (St M).
EP 1727 Elizée Priaulx; over kitchen doorway at Le Bourg (F). He married Marguerite Dumaresq at the Forest Church in 1729 - contributed by Stephen Foote. Mark Norman adds: Marguerite (b. 1702) was the elder sister of Abraham Dumaresq (ADMR) of La Ruette (b. 1716) and Elizee (EDMR) of Le Grand Douit (b.1713), both in St Saviours.
ERB: 1769. Ezechiel Robin; old arch now inside Les Grandes Capelles (V).
ERB:OMH 1772. Les Grandes Capelles (V) Ezechiel Robin & Olympe Mahy.
FLC 1834. Juniper Lodge (V).
GAL 1614 La Carrière (F) Allez - contributed by Angela Radford.
GCLM ADI 1816 La Neuve Maison, Le Coudré (St P).
GH 1853 Les Rebouquets (F).
GLP MDG 1734 Derelict house at Le Chêne Farm (F).
GR MLLC 1776 Hillside (St A) George Rougier & Marie Le Lacheur.
GS & EFL 1782. Trafalgar House, formerly Le Bouet (St PP) Guillaume Sarchet and Esther Falla of St Peter Port m. St Martin (Jersey) 24.4.1768 had issue - more at Livres des Perchages: Guernsey.*
G. TD 1667. Torode? Recovered stone on outbuildings constructed in the last 25 years behind
Le Douit Farm, La Rue de l'Eglise (St Mt)- see also D.TD and C.MG*.
HB 1716 SuPerviS(o)r. Slaughterhouse (St PP)*.
HDI.E.MR 1748 Le Groignet (C).
HDG 1619. Les Eperons (St A) Helier de Garis.
H & JSN La Jaoniere (formerly Mayfield) - contributed by Angela Radford*.
HRB 1731 Les Prés (St A) - contributed by Angela Radford.
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